Kevin’s foot fetish

Kevin called her to his office at 3 pm.

He sat on his couch. His arm up across the back of it. A chair in front of him.

” Sit baby. ” He said tapping the chair. Bianca sat in his office chair in front of him. Her thighs together somehow she still needed to be modest.

He reached down lifting her foot putting it in his lap. He ran his hands up the front of her calf muscles to her knee. She was expecting hos hand to go up her skirt and poke her pussy.

He kept rubbing her lower legs. Rub over her 4 inch white heels. He started kissing her high heel. He put the tip in his mouth and started sucking it as he rubbed her calfs. He put his mouth over as far as he could almost chocking as he sucked her heels.

He started licking the heel, putting the long thin stiletto heel in his mouth sucking it. Moving his mouth up and down the long heel.

He took it off admiring her foot. Her smooth skin. Her pedicured toe nails freshly painted with red nail polish. He started kissing her foot, her ankle, her toes he kissed her toes one by one. Opening them licking between them.

Then he put her toes in her mouth sucking them. As he rubbed her ankle and calf muscles.

He lifted her foot up kissing the sole of her foot.

He lifted her other foot doing the same.

After ten minutes he rested both feet in his lap, with his hands he rubbed them together around her ankles calfs toes. He then put each foot in his mouth again sucking them. Pushing her foot as far in as he could sucking them as he held the back of her ankle.

He then sat back unzipping his trousers pulling his cock out. He grabbed her foot rubbing his knob under her toes down to her ankle. She could feel his pre cum wet under her foot.

He then lifted it licking where his cock had been. He rubbed his knob over her toes of each foot.

” Give me a foot fuck. ” He said.

She gripped his cock with her feet stroking it holding the chair supporting herself.

” Yes Bianca ” he said smiling at her watching her wank his cock with her feet. ” Good girl. ”

She knew he wanted to cum over them. Gross she thought his cum between her newly pedicured feet.

” You have beautiful feet baby ” he said.

” Thank you. ” She replied.

He sat back resting his arms up along the back of the couch watching her feet wank his cock. He occasionally caught glimpses of her black underwear up her short skirt.

He reached over to get some oil. He took off the cover and poured some on her feet as she wanked him. He made her stop massaging her feet, between her toes her soles and ankles and calfs.

” That’s nice. ” She said. She actually didn’t mind this. She quite enjoyed it. A bit kinky and weird a man sucking her shoes. But hey she thought its nice.

After a five minute massage she got back to wanking his cock with her feet. He picked up her heels sniffing inside them. He rubbed them on his cheeks sitting back watching his cock been stroked between those beautiful toes.

She smiled down at him watching him groan pressing harder against his cock stroking faster.

” Make me cum. ” He said moaning. She stroked faster getting sore thighs.

He moaned, she knew soon her perfectly pedicured feet would be covered in cum.

He reached over getting a towel putting it in his lap. He grabbed his cock wanking it against her feet. He eventually cum over her feet. His cum running between her toes, running down her ankles covered in his white creamy cum. He wiped his knob over her toes.

She found it horrible. She loved the foot massage, her feet been kissed, sort of enjoyed wanking his cock. But been cum on her feet.

Kevin pushed his cum out of his cock. Bianca feeling his cum ooze between her toes. She looked down as he massaged his cum into her feet. He picked her foot up licking it. He licked his cum off her feet licking between her toes with each foot. He sucked her toes and licked her soles from her ankles to her toes.

He wiped her feet clean and with massage oil he massaged them, massaging oil into them.

Five minutes later he finished picking her high heels up putting them on her feet. She stood up and went back to work still feeling his cum between her toes.

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