Larissa the Latina

The love of my life completely destroyed me. She obliterated my soul, my heart, my very being. I don’t want to talk about exactly what happened. All you have to know is that I was in love with a lovely Latina girl, Larissa Jimenez. We dated for a year. Then one day she broke up with me, she never said why. I was so confused and it tore me apart everyday. She told me almost everyday that she loved me and wanted to be with me forever… so what happened?

Unfortunately, my sorrow grew unbearable. It drove me from depression to insanity. Eventually I came up with a plan. I did not intend to win Larissa back but to get revenge. I planned to have sex with her against her will. She left me so lonely and we had never had sex before so I thought it would teach her a lesson to think twice before devastating someone who used to be a nice man. Of course I’m better now and I realize how truly terrible my actions were, however, this is not rape, no. I’m very lucky events went how they did but I’ll get to that. I’ll start with the day I put my plan into motion.

Larissa lived practically in my backyard. There was a forest of trees between our houses, yet one could still see her house through the vegetation. A month or two after she dumped me I invited her over to play basketball. This was something we did often when we were little kids. Now we’re eighteen and it’s the first day of spring break. To my surprise she accepted my invitation and walked over. Her parents were home, though mine were not, they were out shopping. I knew we had several hours alone before they’d be back. Plenty of time to enact my revenge.

I heard a knock at the back door. It was Larissa. She had walked through the woods and walked straight across the back patio up to the door. Obviously our houses faced opposite directions. I opened the door and she stepped inside. I almost gasped at how beautiful she was. It had been so long since I had seen her. She was a bit too thin, very flat stomach, bigger toned legs and arms yet they were close to being stick-figure-like. Thin but stunning. Her big brown eyes shine like the night sky as well as her long, flowing, brown hair. Her skin is a hot caramel-like tan color. A gorgeous, heavenly face like an angel. Lastly she has small tits about an A cup but a pretty nice ass. Her ass isn’t huge but it’s the stereotypical big Latina booty. I believe in a few years she’ll have a voluptuous body. That’s only if she eats something, God she’s so thin!

“Wow you look great Larissa, how are you?” I asked casually.

She blushed and replied, “A little depressed but I’m a tough cookie, I’ll be fine.”

“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that, me too.”

Larissa looked slightly upset for a second but then asked. “Why don’t we catch up, while we play basketball huh Peter?”

I smiled and nodded. We went outside to play basketball on the court across the street. Neither of us were very good. I let her win and she knew it as I am about a foot taller than her. She blushed and giggled as we walked back to my house. My plan was working perfectly. Larissa was very tired from the basketball game so I offered her a drink. She wasn’t sweating too badly. Her skin was glistening from the workout. Larissa quickly accepted the large glass of water and drank it down swiftly.

What she didn’t know was that there was something else in her water. I wanted to get back at her for tearing my heart and my life apart. What I mixed in her water would let me have sex with her without raping her. My Dad is a chemist who works for a drug company. I overheard a conversation with his boss about an experimental drug they had to dispose of because the effect was not what they intended. The drug they made was supposed to boost fertility, however, they made it unimaginably powerful. This drug supposedly adds hormones to a woman’s body that makes her sex drive skyrocket! All it was supposed to do was help stimulate healthy ovulation but it did way more than that. There was a whole list of side effects including the aforementioned increase in sexual appetite as well as rapid feminine growth. From what I overheard my Dad say “feminine growth” was apparently a strange side effect where a woman’s body would seemingly go through puberty AGAIN and almost in an instant. After all, the changes in puberty are what makes a girl into a fertile woman. Double puberty was dangerously fertile and permanently altered the users body. This lead to the project being cancelled and the drug being remade. I secretly stole some before my Dad took them back to work. Larissa’s water had about four doses inside, an entire bottle.

The other drug I stole was for me. My water had four doses of an experimental, umm, “performance enhancer” if you know what I mean. If Larissa was going to be sex-crazed from the drugs, I wanted to make sure I could keep up. There were unwanted side effects for my drug too, yet I didn’t care. I just wanted to get revenge on the girl who abandoned me for no reason. Back then I didn’t care about anything else.

Surprisingly Larissa gulped her water down in seconds. I was worried, she just ingested a lot of medicine pretty fast. She was more thirsty than I expected. I tried my best to keep up and drink all of my water. Next I waited for the drugs to kick in. We talked casually for a few minutes before I started to notice something about Larissa. Her nipples were really erect! She was wearing a normal bra and everyday t-shirt yet somehow her nipples pierced through! We were just exercising, she wasn’t cold, she was turned on! I was so excited! My plan was working. That’s when I realized my dick was extremely hard. I glanced down at it quickly then back at Larissa. I was shocked. She was licking her lips. Was it because of my long cock? Did she see I was erect? How could she not? It was practically straining, waiting to burst out of my shorts.

