Library of Love

For three days Rebecca had arrived at her isolated table
in the huge campus library to find a single rose with a
note attached. “Miss Rebecca… My lady of the Aisles of
European Poetry… my love… it is so lovely to see you
each day as you peer over the forgotten volumes and
tomes of such beautiful language… the words of lost
love, forlorn angst, and unrequited longing.

Your own beauty haunts me day and night as the words you
read. Like an Italian sonnet of perfect structure which
within its literary walls comes forth problem and
solution so profound. Oh, I seek the day I might hold
you, touch you, love you and make love to you.

Do my words fall upon offended ears? If so let me kiss
the hurt away… let me whisper my love audible only to
you and take away any offense. Let me do so tomorrow. I
implore you… allow me to approach you unseen in the
aisles between the English Renaissance and Teutonic
Realism. Please… for the moment let me remain

If you would be so kind as to go to the wall at the end
of the aisles and stand facing the large canvas with
eyes closed I will come to you. If you are not there at
3:00 o’clock, I will know that you are not interested in
my words or my love and I will bother you no more.
Signed: Your Paramour of the Halls of Literature” All
three notes had been this way… the words were
beautiful and filled her with wonder… and desire.

Desire had only been a fantasy for Rebecca as far back
as she could remember. As an only c***d she had gone to
an all girls school the lonely victim of parents who had
chastised their lone fruit for having been born a girl.
She worked diligently to make up to her parents this
faux paux, of birth but to no avail.

Instead, she became introverted and shy. She hid a
beauty she didn’t know she had under bulky clothes and
thick glasses. But now someone had found her… a
mystery man of letters, a highwayman who spied upon her
and risked all by contacting her in this manner.

Good sense told her to run and hide… but curiosity
told her take a chance and break these chains which had
bound her for so long locking away the desire and need
for lust which all God’s creatures naturally needed.
What to do?


Rebecca entered the library at ten minutes before three.
Her heart was pounding within her small breasts and
sounded like an anvil being pounded by a madman with the
strength of twenty. Her eyes darted around the room
searching for… whom?

It seemed as though every pair of eyes in the room were
focused on her. And as she headed for the stairs all
heads followed her ascent. She reached the literature
floor and tentatively made her way to the aisle the
mystery writer and spoken of. She now felt ridiculous
having chosen the large bulky plaid skirt with the loose
fitting blouse. She felt it all too… revealing.

There was a familiar moisture between her legs, however,
this time the wetness was not from her own midnight
caresses, but the anticipation of what “may” happen on
this day. She made her way slowly down the aisle and
stood before the wall. She stared up the blank divider
at the high ceiling and then lowered her eyes and closed
them. Thoughts immediately flashed through her head the
foremost being, this was a mistake and she should leave.
So silently that she never even felt anything, he was
there behind her.

“Thank you for coming, oh Mistress of the Hall of Odes.”
His voice was almost like a summer whisper through green
leaves. There was a song like quality to it.

“I was afraid you might find my words too bold and
decide not to come.”

His hand touched her shoulder and she felt an electric
shock shoot through her body. “I have so longed to speak
to you in person, and yet I do apologize and request
that my identity remain a secret for a little while

His hand remained on her shoulder; the other touched her
arm below the opposite shoulder and began to immediately
slide down to her hand. Each section of skin tingled
like ice. He grasped her hand and brought it up… she
felt his breath on her neck as his head bent forward and
kissed her open hand. She physically shuddered at the
touch of his lips and her knees seemed to buckle

He felt her weakness and his arm reached down and around
her waist to support her. His lips moved to her neck and
his hand moved the hair form where it covered her
alabaster skin. His lips slide rather than kissed her
neck. Again her knees went weak and his grip around her
waist tightened. By tightening his grip, he had to pull
her back against him. She could feel his maleness hard
against the cloth of her skirt. It was an exciting
feeling this touch of his sex.

Although Rebecca had never seen or touch a man before,
she knew the rudimentary parts and how they worked. She
had spent numerous hours in the darkness of her room
pleasing herself with the fantasies of what she would do
when given the chance. Now it appeared as thought the
chance would presented itself. Her unseen lovers lips
slide to the back of her neck and around to the other

The hand pulled at the neckline of the blouse to make
room for his lips to leave a trail of his saliva down to
the side of her shoulder and than slowly lick the area
dry. In doing so he pulled at her bra strap leaving it
hanging off her naked arm. She had steadied herself by
concentrating on his lips and the lump grinding against
the small of her back.

She was surprised to find that the hand around her waist
had pulled her blouse from its tucked placement and was
now slipping across her bare belly so lightly that it
was almost to her breasts before she realized it. Again
her legs buckled and her lover used this opportunity to
push his hips lower and up to get his manhood into a
better position of pleasure and support. To hold herself
up Rebecca had to put her hands on the wall.

