Lori, My Wife’s Best Friend

“You want to step outside and take a hit?” That question was asked of me by my wife’s best friend. Normally Lori would be out with my wife, but Penny was on a marathon phone conversation with her mother. I’m sure she would have liked to hit the bong too but we don’t do that in the house.

Lori was no stranger to our home; she and Penny have been friends since grade school. They work together, they play together, they are tight. Lori was maid of honor at our wedding 5 years earlier and was in the delivery room when our son was born. She tried marriage twice but gave both of them up as interesting but failed experiments. Now she just strings along a few men. I think she is trying to set a record for greatest miles of cock between her legs. She hasn’t set the record yet, but she’s only 28, she has time.

I like Lori. She is a good friend to us and closer than an aunt to our son. Her boyfriend antics keep both Penny and me entertained on a regular basis. We never know who she will be bringing home to meet us. I didn’t know there were that many unattached men in our town. But then, I’m sure Lori isn’t always too careful to latch on to only unattached men. I heard her tell Penny once, “There’s no wedding ring on his cock.”

She and I went out to the patio and lit off the bong. I’m a recreational toker, weekends and special occasions; today was Friday.

Penny was planning a trip with her parents to see her brother who lived a few hundred miles away. He got royally fucked up when a car hit his motorcycle and the family was gathering for support. Penny expected to be gone at least two weeks. Lori was going to help me take care of the kid while Penny was gone. When the phone call was done, Penny came out and launched into a detailed monologue about the trip they were planning. She grabbed the pot pipe and joined Lori and me. She was saying that she might be there longer than two weeks because her brother had to have therapy after surgery. They would be in his apartment so it wouldn’t cost anything to stay, but he would need moral and physical support.

The two women talked about the trip and how Lori would be helping with our son. She worked close to the day care we used so she could drop him off and pick him up. After I got home from work, she would be free to go. It would be little harder on her because she would have to get up earlier and drive to our place for the kid. Even though that was an inconvenience for her, it was a lot better than if I had to take him to daycare. It would be an hour out of my way because I work in the opposite direction.

The girls talked and I got high and watched them. I liked watching them. Penny fascinates me. I don’t know how someone as pretty and sexy as her can hang out with a clod like me. I never felt like I was a ladies’ man or even all that attractive to women but she doesn’t see me that way. At 5’8” she is just 2 inches shorter than me, which makes for great sex up against a wall. I can put my cock into her and she’ll lift one leg around my waist while standing on the other with her arms around my neck. I can fuck her so hard that she will lift off the floor when I thrust up into her. Some of the best quickies we have are when she has a skirt on. Push aside the panties and in goes the cock. We both get off on doing that. Hell, we get off on doing anything with each other.

Lori is no ugly bitch either. She is taller than Penny and every bit as attractive. She has long straight black hair that frames an exotic face that shows her mixed European-Asian heritage. Her dad is Italian, her mom Japanese. She has the Mediterranean dark skin tone with medium brown eyes that flash gold tints, a gift from her mother’s genes. Her slightly almond shaped eyes look luminescent. Viewed from the back she stands on long flawless legs that form into a set of hips and ass that beg for attention. Turn her around and your eyes flow from the junction of her thighs, over the slight roundness of her pubic mons up a flat stomach to the breasts which announce proudly, I am a woman, look at me. She doesn’t have a lot of cleavage but her tits fill out a blouse nicely. Without the bra her nipples are always points of interest, she looks like she is always turned on.

I’ve had more than one fantasy fuck with Lori, I may be married to Penny but in my mind I’ve screwed her best friend a few hundred times, in that regard, I’m no different than any other man in the world. However, fantasy is one thing, reality is another. I’ve never made a serious pass at Lori, or she at me. We flirt like new lovers sometimes but never go farther. Even Penny gets into the act sometimes by telling Lori that she wouldn’t have so many boyfriends if she would just experience sex with me. Penny tells her “just one time with my husband Lori, and you won’t need anyone else.”

When all the trip arrangements were made Lori left for home. Penny and I stayed up a little longer and we gradually began flirting and teasing. We were sitting on the sofa when she decided that she needed to lie down. She stretched out on her back, her head in my lap, looking up at me. She opened the buttons of her blouse then took my hand and put it over her tits. I could feel her nipples pressing through the fabric of the bra; they were hard and needed to be free. I pulled on her shoulder so she rose up off her back, her face against my stomach. As I unhooked her bra, she nipped me just under my bellybutton. My shirt was in the way so she bunched it up and kissed the bare skin as I caressed her back. Penny rolled over to her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows. She looked up at me; her eyes were sparkling embers of lust. She said “You take it out, I’ll take it in.”

I bent my head to kiss her while my hands went for my belt. Her lips met mine in a hard, tongue lashing kiss while I pulled my pants off and kicked free of them. As soon as I was naked from the waist down, she turned her attention to the trophy between my legs. I was getting a hard-on fast but it wasn’t fast enough for her. She gripped my cock with a hand and put her lips over the end of it and sucked me deep. Her mouth formed a thigh seal around the shaft of my cock and I could feel it growing harder and larger as she worked magic on it with her tongue. She moved her hand between my legs and cradled my balls while she gave me head.

Penny played with my nuts while her mouth excited me into a fever of need. I felt along her back and pressed my hand under the waist of her pants and grabbed a hand full of ass. I kneaded the soft swell of her butt and slid my middle finger along the crack until I found the anus where I pressed the end of it into her. She must have liked the sensation because she moaned around my cock and pressed her face down until I could feel the end of it sliding into her throat. Penny doesn’t take me that far most of the time, only when she is really turned on.

