Lust and Marriage

Today was day two at the hospital, I had come in for a routine procedure but because of delays to my scans, I was stuck here. It was nothing scary, some imbalance in magnesium or iron or something that sounded metallic. I had offered to lick an iron bar if it would help but unfortunately, it is not quite that simple, so here I sit.

So, my name is Alice Cotter, I’m 28 years old and I’m 5 feet and 6 inches tall (on my tippy toes) and I weigh around… none of your fucking business! I am slim, let us just leave it at that, I have medium length blonde hair that normally hangs around my shoulders and my breasts are a nice 36c (if you’re a man and you’re unsure what that means, open up your hand and slap yourself with it. Google is your friend) Sorry if I seem aggressive but I had been trapped in this bed for two days and I was feeling very sorry for myself, I hadn’t even been able to give myself a little stroke to pass the time. It is hard to bring yourself to orgasm while an overweight seventy-five-year-old with dodgy glands and flatulence that could blow King Kong off the side of a building is staring at you.

My wife would be visiting me in a few hours; I had not seen her since I came in, and I’d had to travel alone (poor me). She’d had to go to Manchester for some kind of conference and, as if going to Manchester was not punishment enough, she would be sitting with very boring men and women talking about financial stuff that might give a statistician a boner but not my girl. Her name is Sophie Cotter (I took her surname; my maiden name is Dibblesworthy so you can see why) and she is perfect, we met at school and I was immediately in love. Her red hair and amazing figure coupled with a lust for life and, as it turned out, a lust for me too. She has been with me since I first realized I am gay, a couple of awkward kisses and fumbles in the school restroom had swung me over to the pink side of the tracks. We were married by our 25th birthday and life was amazing.

Given that I have told you how much we are in love, our sex life decisions might surprise you. We have two rules, you do not wake up in anyone else’s bed and you do not have sex with another person more than once unless it involves both of us. It is simple really because we spend a fair amount of time apart we sometimes need something more than a dildo to get us through, as long as it’s just sex it’s allowed, but when it comes to cuddling up at night, only my Sophie will do!

It might seem like that would force us apart, but it doesn’t, it makes things much more interesting. There are not many things more erotic than listening to my girl talking about her fun nights while stroking my inner thigh. So, what’s our policy when it comes to cock? We do not discriminate, we have shared men before but to be honest, Sophie enjoys them more than I do. If I want something long to throw up on me, I’ll feed sweeties to a worm.

When we are together; it’s like drinking a potion that makes you feel sexy, horny, and in love all at the same time and it leads to many adventures. We are both exhibitionists when we are together and some of the things we have done I would never do if I was alone, but being with her made me feel safe and able to explore myself in ways I’d be too afraid to face without her.

It was just after 2pm, dinner had been served and the empty plates had been taken away, it tasted like a footballer’s balls had been dipped in my mouth, and judging by the hair in it, he needed a shave down there, but I did not care. Sophie would be here any moment.

There were only three people on this ward, Brenda, the overweight fart factory I mentioned earlier, Jessie; a rather lovely brunette who had her leg in a cast, and Stacy a young blonde no more than nineteen years old. I thought she was cute at first but she had some kind of weapons-grade STI that made her vagina swell up and turn a shade of purple and red, kind of like a clown’s lips after a car crash!

All three women were busy sleeping, reading, or scratching themselves (no prizes for guessing who was itchy) which just left little old me. Then, just as I was excitedly looking out for the unmistakable red hair of my wife, I fell asleep!

When my senses slowly began to return to me, I was dimly aware of a warm feeling around my right hand and a soft pressure on my lips. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the contact that I knew was coming from my darling wife, my smile betrayed my slumber and I opened my lips enough to tempt her tongue into my mouth. Delicious warmth moved past my lips as her tongue slipped in and danced with my own. After an all too brief moment, she withdrew and moved away as I opened my eyes and looked up at Sophie, her hair hanging down over my face and a beautiful smile on her lips. She was beyond beautiful, and behind her looking extremely interested was Louise, the nurse!

