Loving moments

As a teller of stories, the author needs to introduce you the reader to the main characters, to do this in this story it would be advantageous for you to understand how Joyce and John were introduced to each other. Now many stories tend to refer to the characters as young love in that they meet at school and become interlinked from that time. Not in this case, for John was introduced to Joyce by a work friend and five years later at a second meeting they finally hit it off and end up dating.

George Jameson was Johns superior at work, by that I mean that when the 18-year-old John began work as an apprentice surface electrician for the National coal board. He was assigned a personal tutor and his tutor was George. It was common practice I the early seventies, in the mining communities that on a Friday night, all those who were not working would meet at the miner’s welfare club and enjoy an evening of social events complete with alcohol. It was at John’s first Friday night at the Miner’s Welfare Club (WMC) that George introduced him to his sister’s daughter, Joyce aged 19. It took only one drink for there to be a tangible air of animosity between John and Joyce. Joyce thought that John was a wimp and John thought that Joyce to put it bluntly was an overbearing bitch. In fact, both seemed in a hurry to leave without the other one, so it was something of a shock when they found themselves both waiting for the same bus home. John followed Joyce out to the bus Stop and when the bus finally arrived, Joyce went into the downstairs seating and John went to upstairs seating. Neither seemed to take note of where the other got off. Although to be fair it was Joyce who got off the bus first, so she had no way of knowing how much further John travels on the bus.

George occasionally ribbed John during their work shifts together, about him being man enough to tame Joyce but that was as far as it went. They got on together great at work, but every time George invited John to either go for a drink or round to his home, John always declined. The four years this went on until John finally qualified as a surface electrician with the National Coal Board and part of the practice for qualified Electricians he was moved to another pit where the need was greater for a qualified electrician. No longer teased by George, John settled down to working hard and playing just as hard both at work and in the two sports he followed. In football on his days off and at the miner’s welfare club where he came to be a competitive darts player. He had just about forgotten about Joyce when by strange coincidence his darts team played at the same venue on the same night that Joyce was there with her friend’s.

Joyce was first to recognise John, despite it being over five years since she had last seen him, and she made a beeline to say hello as soon as John walked through the door. Her attitude seemed different to what he recalled, she was far politer, less pushy and altogether different to what he remembered. From Joyce’s point of view John looked the same, maybe a little leaner more muscle tone but nothing you could put your finger on to say was totally different. John being courteous as ever asked if Joyce would like a drink and when he went off to the bar he found that she followed him and even squeezed in beside him at the bar pressing her 38 C bust into his side, John glanced in her direction and then gave her a smile.

Suddenly John was tapped on the shoulder by one of his team members and was told that he was up next on the oche and he looked down at his watch and found he had been in conversation with Joyce nearly an hour and yet neither of them had touched their drinks yet. John excused himself and went off to play his match but as he stood at the oche he noticed that just to his right was Joyce cheering him on. At the end of the darts tournament John volunteered to walk Joyce home and she eagerly accepted, as they walked they shared mindless chitchat and to be honest by the time they reached the front door neither could remember a word of what had been said. Joyce suddenly turned to John and gave him a kiss, intending it to land on his cheek but as John turned to say something the kiss landed on his lips.

Despite this accidental kiss neither John nor Joyce seemed in a hurry to end it, and in fact Joyce wrapped her arms around John and pulled him tighter to her body. Eventually coming up for air, the pair parted just enough for them to speak, John plucked up courage to ask Joyce to go out with him the next night and she eagerly agreed. With that John thanked Joyce for her company and waved goodbye until tomorrow.

The next few months would best be described as a whirlwind courtship and you as the reader probably want to know the nitty-gritty of this period. Let me just say that within their first three meetings this time around, John found his way into Joyce’s bed and for ever into her heart. The first time he slept with Joyce, John discovered three things, firstly Joyce was no virgin, secondly, she had definite likes and dislikes about sex, and finally that she was happy to be guided by her partner.

The first time they slept together John climbed on top of the naked Joyce and easily parted her legs, she delighted in the fact that he seemed impressed with their breasts, because he soon found his way to the nipples with his mouth. He sucked the nipple into his open mouth and at the same time lashed it with his tongue, all of which excited Joyce beyond her wildest dreams. She wasn’t exactly unhappy about his 6 ½ inch cock as it ploughed its furrow into her womanly charms either.

