Leah Pays Her Debt (extreme)

Leah grunted with each thrust as this unknown assailant
slammed his dick into her ass to the hilt each time. With
her hands shackled behind her back she could not brace
herself and her breasts rubbed across the hood of the car
she was bent over with each thrust. Dawn was just
breaking, and Leah was now thankful for the leather hood
that hid her identity.

She thought of her beautiful hair that was gone, again
felt the pain in her nipples from the chain holding those
sensitive buds tightly, and the weight across her back as
her ass was fucked. Leah had been so confident that she
could win at poker in Vegas. But instead, she was f****d
to be a sexual slave to the owner of the casino, William,
she had learned, in order to pay her gambling debt of
$40,000 dollars. She had been sexually abused all during
the night, her ass and cunt used as a depository for the
cum of over thirty men.

When they had finished with her, her cunt and head had
been shaved, she had been placed in a leather hood, hands
shackled behind her and feet chained together. As a final
insult, William had attached loops to her nipples
attaching her breast together with a chain. Now she was
being used by William’s limousine driver James and his
friend like a piece of meat. Leah felt her assailant
stiffened as he plunged deep inside her ass depositing
his load of sperm in the tip of the condom he had been
f****d to wear to “keep her clean.”

Keeping his hand tightly around the back of Leah’s neck,
he slowly eased his cock from her ass to make sure the
condom did not slide off inside her. Leah was pulled by
her leather hood to a standing position and f****d to
hobble to the limousine. She could see William providing
instructions to James on the steps while she was f****d
into the back seat.

As her bare ass touch the cold leather seat, she felt the
pain in her cunt and ass from the night’s a***e. Leah
began to sob softly as the James drove the limousine out
of town, his friend staring in a frightening way at
Leah’s breasts.

As the passenger’s bored into Leah’s breasts she became
very aware of how she must look. Hooded with a zipper
across her mouth, her breast protruded forwarded with
nipples solidly erect from the loop tightened around
their bases. Her hands were shackled behind her back
requiring Leah to push her breast further out to sit
comfortably. Leah glanced down at her feet and saw her
bare pussy, clean-, with the lips slightly pink from the
a***e it had taken. Leah saw the short link of chain that
attached the two shackles around her ankles together and
more tears flowed as she realized no one knew where she
was, and she did not know what would happen to her.

Leah was jerked from her self-pity by a hand slap to the
side of the head from the passenger who appeared to be
fixated on her breasts. He admonished Leah to listen to
the instructions James was giving to her. James informed
Leah that when they arrived, she would be given to a
woman named Vanessa. Her job was to simply obey Vanessa
and he would be back to pick her up around 5 o’clock that

Leah glanced at the clock in the car and saw that is was
only a little after 7 in the morning. She tried to speak
through the zippered hood, but her words were so muffled
that James told her just to shake her head “yes” if she
understood the instructions. Leah wanted to protest,
tried to verbalize her objections, and even started
screaming as the limousine turned into the long driveway
leading to the large house, but only muted sounds came
from the leather hood.

As limousine stopped, Leah attempted to shrink away from
the door and confine herself in the middle. James jerked
open the door, grabbed her leash, and pulled Leah from
the limousine. He did not seen to care that Leah was
unable to stand quick enough and simply pulled her across
the wet grass to the front of the house. As he stopped,
Leah finally stood up. The moment James saw her standing;
he slapped her again on the side of the head and ordered
back on the ground. James informed Leah she was not to
stand unless instructed to do so. James rang the doorbell
and the woman Leah knew must be Vanessa immediately
answered it.

Vanessa was clad in a black leather bodice that pushed
her ample breasts upward and outward. She was wearing
crotchless leather panties that displayed pussy lips free
of hair, just like Leah’s had been prepared. On her legs
were boots that stretched to her thighs and she balanced
herself on 6 inch spiked heels. Vanessa looked in disgust
at Leah on her stomach in the lawn. Vanessa was not happy
and chastised James that the “bitch” was supposed to be
black. Leah tried to hear more of what was said, but
could not. Vanessa finally agreed to take Leah inside and
“fix” her. James reminded Vanessa that Leah was not to be
marked and he would return promptly at 5pm to collect the
boss’s property. James handed Leah’s leash to Vanessa.

Leah struggled to get to her feet and followed Vanessa
inside in the short, jaunting steps her shackled ankles
permitted. Once inside, Vanessa ordered Leah to place her
feet as wide apart as the chain would permit and not to
move. Once in position, Leah was subjected to the
inspection and probing of Vanessa’s fingers.

