Kind of a Guy Thing

The Company Christmas Party is always at Gutheries. We have dinner in one of the private rooms out back and then move to the bar to see which one of the guys is going to make a fool of himself. This year it was my husband. I saw him standing next to her and wondered

A couple hire a college student

We, that is my husband and I, hired a kid from the local college to help out with chores and with work around the house and yard. He was a sophomore, neither a jock (would have been too busy with practice) nor a geek (would have been too deep in the books). He actually was

Fiona’s Punishment

This happened when my wife was a fairly inexperienced nurse in a private hospital in England where we live. She had been acting up in a senior role and was in charge of a number of patients, Fiona was enjoying her opportunity to show how well she could cope with more responsibility and we were

My Bi-Polar brother in-law meets me

Let me begin by saying I am not proud of what happened, I am overwhelmed with guilt and dismay. I feel dirty and worthless because what happened, is not me. That is not the person I am. But I can’t dismiss the fact that “it happened”. I’m telling my story because I have to get