Jizzed face in a public restroom

I’ve always been a Nice Guy. You know, the kind women trust to tell about their boyfriend problems, but doesn’t get to be the boyfriend to those same women ‘cause I’m “too sweet” for them. I’ve had my fair share of girls, but the kind that drive me nuts would be just out of my

Face ride

Their bodies slid effortlessly against each other, the thin layer of oil making them just slippery enough to almost merged. She gasped as Jennifer’s wet pussy straddled her leg and left a long wet line of cum on her thigh as she slid down and off her. Amy was a virgin to being with a

F” Is For Facial

He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, making faces and sticking his tongue out at himself. “I hate my face.” He said. He could hear her in the bedroom, putting away laundry from the sound of it. “I hate my face!” He said, louder this time so she would hear his complaint. She

Husband and friends wife watch their spouses cheating

My wife, Belinda and I were married in 1996 and from the beginning I realized her appetite for men and what they could give her was not going to end with me marrying her. I knew this before proposing to her because she had previously dated my roommate and I had been subjected to the

Bukkake Business

It was a big day for her, Tachu reflected, as she glided the electric razor over her scalp, removing traces of blue stubble to expose the pale pinkness beneath. After all her efforts in securing the deal with the Taming Force Corporation, today was finally the day in which the client would sign and all