Maid’s Fringe Benefits

Nicolette was halfway down the stairs, watching as the couple got busy in the living room.

Mr. and Mrs. Underwood had hired her as their live in maid, it was a pretty cushy gig, she was well paid, and as a bonus, her employers loved to fuck and suck all over the house. They were both 35 years old, and they were as horny as the day is long. They never stopped to check if Nicolette was around, and she suspected that they knew they were being watched, and got off on being watched. Since Nicolette loved to watch, it was a great set up.

Mrs. Underwood was breathtaking, big, hefty boobs, natural blonde hair, blue eyes, a trim waist, flaring hips, her pubic region was waxed bare and smooth, she was on her back, legs spread as her husband feasted between the spread of her thighs.

“Oh yeah baby, lick my tight little cunt, make me cum!”

That spurred on her husband, and he ate her creamy box exquisitely, Mrs. Underwood’s cries of delight filled the living room. Peeking through the living room entrance from her perch on the stairs, Nicolette felt her pussy heating up. She reached under her skirt, and slid her fingers along the front of her panties, she could feel the dampness of her heated juices against the crotch.

Mrs. Underwood shrieked with pleasure, and her body was shaking and writhing as she came, pushing her creaming cunt hard against her husband’s mouth. He rose up, his 8 inch cock like a piece of granite, and she urged him on, “Oh yeah sweetheart, stuff my tight little cunt, fuck me hard, and make me cum again!”

Nicolette shoved her hand down her panties, sliding through her neatly trimmed russet color bush, then sliding her fingers along the rim of her cunt, she was hot and slick with her lubrication. She stifled the moan of pleasure she wanted to make, and drove two fingers up her creamy entrance. She heard Mrs. Underwood growl with pleasure as her husband drove his cock in, ramming forward until his balls smacked against her ass. Nicolette watched, and timed her pussy plunging fingers with the plunges of Mr. Underwood’s cock, oh god, that felt so fucking good. Her mind put her in Mrs. Underwood’s place, under Mr. Underwood’s body, she imagined Mrs. Underwood watching as her husband rammed his cock into Nicolette’s creaming fuck-hole, her fingers became his plunging cock. Her tight pussy walls were gripping at his cock, urging him on to explode, to fill her tight little cunt with a sizzling hot load. Mrs. Underwood’s increasing cries of pleasure. mingled with her own lusty imaginings, propelled her faster and faster, oh yeah, she was gonna explode.

Mrs. Underwood cried out, “Oh fuck, I wanna feel your cock kiss my womb, cum in me baby, flood my cunt, fuck, fuck, cream MEEEE!”

The sound of Mrs. Underwood’s orgasmic shriek of pleasure took Nicolette over the edge, her husband’s loud grunts of orgasm made Nicolette imagine that his cock was hosing down her quivering fuck-hole, depositing a thick hot load of sizzling sperm up her tight channel. Nicolette did her best to stifle the loud sounds she would have made otherwise, as her pussy exploded, drenching her hand with a rush of orgasmic juices, as she felt the wave grab her, and shake her body in orgasmic pleasure.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, Nicolette quickly retreated to her room. She grabbed a towel to dry off her pussy entrance, she had been soaking wet. As much as she loved to fantasize about Mr. Underwood fucking her, she had the idea that although she was welcome to watch, just don’t intrude. Keep it discrete, and also, don’t try to get the man of the house to fuck her in real life. Considering how much they fucked, it looked pretty certain that they were totally committed to each other, and no third party need apply. Also, with Mr. Underwood doing prodigious sexual duty, having Nicolette trying to get a piece of him might wear him out!

Downstairs, in the living room, Kevin Underwood said softly, “So, was Nicolette watching us?”

Chris Underwood grinned as she replied, “Yes, she was, she was pretty well concealed, but I saw her right arm on the stairs, she was perched right there, watching us fuck.”

Chris paused, she’d been thinking about something for a while, and she went on, “Darling, for your birthday, how would you like to fuck her tight box? I could lick her pussy, get her so hot and wet, then you could ram your cock into her, and fuck her until you explode. I want to watch, and then I’m gonna suck out your cum, and share it with her in a big snowball!”

Kevin liked the sound of that, he’d noticed Nicolette’s hot body, and he sometimes fantasized that he was fucking their sexy maid, while he boned his wife.

Chris continued, “I wonder if she shaves her pussy, you know how much I love to lick and kiss a well waxed pussy. I could get her to come along with me on her day off, and get waxed with me. Your birthday will be the very next day, and we could spring it on her then. Ummm, the thought of licking her tight little pussy while you watch with your big, hard cock, ready to fuck her sweet hole, so exciting. Then you could fuck her while I make her eat my horny cunt!”

Kevin said, “Oh yeah, that sounds so hot. I’d love to fuck her doggy style while she eats out your sexy cunt at the same time.”

Chris noticed that her husband was as excited as she was, his big cock surging back up, and she was happy to take care of that, flipped over into a doggy style, loud sounds of pleasure filled the room, as Kevin worked off the vision of fucking their maid, Chris’ pussy gripping at him as she rode from one orgasm to another, until he roared and exploded, his cock filling her needy, eager heat with a volley of creamy cum.