I moved my hand off her ass and told her, “Get off me you fucking bitch and get naked so I can screw you.”

She lifted off my cock and said “You can’t talk to me like that, I deserve respect.”

“No, you don’t you cocksucking little tease. You come here and suck my dick and think that’s going to be enough for me? I know you fuck like a three-dollar whore and that’s what you’re gonna do for me right now.” She thumped loudly on the floor when I rolled her off my legs and told her to stand up and strip before I screwed her. She stood up slowly, giving me a hard, ‘kiss my ass’ look and started to unbutton her blouse. She wasn’t fast enough for me so I grabbed her pants and stripped them down to her ankles. I turned her around so her ass was in my face and licked up the crack to her back. I kissed the small of her back right where her butt starts to swell. She shuttered and drew a deep breath as a sexual thrill rattled along her nerves.

“Get on your hands and knees.” I told her. She looked around at me and tried to protest that she didn’t want to screw but I slapped her ass hard and pushed her over until she had to bend down. Once she was on the floor I said “You look like a hot bitch dog” and smacked her twice more, once on each butt cheek.

She glared over her shoulder at me, “Alright you bastard, if you’re going to stick that little prick in then do it before it shrinks back to nothing, maybe I’ll even feel it this time.” I got to my knees and pressed the end of my cock against her cunt. Penny was hot between the legs, her pussy swollen open waiting for the invasion. I shoved into her as far and hard as I could, she sure as hell would feel it this time.

I dog fucked Penny until my knees hurt. She was hot and needy and her cunt begged for my cock. I banged in and out of her, her head hung low, she couldn’t hold it up. Every time I rammed my cock into her, she shuddered and pushed back on me. She was rocking on her hands and knees keeping with the rhythm of the fucking she was getting. When neither of us could stay on our knees any longer, she folded her arms and put her head on the floor then lowered her body until she was lying completely on her front. I stayed with her and relaxed over her back while my cock continued its work.

I kissed her neck and teased the back of it with my mouth while I fucked her from behind. She pushed herself up and forced me off. We rolled until I was lying under her; she was on her back on top of me. She put her feet on the floor and started rolling her body. She had more freedom to move and I reached under the open blouse and found her nipples as she fucked me. As I teased the end of her tits, she took a deep breath and asked me, “Is this what you want you stupid prick?”

I whispered back into her ear, “It’s still only a three-buck fuck.” She slammed her body against me, clenched her teeth and let go of a long low whimper of sound as she surged her over her limit. Her body began a slow vibration which grew into an uncontrolled bucking as the orgasm crashed around the confines of her body. Her moan of pleasure set off my own climax and my cock drilled deep into her cunt and filled her with the rewards of sex. Once the aftershocks of our orgasms had faded into history, she turned her head and asked tiredly, “Can I have four dollars?”

Penny left the next day with her parents to see the broken brother.

Life wasn’t normal. When I came home from work Lori would be there but I missed my wife. I missed the intimacy of holding her and kissing her hello when I came into the house. Once in a while Lori would stay for dinner but she was usually gone by seven. I talked to Penny every night but that didn’t help fill up my empty evenings. Toward the end of two weeks Penny told me she was staying longer. Her parents couldn’t stay but her brother still needed someone to help him. He was out of the hospital but had to stay in bed except to take a crap or pee. Penny was going to stay and nurse him until he was well enough to be alone again. How long are we talking I asked? “I don’t know but it could be another month, or even longer. He can’t walk and somebody has to wheel him to therapy every day.” I told her that if she stayed much longer my poor lonely dick might forget how to do his life’s work, he was going to need therapy too. That set her off on a narrative of how she would make sure he didn’t forget. By the time Penny got done telling me how she was going to act when she got home, I was ready to crawl through the phone with four dollars.

It was a Friday, three weeks after Penny left. Lori had put the kid to bed at nine and we were sitting on the back deck relaxing from the week. It was unusual that she was still here; normally she would be out with one of her many boyfriends. I asked her if she wanted to take a hit off the bong to relax even more. We hadn’t been stoned since Penny left and I was in the mood to get mellow. Lori agreed so I brought out the pot and the bong and we proceeded to get good and stoned. I could feel the tension of the last few weeks floating away as the weed turned to ashes, Lori looked like she was drifting too. We talked about nothing in general for a while then I suggested we call Penny. She pulled her phone out and dialed up her best friend. When Penny answered Lori launched into detail of how she and I were stoned and we both wished Penny were here. In less than a minute Lori said okay and shut off the phone. That took me by surprise and asked her why she hung up so fast. Lori said that Penny was going to find her brother’s stash and get loaded then call us back. She didn’t want to miss a fun night just because she was a thousand miles away.

I asked Lori why she wasn’t out raping some poor guy, she told me that she had sworn off men and was going to turn lesbian but she didn’t have any girlfriends lined up yet. I told her I didn’t have any girlfriends lined up either so we were stuck with each other. She looked at me with a mischievous flirt and said “Maybe I should line up with you. I would get one last fling with a man and you get satisfaction like you never had before.” I flashed on a quick fantasy about Lori; as she scampered through my drugged-up brain my cock twitched a little.

The phone rang, interrupting my vision, she answered on the first ring and launched into a dialogue with Penny. Penny’s brother told her where he kept his pot and the both of them were stoned and now Penny was ready to talk to us. She must have asked Lori the same question I did, why wasn’t she on a date? Lori told her that she needed a break from her current boyfriend so she came over to relax and enjoy herself. No, it wasn’t that time of the month, she just wasn’t thrilled for sex with him and if she went out, the guy would be expecting it so she came over here. I don’t know what Penny said but Lori replied, “With you, not me. You’ve been gone almost a month, he is crawling the walls waiting for you to come back.”