Leah had never been with a woman, not even girlish games
when she was young. Leah hung her head in shame as
Vanessa inserted two fingers into Leah’s hairless pussy,
pushing them in and out of her dry hole until Vanessa
achieved the wetness she sought. Leah moaned behind the
hood as Vanessa insert three, then four, and finally her
fist into Leah’s abused cunt. Leah opened her eyes and
could see the woman’s wrist sticking out of her cunt.
Leah’s shame was hidden behind the hood, but nonetheless,
her tears flowed as Leah saw her own juices bathing the
woman’s wrist and arm as she fist-fucked Leah.

Leah struggled to remain standing as Vanessa’s thrust
became more powerful, finally pushing Leah backwards.
Hobbled with the chain and shackles around her ankles,
Leah fell backwards sliding off of Vanessa’s fist and
landing on her arms bound behind her back. Stars flashed
in Leah’s head from the pain in her arms as Vanessa used
the toe of her boot to roll Leah over onto her stomach.
In that position, Leah’s ass stuck high in the air. She
shook her head from side to side as three of Vanessa’s
fingers brutally penetrated Leah’s ass. The woman abusing
Leah never spoke to her. Leah was treated like a piece of
property as Vanessa quietly probed her ass.

After she removed her fingers from Leah’s ass, Vanessa
ordered Leah to stand in front of her again. Leah pulled
herself upright and looked directly into Vanessa’s eyes
as Vanessa informed Leah she was supposed to be black.
Vanessa told Leah that she would be “made black” before
given to the members of this club. With that, Vanessa
called to two other women who took Leah down into a
basement, unshackled her hands and re-shackled them in
front of her.

Next, the two women pulled a metal hook attached to a
chain in the ceiling and attached the hook to Leah’s
wrist shackles. Leah protested behind the hood to no
avail. No one could understand her muffled sounds. One of
the women turned a switch and the chain in the ceiling
began to ascend upward taking Leah’s hands with it. Leah
felt her shoulders stretching as she was pulled into the
air, her toes inches from the floor. Dangling in this
fashion Leah was completely vulnerable.

One woman removed the shackles from her feet and another
suddenly pulled the leather hood from Leah’s head. Leah
immediately begged and pleaded to be let go, but the two
women never even acknowledged that Leah was speaking. One
placed a penis-shaped gag into Leah’s mouth and tied the
attached straps around her head. Leah struggled to
breathe around the fake cock touching the back of her
throat and was effectively silenced. Now silenced, the
other woman removed the collar from Leah’s neck.

Leah quickly looked around the basement and was shocked
to see herself in a mirror that covered the entire
opposite wall. Leah looked in wonder at her appearance.
Her breasts appeared twice their normal size while her
nipples were long and stiff with the tightened loops from
the chain connecting her two globes. Leah had forgotten
her shaved head and cunt and could not remove her eyes
from the stubble on her head where her beautiful long
hair had been.

Leah could see that her pussy lips were swollen and
protruding outwards, slightly opened revealing her clit,
hard like her nipples. Leah could see just a touch of dew
on her bare cunt lips. She wondered to herself how she
could be in such a state of excitement while being so
sexually abused. Leah found if she looked down, the
penis-gag stopped any air from passing into her lungs so
her eyes were confined to the mirror looking at herself
suspended from the chain, hung on a metal hook like a
piece of meat.

Leah strained to see where the women who were now her
captors had gone. She did not have to wait long. The two
women appeared, each with a small bucket and brush. They
positioned themselves on each side of Leah. As Leah
stared into the mirror she saw the women dip the brushes
into a dark liquid and begin stroking Leah’s body. Leah
squinted her eyes and began to try and move away from the
brushes as she realized the women were covering her body
in a black substance like paint. Leah was being painted
black. Vanessa said that Leah was supposed to be black
and now these women were making it so.

Leah was able to move away from one woman, but the other
would simply apply more paint. Finally Leah’s struggles
aggregated the women that one produced a dildo at least 5
inches in diameter and over a foot long. The woman
positioned it at the entrance to Leah’s cunt, wetting the
tip, the moved behind Leah and positioned it at Leah’s
asshole. Leah froze at the touch of the rubber cock on
her asshole. The woman did not push it, instead, she set
it down beside her and continued to paint Leah’s body.

Leah immediately made the connection, if she did not hold
still, the woman would use that horrible device on Leah’s
ass. Leah made every effort to remain still as the women
finished painting her entire body. Leah watched in the
mirror as her white skin disappeared and was replaced
with the black paint. They painted every inch of Leah,
including her cunt and the inside of her ass cheeks. The
only things left untouched by the black paint were Leah’s
areolas and nipples.

As the paint dried, Leah’s nipples and areolas were
painted with a dark red color completely the job. The
ominous dildo was held in front of Leah’s face as the gag
was removed and her face was painted. The final touch
were Leah’s lips, painted a bright red color. Leah was
completely black now, just as Vanessa had ordered.

