Great Sex with Husband and Wife

Recently, I received a message from a local couple about one of the ‘Teenage Adventures’ chapters. They had thoroughly enjoyed the ‘bisexual undertone’, and asked if I would feel weird meeting with them, because, based on what I had written, they felt things might click. I looked at their profile, but other than a few

Unicorn Prayers

When she was little, when her mother was still alive and breathing and her father still told her bedtime stories about little princesses and kissed her goodnight, she often thought about unicorns, and at night, in dreams, she tried to conjure them, but they would always appear misshapen or deformed, with a chicken’s foot instead

Virtual Mother

When I was a young man of 28 – recently married, with two young children–the last thing I expected was to become the head of a major company. But that was just what happened when my father the owner and president of Joycor Industries died suddenly on the golf course. Per his will, I became