“I don’t feel so good,” Larissa sighed. She placed a hand on her head. Then I saw her eyes were locked on her athletic-wear short shorts. There was a damp spot by her crotch. It wasn’t from sweat, she was wet. My cock throbbed. Seeing a girl so turned on made me want to tear her clothes off right there but I played it cool.

“Would you like to lay down?” I asked warmly.

She nodded. I lead her to my bedroom where she hopped onto my bed and then passed out. My plan failed. The dose I gave her was too much. Drowsiness was a possible side effect of her medicine. I wanted to make her horny not sleepy!

When it seemed all was lost my medicine started to kick in. My cock enlarged and peaked over the waistband of my shorts. Then I felt myself become more horny than I ever thought possible. My nose twitched. It was Larissa. Her shorts were drenched with her pussy juices. I couldn’t control myself. I got undressed and jumped onto the bed. I pulled down her shorts and panties. The smell increased tremendously. She was wet, her pussy was gushing with fluid. I licked it up then moved on to her chest. Her shirt and bra fell to the ground as I threw them aside along with the rest of our clothing. We were now both completely naked. I had no conscience anymore; I just wanted sex.

Larissa’s golden-brownish body radiated heat. I grabbed her smooth thighs and pulled her toward me. From there I plunged my eight inch cock inside her drooling cunt. Normally my dick wasn’t eight inches, that medicine was really working wonders. In and out, all my length pumped away at her slim little body. Her small tits bounced all over. I enjoyed watching her ass jiggle as I pounded her.

Suddenly Larissa’s vagina clamped down on my cock. Then my cock started to swell making her even tighter! It was like our bodies were fastened together! I could hardly move. Just as I began to slide my cock out Larissa’s eyelids shook. She was waking! I was petrified yet my body kept fucking her! Out of lust, I reached up and squeezed her small, soft breasts. Her eyes shot open!

“OH GOD NO!” Larissa yelled. My face blushed, what was I doing? The medicine… I couldn’t control myself… what had I done?

Before I could feel too ashamed Larissa continued. “No! I knew this would happen!” She cried. “I was always so horny I knew it was only a matter of time before I pressured you to have sex! Oh god!” Larissa moaned. I was confused. Larissa didn’t make any sense?

“I’m sorry what?” I asked. I eased my movements to hear her better.

“Oh God,” Larissa moaned. She clenched her hands against the bed sheets. Then her body rocked and bucked against me. She was… fucking me back. She wanted to have sex. In fact she was climaxing. “I’m cumming!” She hollered! Her pussy squeezed my cock as her body convulsed. She squirmed and writhed all while breathlessly whispering “No.” Eventually she slowed down and her climax came to an end. She never stopped rocking her hips, helping me thrust into her wet depths. “Peter I broke up with you because I didn’t want to do this! I didn’t want to have sex this young and not with my first boyfriend. I always wanted you to fuck me so badly and I knew I had to end our relationship before I couldn’t control myself. Now I know I was a fool! I still want you and I wanna fuck you but I think it’s a mistake!”

“Should we stop?” I asked worried. Deep down I was relieved she broke up with me because she was scared she’d fuck my brains out yet now we were fucking each other like beasts so… was this bad?

“Oh!” Larissa gasped. She was horny as hell! We both were. “We should but I can’t! Not now! I’ve never been this turned on before! I think I might die if I don’t cum a billion more times. My pussy is so wet for you Peter, please put out the fire inside me! Fuck me senseless!” Then Larissa started to mumble and moan in Spanish. I’m white and American so I didn’t understand what she was saying, yet it turned me on.

I slammed my cock further inside her until it twitched and swelled in her. I don’t know all the side effects of the drugs we took but I know my cock was three times it’s normal width and several inches longer. “You’re so big! I feel, I feel hot!” Larissa sighed and rubbed her breasts. I took hold of her hips and fucked her harder. She was right, she was really heating up. Larissa was lying on her back but I did my best to grope and play with her ass. It jiggled so softly as I moved her ass-flesh in my hands.

Suddenly, the side effects of Larissa’s medicine were taking hold. I watched in amazement as her hips grew wider by the second! Creaking could be heard from the bed and her body as she grew. Larissa’s ass and thighs became thicker and rounder. Her hips stretched outward as her ass blew up like a balloon. Then I looked up and watched as Larissa’s small tits expanded into B-cups, then C-cups and then almost D-cups! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen!

“Ughh what’s happening to me?” Larissa asked. She sounded afraid and a little in pain.

Her body stretched and swelled. When it finally stopped Larissa’s body was drastically different. Her small teenage hips were replaced with wide, child-bearing hips most mothers don’t even have. Her toned legs were now juicy thick thighs topped with a huge fat ass or bubble but. Larissa’s small tits were now mammoth melons, at least an F-cup. Her nipples were huge, razor-sharp, erect and dark from her beautiful Latina skin. Her arms were no longer twigs but nice, firm and womanly. Even her flat belly was gone. She now had a cute slight little roundness expected of any older woman, only she was just eighteen.