A week later, Nicolette was relaxing on her day off, she was by their backyard pool, relaxing in her sexiest bikini, too bad she didn’t have a man to rip it off her, and fuck her senseless. The idea of being taken hard got her going, and she stroked gently at her pussy through her bikini bottoms.

Chris Underwood had been about to go out and join her, when she had looked through the kitchen window, and saw Nicolette gently stroking at herself. Ummm, that looked promising, and she copied what Nicolette was doing, stroking gently at herself, she wearing her thong bikini, the top was two tiny scraps of fabric that just barely covered her nipples, she wanted to wave her almost naked body in front of Nicolette.

Nicolette arched her back, moving her legs farther apart as she slipped her hand under the waistband, seeking out her wet heat. She let out a purr, her head lolled back as she ran two fingers up and down her pink trail, enjoying the feel of her quickly building lust. She had watched her employers fucking each other at poolside last night, spying on them as Kevin rammed Chris’ sexy fuck-hole doggy style, their cries of pleasure reaching her ears.

Chris saw the building lust, and she felt her juices start to flow, she slipped her hand down the front of her swimsuit, her fingers moving down, encountering her sopping wet pussy. Her fingers went straight to her creamy center, the wet heat welcoming her. She groaned softly as she slithered two fingers deep inside herself, stuffing them in as far as they could go. As she watched Nicolette, she matched her masturbational fun.

Nicolette was deep in her fantasy as she slipped a finger inside the hot, liquid depths of her cunt, gently caressing her clit. She groaned softly as she slithered her finger deep inside herself. God, that felt so fucking good, and she quickly added two more fingers, stuffing them in, letting out a groan of pleasure as she felt her fingers forcing apart her pussy lips, stretching her open. She’d always had a nice, tight pussy, her last boyfriend always liked to grunt how she was virgin tight when they were fucking. His comments about what a tight cunt she was, and how it was like fucking a virgin cunt when they fucked, really ramped her up. She let her mind go, and imagined the hard driving thrust of Kevin’s cock driving into her, ramming her pussy while his wife watched. She added in Chris sliding her pussy before her face, that smooth well waxed pussy, urging her on to lick her cunt, and make her cum.

Just inside the window, Chris was also running a fantasy. She had Nicolette licking her cunt, while she watched her husband fucking their sexy maid. The idea of watching her husband venting his sexual desires using Nicolette’s body while Nicolette was licking her pussy was making her heat climb fast. She imagined the massive load that her husband would splatter her with, and Chris knew that she’d be right there, to suck it all of her her just fucked pussy. She felt her orgasm getting set, ummm, she wondered vaguely which one of them was going to cum first.

Nicolette’s pussy was gushing, fuck it felt like a waterfall, and she started to make gasping sounds of pleasure, she started to tweak her hard, straining clit, her hips started to hump upwards, and she went roaring over, her body shaking, squeals of orgasmic ecstasy as she tumbled into a blissful orgasm, letting her body shake in pleasure until every last spasm had swept through her.

Just inside the window, Chris imagined her husband grunting as he emptied his balls into Nicolette, Nicolette’s tongue lashing at her clit, the sight of Nicolette in the midst of orgasm, oh fuck, and she was tumbling, letting out cries of pleasure as her pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices, oh yeah, that blissful rush took her, and she grabbed the counter top to keep from tumbling, her legs felt pretty rubbery as she let her orgasm consume her.

Both ladies took several minutes before they were back to normal from their orgasm high. Chris waited a little bit longer, then stepped out onto the patio with a cheery hello. Nicolette smiled up at her, and Chris smiled as she took the chaise next to Nicolette. She took the sunscreen and stroked it over her front, she could tell Nicolette was watching every stroke of her fingers gliding over her skin.

She stood up. turned her back towards Nicolette, and casually stripped naked.

“I’m working on an all over tan, Nicolette, could you apply the sunscreen to my back? It’s so difficult trying to reach every place.”

Nicolette felt her mouth go dry, as her employee’s naked backside was presented to her view. She saw those glorious globes in profile as Chris lay on her belly on the chaise, god, they were spectacular. She wished she had bigger hefty boobs, how big were her employer’s chest? She guessed them to be probably a 38D, her own 34B chest looked tiny compared with Chris’ spectacular assets.

Her hands trembled a bit as she took the tube, and squeezed out several dollops. She started to massage the sunscreen into her back, when she ran her hands down to tub the sunscreen over her ass cheeks, she noticed that Chris was squirming around just a bit.

“Ummm, that feels so good.”

Nicolette f****d herself to stop thinking the way her horny mind wanted to go. Her heart was thudding in her chest, she could feel her face flushing. She covered Chris with the sunscreen, and quickly withdrew her hands.

Her eyes hidden behind her sunglasses, Chris saw the way Nicolette had been rattled by stroking at her body. She grinned inwardly, for her husband’s birthday, Nicolette was going to be doing a lot more.