Atomic’s Erection

I still remember my first experience with a girl. She
was the most gorgeous girl I had ever met. She had
beautiful blue eyes and golden hair. She also had the
greatest body in my class.

My hormones were, raging and I couldn’t wait for some-
thing to happen. Her name was Sarah and she had intro-
duced me to my first experience with a girl.

I was not the best student in the class to say the
least, and of course Sarah being a girl, she knew it

Ms. Reinhard had all assigned us buddies in case we
needed help and guess who I got? Sarah!

We decided that I would go over to her house to study
one Saturday. I was thinking about her constantly. Her
supple breasts and beautiful ass were all I could think

Judgment day had come and I had no idea what to say
or what to do. I knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Sarah shouted from a room upstairs.

“It’s me!” I shouted back. She ran downstairs to meet
me. When she opened the door and I saw that she was
wearing a little skirt that really looked hot. I could
feel my pants getting tight–tight in the crotch.

She had a tank top on that showed her erect nipples.
I didn’t really know what that meant, but I knew that
I liked it.

“Hey! Come on in. I’ll go get our books,” she invited
me in to her house. As she got the books, I just looked
around the living room. Her sister was just as hot as
she was, although maybe a little bit to old for me.

As Sarah walked back towards me I couldn’t keep my eyes
off her beautiful long legs that were barely covered by
her short skirt.

“Ok, so first lets do history. King Henry the VIII–”
blah blah blah. She was talking while I looked at that
short skirt. She was sitting cross-legged on the couch
and I kept getting glimpses of her panties. I was so
caught up in her panties that I didn’t even notice when
she stopped reading.

She was staring at me… when I finally realized what
had happened, my face turned red as a tomato and I
couldn’t think of an excuse.

After sitting there for what seemed like hours she
finally said to me, “OK, now onto the French Revolu-

Although I tried not to look at her panties, she had
repositioned herself so that I could see her whole
crotch! It was slightly moist and I could see the
outline of her pussy and little pubic hairs on her
snatch. She then laid down on her stomach across the
couch with the book propped in front of her. This was
t*****e for me. I could see her nice tanned ass in her
panties, which barely covered anything.

“Are you looking at my butt?” She asked innocently.

“I-I-I uh-uh-uh,” I blurted out not being able to say.

She smiled at me and told me that it was all right.
Then Sarah grinned and said that maybe we should study
upstairs. My dick was throbbing and my hormones raging.
I nodded without saying a word as we climbed up the
stairs to her bedroom.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked me.

“Um… yeah,” I responded, wondering why she’d asked.
I couldn’t believe that there was any chance of Sarah
Johnson could ever like me. I looked at her hoping that
she would explain her reason for the question.

“Do you like me?” She asked.

Trying to be slick I responded by saying, “It depends
if you like me.”

“I think your pretty hot,” she said. “In fact it’s
getting kinda’ hot in here,” she took off her tank top
exposing her bra. Sarah was so beautiful I couldn’t
contain myself.

“You’re so beautiful,” I said in a quiet voice.

“Aren’t you gonna’ take off you shirt?” Sarah asked

I decided this was a good idea so I did. We both sat
down on the bed just staring at each other. After what
seemed like forever I leaned over and started to kiss
her. Her lips were so luscious and full of life.

After a while she told me to undo her bra, although it
took a moment I figured it out. Her breasts were not
very large but they were perfect in shape.

Sarah had very light pink nipples that looked so
beautiful. I started to lick them while she took off
her little skirt and then her panties.

Her pussy was soaking wet and an open invitation for
licking. Even though boys said they didn’t like eating
out girls I always loved it. I ate away… I licked
her pink pussy up and down.

“Go in deeper!” she shouted. I nuzzled my face in her
snatch and licked to my hearts content.

She now had her hands on my head and was trying to
push me deeper in. “Oh–Yes!” Sarah screamed as she

The fun was not nearly over yet. She unzipped my pants
and bared my manhood. I was a little bit above average
for my age (I knew because of seeing other guys in the
locker room showers). She started massaging my dick
while I fingered her clit. We were both getting really
excited now.

I asked if she wanted to have sex.

“I don’t want to get pregnant, but you can fuck me up
the ass if you want,” she responded. I nodded as she
turned over and exposed her perfect little ass to me.

Sarah bent over so it was sticking up in the air. She
opened her drawer and told me to put a condom on.

I did.

She said it was for lubrication because her ass was a
lot tighter than her pussy. I put the condom on and
then attempted to penetrate he anus. It was extremely
tight which felt so good on my dick. I started to fuck
her up the ass while I grabbed her breasts. Back and
forth, trying to go deeper every time.

“I am gonna’ come,” I shouted as I could feel the cum
ready to explode.

“Don’t come in me! Pull it out.” I pulled out my cock
and started masturbating. It didn’t take long for me
to cum. I pulled the condom off and shot my load all
over her back and her ass. The white ooze was all over
her tan skin before I was done.

We had both had our fun, it was time to study… Yeah