“Oh God! Larissa Jimenez look at you!” I yelled. She was stunning. She looked like a fertility goddess. Giant tits, wide hips, a huge ass. She had everything.

The transformation left Larissa breathless. “It stopped!” she sighed. She was exhausted. Her chest heaved in and out with every breath. Of course I loved seeing her new humongous tits shake as she breathed. “What happened to me? I look like a whore!” She panted.

“You’re so sexy and beautiful I can’t stop staring at you. I wanna make love to you until we pass out!” I encouraged.

“Me too but… am I ok?” She asked cautiously. Larissa took one boob in her hand while she rubbed her giant pillowy ass with the other.

“Yes you’ll be ok! I’m sorry it’s all my fault. I put drugs in our water to do this. To make you horny and this is a side effect. I’m so sorry!”

“Bastard!” Larissa scolded. “I’ve always been horny around you, you idiot! Now you’ve turned me into a bimbo slut for your cock!” Just then Larissa started thrusting her hips harder than before, grinding away. “You made me this hot and bothered so you’re not going anywhere until I’m completely satisfied. Don’t pull out, I’m not leaving until you take care of the fire inside me!”

“The drugs were fertility drugs, that’s why you look so curvy and sexy… I mean that’s why you look like this. I should pull out eventually Larissa, you’re too fertile right now,” I warned. My cock swelled and pre-cum dripped inside Larissa’s pussy.

“Fine,” Larissa gasped. She was out of breath as we fucked furiously. “Pull out only when you cum, and cum in my mouth instead. If the drugs are making you feel the same way I do, then you know I can’t stop fucking even for a second so pussy or mouth that’s it, never stop.”

I bent over to start making out with Larissa. She turned to her side and we both rolled over. We were now on our sides, facing each other, kissing and fucking. Larissa’s hands explored my body as mine grabbed her ass. It was huge! I squeezed it and then gave it a hard slap! Larissa yelped! Her eyes went wide and soon she found herself in another orgasm. I kissed her face all over. My sexy Latina girlfriend was back in my arms. I rubbed her hot sun-kissed skin. I loved the color of her body, the shape of it, the feel, everything! Larissa is one sexy little Latina. Well she’s not little anymore. Now she’s a sexy fertility Goddess!

Larissa’s pussy constricted my throbbing cock as her orgasm rocked her body. I leaned back so her giant tits weren’t pressed against me anymore. I loved feeling the soft heaping mounds of tit flesh against me. I only backed away so I could bend down and suck them. I took the dark brown nipple in my mouth, nibbled it gently, then sucked. Meanwhile my right hand squeezed, groped, and mashed her other tit. Larissa’s mouth hung open in ecstasy. I heard a slight squeak-like moan escape her throat. She loved her breasts being touched. To my surprise it brought her to another orgasm. Hers were very consecutive. Those drugs were obviously really powerful.

Larissa’s nails dug into my back as she forced me closer to her. She writhed as bliss took over her. I felt Larissa’s hips grind harder and faster. The drugs made her sex crazed. Her pussy sprayed an endless amount of fluid. Larissa was beyond horny. “Oh fuck yeah, get in my womb!” she moaned loudly. I felt a pop as Larissa shoved her sweet, soaking cunt as far as she could on my hard cock. The pop was me entering her womb and Larissa loved every second of it. She screamed and moaned with pleasure. I had to stop sucking her big tits as she was now clutching me close to her chest. Her erect nipples were like soft daggers as Larissa’s humongous tits were compressed against my chest. Feeling her soft body rub against me began to become too much for me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came.

I felt Larissa’s pussy grow very tight. At first I thought she was climaxing but as time went on her pussy only became tighter, constricting my cock. Finally I looked down to see that it was my cock that had grown! It was massive! If I wasn’t already inside her, there was no way I would’ve been able to stuff it in her dripping cunt. My thrusts became slower as my thick cock was getting too big to slide inside Larissa despite her being soaking wet.

“Oh God I can feel your dick growing inside me!!” Larissa screamed out in lust. “I love this so much! It’s gigantic… stretching me out… filling me up… ohh Peeeterrrrr, I’m gonna cum!!”

Larissa’s moans drove me insane. My balls began to boil as cum started to rush to my cock. I placed my hands on Larissa’s ass, getting a good handful of her monumental mounds of soft asscheeks. With my hands firmly on Larissa’s tremendous ass I tried to pull out while pushing her off. To my surprise it didn’t work. Neither of us budged.

An alarm went off in my head. I could feel the pressure building within me as I struggled to hold in my cum. “Larissa I can’t pull out! My cock is too big, it’s stuck inside you!”

Larissa’s eyes shot open. She was on her back yet tried to rise and scoot backwards, off of my cock. “Owww,” she groaned. “You’re right it’s too tight, it won’t move. Gagh! It hurts when I try!”