Lori was watching me as she talked to Penny about me, her golden eyes flashing small sensual messages. She was lying back on the deck chair stretched full length as she chatted with Penny. I looked at her and my cock started to swell. She had on a form fitting blouse and pants combination that accented every curve of her body. No bra. I watched her breast rise and fall as she breathed. Her black slacks clung to her like a second skin and I could see where her body rounded over and dipped between her legs, the form of her cunt filled the fabric. As I looked at her, she adjusted herself on the chair slightly and opened her legs a little wider. I got a rush to my balls as I looked at the secrets hidden between her legs. I shot a quick glance into her face but she was focused on something across the room, I was glad she didn’t catch me staring at her crotch. I didn’t have a lot of room in my pants but my cock was growing which forced my pants to bulge. I had a fucking hard on and it would be visible to anyone who looked my way but the only anyone in the room was Lori and thankfully, she wasn’t looking my way. Yet.

After fifteen minutes Lori handed me the phone then went into the house. Penny was telling me about her brother and his progress. He could only walk with help and his therapy every day was exhausting him. She didn’t think she would be home for at least another couple of weeks or even longer. I complained that she had already been gone forever but then assured her that our son and I would be okay for another month. She sounded relieved that I didn’t get mad when she told me about staying longer.

Gradually she moved the conversation to us. She missed me, especially at night after bed time. Penny started telling me just what she missed about me and my cock started swelling even more. About the time she was describing how she liked it when I licked her pussy my cock was jammed against my zipper begging for relief. It was crying tears of lust; I could feel a large wet spot growing where those tears leaked into my pants. When she described the blowjob I was going to get, my balls started aching from the pressure of desire built up in them.

By then Lori had restocked the bong and held it out to me. I had my hands full with the phone and the wineglass so I gestured to her and shook my head. She saw my dilemma so she took a big pull off the pipe and held it in. She leaned down and put her mouth over my nose and blew the smoke through my nose into my lungs.

Penny and I had breathed pot smoke mouth to mouth before but this was the first time Lori had done this to me and I never had it passed through my nose. I was startled that she did it in the first place and shocked at the rush that raced through me while she forced the smoke into my lungs. She and I had kissed before but it has always been the kiss of friends saying hi or goodbye or for Christmas, New Year or birthdays; kisses for custom, not for intimacy. This was a hell of a lot more intimate than anything we had ever done before. I got dizzy as I felt the high radiate through my body directly to my loins. My cock shivered with a thrill at the feel of her mouth on my face. Lori stood up, looked into my eyes and said, “See, you don’t need hands to get a hit.” She looked at my lap and saw the mountain in my lap. She took the phone away from me and said, “Hey girl, I don’t know what you are telling your man, but he is going to have to change his pants when you get done with him.” She listened a little, smiled evilly then handed the phone back.

Penny and I talked a little longer, she told me she was glad to hear she could turn me on over the phone, too bad she couldn’t turn me on in person. She asked me just how much I wanted her and I told her in great detail how much I wanted her and how I would take her. Lori could hear my end of the conversation but I was over being embarrassed. She was a grown woman; she wasn’t hearing anything she hadn’t already done with a few dozen men. As she listened to me seduce my wife on the phone, she looked like she was enjoying herself too.

I was ready to take matters into my own hand by the time I finally got off the phone with Penny. My pants were stretched tight and my balls were begging for mercy. Lori had gone to check on my son and when she came back she restocked our wine. I had come down from the little smoke stunt she had done and could talk to her again without wanting to rape her. I tuned to a Spotify music channel and we sat back to relax, listen and chat. Eventually my erection shriveled up in disappointment and went into hibernation when it realized there would be no nighttime treat.

It wasn’t too much later when Lori’s phone rang. She answered; listened, said okay and got up to go back in the house. It was apparent that I wasn’t invited to listen to her side of the conversation. I watched her talking, gesturing to the air and getting very animated as she spoke to whoever was on the phone. I thought it must be a horny boyfriend trying to convince her to come out and play. Every once in a while, she would shoot a glance at me through the window. About 5 minutes later she came back out and said “Penny wants to talk to you.”


“Penny. You know; your wife. She wants to talk to you.”

What the hell? We had just spent over an hour on the phone with her and now she was calling back? This didn’t feel right; I felt a small cloud of dread form over me as I took the phone. Lori went back into the house, I asked “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

I felt a big relief when I heard her say, “No, nothing is wrong, I just wanted to talk to you some more.” As she talked, I knew there was something on her mind. I could hear her holding back, she had something to say but wasn’t ready. She purred soft messages of love and reassurance into the phone. Her voice had dropped to almost a mummer but it was caressing my ear like a light summer breeze ruffles the leaves of a tree. Penny was turning me on again and she was doing it on purpose.

She asked me if I loved her, I told her of course. Then she threw the curve ball, “I’ve been thinking about our sex life. We’ve never been apart this long and I’ve been thinking about how much I miss you and your body and realized that you have been missing out too. I don’t want to be selfish or possessive because we are married. I love you more than life and want you forever but I asked Lori to stay the night. To sleep with you.”

“What?!” I sat up straight and put the wine down before I spilled it. I gripped the phone and repeated; “What?!”

Penny said “You heard me, Lori is going to stay with you.”

“What the hell have you been smoking? Pot won’t screw up your mind like that, I’m not going to fuck Lori because you got really fucked up on something.”

