Life Changing Decision

My morning started out as usual, I made my husband and
son breakfast and got them off to work and school
respectively; then I made decision that would come to
change my life. My son is eight; I have been married
nine years, am thirty years old, stand five foot seven
inches tall, brunette with a thirty-four C cup, twenty
three inch waist and weigh in around one thirty four

I’m told I’m still a looker. Given all this, my husband
has very little sex drive and his idea of sex is get me
wet enough to stick his dick in me and cum in me after
two or three minutes, roll over and say goodnight. We
always do the missionary position. He has no desire to
expand our sex life, even a little bit, so I have been
masturbating almost since the day we were married.

I always food shop in the afternoon, but decided on
this day to go in the morning and get it over with, as
I had other things I wanted to do. I came across this
very short lady in the store, trying to get something
from the top shelf, so I got it for her and we
introduced ourselves and began a running conversation
while we shopped.

When we finished shopping, we went across the street to
a coffee shop and she told me what I needed was a nice
relaxing swim. Being it was winter, I asked where that
was possible and she told me that she had a pool in the
house on the third floor. I knew right away who she was
then, her house was the talk of the development we
lived in, everybody knew the pool was there, but nobody
had ever been invited in to see it, so I accepted the

I told her I would have to drop the groceries off and
get my bathing suit; she told me I wouldn’t need a
bathing suit, as nobody was allowed in the pool wearing
any kind of material. I wanted to see the place so bad,
I agreed to go skinny dipping in her pool, so I dropped
off my stuff and went to her house.

The house itself was beautiful on the inside and the
pool was magnificent. The roof had a retractable glass
ceiling for the sunny days and it was heated. I
undressed in her bed room, which had stairs that led up
to the pool and couldn’t help noticing how well
preserved this lady was. Her tits had almost no sag,
she had a waistline with a real nice ass and she was
only four feet eleven inches tall. We got in the pool;
it was like getting into the bath tub my kind of pool.
We swam a little and then stopped to talk.

She told me I had a great ass for a lady with a k*d and
when she told me, she grabbed my ass for emphasis and
squeezed my cheeks. I told her how impressed I was with
her body; she grabbed my tits and told me how impressed
she was with my tits, big and still sticking out.

She massaged them for a second and it didn’t hit me
that I was just felt up. Then she put her hand on my
bush, telling me that I was a very hairy girl. I
laughed, she suggested we get a drink, so we got out of
the pool and she went to make two drinks. I got
comfortable on the plushest divan I have ever seen. She
brought the drinks out and got on the divan next to me
and we talked.

I don’t remember going to sleep, but when I woke up, I
was tied up with my legs spread wide open and my hands
tied stretched out behind my head. I asked what the
fuck was going on here. Elaine told me to just relax
and she was going to give me the fuck of my life. This
made me ask her if she had lost her fucking mind. She
was sitting next to me, smiled at me and kissed me,
while grabbing my tit.

I just froze, never expecting to be kissed by her. She
put her tongue in my mouth and in spite of how I was
feeling, my mouth opened all by itself and my pussy got
damp. She was playing with my nipples, kissing me like
she was my lover and try as I might; I couldn’t make my
pussy not start dripping. She put her hand between my
legs, ran her fingers over my now soaked pussy, put her
finger in my mouth and told me that she knew I was
going to be a good little fuck bunny.

I sucked my cunt juice off her finger just by reflex.
She kissed me again and told me I was ready. I asked
her, “Ready for what?” but she was already between my
legs and when she put her tongue on my pussy, my poor
needy cunt exploded. I couldn’t believe this lady had
made me cum so easily, but I sure didn’t want her to
take her tongue away from my pussy. She worked my pussy
over, making me cum four times, making me beg for more.
Then she said I was now ready for part two.

Of course I asked what the hell part two was but by the
time the words were out of my mouth, she had her
fingers in my pussy, finger fucking me. I shut right up
as she was doing a masterful job of finger fucking my
pussy. The next thing I knew, my cunt was feeling
fuller then it ever had in my life and I knew she was
fucking me with something bigger than her fingers. She
told me to look at my pussy. I did and couldn’t believe
what I was seeing. She had her whole hand in my pussy
right to her wrist, and she was pumping her hand like
it was a cock.

That was all I needed to see, my cunt boiled over as I
moaned so loud the neighbors must have heard me and I
came like I had never before. Cum was just pouring out
of my pussy. I felt her feeling around inside my pussy
with her fingers then and she touched something that
made lightening bolts shoot through my body and brought
my ass of the bed while I screamed.

For the first time in my life, my G spot had been
touched and I was in heaven for sure. It was so fucking
incredible. She didn’t stop at making me have the most
fantastic orgasm ever; she kept working that spot,
turning me into a mindless cunt that couldn’t stop
cumming. Also for the first time in my life, I had a
squirting orgasm and she kept me on the edge until I
nearly fainted and even then, she didn’t pull her hand
and arm out of my pussy.

When I was totally coherent again, she was twisting her
hand back and forth in my pussy, while talking to me
and I was now a slave to her hand. She was keeping me
right on the edge with her hand while telling me what a
good fuck bunny I was and she was going to make me the
happiest pussy in the world. She also told me from now
on, we were going to see each other every day so she
could make me scream, while she made me cum and I was
going to be her pretty little fuck bunny.