She was right. The tugging hurt the base of my monstrous cock. “I’m gonna cum inside you soon if we don’t figure something out!”

Larissa and I struggled and moved frantically to separate from one another but it was no use. The moving caused too much pain and even a little bit of pleasure as we were still technically fucking. Eventually the pain became too much for Larissa so she gave in to the pleasure. “Just do it! Cum inside me! You’re cock is still swelling it’s getting harder and hurting worse to try pulling out.”

She unexpectedly drew me in for a hug. Larissa held me close so we could hold each other. I finally couldn’t hold back anymore. I gave one final, powerful thrust. It even knocked Larissa’s hands off of my back. She wasn’t expecting the force of my cock to be so strong. Instead of holding me Larissa lied on her back as our orgasms took over. Cum blasted out of my cock like a rocket! Instead of pumping spurts of cum like normal, my cock was releasing a constant stream. It was as if my dick was a faucet. Cum flowed nonstop into Larissa’s womb. It was the medicine; it must’ve increased sperm count as well as the amount that I cum. I didn’t seem close to stopping. More and more cum rushed inside Larissa’s wet depths. My cock remained too large to pull out. Every ounce of cum made its way into Larissa. She was surprised at the absurd amount of cum I was pumping into her. Larissa bucked wildly as the never ending stream of cum splashing inside her sent her into a blissful orgasm.

As time went on the flow of cum never ceased. Suddenly, Larissa started moaning and uttering quiet grunts. “Ahhh!” She shrieked.

“What’s the matter?” I asked while my cock continued to dispense cum within her.

“Too… much… cum,” Larissa panted trying to catch her breath. “It’s filled me completely, there’s no more room. I can feel it pushing on my ovaries… if it breaks their lining I’ll be pregnant with every single egg in my body fertilized!”

“That’s not possible!” I exclaimed.

“It is if you keep cumming like this,” Larissa warned as she moaned. “Ohhhh… fuuuck!” Larissa writhed underneath me. I felt my dick swell slightly as her sweet pussy seemingly suckled on it. Just then I heard a noise. A small pop emitted from within Larissa’s body. I knew what it was. “Owww, ahhh!” Larissa gasped. “You did it, you broke the protective layer. You just fertilized all my eggs… impregnated me with every baby I’ll ever have. And yet… I can’t keep from cumming!” Larissa orgasmed as my cum flooded her ovaries. There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t pull out and I couldn’t stop cumming. I didn’t mean to get Larissa pregnant and she didn’t want to be either, however, we were both on powerful drugs that made it more likely to happen so I wasn’t very shocked. The fact that I came so much I broke her ovaries and impregnated her with all the babies possible did surprise me although I wasn’t sure it was true at the time.

Then something that did shock me happened. As Larissa held me close against her chest I felt something other than her gargantuan tits press against me. Larissa’s belly gradually pressed against me more and more. At first I thought she was grinding on me harder but I didn’t feel her moving and the pressure became intense. On a hunch, I decided to stop lying on top of Larissa in order to see her stomach. My jaw dropped. Not only had I cum so much that I broke through to Larissa’s ovums; I had cum to such an extent that I was causing her womb to expand!

I watched in awe as the sexy Latina before me swelled larger and larger. I gently placed a hand on her belly, right atop her belly button, to feel her flesh stretching like a balloon. Cum rocketed into her cunt even faster as the spectacle of her growing belly turned me on. Audible sloshing noises could be heard as I filled Larissa up. The swishing movement of cum surging within her triggered Larissa to sit up. She screamed immediately.

“Holy fuck!” Larissa shouted. Her hands flew to her rounding stomach. She rubbed her belly all over. The sight made me so hot I jetted a forceful and extra large blast of cum visibly making her grow bigger. “How much more are you gonna cum?” Larissa questioned worriedly. “I mean damn, you already got me pregnant, now you’re making me look pregnant immediately too!”

She was right. Her womb was so overstuffed with cum that she already looked nine months pregnant. Ironically I could feel my constant stream of cum beginning to end. My hands made their way to Larissa’s now giant ass and squeezed. I thrusted one last time, shooting a final spurt or explosion of cum inside Larissa’s swollen womb. At last my orgasm was over. Larissa was on her back with a beautiful bloated belly protruding as if she had swallowed a beach ball. She rubbed her round tummy as she moaned. I secretly had a thing for pregnant women so seeing this tan beauty so full and pregnant-looking kept my cock from becoming flaccid.

The medicine made us both insanely horny. After I finished cumming we made out while rubbing each other’s bodies. This went on for about half an hour. Eventually I was able to slide my enlarged dick out of Larissa. She moaned and hugged me. My hands massaged her heavy ass as Larissa kissed me. A few hours ago she was as thin as a stick figure. Now she was voluptuous and curvy. Her legs were shapely with thick thighs that rubbed together and a bouncing bubble butt. Larissa’s hips were several times wider and less boney than before. I sucked and played with her mammoth-sized tits. Larissa used to have small a-cups but at the end of the night they had transformed into marvelous F-cups. Her juicy tits fell to either side of her pregnant-looking belly. I kissed and rubbed the swollen mass of flesh. Larissa’s moist pussy dribbled in response.