During that first time of making love to Joyce, John discovered that she liked oral both giving and receiving, she liked all forms of vaginal sex but did not like anal. But by chance he discovered that once Joyce became excited to a certain point she would still entertain taking a stiff cock up her arse. So whenever John wanted anal sex with Joyce he knew all we he had to do was to get too excited enough to accept it. And so it was with other thing is that Joyce was reluctant to do she could be coaxed into doing.

They had courted for some six months before John finally popped the question asking Joyce to marry him, Joyce had no second thoughts about saying yes and thus began the plans of their wedding. John wanted to wed in the Caribbean but Joyce wanted a more traditional homestyle wedding. John gave in to Joyce’s plans simply because he believed that any wedding was the bride’s big day and should not be spoilt in anyway. So it was that on the appointed day he waited at the altar end of the aisle for his wife to be, whether by accident or design Joyce actually arrived at the church 10 minutes late. And in those 10 minutes John began to believe he’d been jilted, but when the wedding march began to play he felt a great deal of relief and could not believe the vision of his wife to be as she walked down the aisle.

Later at the reception he commented on just what a vision of loveliness she looked as she walked down the aisle and the promise that on their 10th, 20th and 30th anniversaries they would renew their vows providing she could still fit into the press she wore on that first day. Later in private he told her that whether she fit in the dress or not he still wanted to renew those vows. During the reception John began to imagine all the men present were not only looking at his wife but also wishing they had the chance to fuck her silly and this was to continue for their married life manifesting itself in many a wet dream of John watching his wife take on many different size and shaped cocks.

In reality the men at the reception did admire the way Joyce looked but none would admit if any that they had sexual thoughts about her. Whether that was because they were with their own wives or girlfriends one would not be sure. Later that day as John and Joyce prepared to make love legally as husband and wife he had images in his head of men watching him and envying his position.

As John slowly undressed his beautiful bride, he was immediately excited by the feel of the satin and lace of her wedding dress and the particularly fine lace of underwear. In the back of his mind though he already saw men stood watching her undress and in his mind’s eye those men were naked. No sooner was Joyce laid on her back than John was between her legs he is 6 inch cock protruding through his trouser fly, instead of inserting it straight away into Joyce’s cunt he simply slid is cock head along the crease of her cunt and every time it made contact with clitoris Joyce groaned and jumped slightly. John was the first time in his life seemed to delight in taking charge of the situation, he ordered Joyce to play with her own tits and willingly she obliged, filling more emblazoned John began to call his wife a slut. This seemed to excite Joyce even more as her groans became higher in pitch and more frequent. At the moment John decided to insert is cock he brought his hand down between her legs and pressed his thumb against her clitoris and is cock head slipped between her arse cheeks.

As he plunged forward his cock slid into her anal recess and spread her sphincter muscle. For a split second Joyce tried to pull away but by the time she realised she was trapped the pain in her arse disappeared and now she began to really enjoy the this dirty form of sex. Now John rubbed his thumb over her clitoris with slow steady strokes, he quickly adjusted his thrusting hips to the same rhythm of his thumb. But all the time in his mind it was another man possessing his wife and it was this for that pushed John over the hill to his climax. As he rolled over onto his side, Joyce began to cry and he quickly cradled his wife and asked what ever the matter could be? Tearfully she told him that whilst he had climaxed she had not, and now she had his baby making seed in arse instead of inside her vagina. It was at this point that John discovered his wife actually wanted to have his baby and in no uncertain part he felt a little guilty. However he quickly climb between her legs and began to lick at her clitoris, within minutes Joyce should stop crying and began groaning again, suddenly John saw her thigh muscles begin to quiver and her stomach also quivered as Joyce’s first climax as a married woman wracked her body.

They spent the biggest part of that evening, naked and playing with each other on the bed, in fact John deliberately told Joyce not to cover up when the waiter from the room service brought the evening meal they had ordered. Curious as to why John would want his new bride to display yourself like this to another man Joyce anxiously agreed. John answered the door as naked as Joyce was and the waiter entered the room pushing the trolley with the meal on it, he seemed to take ages to lay out the food before leaving. At that he had gone John asked Joyce how she felt about the waiter seen a naked and she confided that it felt weird but also very exciting and this gave John thought that future exploits in this manner could prove successful.

