Big Sister is horny 2.

“Vince! Wait!” she gasped, “I never even held hands with a guy before.” “Don’t you like what we’re doing?” he grinned. “I… I don’t know,” she stammered. “Well, take a second and think about it,” he advised. “Don’t knock it till you know what it’s like.” Mindy took his advice. She’d protested automatically, because that

A guy visits his buddy and new wife only to get a surprise

I pulled into Benny’s driveway after planning a long weekend visit for several months. Hotrods being what they are, I wasn’t surprised to find him putting a new clutch in his car. Jumping out of my 32 Ford three window, he crawled out from under his Nomad. We shook hands while shouting hellos and talking

Rose Bowl Sunday Fucking

Sheri knew what they were doing was wrong, but she loved Michael so much; she really wanted to please him. Pirouetting before the camera, she could hear Michael’s appreciative sighs. She had stripped naked, and was posing for him in the sportscaster’s booth high above the playing field at the Rose Bowl. What they were

My slut wife and the grad student

Just one of the many adventures I have had in the past two years with my sex starved wife, Anne Marie. I returned home for work to find Anne Marie had showered and changed into the tight fitting jeans that show off her round ass so well and the blouse I bought her for her