New kind of Vacation

So there I was your classic stressed out, need a vacation workaholic. I never listened or joined my friends on their splurges for vacations. Then I couldn’t help it. I was always listening to my friends talk about how fun it was and relaxing and the men they got to play with when away from

Long Time Cumming

It was a Monday afternoon. I had flown into the town where my mom lived for a two week visit. It had been about 18 years since seeing each other, and this was the first time I was able to come and visit. We had chatted via E mail, and talked on the phone from

Mistress of the Harcore Fuck

It was a dark and stormy night. Calvin just got back from running 3 miles. He was so exhausted that he felt like he could just faint on the floor. After running in the house from his car, he hung up his soggy jacket and hat. Next, he took off his boots and pants. He

A nice little interlude and the county fair

The carnival lights and music filled the night. Tiny stars dotted the sky and the moon was full, glimmering silver white above. The sounds of people and animals, from the menagerie, were plenteous, but they hardly noticed as they walked. She carried a paper cone piled high with spun sugar, her arm linked through his,

Early Morning Necessities

The faint glow of early morning sifted through the heavy drapes of the room. Her eyes popped open in sudden remembrance of her location. Not moving a muscle, a smile spread across her face as she heard his deep, regular breathing. Without turning, she pictured his long frame stretched across the bed. Even as she