Kind of a Guy Thing

The Company Christmas Party is always at Gutheries. We
have dinner in one of the private rooms out back and
then move to the bar to see which one of the guys is
going to make a fool of himself. This year it was my

I saw him standing next to her and wondered how he was
able to keep his tongue in his mouth.

She was a vision of youth and beauty wrapped in a
sequined mini-dress. Most women couldn’t wear heels that
high, but she floated across the room like a cloud
passing in front of a full moon. Her reddish brown hair
covered some of her back, but not enough to hide the
fact that most of her dress ended up on the cutting room
floor. Skin, eyes, lips, mouth and more, everything that
could be put into a five foot five package of
excitement. A lot more than that.

She wasn’t much older than our daughter.

My husband stood next to her acting as silly as any
teenage boy at a high school dance. He wasn’t even
trying to hide his stare as he looked down the front of
her dress. Her boobs stuck out so far I knew he couldn’t
possibly see if she wore shoes or not. It probably
didn’t matter much since he was too busy lusting after
her young girl body. He wasn’t the only guy who found
her new and different. He wasn’t the only guy who wanted
to be warmed by the glow of her fire. He wasn’t the only
one, but he was my husband and I was mad.

“Dammit, Bill, you really embarrassed me. How could you
make a fool of yourself at my company party?”

I finally pried him away from her and got him into the
car. I was driving, of course, but still able to give
him a piece of my mind. Ever since the kids went off to
school, he’s been acting stupid. I guess a lot of guys
go through it once the kids are out of the nest, but it
still hurts to be married to one. He didn’t have a lot
to say and we finally ended up driving home in silence.
Not an argument, but not real friendly either.

“Thanks for going to lunch with me, Kayla. I’m so sorry.
My husband acted like a jerk at the party and I want to
apologize for him.”

“Forget it , Sally. He was just being a guy who had one
too many. Happens all the time. No big deal.”

I really never noticed how beautiful Kayla was until I
saw her laugh. I work with her every day and I guess I’m
used to seeing her covered up in normal clothes. Even
though she wasn’t dressed like a Christmas tree
ornament, she still turned heads. She seemed unaware of
all the attention, but I knew better. Women know how to
pretend they don’t notice they’re being checked out.
I’ve done it for years.

“Your husband was just being silly. It’s kind of a guy
thing and I know it doesn’t mean shit.”

She talked with her mouth and her hands. It seemed so
natural being with her. So natural and friendly. It was
easy to see why my husband and every other guy would be
attracted to a woman like her.

“Your husband is kind of cute, Sally, so it wasn’t as if
some creep like Marsh from accounting was hanging all
over me. Anyhow, you’re a babe so it’s not like you
should be jealous or anything.”

What started out as something that had to be done turned
out fine. A babe? That was nice to hear. I could see
myself being friends with this woman who was almost half
my age. We got off into other things. The kind of things
women talk about when they’re trying to decide how close
they can get. The party was forgotten. We learned a lot
about each other on that day and on the other days that

“Happy birthday!”

Bill told me he’d k**l me if I ever had a surprise
birthday party for him, but I figured something special
had to happen on the Big Four O. He couldn’t say three
people was a real party anyhow.

I think he liked checking Kayla out more than the dinner
we slaved over all afternoon. Who could blame him? She
looked hot, but I was getting my share of attention,
too. I tarted it up a little bit and I guess I made the
cut. Well, I was a “babe” after all and I felt a little
warm feeling wrap itself around my mind when I caught
him checking me out.

“Come on, Bill, let’s go into the living room and open

We finished a bottle of wine with dinner and all three
of us were feeling the glow. Very nice, very pleasant.

Bill and I plopped down on the couch while Kayla turned
on the CD player. Hard to imagine a girl that young
would know James Brown, but that’s what she played. Lots
of bass. Lots of soul.

“Okay, now it’s time for me to open my presents. Bring
’em on girls.”

“It doesn’t work that way, Bill. We’re going to be doing
the opening for you.”

I don’t think he heard me. He was watching Kayla dancing
by herself and she was really getting into it. Pretty
easy to do when JB is playing “Get Up Like a Sex
Machine.” Wow, if she ever got out of public relations,
she could make a fortune as a dancer.

We were both enjoying the view when she finally noticed
us. She just played at first. She pulled her skirt up
just a little bit higher. Her hands moved across her
breasts and hips. A little daring, real sexy, but not
enough to let Bill know what was coming next.

When her hands went behind her back and we heard the
sound of the zipper moving relentlessly toward her
waist, I thought Bill was going to fall off the couch.
She somehow kept the front of her dress in place as she
slid first one arm out of a sleeve and then let the
other one go free. She held her top in front of her and
made a cute little wiggling motion as she slowly let it
slide lower and lower.

We got a tiny peek at the top of her black strapless bra
before she turned around and bent over. Her dress
outlined every curve of her well formed ass. Just in
case we didn’t notice, she moved her butt back and forth
in time to the music and gave us plenty to admire. When
she turned back, the top of her dress was around her
waist and her bra presented her tits like two jewels on
a black velvet shelf.

Bill was hard as a rock, but still trying to hide the
tent in the front of his pants from our nosy eyes.

That’s no fun.

I put one arm around his shoulder and give him a tiny
kiss on the cheek and made sure my boob was pressed up
against his arm. My hand found his leg right away, but
took a long time to wander over to the cock that was
jumping around and hoping for the best. When I finally
touched it, he made one of those special sounds that
women live to hear.