“Ohhh, I have to empty out some of this semen,” Larissa complained as she stood up from the bed. Her whole body jiggled as she moved.

“Wait, can you just stand there for a second?” I asked. Larissa listened. “Wow, look at you, you’re gorgeous! You’re glowing like a breath taking pregnant fertility goddess!” I exclaimed as I admired her new body. Larissa was by far the hottest girl I’d ever seen. Everything about her was perfect.

She giggled. “Oh please, you just like my huge tits and plump ass. The rest of me is gross,” Larissa accused as she held the globe of her belly in her hands. “Look,” Larissa continued, “my thighs are so thick they’re constantly touching each other and I can barely walk with this bloated gut you gave me. I have an ugly mom-body. I’m gonna squeeze my stomach in the tub and hopefully drain away all the excess cum inside me. You know I can’t go home looking pregnant.”

“You’re right about that,” I replied. “But you’re wrong about how you look, you’re beyond sexy Larissa Jimenez.” I used her last name for emphasis.

“I’ll take the compliment but I don’t believe it,” Larissa settled. With that, she waddled to the bathroom. The sound of cum sloshing around inside her bulging belly could be heard with every step she took. Once she made it into the bathroom she took a moment to analyze herself in the mirror. “Damn!” She shouted. “You’re right I’m not ugly, I look like a milf!”

I laughed. She did look very womanly now that she was thicker. The pregnant-looking belly helped add to her curves and adult-like shape. Seeing her new body appeared to turn Larissa on. She rubbed her sloshing belly and her plump thighs and then smacked her round fat ass. “I look fucking built for sex, damn!” Larissa claimed rather proudly. “If it weren’t for this huge stomach I’d say I’ve never felt sexier… or hornier. The medicine didn’t wear off so once I squeeze this cum out I hope you’re ready for round two.”

Larissa gave me a seductive smile. “I’m already ready!” I announced. “And even with that round pregnant-looking belly you’re sexy beyond belief!”

Larissa blushed and giggled. “Good,” she smiled, “because when I’m heavy with your babies I still wanna fuck! Though I’d like some privacy while I drain myself here.” Larissa stepped into the tub. I complied and left her alone to try and force out the cum stored in her womb. It was a shame though. I have a huge pregnancy fetish and wanted to have sex while she had a great big belly. It was squishy, sloshy and malleable unlike a real pregnant belly so it would’ve been interesting and fun to have sex with her. Of course I didn’t care that much. She was obviously just impregnated so it wouldn’t be long until I’d have sex while she sported a real pregnant body. Besides Larissa was so beautiful I’d have sex with her and love her no matter what she looked like.

I was waiting back in my bed while Larissa emptied herself out. I could hear the sound of liquid constantly pouring so I knew she was successful in expelling some of the cum from her body. Shortly after the noise stopped Larissa walked back into my bedroom. I gasped. Her pregnant-looking belly was gone. Without it, the full effect of the double puberty could be seen more clearly. Larissa’s pretty face sparkled as her brown eyes locked onto mine. She had an extreme hour-glass figure. Her hips were so wide it looked like she could bear children for a career. Her thighs were gargantuan, they rubbed each other as she stood up straight, creating an enticingly warm and soft entrance to her dribbling wet pussy. Larissa noticed me eyeing her up and down. She gave me yet another wicked smile and spun around for me. She bent over both facing me and facing away from me, to show off her tits and ass. Her ass had to be over two feet wide and one foot thick or more. It was humongous, soft and smooth. I could spend the whole day playing with it. My mouth watered watching her ass jiggle and her tits shake. Larissa’s f-cup tits appeared to defy gravity, they were so perky. Then she surprised me by taking one of her fat, dark brown nipples into her mouth, sucking her own tit. She let go of her nipple and allowed her breast to bounce back into place. Her chest stuck out a foot in front of her. Larissa grabbed her tits, mashed them in her hands and then cupped them as if she were weighing them. She moaned something in Spanish. I asked what she said and she replied, “I love my new body. I look like a whore but I’m your whore, pregnant with your babies, ready to fuck you anytime.”

I grabbed her plump golden brown ass while forcing her toward me for a kiss. I played with her soft fat ass the whole time we made out. Larissa’s immense tits smushed against me as we kissed. I could feel her monumental nipples become erect. Meanwhile my erection was pinned against her flat belly. As I pulled away I noticed her belly wasn’t as flat as it was before her transformation. She used to be thin and flat all over, now she was sexy and round. Larissa had a slight pudge to her belly now. It was just enough that a shirt wouldn’t be able to hide it, however, it wasn’t anywhere near large enough to be considered fat by anyone’s standards. I wasn’t sure if it was from excess cum still trapped inside or if it was from her recent second puberty and transformation. Either way I loved her soft slightly pudgy middle. It gave me even more sweet flesh to rub.