“Quit yelling, the neighbors will hear you. I haven’t done anything more than the old grass we found here and its stale. This isn’t something new I just cooked up, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it feels right tonight. I want you to be with her, not just because I can’t be with you, but because I love you both and want to share you with her. It turns me on to think of you having sex with my best friend. Some of my hottest fantasies are of you screwing Lori.” Her voice dropped lower as she said, “Maybe it’s perverted but I can’t get this out of my system. I’m getting wet between the legs right now, just thinking about you two. Tell me you never imagined Lori naked and in bed with you; tell me you don’t want to know what other men find so exciting about her and I’ll know you are lying.”

I heard what she was saying but my mind hadn’t accepted her words. I told her it doesn’t matter what I think about Lori, taking her to bed wasn’t something I seriously thought about doing. I said I will be sleeping alone tonight with you in my thoughts, not Lori in my arms. I could hear Penny getting frustrated, “I can’t believe I am arguing with you to get you to screw some other woman. You’re a man; it’s your nature to want to fuck different females. Do you have a hard on right now?”

“It’s not a very useful right now but hearing you woke it up again.”

She said “Well” and started telling me how good I felt when I slipped my cock into her, how it felt when I kissed her breasts and slapped her ass while we fucked. Penny was describing how it felt to get fucked by me and my cock was responding to her. In two minutes, she had solidified my cock into a rapist’s tool. I was heating up, think about being deep inside her pussy, my balls were mixing up a large batch of lover’s potion. About the time I was ready to fuck my fist Penny asked, “Are you turned on now?”

I could barely talk, my voice was shaking as I said, “You fucking cunt, you just earned four dollars”

I heard her smile, “Then you need to go find Lori. Have fun.” The phone went dead.

I didn’t see Lori. She left the deck when she handed me the phone and hadn’t come back. I sat there several minutes waiting for my erection to die off. I thought about what Penny had said. Was she testing my will power and our marriage? I wasn’t about to jeopardize my marriage for any other woman, even Lori. I had to admit though, the idea of taking her to bed had bounced around my mind for years. However, as appealing as she was, there was no way I wanted to fuck up my marriage by screwing her. Penny said that this was something she had been thinking about for a long time? She got turned on by the idea of me fucking her best friend? Was that Penny or the pot talking? I picked up the phone and called Penny. When she answered I asked her exactly that question, “Is that you or the pot talking?”

She said, “It’s me damn it, now get off the fucking phone and go get laid,” the phone went dead.

Penny had said that she had asked Lori to stay with me. Now I wondered what Lori thought about what Penny was asking of me and her. It would be really awkward if I went in and made a pass at her and she wasn’t expecting it. I couldn’t see Penny putting me in that bad of a position so I had to assume she told Lori something close to what she told me.

She was gone. She wasn’t in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. I checked my son’s room and the guest room but Lori wasn’t around. It looked like she had gone home, I was relieved, I didn’t need the temptation. Penny had worked me into a real agitation and I think I would have made a pass at Lori if she were still here. I headed for bed to enjoy a good fantasy and hand job.

Lori was sitting in the middle of my queen-sized bed, propped against the pillows on the headboard. The blankets were folded at the end of the bed but the sheet was covering her legs to her waist. She didn’t have anything on so her tits were open for my inspection; her nipples stood firm and tall from her breasts. The only light in the room was a small bed stand lamp so her face was in a shadow but I could see her cat eyes flash golden in the dim light. Her clothes were a pile of rags on a chair. It startled me to see her in my bed so I stopped just inside the door and stared at her, but my body shivered as my glands dumped another dose of hormones into my blood. Lori asked “Are you going to stare or are you coming to bed?”I felt intimidated. I wasn’t sure what to do. Lori was naked, in my bed and inviting me to join her. My prick was jumping for joy, my balls dancing in anticipation of a new and exciting adventure, my heart was racing, but my mind wouldn’t accept the situation as real. Everything went into slow motion and I felt like an observer to what was happening. I didn’t say anything to Lori, there wasn’t anything to say. There were no more protests; I didn’t have to ask why she was here. She was here because Penny asked her to fuck me.

I closed the bedroom door and began taking my clothes off right there. My pants and shorts went first. In seconds my erection was unleashed and enjoying the uncramped freedom. Lori shifted her eyes to the junction of my legs and inspected her new toy while I pulled my shirt off. I’m not ashamed of what I have to offer a woman. I’ve seen enough porn and had enough women to know that my erection is a Pussy Pleaser. Weekend sports and sex with Penny keeps me in good athletic form. When I was completely nude, Lori kicked the sheet off her legs, slid down until she was lying flat on the bed and held a hand out to me. I stepped to the side of the bed and reached for her legs. I picked them up by the ankles and pulled her around so she was lying sideways on the bed with her ass on the edge. I put myself between her thighs and rested my cock and balls on her cunt while she wrapped her legs around my waist. When I felt her heels lock behind me, I pulled my ass back until the head of my cock was positioned at the entrance of her body. I watched Lori. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly, I could see the burning need in her eyes. Her pubic hair was a small triangular patch of black curls that adorned the top of her cunt. The effect was exotic and more exciting as I could see the lips of her pussy and the fold where her clit was hiding. I slid the head of my erection along the lips of her pussy which was hot, and swollen: lubrication seeped in the dim light. I felt the end of my prick dip into her hole, I hesitated slightly then pushed into Lori as far as she could take me. She tightened her legs around my back and pulled me into her as I skewered her.