We watched Kayla struggle to push her dress down past
her hips. She was still moving real nice and we both
were leaning forward in anticipation as her dress
finally dropped to the floor. She stepped out of it as
if it wasn’t there and came closer so we wouldn’t miss a

I kept up the pressure on Bill’s cock with one hand
while I let the other one search for the sensitive
places on the back of his neck. They were real easy to

Guys are funny. When I crossed my legs, my dressed moved
a few inches above my knee. He checked me out even
though there was a girl in a black uplift bra, garter
belt, seamed nylons, cute little panties and high heels
bumping and grinding in front of him. Kind of fun for

I could hear Bill suck wind when Kayla threw her bra
across the room. I thought her boobs would never stop
bouncing. She really didn’t need the bra. Her tits were
perfect without it. I could look at them forever, but
found my eyes wandering down a little lower as her hands
let us know she was going to take her tiny little
panties off next.

She decided to show us her ass and turned around in time
to the music. We saw her bare back and the most perfect
butt anyone could imagine peeking out of her panties.
The seams on her nylons pointed to each of those two
well formed globes and enticed us to stare with open
abandon. Her panties slipped down below her ass and we
got to see that her treasure was just as nice as we

She turned around so we could watch her push her panties
down below the tiny patch of pubic hair that signaled
the start of her private place. When her panties were
finally off, she threw them at Bill and laughed at the
two of us. She still had on her very high heels,
stockings and garter belt, but looked naked as she
danced in time to another R & B song.

She continued on.

Her hands touched her breasts and squeezed her already
hard nipples. A hand trailed down her tummy and found
itself in the patch of hair that highlighted her sex.
She teased us with one finger. I wondered if she would
do it. I wondered no more as I saw her finger disappear
into her pussy. She moved her hand up and down in sync
with my breathing. Just before something beautiful
happened, she stopped and pulled me out on the floor.

She was nude. She had the most beautiful body I’d ever
seen and she was waiting for me to undress, but she
didn’t wait for long.

She moved her hands over my body in time to the music.
She rubbed herself against me and let her tongue sneak
into my ear and then into my mouth. We kissed, a real
hot kiss that seemed to last forever and since her hands
were already there, she unzipped my dress all the way
down to my ass.

Bill never missed a thing and I knew my job was to stand
there while all his hidden fantasies unfolded right
before his eyes.

She pulled my dress up to give him a good look at my
legs. She made sure to touch my legs and she let her
hand linger on the soft skin just above my stocking
tops. She pulled my hand onto her breast and pressed it
into her soft woman flesh.

My clothes slowly disappeared in a river of lust. There
wasn’t a place on my body that remained unexplored. Her
hands, fingers, boobs, hips, mouth, tongue and
everything touched my everything again and again. There
was fire and electricity and magic and more than that,
but not enough, not nearly enough, not just then.

“I never thought I’d end up in bed with two hot women.”

“Shut up and fuck.” I guided his cock into Kayla’s
pussy. He had no problem getting in. She was wet and
very ready and I could feel both of them moving toward
each other with a rhythm in the key of sex. I rubbed my
tits on his back and squeezed his ass while he fucked
Kayla. I squeezed his balls and kissed his neck. I let
my finger slide across his asshole. I played him like a
fine tuned instrument and his pleasure was my symphony.

He tried to make it last forever, but of course forever
came faster than he wanted. He exploded his lust into
her body and kept fucking her as his cock filled her
with his love.

I pushed him on his back and started to lick him clean.
I knew the taste of his dick. I knew the taste of his
sperm. But there was a new taste, a very nice taste, a
taste I wanted to learn more about it.

Kayla was kissing him while I sucked his cock. He was
like a k*d in a candy store with a Platinum credit card.
I wasn’t surprised when his erection filled my mouth. He
was ready to go again and who could blame him. I kept
sucking his manhood while Kayla took an inventory of
everything else. I could tell by the way he was moving
that he liked the taste of Kayla’s pussy. It must have
been almost as good as what I tasted as he came with a
frenzy in my mouth.

“Enough, enough. Let me rest a minute.”

“Aw, just when me and Kayla were getting into it, Bill.
We’ll just have to do something else.”

He got to watch us do the something else. I never had
sex with a woman before that night. It was nice and it
was different. We were on stage with an audience of one.
A one who got to see us do everything two women could
think to do. A one who got to see his wife do something
with another woman. A something he could only dream
about before that night. A something burned deeply into
a hidden place in his mind where he could cherish it

Kayla stayed over and we kept it up all night until we
collapsed in bed for a few hours of sleep. All three of
us were exhausted good. I went to bed with a 40 year old
man who turned out to be hotter than a 14 year old boy
in a porno story.

“I never want to do that again.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

I was just finishing up the breakfast dishes and Kayla
was on her way home. He was sitting at the kitchen
table. Just the two of us talking like we always do.

“Kayla is real cute and I know all my friends would just
die if they knew what happened.”

I was going to mention how unhappy he would be if he
told his friends, but I didn’t think it would be

“Watching the two of you get it on was really something
and I couldn’t believe how many times I got off.”

I could believe it either, but wasn’t complaining one
bit. In fact, I was hoping he had a little something
left for later in the day.

“I liked watching you get it on with her and really
loved doing it myself. But you know…”

Well, this forty year old mother of two almost cried
when I heard what he had to say next. Sure he liked
getting it on with a hot young girl like Kayla. He
didn’t know anyone who was able to satisfy two women
like he did. He got a good ego pump of course, and he
got to make his fantasy world a reality. I was glad he
liked his birthday present, but I liked the present he
gave me a lot better than he would ever know.

“Did you notice how boring she was after we finished
having sex? She really hasn’t been around a lot, has
she? Well, she’s young so I guess she has some living to
do. I’m not sure I could handle that on a regular basis

My, my, I guess living for forty years has a payoff. How

“You know, Sally, it’s great being married to a woman
and not a little girl. Uh, did I ever tell you that I
love you?”

The End

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