I was just nodding my head in agreement as she slowly
fist fucked me. Then she opened her hand up inside my
pussy and found my G spot again. In seconds I was
moaning like a porno star and begging her not to stop
and I heard her say, “Look at how much my little piglet
is enjoying this” and I screamed as I shot cum all over
her arm. She told me to tell her I was now her piglet
and belonged to her now and I would have said anything
to keep her hand in my pussy.

I could hear her telling me that I was her property now
as she made me cum so hard, I was bouncing up and down,
while cumming. She took me to the point of almost
blacking out again, before letting me rest and this
time she pulled her arm and hand out of my pussy, much
to my disappointment. As I started coming around, I
could feel her touching my tits and rubbing my asshole
and it felt so good, that when she kissed me this time,
I kissed her back.

I had never felt so satiated as I did then in my life,
I was the epitome of the well fucked cunt and almost
couldn’t believe how good this lady made me feel, but I
sure didn’t want it to stop. Elaine told me it was
getting late, told me to be at her house at eight
thirty tomorrow morning. She untied me, lay on top of
me and told me to wrap my arms and legs around, while
she kissed me good-bye.

For me it was like a slice of heaven, I had my arms and
legs wrapped around Elaine’s hot body while she kissed
like a lover should, making my pussy get wet again. She
kissed me again when I got in my car, told me to get a
good night’s sleep and not to wear anything but a robe
tomorrow. I went home the happiest cunt in the world.
She made me feel things I didn’t think I would ever
feel and I already couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

The next morning my pussy was a little sore from being
so well used. Elaine kissed it for me, and then ate me
like I had never been eaten before. The lady had a
magic tongue. All this while she was on her knees to
eat my pussy and it only took a minute or so, before
cum shot out of my raging cunt and covered her face and
tits. Then she pulled me down to her, kissed me and let
a mouthful of my own cum, pour into my mouth. It was so
sexy and erotic.

She put me on the bed, tied me again and my pussy, sore
or not, was leaking in anticipation of feeling her
whole hand inside me again. She worked my pussy over
again, using my G spot like it was my clit and I came
so much, you could wring the sheets out. She made me
just about black out again and this time when I came
around, she untied me and put me on all fours, then
tied me again and sat between my legs while she put her
hand and arm back in my pussy. Now she was able to find
my G spot and not take her hand away.

I was screaming like a stuck pig it was so fucking
awesome. The feeling was so fucking intense; it was
almost like pain and I just kept cumming and cumming,
until this time, I did black out. When Elaine finished
fucking me that day, I couldn’t even walk a straight
line and it took a while before my pussy closed up like
normal. She now had me to the point where I needed her
to fuck me so bad, I would do anything she wanted me
to. She made me tell her that I was her little piglet
and fuck bunny and that I was hers to do with as she

I got up on the third morning and my pussy was more
than just a little sore. She had really worked me over
the day before. Her hand was in my pussy for almost two
straight hours, but I sure wasn’t going to complain, I
had the fucking of a life time. I told Elaine about my
sore pussy and she took me to bed, telling me she would
take it easy on me, but we were going to have sex. She
lay on top of me, kissing me like a man would and I was
very content to have her use me like that.

She was playing with my tits and asshole, while kissing
me and of course my pussy got wet and I started to beg
her to fuck me. This time though, she told me that if
really wanted it, I would have to take care of her
pussy first, so I reached to grab her pussy. She
stopped me, looked me in the eye and said, “No baby, I
want you to eat my pussy. Show me how much you love
being my little piglet and fuck bunny.” I knew if I
didn’t, she was not going to give me the pleasure she
had been giving me.

I decided I needed her so bad, that I would eat her
pussy like the good little piglet I was about to become
for real. I got between her legs, her pussy was so wet,
it was dripping and I got my first taste of hot pussy.
I licked her sopping wet cunt. I had tasted my pussy a
few times, when I sucked my husbands cock after it was
in my cunt and when Elaine put her mouthful of my cunt
juice in my mouth. The taste of my pussy was quite
pleasant for me, but when I tasted her sweet cunt, I
fell in love with pussy.

I rubbed my face in her cunt juice, licked her from her
asshole to her belly button and back again and
generally went crazy on her so sweet pussy. I worked
out on her cunt for a while, doing everything I could
think of to it and then she moaned loud, stiffened up
and filled my mouth with the most delicious tasting
juice ever. With her orgasm, I became her sex slave, I
not only had her fist fucking me into fuck heaven, I
now had her most delicious pussy to eat also.

I couldn’t stop licking and sucking her pretty pussy, I
was now like a woman possessed and I made her cum six
times for me, before she clamped my head with her legs
and made me stop. Then she pulled me up to her, kissed
me so passionately. I almost came when she asked me if
I knew that I totally belonged to her now that I was
her little piglet and fuck bunny and I was going to eat
her pussy every day now.

I was ecstatic that she was going to fuck me every day
now and that I was her little piglet, because as the
men say, I’m a pig just for the fact I ate her pussy,
but I’m a very happy little pig. Our schedule then
became, I would get on my knees and eat Elaine’s pussy,
she liked to look down and see me on my knees, and then
she would tie me up and fist fuck me into heaven. She
liked having me tied up, then we would lay in bed and
make out, she loved kissing me, do a sixty-nine, fist
fuck me and then shower, so I could eat her in the

She has a cleaning company cleaning my house three
times a week and a service does my food shopping, so I
can spend every day with her and the best part my
husband doesn’t have a clue that I’m Elaine’s sex slave
and do whatever she says.