Finding Happiness in Surrender

I sat down to dinner with the woman I love. We ate our meals in the restaurant together, sipping some nice wine and talking over our days. We basked in each other’s company. She smiled at a remark I made and stroked my hair tenderly. I reminded myself, as I did every day, of how

Erotic ecounter

he hurried along the path on her way home; the sky was getting darker and darker. The wind started to gust as she heard the roar of distant thunder. `Seems like we are in for a storm’ she thought to herself `a welcome relief – it will clear the mugginess in the air’. She hoped

Just a short erotic story

My on air Greek Goddess hadn’t been around much lately busy with her on air duties plus being with her family I know not to bother her she’ll get in touch with me. Last night I’m sitting home my phone rings it’s my goddess… sorry I haven’t been around I’ve been really busy that’s ok

Beast humping

In the course of history, bestial practices have not only been a private pastime but in various places and times have played a part in religious rituals, witchcraft rites, and public spectacles for the titillation of the masses. It is hardly surprising that the ancient Romans who made a arena spectacle out of everything from

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