So it was that on the last day of their honeymoon John made his first attempt to fulfil his fantasy, he instructed Joyce to remove all clothes and to wait in the bathroom until he called her. When the same waiter that had served them all week arrived with food he allowed him to begin setting up on the table, then he called out Joyce come here and Joyce opened the bathroom door and cautiously walked naked to the bottom of their double bed. What Joyce did not know was that on this occasion John had spoken to the waiter and arranged for what was about to happen next.

The waiter put down the knives and forks he was holding and walked up slowly to Joyce. Just as he put his hand on her left breast he turned around and said “is my slutty little Joyce in need of a good hard cock?” Suddenly Joyce turned and fled crying into the bathroom slamming the door behind her and John Heard her slid the bolt locking the door. The waiter apologised for upsetting Joyce and made his exit and left. It took John over an hour to calm Joyce down and to get to unlock the door, when she came out she called John a bastard for humiliating in such a way. John tried his best to explain that the waiter had not meant anything offensive by what he had said and it was just a way of enticing Joyce to go all the way with him. Had John realised how easily offended Joyce would have been he certainly would not have allowed the waiter to use such words towards his wife.

By the time Joyce had calm down and by the time John and fully explained and apologised it was already 11:30 PM, there was a strange air around the room, the Johns bride of six days refused to allow into even touch her, let alone make love. John felt for the first time the cold shoulder of married life and he didn’t like it, but to be honest it didn’t stop his fantasies and it didn’t stop is scheming in the hope of finally seeing his one wish of his wife being used by several men.

Over the next five years, they were regular times when John would imagine his wife in certain circumstances being made love to by other men, and it always made him excited but also curiosity made him wonder what her cunt would feel like full of other men’s semen. Joyce for her part was determined never to let John forget about the incident on their honeymoon, even John had to admit he had noticed a difference in Joyce’s willingness to take part in sex. However, to try to emulate this he would often try to finger his wife’s cunt after he had come up inside her and that’s as far as the dare push it at that moment in time. It never felt quite right on the occasions when he was able to do so, and he put this down to the fact that he knew it was his own semen and not someone else’s.

It was during these simulations that John finally got to taste his first load of sperm. It never really seemed to satisfy him, and he put this down to the fact that it wasn’t another man’s. It was well into the sixth year when Joyce finally accepted that the incident on the last day of their honeymoon had not been planned and John was not to blame fully. It was also around this time that Joyce unfortunately went through a phantom pregnancy and experienced all the negative sides of being pregnant, like morning sickness, unusual cravings, and unusual desires. But never once during this dark spell did it ever come out about John fulfilling his fantasy of testing another man’s fresh spunk from his wife’s cunt.

John during the six years, had discovered the Internet and through this was able to feed his fantasy to a certain amount, he must have ploughed through over 600 hours of Internet porn involving cuckolded men. The fact that in these videos it was the woman who pushed the men into sucking other men’s cocks, was the one thing that stopped this fulfilling is fantasy completely. Try as he may he could never find a similar situation with the man in charge, during this period John discovered that it wasn’t only the act of testing another man spunk it was also the idea of being present while his wife had an affair with a man’s cock. You will notice that I said with a man’s cock rather than with another man because now John centralised his focus on the other man’s cock; what the man looked like it didn’t matter, but what did matter the size of his manhood and John found himself inadvertently comparing his own with those he’d seen in video clips. It was at this point that he discovered he liked them the bigger the better, but could he get his wife to try one that was going to be his biggest challenge.

For their ninth wedding anniversary, he arranged a discreet dinner party at a club where he knew his wife would feel comfortable. What he did not tell his wife that four men had been informed of his desire to see them make love to his wife. The table for six was in a discreet corner of the club and close by to the dancefloor; he’d even gone to the trouble of having Place names put on the table putting his wife directly opposite him and separated on either side by two males. Joyce had no idea what was planned but use the excuse of the anniversary to update a wardrobe, she had seen advertised in one of the local stores, a simple short black dress and with her now blonde hair and blue eyes it really suited her. John footed the bill for the new dress on the condition that he could choose for her the underwear; Joyce knew that the underwear was likely to be flimsy and lacy but if it meant she got the dress she wanted what the heck.