My hands slid across Larissa’s wide, round hips. I gave her mammoth ass a squeeze with one hand and a slap with the other. She yelped
and jumped from shock. When she jumped I felt her hot pussy rub against my cock. Larissa moaned and started to grind against me. She had grown a little taller too so now her pussy was just about in line with my hard cock. Larissa wrapped her arms around me to pull me in close. The feeling of my erection rubbing her soft midriff drove Larissa and I insane. Finally, in between kisses, she whispered, “I have to have you inside me right fucking now!”

I agreed. I stepped back to give us a break and get onto the bed. Larissa didn’t move, she stood there, eyes fixed on my cock. It was almost a foot long and four inches wide. Larissa appeared as if she were mesmerized by it. Meanwhile I was mesmerized by everything about Larissa. Her massive tits glistened with sweat. I leaned forward and sucked one enlarged brown nipple while groping her other breast with my right hand. Her nipples were huge, yet this action stimulated them further. I tweaked her nipple with my fingers while giving both her smooth tits a kiss.

“Mmmm,” Larissa gasped. “I seriously can’t wait any longer!!” She pushed me away from her so she could reach down and furiously rub her aching clit. As Larissa pleasured herself, she spoke, “I don’t wanna be all bloated again from you stuffing me with cum. Though I NEED to be fucked right now! God, I’ve never been this horny! Tell you what, I’ll give you a BJ that way we’ll both be satisfied and you won’t pump me up making me look pregnant again. Sound good?”

I was actually disappointed. We were both turned on beyond belief due to the medicine yet she was holding back from having sex. Did she really hate that magnificent sloshing belly I had given her? She must have in order to withstand not having sex while we were still reacting to the medicine. “Alright,” I complied, “but I thought that spherical, malleable, cum-filled belly of yours was extremely hot. I wanted to feel it up while making love to you, hearing and feeling it slosh and churn as we fuck.”

“Fuck I’m cumming!” Larissa announced. “Damn I just came from fingering myself while listening to you say sexy shit like that! I’ll let you fuck and feel me as much as you want as long as I can do the same to you. However, right now I’m not used to my womb inflating like a balloon so I’m gonna pass. C’mon I’m dying to start this blowjob. Look at the size of your cock Peter!”

Larissa and I got off the bed and she bent to her knees. She took my monstrous cock in her hands with a greedy smile. Her dazzling brown eyes looked up at me, emitting sheer joy. “I can’t see anything past my tits,” Larissa giggled as she stared down. Before I could respond, Larissa dove her moth onto my raging cock, shoving it inside hungrily. I sighed from relief as my throbbing cock finally got some attention. I pet her long, lustrous brown hair as she slurped away. At times Larissa would stop to lick up and down the sides of my cock as it was too large to fit much in her mouth. It was as if my cock were candy. She also gave it a few strokes here and there. Her hands hardly fit around it, the medicine made it so engorged. The blowjob was more of a sex-crazed frenzy. Larissa was doing everything she could to worship my cock, not just blow it. Suddenly, I felt a heavenly warmth and softness glide up my shaft. I looked down to see Larissa awkwardly trying to get me off using her tits. I appreciated her effort although it didn’t work very well with me standing and her half kneeling. It still felt wonderful. Her soft, pillowy flesh surrounding my rough, hard cock brought me to the edge of an orgasm. I could occasionally feel Larissa’s incredibly erect nipples rub against my cock.

“I love you and your tits so much,” I moaned in ecstasy. Larissa laughed.

“I love them too,” Larissa confessed. She played with her tits for a second as if to prove her claim. “Thank you for them, and for this giant dick of yours,” Larissa smiled. She smothered her bouncing breasts on my cock one last time before she got down to continue the blowjob. Feeling her big juicy tits was too much for my cock. I was going to cum soon. My cock began to swell, growing larger just like it had before I ejaculated the last time.

“Oh fuck, you’re getting bigger!” Larissa exclaimed. She latched her mouth around the tip of my dick and sucked hard. I felt it pop out of her mouth so she could speak. “I want to feel it grow inside my mouth, with my tongue. Don’t worry about cumming on me or in my mouth. I can’t wait to be showered with hot spunk!” Larissa teased as she hastily shoved my cock back in her mouth. She sucked and licked my swelling dick. Larissa forced as much of my cock as she could into her mouth. Her lips formed a tight seal around my shaft.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oh I’m coming!” I warned. All of a sudden, my cock grew so humongous that it became stuck in Larissa… again! This time it was her mouth that was tightly sealed around my cock. She tried to move but it wouldn’t budge, at least not without hurting her cheeks. A torrent of cum exploded out of my giant cock and into Larissa’s waiting mouth. Her eyes shot open wide. Once again there were copious amounts of cum. Only this time Larissa was at risk of choking. At first she did a great job of swallowing spurt after spurt. Eventually the medicine created the same effect as before, a constant, flowing, river of cum erupting from my thick cock. Larissa’s cheeks started to bulge with excess cum. It was becoming increasingly harder for her to keep up with the massive loads of cum I was pumping. To prevent Larissa from choking I held her head and aimed my cock deeper into her throat. The sheer size of my large cock in her small mouth didn’t allow for much movement. Somehow I managed to get deeper into Larissa’s throat, making it easier for her to swallow and breathe through her nose.