Almost by instinct, she pushed back with her own hips
and ground her backside down on his thick cock. It
shocked her to think of the word, much less realize that
one was actually grinding between her rapidly soaking
legs. By now his hand had found its way under her bra
and was caressing her small breast. His fingers found
her long nipples and kneaded them until they were erect
and sore. His other hand had reached down and was
touching her leg as he raised her skirt inch by inch.

It seemed to take an eternity and yet seemed to be over
in an instant. He pulled the skirt up over her ass and
roughly reached into the band of her panties and ripped
downward pulling the panties down over her hips and
halfway down her legs in an instant. She audiblely
protested, but his lips shushed her and she relaxed as
his tongue shot into her ear and began to pepper the
side of her face with moist kisses.

Down his head went, down went his body; down he went to
his knees keeping the skirt high above her hips. He
found the zipper and broke the button in his haste to
get the skirt off her. The skirt fell to the floor
around her feet and he ripped what was left of her
panties from her legs. (She would be unable to find her
panties when the time came to leave and suspected that
he’d taken them with him when he left.)

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back thus forcing her
to bend over even more. He buried his face into her
backside first running his tongue along her spine, down
to the crack of her ass, on down to her puckered
backdoor entrance (where he spent a few seconds tasting
her… to her great wicked delight), eventually to find
his way to her cum soaked pussy. He roughly spread her
cheeks apart and she bent even lower to allow his tongue
greater access to her pussy. His tongue slide in and
around sending her over the edge instantly in the most
overpowering orgasm in her life. Her legs visibly shook
as wave after wave hit her.

Every once in a while his tongue would smack against her
extended clit sending her over the edge again. He
brought his head back up to concentrate on her ass hole
again, but his fingers deftly replaced his tongue and
spent more time and attention with her clit. The
sensations seemed to continue rising and cresting until
she felt she couldn’t stand it any longer.

None of this was made any easier by the fact that she
had to remain quiet while his tongue and fingers brought
her to yet another group of multiple climaxes. Almost as
soon as it had begun he stopped.

While she was recuperating from the swelling waves of
ecstasy, she heard rather than felt the sound of another
zipper. He leaned against her and for the first time she
felt an engorged male penis against her naked skin. What
was happening had never been as she had imagined…
actually it was turning out better. He rubbed his
cocked, which felt huge, against her lower spine, along
each side of her ass cheeks, down her crack and then
teasingly against her wet cunt lips. In one fast and
furious stroke he slipped the huge pole into her slick
opening and broke her hymen.

She yelled out once and recovered to keep from yelling
again. He just held his dick there deep inside her. He
didn’t move it for what seemed forever. She could feel
him inside her filling her. She thought at first he was
so deep in her that he’d reached her stomach.

As she waited for him to move she began to mentally
study his cock inside her and test the feeling by
contracting her muscles a bit. This sent all new
sensations through her nervous system and she began to
enjoy the feeling. Her invisible assailant felt this and
finally began to move his cock around inside her. As she
seemed to loosen up, he slide his dick back and almost
out of her only to press it deep into her again.

He continued this way until he felt her begin to
understand the rhythm and began to move her hips back
against his down stroke. Soon they were slapping skin to
the beat of their racing hearts. His balls were
attacking the back of her legs and she could hear the
sounds of her cunt juices smacking about with each of
his thrusts. Soon it would be too much for both of
them… she began to urge her hips on pushing back with
more force. And he also began to slam into her with more

In a matter of moments she felt her orgasm reach its
peak and she began to whimper with each wave… he
shoved all he had into her and exploded his seed shot
after shot… hot… fierce. This sent her climax to a
new level as she felt his orgasm deep within her.

As each cum shot hit her inner walls she climaxed
again… and again… and again. Her legs gave out
eventually and she felt his loving cock slip out of her
with a sucking sound. The world was revolving and hazy
as her orgasm finally subsided. She came to realize that
she was alone. Her skirt tangled about her feet, panties
gone, blouse soaked with perspiration, legs sticky with
cum, legs sore and pussy deliriously swollen and

She jerk up quickly and gathered her skirt about her
looking for anyone who may have seen her in this
condition. No one was there… however, on the floor
half way down the aisle was another rose and note.

“Dearest love… oh sweet lady of fine words… you are
so much more than I ever imagined. My love for you knows
no bounds. If you are as please with this day as I am…
meet me tonight. Room 206, The Hilton Hotel, 9:00. The
front desk will give you the key… all will be
prepared. You’ll find candles waiting, pour yourself a
hot bath, with the provided hot oil and perfumes for
water… after your bath await me under the single sheet
naked as God intended our love. PS Please wear the eye
mask that will be on the pillow.”

Rebecca was not late.

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