A nice little interlude and the county fair

The carnival lights and music filled the night. Tiny stars dotted the sky and the moon was full, glimmering silver white above. The sounds of people and animals, from the menagerie, were plenteous, but they hardly noticed as they walked. She carried a paper cone piled high with spun sugar, her arm linked through his,

Early Morning Necessities

The faint glow of early morning sifted through the heavy drapes of the room. Her eyes popped open in sudden remembrance of her location. Not moving a muscle, a smile spread across her face as she heard his deep, regular breathing. Without turning, she pictured his long frame stretched across the bed. Even as she

A coworker seduction

I knew it when I first met him — this was a guy who would be a challenge. He was relaxed enough to talk about sex with a woman at the office, though not relaxed to talk about his own sexual experiences. The abstract was OK, the personal was embarrassing. He’d blush sometimes, enough to

The Hot Massage

He had promised that the massage would leave her completely relaxed and refreshed. She lay on the bed her perfect figure rising and falling gently as she breathed. She was wearing nothing save for an eye cover that he had kept from his last flight home from Barbados. He crouched beside her and silently started