Jizzed face in a public restroom

I’ve always been a Nice Guy. You know, the kind women trust to tell about their boyfriend problems, but doesn’t get to be the boyfriend to those same women ‘cause I’m “too sweet” for them. I’ve had my fair share of girls, but the kind that drive me nuts would be just out of my reach for not being their “type” — which to me seemed to mean assholes, judging from the guys who got to fuck them.

A prime example was this girl Kristin. She was a Punker/Rockabilly type chick who used to work at a local record store and hang out at dive bars. I knew the owners and was there a lot. I’d make it a point to figure out Kristin’s shifts so I could get an eyefull. First off, she was built like a girl straight out of a Russ Meyers movie, you know, the director who always had actresses with huge boobs. In fact the store had a poster for one called “Faster Pussycat K**l K**l” of a killer brunette with a DD rack in black tight clothes and boots twisting a guys arm as he begged for mercy. It was almost like Kristin had stepped out of that that poster and come to life, except she had shorter hair. She was always nice and flirty to me, but I was warned against getting my hopes up.

“She’s a huge flirt, but you see the guys she dates. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re no better than you, but she likes ‘em rough around the edges,” said Judy, one of the store owners. “You should hang around the Emo section, pick up on one of those sweet chicks who wants a nice boy.” Well I fucking hate Emo, and I may be a “nice boy” on the outside but I’ve got desires that would make some girls’ toes curl.

See, I’ve got this kind of obsession with cum. I realized a few years ago that I shoot a pretty big load. Girlfriends who’ve seen it were pretty impressed. I’m no Peter North, but then that’s not something average girls know about. Speaking of average, apparently my dick’s over that too, though I’m not huge or anything. But I love seeing cum shoot on a woman. The ultimate though is a facial. When I saw my first one in a porno, I didn’t get why it was being done. Eventually I came to see the differences in facials (big thick cum and happy chicks good, small watery cum and unhappy chicks bad) and began to seek them out. Over the years I’ve seen some porn with girlfriends, and the facial would usually be frowned upon or fast forwarded over. Some were cool with my cumming on them, but more like an accidental pearl necklace after a blowjob, or ending up on their ass or belly. There were a few times when I was nowhere near their head and the cum would fly up there anyway. They were pretty wowed by it but generally dodged it. If only I could snag the type of chick who’d willingly take my load on her face.

Kristin was kind of a raunchy girl, but seemed really tough, like a biker almost. She cursed a lot and didn’t take shit from people. She came off almost like a guy with tits or a tough dyke. I figured she was the type to always want to be on top during sex, maybe even want to turn the tables and use a strap-on. Not my scene at all, so I resigned myself to ogling her behind the counter.

Then one day, after I’d been dumped by my last girlfriend, I decided to make a few changes. I went out to get some new clothes, and ended up choosing some pretty tight-fitting black jeans. As I said, I’m not huge but these were pretty blatant about my bulge. I also went down a size on the T-shirts I picked up, as oversize was kind of the style, but I figured it was time for a switch. These weren’t big changes from my normal wardrobe but for some reason the effect was different.

I went down to the record store before it closed, it was open pretty late on Saturday nights. I walked in and Judy said “Hey, look at you! ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ get to you or what?” I said, “What, a guy can’t go shopping?” Kristin said “Hey,” and eyed me and batted her lashes, but I just smiled and said “Hey” back and thought nothing of it. She always did that kind of thing, even if the guy she was dating was in the store. She sold more stuff that way. Anyway, I wasn’t doing this for her, I was doing it for me. I figured she was out of my reach just like all the others.

“We’re closing up soon but you can hang if you want,” said Judy. “Wanna go to Crash with us after?” “Sure, why not,” I said. Crash was this kind of hip dive bar — some tough-looking customers but not really dangerous though it liked to seem that way. I thumbed through the records absent-mindedly while they were closing up. Suddenly in the middle of one cover I saw this picture I’d seen before. It was a little internet pic that had been floating around, of a gorgeous blonde model staring blankly into the camera. But she had cum dripping from her lips. I couldn’t believe I was looking at this. The store sold some pretty out there stuff but this was totally pornographic and unexpected. My jeans started to get even tighter in the crotch. I put the record back, feeling in a bit of a daze.