Lori closed her eyes and arched her back when I entered her. I held her hips in my hands and began to make love to her. She responded to my thrusts with her own, we quickly set a frantic rhythm of body slamming. We were both fully charged with lust and we abused each other for our own pleasure. She opened her eyes and reached up to me. I bent down; she put her hands around my neck and pulled me into a long urgent kiss. My dick slipped out of her while we kissed so I took advantage of the pause and rolled over onto the bed, taking her with me. She let go of my body with her legs and when we were done shifting around. I was on my back, she was resting on top, our lips were still fused together. She reached between us and put my erection back into its proper place and we continued to fuck. She broke the connection between our lips and sat up on my lap, rocking her body, sliding her cunt on my hard on. I put my hands on the insides of her thighs and rubbed the sides of her slit as we fucked. I put both thumbs at the top of her pussy and pressed on the clit.

She was getting hotter and harder to keep up with. She was new, hot, exciting and I hadn’t fucked Penny in weeks. My orgasm wasn’t waiting for her; it surged from my balls, through my dick and blasted deep into the woman. She saw and felt me cum and reacted by mashing down on me, her pussy drinking up every drop of juice I gave her. She put her hands on my shoulders, closed her eyes and rocked even harder on my cock. She began to roll her head and make short jerking movements. She dug her fingernails into my shoulders and began to make a soft wailing sound as the climax took over her body. She bounced on me hard then gradually sank down to lie on my chest.

Lori and I rested quietly for a minute then she lifted her head and kissed me. My cock was still semi-rock and lodged deep inside her. She flexed her body forcing me to slide out then back into her. She shivered, smiled and said, “Not bad cowboy, I don’t always get off on a first date.”

I smiled back at her and said “I always do”. Lori rolled off me and rested her head against my shoulder I put my arm around her and pulled her close.

She put her hand on my cock and pumped it slightly and said “I hope Penny meant it.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“That we should do this. She talked me into going to bed with you. She told you the same thing?” I nodded slowly and thought about my wife. She did set this up. She talked me into a frenzy of desire then sent me to Lori. Well, the damage was done. We were in Penny’s bed, I had my arms around her best friend who I had just enjoyed with a wild heated passion.

I turned to her and said “I thought you didn’t want to have a man tonight, that’s why you were hiding out here.”

“I couldn’t find a lesbian on short notice.”

I pushed Lori to her back and kissed her long and hard as I caressed and explored her body. I hadn’t taken the time to seduce her, I just walked in and fucked her but now I wanted to see and feel the body she offered. I could feel another erection blooming between my legs and I wanted to enjoy building it up for another round of hard sex. Lori stretched her arms over her head and spread her legs wide. She was spread-eagle on the bed, giving me a full view and access to her playgrounds. I took a hand and held the arm high and stroked her skin. I caressed the arm from fingers to shoulder then did the same to the other. Once I had felt and massaged every inch of her arms I started on her body. Head, face, neck and breasts all came under my exploring fingers. I teased her mouth and lips with my fingertips; she held them between her teeth and flicked her tongue along the ends of them while sparks of lust flashed in her golden eyes. I moved to her tits and played with the soft mounds and felt the nipples turn rigid under my touch. Lori reached for me while I stroked and fondled her body. I stopped her, moved her hand away and told her to relax. I had only gotten as far as her stomach so I still had a lot of skin and body to explore and inspect. She could play with me later.

By the time I had moved past her hips and slipped a hand between her legs I had to put my mouth on her; I wanted to taste her. I leaned down and kissed her on the bare skin next to the small patch of pubic hair as I pressed on the lips of her cunt with the side of my hand. Lori arched her back, grabbed the top of the headboard and let took in a long gasp of air as I flicked the tip of my tongue across the mound of her sex.

I moved to my knees between her legs, she was bending and twisting as the need built up in her loins. I lifted a leg and rested it on my shoulder and continued my exploration of her body at the toes and worked over the calf to her thigh. I took my time, feeling, touching, caressing her skin as I investigated the full length of her leg. When I was done with the one, I started on the other. Lori was getting out of control. She was rolling her head and rocking her ass and thighs on my legs as I knelt between hers. I could see her pussy, it had blossomed open and was glistening with dew, waiting for me.

But I wasn’t ready to fuck her yet. She wasn’t hot enough.

When I was done with her legs, I twisted them, urging her to turn over. Lori rolled to her stomach; I was still between her thighs. I leaned over her back, putting my cock along the crack of her ass and my hands on her neck. I pumped my ass, sliding my prick along her butt crack then started a full investigation of the back of her body. I not only used my hands, I put my mouth to work as well. A woman that stands 5’10” has a lot of body and legs to explore. I worked on her back and legs letting the sight and feel of her build my own sexual hunger. By the time I had my mouth on her ass and two fingers in her cunt, I was ready to fuck her again.

Lori was smoldering and quaking under my caresses. She was whimpering softly as I slid two fingers into her and pressed a thumb against her butt hole. She pulled her knees up which raised her hips to me, she was ready and willing, she needed me to fuck her again. I moved up and put the end of my cock into the opening of her body and rammed into her until my balls were wedged between us. She sucked in a huge breath of air and let it out in a long sigh of satisfaction and began to thrust against my pounding cock. My balls were slapping her cunt lips as we hammered each other. She grabbed a blanket with one hand and reached between her legs with the other. My cock was rubbing on her fingers as she fingered her clit. We didn’t have a smooth rhythm so we banged and pounded in fits and starts but the sensation of fucking Lori was beginning to overwhelm my will. I could feel the forces of life increasing in my balls; the head of my cock was aching from the strain of the internal pressure. I reached down and got a hand full of her hair, pulled her head back so she was bowed even further then let the forces go. I blasted charge after charge of cum in her cunt, my cock was convulsing and tearing apart from the power of my orgasm. Lori must have been waiting for me because as soon as the first shot sprayed into her womb, she hit the peak of her own need. Her body cramped and twisted as a series of orgasmic shocks rippled through her.

