Mystery Lady

I was in a big department store wanting to buy some jeans, and had picked out a couple of pairs. I asked an assistant whether I could try them for size, and was directed to the changing rooms at the rear of the casualwear section. These were through a curtained entrance to a short corridor

Backward Lady

Luckily it was the beginning of summer, and Greylon Dark didn’t have to miss any time teaching school. An operation on his lower back was needed to repair three ruptured vertebrae. The bad disks had been diagnosed the year before and been treated with therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs, but were exacerbated when he foolishly lifted

This female boss is used to getting her own way, even when an employee wins the lottery

Her name was Susan and she was a woman of excess and power. She was used to getting her own way with everything. But her anger seemed to dissipate very quickly as she spoke. “I heard on the radio this morning. Congratulations.” She seemed to mean it, and that took the steam out of my