At 6 PM on the day of their wet wedding anniversary, John arrived home to find his wife already soaking in the bath, and what with all the perfumes and oils that was in the bath he was certain that Joyce was totally relaxed. John then slipped into the shower and 15 minutes later emerged refreshed and clean. He walked slowly as naked as the day was born over to the bath leaned in and kissed his wife on her lips, then he made his way out of the bathroom and across the corridor into their bedroom where he dressed and then sat waiting for his wife. 30 minutes later his wife wrapped in towels entered the bedroom, she dried her hair with the hairdryer still wrapped in towel and not saying a word to John.

It wasn’t that she was angry with John, nor was it she was upset with him in anyway; it was just something nagging at the back of her mind that this was not a straightforward anniversary meal, for a start she argued that it was midweek and surely if it was a simple anniversary meal they were gone at the nearest weekend to the date. Secondly, he had booked a table for six and she was the only woman that would be present, and she did not recognise any of the names of the four men that were attending also. She was on our guard but still determined to enjoy the evening, if John had anything planned that was tough because she was just going to enjoy herself her way. Once she was satisfied with the style and the dryness of the hair, Joyce removed the towels and went to get the black dress out of the wardrobe, as she was doing this John took out the new underwear he had bought as part of the deal about the dress.

Joyce looked at the bra first and she might have known, John had gone for ¼ cup bra that just supported her breasts without hiding them, the panties were extremely lacy to the point of being almost transparent, in the crutch of the panties there was a sequined section which would cover the area of the cunt. So, she assumed that he was going to be the only one to see them on her, besides when she put the bra on she felt sexy. That sexiness increased when she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on the self-supporting black fine mesh stockings, you know the type the ones that don’t need to spend as and therefore do not get in the way of a woman’s panties. She had to admit even the field of those panties against her naked skin made her feel extra sexy and she could only imagine what the final image would be after she put on her black dress.

John opened the wardrobe door to reveal the full length mirror that was on the inside, and when Joyce looked at her own image in the mirror she had to smile despite her misgivings about the underwear she had to accept that she looked sexy as hell, when she slipped on the little black dress she decided to finish it off with a pair of stiletto shoes deep red in colour and at least 4 ½ inch heels. Eventually John told her it was time to leave and he felt extremely honoured to be walking by her side out to the taxi that was waiting, as they sat back in the taxi he even wondered if the taxi driver had really needed to adjust the mirror or was he taking sly looks at this beautiful woman beside him. When they arrived at the club the taxi driver got out of the cab and walked round and opened the door for her and quite by accident Joyce gave him a flash of stocking tops. This was not missed by John and he noticed also that Joyce seemed to beam an extra wide smile as she took the drivers hand as she got out the car.

He felt like he had just won the lottery as he walked into the club with his wife on his arm, every person at every table turned to look at this woman who looked $1 million, and John felt his pride in his wife exceed all known levels. Even Joyce noticed that everyone was watching her, and she suddenly realised she liked being the centre of attention. Taking a seat with the aid of an eager waiter to tuck her in on her seat and John sitting at the other head of the table. Then one by one men that Joyce never met before began coming to the table shaking hands with John and then moving to Joyce kissing her lightly on the cheek before taking their seats. As the fourth man occupied the last chair the drinks waiter came along, and John ordered a bottle of champagne with six glasses, before the main Maitre D came over with the menus. This time John left each person to order their own choice of food, and he noticed that the Maitre D took Joyce’s order before everyone else’s.

Light conversation was had during the meal and there were several toasts to John and Joyce and then each of the men including John proposed toasts about Joyce. All in all, without really realising it Joyce had consumed the better part of four bottles of champagne and although she didn’t appear outwardly tipsy her brain was slightly befuddled. Suddenly the dance floor lit up and the music started, Peter one of the four other guests at the table invited Joyce to go for a dance with him and whilst Joyce was not a very good dancer the champagne she had consumed gave the bravado to go. As they danced close together Joyce and Peter seemed involved in some sort of conversation but in fact it was just Peter complementing Joyce on her looks and how sexy she was. Joyce in her defence turned around and said that anyone would look sexy in this dress, but Peter disagreed and said it took a certain class of woman to carry it off so successfully. Suddenly Joyce found herself dancing even closer to Peter and as their thighs occasionally bumped she began to feel something staring inside Peter’s trousers, and only alarm bells would start ringing at this point for her, but she was having such a good time she pushed those sorts of thoughts to the back of the mind.