Lori crumpled to the bed, I fell beside her. The only thing I could do was try to catch my breath. We didn’t speak we didn’t move, we just laid there and savored the afterglow of good sex. Occasional shivers of satisfaction chased through me as I thought about what I had just done with my wife’s best friend. The sex, pot and wine had taken their toll on both of us. I felt oblivion slipping under my eyelids when Lori rolled over and cuddled against me and asked me if she needed to leave. I kissed her lightly and said we just have to make sure we are up before the kid. We settled under the blanket and let sleep take over.

At least one of us got up before the boy did. When I woke up, Lori was gone, the bed was trashed but her clothes were still in a heap on the chair. I put on a robe and ventured out to find her. She and my son were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast; she was wearing one of Penny’s gowns. She saw me, smiled then she blushed! I couldn’t believe it; she acted embarrassed to see me. I wanted to kiss her good morning, to hold that magnificent body close to mine. She said “I have things to do today, I have to go.” She turned babysitting duties over to me and left to clean up and get dressed.

I managed to steal another kiss and a big hug before she got away. She didn’t say a thing about the night before so I didn’t bring it up either even though I wanted to tell her just how great it felt to fuck her. She also didn’t say anything about coming back so I assumed she was gone for the weekend, that she would come Monday morning to take our son to daycare.

I spent the day thinking about what Lori and I had done. Now I knew why she was such a popular piece of ass. If she got that excited and hot every time she got fucked, her sex life was even better than Penny’s and mine. My cock lurked in my pants all day, half hard and drooling for the cunt it had played with the night before. Lori didn’t call; I had no idea what she thought about me or what happened between us.

Penny called me later that afternoon. She talked to our son for a minute then got me on the phone. At first the conversation was about her brother but she sounded a little cautious, she wasn’t her usual self; open and vibrant on the phone. Then she asked me if Lori was there, I told her no. She asked “Did she spend the night with you?” My heart froze, my breath stopped, now it had to come out. Even though Penny put us together I was still unsure of how the actuality of Lori and me fucking would go over. I had to say yes but I didn’t want it to sound like I had a good time.


Silence. My heart start back up, pounding hard while I waited for Penny to say something, then I heard, “Good, did you screw her brains out?”

“Maybe not completely, but we sure rattled it around a couple of times.”

“You fucked her twice?” She wanted to know.

“Was that too much?”

“No! No. Twice is okay, did you like it? Did she get off?” My nerves were calming down. Penny heard the news and now she was getting livelier on the phone. I wasn’t ready to go into intimate detail about how I screwed her best friend so I told her she would have to ask Lori how it went. Penny asked me if I enjoyed Lori, I told her she was an okay substitute but not like having a real woman. My wife said “If you don’t think Lori is a real woman, maybe you should get her back into bed. I’d bet she can convince you if she tried hard enough.” Then she asked me if Lori was there, I said no I hadn’t seen her since the morning. She chuckled into the phone, “Were you so bad that she has to find a good cock tonight?” Penny’s brother was calling for her but before we got off the phone, she said she loved me and I shouldn’t be worried about what I had done with Lori, she promised to call later. A few minutes later Lori opened the front door and came into the house.

She didn’t kiss me hello, she didn’t throw her arms around me. She just walked warily into the room and asked if I had talked to Penny. I felt a thrill of lust race through me as I watched her come in. She was wearing a short black skirt and an emerald green sleeveless blouse, no bra, bare legs, and sandals. She looked ready to go on a picnic. She looked exciting, inviting, sexy and totally fuckable.

I said I had just gotten off the phone but Penny would call back. About that time Lori’s purse started to chime. She took out her cell, looked at caller ID and said one word; “Penny.” She answered timidly, softly saying “Hi Penny.” I could only hear on end of the conversation and only bits of that. Lori had stepped out of eavesdropping range. I interrupted her long enough to ask if she was staying for dinner with us, she nodded and went back to talking.

The kid was at the table, I was serving his dinner when Lori stuck her head around the corner and crooked her finger at me. I went over to see what she wanted; she took my hands in hers and looked at me and asked “Do I get to kiss you?” I put my lips on hers and was rewarded with the feel of her tongue slipping between my lips as she pressed her body against mine. I broke the kiss and said “I didn’t know if you would be back.”

She smiled, “After last night why wouldn’t I come back? You’re only the second man I’ve had that has gotten me off like that on the first night. I want to know if you can do it again.”

I was warming up to her, “What if I don’t want to screw you again?”

Her eyes sparkled with another smile, “Then at least I get to give you a blowjob.” My cock was rising fast.

“Don’t you have a date tonight?”

She looked at me with those cat shaped Asian eyes, “I don’t know, do I?”

We had to play nice while my son was up, but after dinner Lori and I managed to flirt and play a little grab ass. Once she stepped too close to my hand and I ran it up her leg and felt between her legs. She opened her feet and let me run a finger along the crack of her cunt. Her panties were moist and she trembled as I felt her. She backed away from me but not before I could run a finger under the edge of her panties and rub it on the fold that hid her clit. She shuddered and sat down.

Ten minutes later she paid me back. I was wrestling with the kid, flat on my back with him sitting on my chest, laughing and playing. I felt a hand on the inside of my thigh. Lori ran her hand up my leg and cupped my balls and closed her fingers around them through my pants. She leaned over the kid and smiled down at me as she shifted from my balls to my root. She pulled on it then stood up and said it was time for him to go to bed. I agreed, it was getting late and he was tired so I hugged him goodnight.