After Leah dried, she was removed from the hook, her
collar replaced but not the hood. With her hair gone,
Leah looked like a black man from behind. Remembering the
dildo, Leah dared not make a sound as she was led by the
leash upstairs and given back to Vanessa. As she climbed
the stairs she felt the pressure in her bladder and
remembered it had been some time since she had relieved
herself. As Vanessa pulled her leash, Leah dared to ask
to be allowed to use a restroom.

Vanessa seemed not to hear, so Leah asked again with
increased volume. Vanessa turned on Leah and started
striking her across the face and breasts. Leah turned to
avoid the blows and took several to her back and
buttocks. Leah had not noticed the riding crop in
Vanessa’s hand until it was too late. Leah realized once
again she was just an object, not to speak and relieving
her bladder would have to wait.

Vanessa led Leah into a large room. Leah noted that the
room was filled with men and women. Many of the women
were dressed similar to Vanessa. However, the men were
all nude except for devices around their genitals. As
Leah was led to one side of the room, she saw that the
men all had their scrotums bound in leather sacks and
their penis were secured in metal cages or leather cages
that would prevent them from being used for their
intended purpose. Leah could not imagine what her fate
would be as Vanessa f****d her down on all fours. Leah’s
collar was attached to a hook in the floor. Similarly,
the chain between her breasts was also attached to
another hook.

In this position, Leah was f****d to bend down with her
ass and cunt sticking high in the air and exposed. Leah
found she could rest on the floor but could not raise
herself more than six to eight inches from the floor due
to the chains that secured her. Vanessa kicked Leah’s
legs apart and a large, shallow metal pan was shoved
between them directly below her cunt. Leah tried to
reason what her a***e would be. She hoped that Vanessa
would not use the riding crop again.

Leah did not have to wait long to find out her fate. Leah
could see the women being serviced in various fashions by
the men. Some were having their breasts sucked, while
others allowed their men to lick and suck their pussies.
Leah saw no one being fucked. Suddenly, a woman led one
obviously miserable man to Leah’s rear. Leah could tell
that his penis was painfully swollen encased in a metal
cage. The woman removed the lock and the cage and ordered
him to relieve himself in the “black bitch.”

As soon as he escaped the cage, the man mounted Leah
without a word or any preparation, driving his swollen
cock through her protruding pussy lips deep inside her.
Leah braced herself as he quickly pounded her cunt,
stiffed and emptied his seed deep inside her. Leah barely
had time to adjust to the assault and it was over. As the
man withdrew his limp rod, the woman ordered him to clean
it before continuing. The man walked to the front of
Leah, grabbed her by her ears and pulled her head up to
his cock and pushed the tip against her lips.

Leah yelped in pain from the pulling on her breasts and
with that yelped, the man pushed his cocked into her
mouth. Leah could taste herself and not needing any
prompting, proceeded to clean her juices from this man’s
cock. She felt in grow in her mouth and as it became
fully erect, the man removed it from Leah’s mouth. The
woman then replaced the cage around it and led the man

This was to be Leah’s fate. As the men became aroused,
that would be led to Leah to be used as a depository for
their cum. As Leah’s ass and cunt were used repeatedly,
the cum dripped from both and began to fill the metal pan
between her legs. Many times there would be a line of two
or three men waiting, cocks rigid, to gain some measure
of relief in Leah’s ass or cunt. After each fucking, Leah
was required to clean the cocks with her mouth. Leah
gagged as at the first cock that had used her ass was
shoved into her mouth, but now, her responses had become

Most of the time, Leah was f****d to clean one dick while
another drove into her ass or cunt. As the pan filled
with the cum leaking from her now constantly opened
holes, Leah’s bladder was succumbing to the constant
pressure. The pressure from the enlarged cock ramming in
and out of her cunt increased Leah’s urge to urinate.
Leah tried to plead that she could hold out no longer,
but she could not dislodge the dick in her mouth to get
the words out. As the man abusing her cunt spurted his
sperm across her now well-lubricated cervix, Leah could
contained herself no longer.

The tears began to stream down Leah’s face as her bladder
released its contents over the legs of her assailant and
into the pan between her legs. Leah was so humiliated as
urine continued to spray down her legs. Her abusers did
not seem to care as the one in her cunt pulled out and
came around to be cleaned her asshole was filled again.
Leah’s ass and cunt were so stretched so barely felt the
assaults. Leah’s cunt lips burned from the urine and she
knew that they must be raw from the numerous fuckings she
had endured in the past twenty-four hours.