Just as she was getting used to the smooth patter of Peter, he was tapped on the shoulder by Simon one of the other men at Joyce’s table. Peter leaned in and kissed Joyce on the cheek and thanked her for the dance before leaving at in the hands of Simon. Suddenly the music changed to what would commonly be called a slow waltz and as the pair of them seem to begin waltzing around the dancefloor, John noticed that Simon’s hand was on his wife’s buttocks and although he was nowhere near them he found himself beginning to get excited. And that danced came to a halt Simon was replaced by David and again Joyce danced happily with the third man that night, David had put his hand on Joyce’s shoulder blade and seem to pull towards him so her unprotected breasts were pressed tightly against his body but more importantly she could feel the swelling in his trousers beginning to form and for some reason she just seem to think nothing of it she didn’t feel threatened and in a way she felt responsible for it.

As the dance neared to a close, Paul replaced David and this time it was a more upbeat song, but once again Paul and his hand on the buttocks of Joyce pulling her close to him, and again Joyce could feel the growing stiffness in Paul’s cock, and Joyce could feel herself getting giddier as the dancers wore on. At the next interval in the music John replaced Paul and he danced with his wife, he also pulled out close to him, so she could feel his hard cock and she looked up into his eyes and said, “just what have you got planned for tonight John?” John responded by saying, “me, I’ve got nothing planned!” Joyce pulled on John’s neck until she could whisper in his ear, where she said, “I don’t believe you, all four of them men have got large cocks because I felt them as we were dancing!”

“Have they indeed, how would I know, I only know them from work!” John protested. “You’re not a very convincing liar, you should hear yourself, I think you know exactly what you want to happen tonight and so do I!” Joyce announced. They danced for a bit longer and then John said, “but if I had something planned, tell me honestly would you go along with it or would you refuse?” Joyce tended replied, “well let’s just see shall we, who knows what might happen in the next few hours!” And with that they danced in silence to the rest of the music. Eventually they joined everyone back at the table only this time Joyce turned around and said, “I don’t want to sit at the head of the table any more, Simon can I have your see?” Simon merely stood up and offered his seat to Joyce, and then took her seat at the end of the table, now Joyce was sat between Simon and Peter. She propped her elbows onto the table and lean slightly forward knowing full well that now David and Paul had got a clear view and the top of the little black dress. It was 1030 before they rose to leave the club, and John settled the bill whilst the others hung around in the foyer. As John approach them, Joyce pulled him to one side and said, “Simon has got a flat not far from here and he’s agreed we can all go there to continue the party, how do you feel about that John?”

John said, “really and truthfully, it’s how you feel about it after all I’m a man amongst four others, whereas you are a female amongst five men?” Joyce turned to Simon and said, “well come on then Simon, come on times a wasting!” With that they went out into the street and Simon hailed a cab, he told the driver the address to go to and he put Paul and David and John in that Whilst he Simon and Joyce got the one behind it. Once outside Simon’s apartment complex they all went inside into the lift and as the lift to their feet to the fifth floor they literally passed Joyce around between themselves each one kissing a full on the lips until she was giddy. Once inside Simon’s apartment someone put on record she cannot remember who did it, and they took it in turns dancing with her. Suddenly, the music stopped and lo and behold she was dancing with Simon, and he cheekily said, “Simon says, remove your panties!” Joyce shot a look at John who smiled back at her almost daring her to do it, she just shrugged her shoulders and then lo and behold does new panties were on the floor. The music started playing again Simon picked up the panties and now he sat out on the sofa and Joyce could see him sniffing at the crotch of her panties. When the music stopped this time, it was Dave who was in front of Joyce and he said, “Dave says give me a nylon stocking!” This time without looking at John she invited David to remove his own choice of stockings from her leg.