I was still on my back so Lori stepped over me and held her arms out to my son. She had a foot on each side of my head and when I looked up, she wasn’t wearing her panties. I couldn’t see anything but her legs and pussy from where I was but I said “I think its bedtime for all of us.” She squatted over me when she picked him up; her pussy was an open target for my mouth. I kissed her cunt lips and gave her a quick lick before she stood back up. Even though my dick didn’t have the same view of her I was enjoying, it was growing fast, anticipating another shot at the woman I had just tasted. She took her giggling little responsibility and hustled him off for bed.

I got off the floor and followed them into his room and watched as she got him ready. When she leaned over to tuck him in, I stepped in behind her and let her feel the bulge of my erection against her ass. She twisted her hips against me then moved out of the way so I could tuck the kid in. By the time he was in bed and the lights out, I was ready to rape the woman who had been teasing me all evening. I grabbed Lori by the hand and led her from my son’s room toward my own, she pulled away and stopped and said “Haven’t you forgotten something?”


“It’s almost time for Penny’s call.” Crap and damn! I hadn’t even thought of her since Lori came back to the house. Lori gave me a wicked smile and teased, “Too bad boy, you just have to wait.” Maybe I would have to wait to fuck her but she put her arms around me and kissed me solidly and hotly on the lips. We had each other in a full body press, my cock was struggling to escape my pants and introduce itself to her again. We stood and necked, running our hands over every part of each other, energizing our desire for each other as our mouths mated in the shadows of the hallway.

We broke out the wine and called Penny. She described her day, updated us on her brother and got the latest news on our child. Lori was on the phone and Penny asked her if she was staying the night again. Lori told her that was her plan if it was still okay with her. I got the phone from Lori to talk to Penny, she asked me if I was ready for Lori again. I looked at Lori as I said “You know, Lori might be a great friend but as a woman, she is hardly worth the effort of getting it up for. She’s a good sperm bank, but hardly a good lover.” Lori’s eyes widened in surprise then she began to smile. She put her glass of wine down and went for my zipper. As Penny and I discussed Lori’s merits, Lori reached into my pants and pulled my erection out. I was fully cocked and loaded when she knelt down and put her lips around the head of my dick and sucked me into her mouth. As Lori sucked, I was less and less aware of Penny on the phone. I heard Penny ask me where Lori was but I wasn’t sure I could tell her that she had my cock in her mouth at that moment. I lied and said she was in the bathroom.

Penny said “Good night, I love you both, have fun,” then hung up.

Lori saw me put down the phone so she stood up and said “Sperm Bank? I’m a fucking sperm bank? I’ll tell you what needle dick, if you want to make a deposit in this bank, you had better do more than that halfhearted effort you made last night.” She turned around and walked into the kitchen, leaving me standing in the living room with my cock stuck out of my pants. I looked down at my erection; I’d never seen an eight inch needle before.

I tucked myself back behind my zipper and went to join Lori. She was topping off her wine and offered to refill my glass too. I took a sip of the grape nectar and leaned to Lori for a kiss. As our lips touched, they parted far enough I could let a little wine trickle into her mouth. She sucked on my mouth to get the rest of the wine then licked the flavor of it off my lips. As our mouths melded, I felt her hand going for my cock again. This time she was pulling on it through my clothes. I slipped a hand down her hip and leg until I reached past the hem of her skirt. I touched her leg then trailed my finger up her thigh until if found what I was looking for. When she felt my fingers touch her pussy, she moved her feet apart to give me more access to her treasure. Her hands went to my belt and in quick time I was standing naked from the waist down, my pants were a heap of cloth at our feet.

Lori put her arms around me as I lifted her skirt and put my hard on between her legs. She was hot and wet and, my cock slid effortlessly along the length of her crack until our pubic hairs tangled. Her arms were around my neck, mine around her body. She pulled herself up, feet off the floor and wrapped those long slender legs around my waist. When she did, I felt the tip of my prick slip into her. She eased her grip on my neck and lowered herself slowly onto my cock. I didn’t think I could get deep enough into her. It felt like she would never stop taking me in; the longer my erection moved up into her, the more I got lost in the feeling of her cunt as it swallowed me whole.

Lori was overheating. A fine bead of sweat formed on her forehead as I fucked her in the middle of my kitchen. She clung to me as I pistoned in and out of her, her breath was coming in short ragged gasps, she was whimpering softly as she took my punishment. I loosened my hold on her ass, thinking she might want to change positions, get naked and lie down or something. When she felt me letting her down, she grasped my neck hard and slammed her hips into mine, fucking with more ardor than before. She liked what we were doing so I attacked her cunt even harder. Lori lifted her head off my shoulder and kissed me hotly on the mouth. Her tongue was in a dance with mine; she began to lose the rhythm of fucking and started jerking her body in time to the waves of the orgasm that radiated through her body. I could feel her muscles flexing and squeezing my cock as she came.

When she couldn’t hold on any more, she dropped her legs to the floor and moved back from me. I still had a raging erection, full of life and a flood of semen dammed up in my balls. Lori led me to the living room then made me watch as she stripped naked. Once she was bare, she started on my shirt. To say she was still turned on was an understatement, she had just had a strong climax but she wanted more and she knew just how to get it. She was purring and twisting her body like a yellow eyed cat while she wrapped her arms around me again. She pushed me down until I was lying on the floor then she sat over me and put my cock into her for another round of body bouncing.