Sophie saw me looking past her and turned to see what had caught my attention, Louise looked like she had been caught killing a nun with a hammer and froze. She was about five feet tall and very petite like a stiff breeze would carry her away. Her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail apart from a couple of strands of hair that fell over her face. Her blue dress was extremely unflattering, covering her up from her throat to her knees where a pair of white socks and buckle shoes completed the look. She looked about twenty years old and had a very sweet face.

“It’s okay cutie,” Sophie playfully told her. “We’re married.” With that, she turned back to me and covered my mouth with hers and kissed me with a special passion only a wife can give. She loved to tease and I loved how brash and bold she could be, by the time Sophie broke away this time; Louise was nowhere to be seen!

“You’re terrible!” I told her, smiling widely. Everything felt better and more acceptable now she was with me.

“I know, but you wouldn’t have me any other way,” she winked as she said it.

“Oh, believe me, I’d have you any way I can get you,” I told her, feeling a little gushy.

“Don’t worry darling, you can have me any way you like.” She went to sit down but I stopped her by leaning forward and kissing her again, not quite so sexily as before, I just wanted her to know I had missed her. I released her long enough for her to sit on the stool next to me. The bed did not have the side rails up and was about level with the stool Sophie was sitting on so I got a lovely view of her as she sat and crossed one leg over the other.

Sophie was wearing a loose silver blouse that looked gorgeous on her, it had the top two buttons undone so a little bit of cleavage was visible as well as her baby pink bra. Her breasts are slightly smaller than mine are, and just the right size for sucking. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders and stopped around the middle of her back, she had kept it that long since school and thought of it as her best feature. For me though, as she well knew, my favourite parts of her body, aside from her gorgeous smile, are her legs. Clearly, she had this in mind when she came to visit me that day because she had on a red pleated short skirt that only just made it to mid-thigh! When she sat down facing me and crossed her legs, I could just see her pink panties that matched her bra!

“Wow,” I said after a moment of looking her up and down. “You look so hot!”

“Thank you, baby,” she said with a smile, looking happy that I’d noticed the effort she’d made. “You look pretty good too! That long blue hospital gown suits you, you should bring it home and we can play ‘doctors and nurses’ when you get back!”

We both laughed, partly because it sounded funny and partly because it was a good idea! She moved the stool a little closer, took hold of my hand, and kissed it.

Sophie had been scared when I was sent to the hospital, I’d been feeling rough for a few days and Sophie had finally convinced me to have a b***d test which had shown a small deficiency of metal, apparently. She was upset she couldn’t see me straight away and had to go to that meeting in Manchester, originally she was going to spend longer there but she had talked to her manager and been allowed to cut it short so she could get back today.

“How are you feeling babe?” she asked. “I’m sorry I didn’t get back sooner.”

“I’m fine, much better since they hooked me up to this thing. Not often the juice out of a bag is beneficial but this is doing the trick,” I wanted to keep the tone light in case she started to worry again. “After my scan later on I should be allowed home.”

“That’s good sweetie, if anything ever happened…”

“Hey, don’t get mushy on me girl! I’m fine.” I reached out and stroked her knee. “Okay?”

“Okay,” she relaxed more and glanced around. “What’s with the girl over there? Does she think that if she scratches that thing enough she’ll win a car?” We both burst out laughing, Stacy had her earphones on and was tapping her feet to whatever she was listening to, one hand holding her phone and the other hand… you get the idea!

“I don’t know,” I whispered while giggling. “I reckon that from now on she’ll make sure her boyfriend is wearing three condoms and a shopping bag before she lets him near her again though!” That set us off again.

“It’s nice to feel you touching me,” Sophie said looking down at my hand on her knee.

“Knowing you were in here made me miss you even more than usual.”

“I missed you too. I like your panties; did you wear them especially for me?” I asked.