We got to the bar and had a few rounds of drinks. I was getting in a weird mood, what with the booze, being recently dumped, and sitting there with Kristin looking hotter than ever while the image of that record cover swirled around in my head. I started getting a little bitter about things and I guess it started showing on my face. “Hey what’s going on with you?” Kristin jolted me out of my trance. She’d been talking to Judy most of the time so I wasn’t prepared or feeling too interested in talking to her. “Nothing,” I said.

“You had this faraway look, like you were thinking of going out and killing somebody,” she said. “Maybe I was,” I answered. She smiled mischeviously. “I know the feeling. So what were you thinking about?” Now, I know Kristin was a tough girl but she’s still a girl, and Judy was much nicer and a little more reserved, so I wasn’t going to mention the cover, and the thoughts I was having about the load that had been building up in my balls since the last time I’d had sex with my ex a week before. I’d been too down to even jerk off, and seeing that girl with the cum on her face was making me think it was time to get out of there and go home to give myself some release.

“Gotta go to the Ladies’,” slurred Judy as she got up and quickly wobbled away. Great. This was the first time I’d been alone with Kristin and I didn’t want to just bolt without saying goobye to Judy and making sure she was OK – she was a bit of a lightweight though she liked to party with Kristin who could really throw them back. “So?” Kristin asked, not dropping it. “What’s on your mind? You look distracted.” “Really, I’m fine,” I said. “I’ll say,” she said, licking her lips. I was tired of this, because I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. She’d end up looking past me at some biker type dude like she always did. But she kept pushing. “Seriously, what’s on your mind? You seemed a little different after we left the store.”

“Well nothing, just a bunch of stuff, but there was this cover…” I heard myself say before I could stop. “What cover?” She asked. “Um, over in the Noise section…” I trailed off. “Oh yeah, some of those things are pretty wild. Bondage stuff, b***d and gore. What did you see?” I paused. “Well it was nothing like that really. Just a picture of a girl, looked like a model or something. Really small. But there was something about the picture.” She leaned forward, exposing more of her ample cleavage. “What?”

“There was…something on her face.” I said. “What, a big jizzwad?” she cackled. “Actually, yeah.” “Really?” she said, eyes widening. “Fuck, how’d I miss that one.” She threw her head back to suck down the last of her beer, but I swear she lingered on it a little, almost like she was giving it a quick blowjob. “So,” she grinned lasciviously as she plunked her bottle on the table, “that gross you out? Never seen anything like that before?” I was getting tired of her prodding and of her thinking of me as a choirboy. “No, just the opposite,” I said, looking her in the eye. “It was pretty fucking hot, although the girl wasn’t my type.”

“Really,” she said, holding my gaze. “What is your type?” Before I could answer, she went on. “What kind of girl gets you hot? What kind of girl makes you want to spooge on her face?” The bar was loud and crowded, but at that moment nothing else existed but the two of us and what she had just said.

“What kind of girl?” I drew it out, playing off my shock and arousal casually. “Well, she’d be brunette, have big tits, dressed like a punker chick, and have fire-engine red lipstick. And,” I added with slow forcefulness, “she’d really, really like that big jizzwad on her own face.” I stared straight in her eyes and gave her a mean smirk. “Know any girls like that?”

“Sure, I can introduce you right now, if you introduce your friend to me.” Her eyes focused on my crotch before coming back up to meet mine. I wasn’t about to back down from her potential bluff. “Cool, where is she?” I said, playing dumb a little. “Come with me,” she said, getting up. We walked back towards the rest rooms. Judy was just coming out of one of them. “Oh hey, I think I’m headed home guys. Why are you both here?” “Nature calls,” I said, pointing to the men’s room. “OK, I’ll see you later. See you Monday Kris.” Kristin and I made motions as though we were going into separate rooms, but as soon as Judy was out of sight, she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the cramped space with her.

“So where’s this girl?” I asked, keeping up the facade. “Right here,” she said, and kissed me roughly. One hand slid down my back to grab my ass while the other slowly made its way to rub my bulge. She pushed her tits up against me, practically bursting them from her open shirt. I responded just as brusquely, grabbing her tattooed arms and rubbing her firmly, moving them around her slightly buff but voluptuous body. I had to see those tits, so as our panting grew heavier I started undoing her shirt. She responded by focusing her attentions on my belt. It was a battle of wills, but I was done first and yanked her shirt down around her sides, effectively pinning her arms momentarily. She was surprised I’d broken her grip but recovered, looking more turned on than ever.