Larissa was panicking at first but gradually relaxed. I noticed she was furiously rubbing her pussy while gulping down obscene amounts of ejaculate. She moaned and writhed all while my cock steadily pulsed and spewed. Larissa closed her eyes in bliss. I stroked her beautiful long brown hair. It was silky and soft like the rest of her.

It wasn’t until Larissa reached up to play with her breasts that I realized something. Larissa’s huge tits were resting on something… a swelling tan belly. Larissa was expanding again! I couldn’t believe it! This time it was her stomach inflating with semen instead of her womb. The end result looked the same. Larissa’s belly grew and grew with each gulp of sperm. Watching the sexy Latin belly become fuller, rounder and larger every second drastically increased the amount of cum I expelled. I felt my cock unleash one final blast of cum which made an audible splash as it landed deep within Larissa’s tummy. Her distended belly bulged as if she were pregnant. The tight tan skin was so breathtakingly stunning. I couldn’t wait for my cock to be freed from Larissa’s mouth so I could bend down and rub her new plump belly.

Over time my orgasm subsided and I pulled out of Larissa’s mouth. It made another “pop” sound. She gasped to catch her breath while holding her gigantic tummy. I felt so bad. She wanted to have oral sex to avoid being inflated by cum yet that’s exactly what happened. Larissa licked her lips. “Oh fuck me, I’m so full. Peter, what am I gonna do? I’m horny to the max but I keep ending up bloated, fat and ugly.”

“You were just raving about how you love your body! You look insanely sexy. The sexiest woman I’ve ever seen!” I protested. My erection returned to prove it.

“Damn you really believe that,” Larissa concluded as she admired my cock. She licked it with a smile. Her bright white teeth pierced through the dim room. Larissa stood with a struggle. She held her belly as if she were pregnant and asked, “you like this body?” Larissa patted her globe-like stomach.

“It’s so hot Larissa! I wanna rub it all day and hold it from behind while I fuck you!” I blurted out. I meant to keep some of that to myself. She looked like she was six months pregnant, however, it was just a bloated belly from swallowing so much semen. That meant unlike a firm pregnant belly, Larissa’s sudo pregnant belly was soft and could be grabbed, shaken, slapped and played with as it was a loose, lovely paunch of flesh. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and couldn’t wait to feel it up.

Larissa laughed. Her body jiggled as she giggled. She played with her tummy for a minute just to tease me. Seemingly out of nowhere, Larissa’s face turned pale. Her expression was no longer happy. “On fuck!” Larissa cursed. She squeezed her bulging caramel-colored belly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I swallowed all of your cum, so it’s in my stomach, not my womb. That means it doesn’t come out when I put pressure on my stomach. I’d have to make myself throw up if I wanna lose this fat, churning belly of cum. I can’t go home with a huge sloshing belly but I don’t wanna throw up either. What do I do?” Larissa gave me an innocent look. She cradled her belly in her hands as she stared at me.

“Well people are definitely gonna notice what the medicine did to your body. I think that having a chubby tummy might help convince others that you’ve simply gained weight instead of, you know, going through puberty again and becoming curvier. It’s up to you. If you don’t like being swollen, go throw up. If you wanna be able to tell better excuses, keep it. I promise either way you’re radiant! I wanna feel your belly so badly!”

Larissa gave her stomach a slap. My erect penis jumped at the sight of her quaking belly. I have no clue what it was about a woman’s stomach that turned me on so much. All I knew was that I hoped I’d get to fuck her while she looked like that, bloated, chubby, round. Unfortunately for me I knew what Larissa wanted.

“I’ll let you feel me up but I’m gonna go throw up now. I just don’t like this look. I know I’m pregnant and I’m gonna be huge yet this is different. It’s strange and new to me. Next time I’ll let you fuck me while I’m filled like this but for now I really have to get going. I’ll use your excuse that I put on weight or had a growth spurt. It’s gonna be a tough sell; to believe that all the fat only went to my tits, ass, and thighs. I don’t have a better explanation and well, nobody will know of how else this could’ve happened so they’ll be forced to believe me.”

