My first BBC Blowjob

I remember this as if it were yesterday. It was a Saturday night in the fall of 1999. My husband D and I were out hitting a few of the regular bars, and before heading home we stopped at one last bar. It was a sports bar in Escondido, a few miles from where we

Black Susan

At age 65, I retired, ending a 45-year obsession with work. I had always thought that this would be the time when I should try again to form some kind of romantic relationship, and I took up reading the personal ad- vertisements. Nothing much came of this, as no one I was interested in seemed

Pregging the New Girlfriend

It was Sunday night and I had come over to watch a movie on television with my new girlfriend Cindy. We’d been laying on the couch cuddling and I was starting to get horny. The movie was just finishing a steamy sex scene and I could feel myself rising. It didn’t help that Cindy was

The Horny Dispatcher

Ted loved his job but he especially liked all the girls that worked where he worked. There were about a dozen young gals at the company. Most of them were just out of high school and they all liked to wear revealing clothes. A blonde bombshell named Judy worked in Ted’s office. Judy wasn’t very

Sleeping Beautifully

This is unbelievable, I never thought anything like this happens in real life. My best friend is my computer and the Internet is my playground. The sex newsgroups feed my adolescent mind with vivid fantasies that are just out of reach in reality. If only I could take that first step to fulfill those dreams