“You want to see these, that’s it?” She pushed out of my grasp, reached between her boobs and undid the front clasp on her bustier. “Hell yes,” I said. Her milky white tits bounced free and then sagged just a little from their weight. I immediately started rubbing, circling, and tweaking her nipples as she went back to work on my pants. She let out a little shudder as she looked up at me. “I love having my nipples pinched. Pinch ‘em for me. Hard.” I obliged while she finally succeeded in getting my pants down.

“Mmm,” she intoned as she looked at my quickly-rising cock. She leaned forward and used her tongue to lift up the head. Just before it disappeared into her mouth I caught a glimpse of her tongue piercing. Anyone who’s ever been sucked off by a girl with a tongue stud knows what an additon that is to a good blowjob. And she was giving a Very. Good. Blowjob. She knew just when to suck, when to slide, when to go slower and faster. And she was going faster and faster, while stroking my hips and ass, pulling me deeper down her throat and getting more forceful with all her motions. She made a lot of sucking noise and punctuated her slurping with more “mms” and lots of breath. As hot as she, and the situation was, I knew I wasn’t going to last long — not after a week of not cumming.

“Fuck, you better slow down,” I said. “What for?” she asked, looking up and switching to giving me a handjob. “’Cause it’s been a while since I had sex or anything and you’re gonna make me cum too soon. I want to do something for you too. I want to eat you out ‘til you go mad and fuck you and make you scream.”

“Hey, you just said you wanted a girl who wanted a big jizzwad on her face. Well that’s what I want, and that’s what I’m gonna get.” She went back to work slurping on my cock. “Mmm,” she said again before pulling my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop. “Maybe I’ll let you do that stuff to me later. But you really turned me on with what you said and I want to go for it right now.”

“Go for what?” I asked her. “What do you want?” It was a small way of regaining some control of the situation since I knew what she wanted now, but she went for it. “Your cum. On my face. That’s what you promised me right?”

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna get it then,” I said. “Fuck yes,” she grinned through those tiger teeth of hers. “Give it to me.”

“Give what to you?” I said, stroking my cock inches away from her face. “Your fucking load,” she breathed. “A hot sticky cum load. A big fucking wad of jizz for me. For my face. For these fire-engine red lips. For my skin. Fucking give it to me. Come on.” She grabbed my cock again, sucked it a few more times and stroked it.

But I was onto her game. It was a battle of wills, like I said, and she wanted me to win, no matter how hard she fought. I grabbed her hand and pulled my cock out of her mouth while my other one resumed the stroking. “Oh no,” I said. You said you want me to give it to you, I’m going to give it to you then.” “Yes,” she hissed, gripping my hand hard. “Jerk it for me. Jerk that big dick off all over my face.”

That did it. I felt an undeniable explosion coming from deep in my balls. The kind that happens when you’re fulfilling your best fantasies. I held it in as long as I could to make it build more. Then my cockhead swelled up and I groaned, “Here it comes…” She closed her eyes and parted her lips as she sucked in air.

I slowed down my fist pumping, squeezed, and aimed straight at her lips. Still I overshot the target just a bit, as my cum felt like it was blowing its way out of the hole to land in a thick stream that ran from the top of her black hair down to the tip of her nose. The next one hit her forehead with such force it splattered a little before dripping down. After that it was all a blur as I kept pumping my thick load onto her – I felt like I was cumming for a half a minute though I know it was less than that. When I was done, Kristin’s face was slowly dripping with a jizzwad bigger than the one I’d seen on that record cover. She held the same expression as just before I came.

“Ho…lee…shit,” she said, laughing and slowly opened her eyes (I made it a point to avoid them). “When was the last time you came?” “A week,” I breathed, still in shock. “Oh my god, that was amazing. Wait,” she said, and got up from where she’d been sitting on the toilet seat. There was a cracked mirror with band stickers and who knows what else all over it, but she could still see herself in it. “Wow, that’s fucking awesome.” She turned around. “I’ve never done this, but I’ll try anything at least once. If I wanted to get my face jizzed on in a public bathroom, this was about the best I could hope for.” She leaned forward and kissed me deeply, which I returned. “Not squeamish about your own cum — I like that in a man.” She ran the water in the dirty little sink to rinse her face off.

“Go out first. Wait for me by the door. If you take me home and take care of me like you promised, there’s a lot more of this to come.” She grinned through the mask of half-cleared cum. “If that was your first load in a week, I bet there’s more in there for me.”

Needless to say, I waited by the door and took her home. After all, I’m a Nice Guy.