I nodded and walked up to Larissa. She stretched out her arms for a hug. When I did so, her expanded gut rubbed my cock profusely. Pre-cum dripped onto her soft midriff. I stepped back and rubbed it into her skin with both hands. Her light brown skin felt so smooth and heavenly. I squeezed and groped her beautiful pudgy belly. To my surprise I could hear the cum inside sloshing around. My dick throbbed. It longed to get inside Larissa and fill her up even more. I lifted Larissa’s sexy belly, measuring its weight in my hands. I gave her tummy a slap as if it were her ass. Larissa yelped and jumped back.

“Hey!” Larissa scolded. “I just swallowed gallons of cum, slap my belly and I’m probably gonna throw up.”

“I thought you wanted to throw up?”

Larissa laughed and rubbed her belly seductively. “Yeah, when I’m in the bathroom,” she gushed. Then she gave me a wink and turned to head off to the restroom. As she left I was treated to a tantalizing view of Larissa’s bare bubble butt rippling as she walked. I followed her out of my room, down the hall, and into the bathroom. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. Larissa shrieked and giggled. My erection was smashed in between Larissa’s bulging asscheeks. Meanwhile, my hands toyed with her gorgeous, soft fat belly. I held onto it as I started to grind or hump her slightly.

“Oh fuck! I want you to bend me over and rut me like an animal! Feel my swaying belly and breasts as you take control of me, breeding me. But I have to go home now or else I’m grounded. If I get grounded we won’t be able to fuck for a while. I don’t think I can wait to make love to you. That means you have to stop, let me drain this gut, and go home on time so I won’t be in trouble and we can have an even longer, better, sex session next time.” Larissa promised.

I stopped humping. Larissa turned around and kissed me sensually. She wrapped her arms around my neck and shoved her tongue into my mouth as we made out lustfully. Her tits smushed against me along with her lovely belly. With the way the medicine had changed us it was a miracle we were able to stop fucking even for a second. When Larissa pulled away her body glistened with more pre-cum that had leaked from my dick. This time she was the one to massage it into her skin. After Larissa rubbed my pre-cum on her erect brown nipples, she licked her fingers. Before I could comment on her behavior, Larissa laughed and walked away.

I left her alone to purge her stomach. It was very disgusting and painful to hear the girl I loved throwing up. Eventually I heard her brush her teeth, most likely with one of the spare brushes, and rinse with mouth wash. The bathroom door swung open to reveal a true Latina beauty. Larissa Jimenez, the Latina goddess of sex, fertility and pretty soon, pregnancy. Her tummy had flattened, yet not completely disappeared this time. This added a sexy jiggle to her belly as she walked. Her stomach was not too large, nowhere near as it had been. It was simply chubby like the average post-pregnancy mother would have.

“I couldn’t get rid of all of it,” Larissa whined. She jiggled her tiny tummy. “I guess you’re happy about that,” she beamed. Larissa knew how attractive I found her and her body. If she didn’t then she easily could discover my love for her by my engorged erection.

Larissa and I got dressed and walked downstairs to say our goodbyes at the door. It was somewhat awkward because of how different Larissa looked now opposed to when she arrived. She had to carry her bra home as it was meant for a tiny girl with almost no tits. Her mammoth tits made her shirt ride up all the way to barely cover the bottom of her breasts. Meanwhile her panties now acted as a thong and her short shorts stretched enough that she could squeeze them on but they covered nothing. Her wide hips combined with her giant ass and thick thighs stretched the material of her shorts so thin that they were translucent. In addition, more than half of her voluptuous ass was showing. Her clothes were ridiculously small on her curvy body. One of the sexiest parts was the small muffin top her tight shorts and bloated belly created.

Larissa kissed me goodbye while subtly rubbing my cock through my shorts. As we kissed I rubbed her belly one last time and then gave her ass a gentle pat as she left. “Bye, love you Peter Gold!” Larissa waved.

—–Five Days Later—–

I hadn’t seen Larissa since the day we first made love and she went through her transformation. I was in the middle of measuring my cock, because it hadn’t gotten any smaller since the medicine, when the doorbell rang. I didn’t know my side effects were permanent too, I thought as I got dressed to answer the door.

I opened the door. My heart stopped. My jaw dropped. My eyes opened wide. It was Larissa. She stood facing the left so I was looking at her from the side. This view allowed me to see that her tits, ass and thighs hadn’t changed. She was still voluptuous. What had changed was the round pregnant belly she was sporting from her exposed midriff shirt. I was shocked. It didn’t look like bloating or fat, it was firm. The gentle, curvy, swell of her smooth, tan caramel-colored baby bump was equivalent to someone a month or two along and starting to show, yet it had only been five days.

Larissa rubbed her bulging belly seductively. “Surprised? This is what happens when you impregnate someone with every baby they hold… rapid belly swelling. But I know that only turns you on, so what do you say… ready to fuck your baby mama?” My beautiful girlfriend Larissa Jimenez the little Latina turned into a thick, pregnant sex goddess.