Leather Love

My darling wife, Janice, is a petite brunette with an
olive complexion reflecting her Portuguese heritage.
She has small pert breasts and fantastic legs. She
gets stares from men and women alike when we go out
because she is a beautiful, classy lady. We have much
in common: we are both 33, we like the same music
(classical), Italian and Portuguese food, leather
clothing and ass fucking.

As to that last item, she likes getting fucked in her
small, well-formed tail as much as I enjoy fucking her

We have a complete wardrobe of custom-made leatherwear
we’ve collected over the years. Expensive, too, I
might add. Janice often prepares dinner while wearing
a skintight maid’s outfit, fishnet stockings and high
heels. I am either dressed in a leather jumpsuit or,
when we’re in the mood, I wear only a pair of tight
leather pants which has a special sheath into which I
slip my prick, and it’s tied. One would definitely not
wear them in public, but they’re great to enjoy
privately. Janice so enjoys tugging on my bound prick,
watching the bindings strain as my hard-on struggles
to burst free.

After we dine, and Janice has me sweating from staring
at her legs, she puts on some other erotic apparel or,
if she wants it then, she comes to me and turns her
back to me. Under the tight leather dress is an even
tighter pair of red panties with a hole cut out in the
crevice between her cheeks. My tongue seeks and finds
the puckered pore that is there.

“O-oh, yes, you nasty man,” Janice says as she squirms
her butt on my tongue, “suck my asshole! II want to
feel that tongue lick my tonsils!” My tongue isn’t
that long, of course, but I do manage to extend it
several inches up her bunghole, far enough to tickle
her fancy, if not her tonsils.

We head to the bedroom where it’s Janice’s turn to
ream my asshole with her pink oral probe. I lie on my
back, still wearing the leather pants, and Janice
unsnaps the flap that covers my ass. My buns are very
hairy and Janice licks at the exposed cheeks before
she burrows her tongue between them, watching my face
as she pleasures my asshole. She also holds tight to
my leather-encased cock and tortures me deliciously by
squeezing it.

“I… want… this… cock,” she says in between
darting her tongue inside me. “I… want it… in my
asshole… my… tiny… tight… ass.”

I am more than eager to do just that. She unbinds my
restrained rod and a small surge of pre-squirt, no
longer contained inside my purplish cock, gushes out
of the slit. Janice spreads the oily lube over my

The she crouches on all fours, wagging her bum,
wanting the dick in her dark passage. I comply. I
always am thrilled and amazed to watch my prick
disappear into that tiny hole and into her small body,
but it does, quite easily. I have even watched her
insert huge dildos, ten inches long and as thick as
her fist up that passage and still swear she could
take bigger. (I videotaped it for posterity.)

Soon, leather meets leather as MT thighs meet her
buns. “Fuck it! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Janice loves to say
that word all most as much as she loves the very act.

“I love fucking your ass, baby,” I tell her as I pound
away, driving my cock into her chute. When I finally
pop off inside her, she squeals like a stuck pig and
her talented sphincter milks out every drop of my cum.

Janice wears leathers whenever we go out, too. A woman
can get away with it far more easily than a man. She
has a lace-trimmed black corset she wears with a long
black satin skirt that is stunning in even formal
situations. You might be surprised at the number of
men (and women!) who are aroused by leather.