She rocked on me while I caressed her tits and body. We were finding a rhythm to our lovemaking and settled in for a long sweet fuck. I knew I could stay with her for a while and I hoped I could last until she had a second cuming. We fucked, sucked, licked and kissed all over the living room floor. The only time we paused was to change positions. We eventually ended up with her lying face down on the cushion of the sofa, her knees on the floor while I stroked her deep from behind. I felt it start far inside her. A vibration in her cunt that tickled my cock at first but then her body began to pulse and shake as she hit the end of her endurance. She cried out a long low “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh” as her body slammed violently into the sofa, trying to get away from the sword that was driving her over the edge. I held on to her hips as my own orgasm smashed through my cock; my balls constricted and emptied themselves into Lori’s inflamed womb.

She was a crumpled mess of a woman. Collapsed on the floor, her head resting against the sofa as her breath slowly came under control. My cock hurt from the pounding it had taken in the last 24 hours but I felt great and I knew that I would fuck this girl again. Soon. Lori lifted her head and asked me if I was ready for bed. We got up and used each other for support as we made our way to my room. Both of us crashed onto the bed then she began to giggle. I asked her what was funny; she looked at me, the jeweled flecks sparkling in her eyes and said “I like being your sperm bank.”

I expected Lori to stay at her place over the week. She still had boyfriends looking for her and I didn’t expect her to give them up for me, but she had other ideas. She brought a few clothes over and hung them in the guest room. Penny was going to be gone for another week at least so Lori was moving in temporarily. We were using the kid as an excuse but I knew that she didn’t want to run off to her own place every morning to change. She told me that if she was going to be fucking me steadily, at least she could stay here steadily. I asked her about her men and she shrugged them off saying, “They’ll be there when Penny comes back.”

The next night after junior was in bed, we were sitting quietly watching TV. Lori got out of her chair, came over to where I was sitting on the sofa and sat on the floor beside me. She unbuttoned my pants, pulled the zipper down then felt under my shorts for her prize. I reacted immediately and as my cock started to expand, she put the end of it between her lips and sucked on it eagerly. This was only my second Lori blowjob and my cock turned to steel as she licked and pulled on it. Her fingers were tormenting my balls; my cock felt like it was covered with warm, moist satin. She stroked my shaft, kissed the head and plunged me completely into her mouth. I was deep in her throat, my balls drew up tight in her hand, I was climbing to a finish. She knew I was losing the fight for control to her so she pulled her head up then bobbed back down on me. Lori fucked me with long slow strokes of her mouth. My entire body jolted with the first contraction and I blew a torrent of lust and cum into the dark tenderness that surrounded my erection. I felt her tongue flex against the shaft of my erection when she swallowed, when she couldn’t get any more out of me, she stood up, admired my cock with her gaze then said, “I need a shower, you want to join me?”

The stream of the shower was splashing off my chest onto her body. I was using a sponge with body wash on her breasts. Her nipples were pointed at my chest, straining forward, begging me to suckle them; I bent my knees which put my mouth even with her tits and tried to lick them dry. Lori pushed her tits together so I could kiss and tongue both nipples at the same time. As I bit the tip of one, I ran a hand up her leg from the knee to her cunt. I rubbed the lips of her sex from the clit to her ass and which earned me a set of finger nail marks on my shoulders. I pressed between the cheeks of her ass for her anus then bent the end of my finger into her as I moved my mouth down to her stomach. Lori was beginning to buck her hips against the pressure in her butt and the need for me building inside her. I had a finger in her ass and put the thumb at the top of her cunt where the clit hides. When I felt it under the pad of my thumb, I started rocking the hand, screwing her butt with the finger while feeling her clit with the thumb. The palm of my hand was holding her pussy as I masturbated her. She was holding my head against her body as I raised her body temperature to ‘fuck me!’. She had given me a blowjob to the finish and now it was my pleasure to do the same for her. I sat on the shower floor between her legs as I licked her skin from pubic curls to ass then put my mouth to work on her cunt. I French kissed the lips of her sex which sent a muscle spasm through her; she moaned loud enough I could hear her over the water cascading off her onto my head. Lori leaned back on the wall of the shower and spread her legs wide, allowing me, urging me, to fuck her with my tongue.

I set about to do just that. I licked her and probed deep into her, tasting the sweet nectar of her body fluids. I formed a seal with my lips over her clit and lifted it out of its soft home and sucked it between my lips. While I was consuming the delights of her sex, I put my hands on her ass, spread the cheeks then slipped both middle fingers into her butt hole again. She was caught between my hands and mouth and I was determined to give her everything she wanted.

She was hard to hold on to. She sucked in air, making a sharp “UH” sound each time she did. When she released her breath, it came out as a hiss. I could hear “UH-sssss; UH-sssss; UH-sssss;” above the sound of the running water. Then it changed. Her ass clenched on my fingers, her thighs began to tremble and the –ssss turned into a long low moan as the tremors build to a full-blown climax. She crushed her body against my mouth, grabbed my hands and pressed them tight against her ass. I shoved my fingers in as far as they would go and sucked on her clit until she couldn’t stand. Her knees gave out and she folded into a heap beside me on the floor of the shower.

We were spent and didn’t bother to dry with towels. We lay naked and wet on the bed, necking a little but our bodies needed to rest from the last two days of sexual violence. Lori nuzzled me under the chin then drifted to sleep, content in the arms of her best friend’s husband. As Lori snuggled against me, I was thinking of my wife’s homecoming, I picked up my phone to call Penny. I wanted to ask her if she and Lori had ever seduced the same man at the same time before.