Leah was now a mess. Many of the men had not waited to
use her holes and simply masturbated, cumming on her
back, face, and hair. The white cum was a sharp contrast
to the black paint. The pan beneath her was almost full
of cum that leaked from her body and now it was mixed
with her urine. The red paint on Leah’s lips was rubbed
completely off and her lips were cracked and bleeding as
she took another cock into her mouth to be cleaned. She
did not feel any weight on her back and realized no one
was using either of her holes; the first time in what
seemed like hours.

As she finished her chose, the man’s woman replaced the
cage and Leah took this rare break from a***e and looked
around the room. Chairs were being set up around her and
the men and women were all taking seats. Leah realized
what a sight she must be, chained down to the floor,
painted black, and covered in cum. Her shoulders and
breasts ached from the position she was f****d to be in
to be fucked. Vanessa reappeared and congratulated Leah
on how well she had performed.

Vanessa then removed the nearly full pan from between
Leah’s legs and set it in front of her, just below her
face. Leah turned her head to the side to avoid the smell
of urine and cum. Vanessa pushed Leah’s face toward the
pan and Leah began to struggle. This was too much, Leah
refused to allow Vanessa to push her face into the pan.

Vanessa suddenly stopped pushing and issued commands to
the two women who painted Leah. They disappeared and
reappeared with a large German Shepherd. Vanessa
explained to Leah that the dog was trained to fuck young
girls and with the way she smelled he would be anxious to
couple with Leah. Vanessa further told her that the dog
would fuck Leah until she emptied the pan. Leah wailed
and screamed her pleads to be released as the German
Shepherd stiffed at her opened cunt. Vanessa suggested
Leah begin to lap up the foul mixture of cum and urine
before it was too late.

As the dog placed his paws on Leah’s back and began to
hump toward her open cunt, Leah leaned her head down and
started lapping up the contents of the pan. Leah decided
that she had swallowed so much cum already that drinking
the contents of the pan would be far better than being
fucked by the dog. As Leah began lapping up the liquid,
the crowd of men and women pointed and laughed at her.
Leah tensed when she felt the dog finally find his mark.
All stretched wide, the dog’s slimy rod was thicker than
the men who had fucked her and Leah felt him enter her

Leah tried to move her ass to avoid the dog’s thrust
while drinking from the pan, but it was too late. The
dog’s knot pushed against Leah’s raw cunt lips and
despite her movements, the repeated fuckings made for an
easy entrance and the knot slipped into her. Leah
furiously lapped at the liquid hoping to finish it before
the dog came inside her. The crowd applauded as the dog’s
knot entered Leah’s cunt.

Finally Leah emptied the pan. The dog was humping her
cunt furiously and Leah pleaded for Vanessa to keep her
word. Vanessa laughed as the dog quickened its pace and
Leah felt the warmth of his cum bathing the walls of her
cunt. Leah just hung her head, unable to look at the
applauding crowd, dejected and used. The dog was unable
to dislodge his member from Leah’s cunt and turned so
that his ass rubbed Leah’s and he pulled at the floor. As
he tried to dislodge himself, he pulled Leah backwards
causing severe pain to her nipples from the chain. Leah
gripped the floor and felt the knot slide out and the dog
sat down and began to lick himself.

Leah slumped to the floor crying hysterically and
wondering how she would ever get out of this mess. As
Vanessa unchained her and made her stand and Leah could
think about was home and how foolish she had been to come
to Vegas. Vanessa led Leah to the door where James was
waiting. James chastised Vanessa for not cleaning Leah up
before he arrived. Leah just stood in a daze, not even
trying to cover herself. James pulled Leah’s leash and
led her back to the limousine. James told Leah she was
too nasty to ride in the car and opened the trunk.

Leah was completely resolved to her fate and did not
struggle as James helped her into the trunk on the
limousine. As darkness consumed her when the trunk lid
shut, Leah could hear James talking about cleaning her up
in time for her next job. Leah just closed her eyes and
tried to sleep to the rocking motion of the limousine as
James drove her back to William. Her nipples numb from
the chain, her cunt and asshole gaping open from the
a***e, sick to her stomach from being f****d to drink her
own urine mixed with cum, and fucked by a dog, Leah could
think of nothing that would be worse that she had already
endured. Surely her debt had been paid.

William sat in his office talking to three men and
waiting for James to return with his property. Vanessa
had paid well for the bitch, but Leah still owed him
several thousand dollars. The three men in the office had
offered to buy Leah in exchange for what she owed. In a
matter of seconds, William sold Leah to the three men at
twice what was left to pay off her debt. As Leah slept in
the back of the limousine she was had no idea that the
three men who just bought her were the men she had
originally played in poker, nor what they had in store
for Leah to earn her freedom.

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