David took his time with his hand up her dress and he made sure that the hand in between her thighs rubbed against the cunt as he found the top edges of her stockings. Regretfully he now had to pull his hand away from the cunt as he withdrew her stocking. The third time the music stopped it was in front of Peter and he turned around and said, “Peter says give me your other stocking!” And again, she invited Peter to remove that stocking for himself. Again, the hand that was between her thighs made sure to probe her cunt only this time Peter had two fingers sliding in and out her cunt whilst he fiddled with her stocking top. Joyce began to go bright red as she knew she was getting turned on no end by this constant attention four men she did not know. Eventually Peter removed the stocking and at the same time he brought the two fingers he had put up Joyce’s cunt and deliberately slowly sucked them clean.

The fourth time the music stopped it was Paul who was in front of her, and he demanded, “remove your dress!” And once more Joyce looking at John told Paul, “you go around behind me and unzip it and I will step out of it for you!” They were just about to start the music again when Joyce stop them saying, “look is only John left, so he may as well come and remove my bra now and save time.” John did exactly that and now the naked Joyce laughed as she said, “where do we go from here!” John enquired as to where this Joyce wanted to go from here and with a glint of excitement in her eye she said, “exactly where you want it to go John, I knew from the start he wanted me to be a slut with these guys, I’m not going to fight it any more John let’s get it over and done with and see where we go from here!”

With that the four men who had been watching the last action of removing Joyce a bra all rose to their feet and surrounded Joyce, John was still stood behind his wife, but it didn’t matter. Joyce didn’t see who made the first move, but she certainly felt it hand stroking her nipple and then suddenly pinched quite tight, she was surprised that it didn’t feel like pain, instead felt oddly erotic. Then another nipple was being played with and again that didn’t feel painful it just added to her rising excitement, quickly now two hands parted her thighs and they began to rub alternately against her cunt lips. Joyce found her excitement rising for more than she ever thought it would.

John now slipped his finger between the butt cheeks of his wife and found her anal ring, he rubbed gently against it with his fingertip and discovered that his wife seems to like it because she suddenly started groaning, but that could have been from all the other action taking place. And the foaming plus John continued to caress and excite Joyce he found she had butterflies in the stomach and a leg seem to turn to jelly. Suddenly arms were grabbing her to stop her from falling and she was lifted off the floor and carried almost ceremoniously into the bedroom, where she was placed on the double bed and the five men climbed on beside her. Now free to do whatever they wanted two of the men began in on her nipples like starving babies whilst John began licking his wife’s cunt. Simon and David climbed off the bed and quickly climbed out of their clothing, when they climb back onto the bed Paul and Peter climbed off. Simon and David continued where Paul and Peter had left off sucking Joyce’s nipples. All the time John was working his tongue into his wife’s red-hot cunt, and as soon as Paul and Peter were undressed they too climb back onto the bed now Paul and Simon took hold of Joyce’s hands and wrapped them around their own cocks encouraging her to begin wanking them off.

Peter and David moved to the side of Joyce’s head and they lowered their cocks to her mouth, Joyce didn’t take second time telling, chop the mouth as wide as she could and tried to get both Cocks in at once. John was so busy lapping up his wife’s cunt users that he had neglected to get undressed himself that was until Paul pulled on his shirt collar and told him to get undressed. Reluctantly he planned to bed and quickly stripped out of this clothing, by the time you return to the bed Peter had moved and took his position. John stood beside the bed not knowing what to do next, when suddenly Joyce managed to move away from David’s cock and she told John that if he expected her to fuck these four men the least you can do is to suck their cocks hard enough for me to do the job. John suddenly looked round the four men who were at various stages of exciting his wife, hopelessly he was hoping for one of them to object to what his wife had just demanded but they didn’t.

So, John had to kneel beside the bed beside his wife so that she could see him sucking the next cock that was going to fill her cunt and to be honest John seemed to enjoy it once he got into it. By 3 AM in the morning Joyce had lost count of the number of orgasms it had but she knew that she had taken at least four lots of spunk into a cunt and now she was going to get our own back on her husband. She made him lie the wrong way up on the bed, so his feet were towards the pillows and his head towards the base of the bed, then she crouched over him facing his cock and she lowered her body down until it was just one or 2 inches above his mouth. Then she turned to Simon and told him to slide that cock of his into her arse because she thought that this would then force all the spunk in her cunt out into John’s waiting mouth. And so, it proved that on this night not only did John see’s wife used like a slut but also got to taste what another man spunk tasted like fresh from his wife’s cunt and he had to admit he was a little disappointed as it tasted no different to when he tasted his own spunk.

It was as if the floodgates had opened, because Joyce discovered she liked the different sizes of cocks and if she had her way it was going to be this way every weekend. At 5 AM the four men left and now an exhausted Joyce lay on top of the bed with her well used cunt stretched wide open and still traces of the last few bits of spunk dribbling out. John for the first time that night looked at his wife properly, her face was red, and her hair plastered with drying spunk, as he glanced down from her face he noticed that her nipples looked red and sore. Even now as she lay in an afterglow of orgasm, her nipples were still direct and firm looking. There seem to be handprints on the actual breast flesh and as his eyes glanced further down he noticed that her clitoris was still sticking out and not yet retired to its Pearly head, but her cunt lips look very red, angry and puffy. He carefully and gently laid himself beside her, and as his cock touched a leg he realised that he had not come yet, he’d seen his wife come many times that night, but it was as if he had been locked in a cupboard viewing the spectacle from a distance. He gently rubbed his cock against her leg, but Joyce felt that her cunt was too sore, and she turned her back on him. Now John eased his cock between her legs up tight against her butt cheeks and he moved slightly backwards and forwards, but Joyce was having none of it, in fact she drifted off to a deep sleep where her dreams were haunted by different cocks hewing to fuck her.

This may sound nasty, but John took advantage of the deep sleep and he managed to insert about two thirds of his cock into her still tight anal ring. Even as he thrust she didn’t stir, but in her mind, she was already going through several orgasms as the numberless crowd of cocks took their turn at fucking her. In Joyce’s erotic dream she was on a plank of wood that was 8 inches below the top edge of a barrel, she was laid on her back and her legs were bent below bringing her cunt close to the edge of the barrel. The barrel had a hole drilled in it in which all these cocks thrust into a cunt, she couldn’t explain why but every time one of the cocks erupted it spunk, it didn’t go into her cunt instead she heard it plop into the darkness of the barrel below. In real time less than 20 minutes past but in a dreamlike state it was more like 20 hours and over 700 cocks later that she felt the viscous liquid at her elbows. In Joyce’s dream the cocks were delivering enough spunk to fill the barrel and now she was at the stage where she was beginning to feel the cold clammy sensation of drying spunk.

John continued to thrust away a sleeping wife’s arse, but it didn’t seem real to him either; he expected some reaction from his wife and yet when he gave up and pulled down she began to whimper like a little pup. As he laid there looking up into the darkness he noticed that the whimpering was becoming louder, and it was now verging on groaning and yet his wife didn’t seem to be moving or doing anything. He just about dropped off to sleep himself when he was woken by his wife’s sudden yell, “that’s enough, I can’t take any more cock, you’re going to drown me in spunk!” Fearing for his wife’s sanity John gently shook her until she woke, he spoke gently to and asked if everything was all right and she turned her head towards him and said, “I’m not sure if everything is all right after all how could you love a slut that wants different cocks to yours and yet wants you to clean up after them with your mouth!” John leaned forward and kissed his wife’s cheek and he turned round and replied, “of course I love you I will always love you for the you are a cock slut or a spunk slut, you’ll always be my wife and I will always love you for that, besides what you have done tonight was mainly to please me, you know I wanted to see you in this situation and that’s why the four guys were invite to your party!”

Joyce ached from every single muscle in her body, and she gingerly turned to face her husband, she leaned forward and kissed him on his lips and then back to her arm around him as she drifted back to sleep. For a long while John lay listening to his wife’s breathing, and in his mind, he was reliving the episode of the evening. The strange thing that hit John just before he finally went to sleep with just how much he wanted to do it again but differently, yes he wanted her to take at least four different cocks but this time after they fucked his wife he found that he wanted them to fuck him as well and then it hit him, everything he’d thought about and planned and led to this moment of realisation that he was bisexual and wanted to sample as much as possible.

But that’s a totally different story and with John’s consent it may be one I will tell later.