“I did,” she glanced around to make sure no one was taking notice of us and slowly uncrossed her legs and hiked her skirt up a little so I could see. “Cute, huh?”

“Very cute,” I reached out and grazed my fingertips over the silky material. As soon as I made contact, I felt Sophie stiffen up and tremble a little. I ran my hand up and down her inner thigh for a moment then pulled away so she could cover up again, I could see she was already getting turned on and I wondered how damp those panties might be.

“Who was that nurse looking at us earlier?” Sophie asked as she smoothed her skirt down and demurely crossed her legs again.

“Her name is Louise, I saw her when I first came into this ward, I flashed her a little!” I admitted.

“Oh really? Tell me more!” Sophie leant forward and suddenly we were like little girls secretly talking about a crush on a boy or girl at school. I smiled knowing how much she enjoyed hearing about things I had done while she had been away, just as much as I loved her stories.

“It was only a glimpse,” I whispered. “You remember when I came in and I was a little woozy?”

“Yeah, you looked high! But not in a fun way,” Sophie looked a little downcast again so I quickly followed up.

“Well, they told me to get changed into this gown and wait on my bed, so I did.”

“Good girl.”

“Indeed, so I put my feet on the bed and laid back. After a bit, I sat up and crossed my legs on the bed, like kids do when they sit on the floor.”

“Uh oh,” Sophie playfully waved her finger at me. “A lady should never do that when she’s wearing nothing underneath!”

“Exactly,” I nodded. “The gown was too tight to do it comfortable so I pulled it up over my knees and looked at my phone for a bit, totally unaware.”

“Bullshit,” Sophie giggled. “You knew exactly what you were doing you little slut! Did your tits ‘accidentally’ pop out too?” I laughed at the image it put in my head and teasingly slapped her knee.

“I’ll have you know I’ve been the very model of sophistication,” I put on my posh ‘phone voice’ for her. “Anywhere, there I was blissfully unaware my pussy was there for anyone to see until I heard a tiny little gasp.”

“She actually gasped?”

“Of course she did, remember when I flashed you at school? You gasped then!” I teased.

“True, but in fairness, you don’t expect to be flashed during a history lesson,” she cooed.

“It beat the shit out of learning about the Romans! Anyway do you want to hear the rest of my little story or not?”

“Yes please,” Sophie put her hand over mine on her knee.

“So, I heard a tiny gasp and I looked over my phone and saw Louise staring at me, and she didn’t move at all!” I spoke a little faster now remembering the excitement I’d felt despite my health.

“She just looked at you, didn’t run away or tut?” Sophie was enjoying it. She squeezed my hand and moved it a little further up her leg.

“No, nothing like that, the look on her face was a mixture of surprise and…I don’t know,” I pictured the face of the young nurse and tried again to read it. “Maybe a little turned on, but I can’t be sure.”

“You think she’s into women?” Sophie mused.

“Why wouldn’t she be?” I smiled cheekily.

“Fair point,” Sophie said with a nod. “So what happened next?”

“Well, obviously that’s when I realized what was going on and why she was looking at me,” I continued. “ I didn’t react straight away, just stayed in that position and after I came to my senses, I tried to have a bit of fun with her.”

“How?” Sophie asked, almost drooling.

“I slowly uncrossed my legs,” I talked as if I were narrating an erotic sex scene. “I didn’t look up from my phone but I could just see her over the top of it. I stretched my legs out but I didn’t pull the gown back down so she could still easily see me.”

“She still watched you?” Sophie was whispering now and I could see her thighs moving together. I wondered again about those panties I had a glimpse of earlier, were they starting to soak up my wife’s sweet juice?

“She did,” I said nodding. “I bent my knees and pulled them up to my chest and crossed my ankles, then let my knees drift apart.” I could see Sophie’s chest moving a little more quickly, I continued stroking her leg from her thigh down to her knee and back again.

“Mmmm that sounds so hot, I think I would’ve jumped on you,” she whispered again.

“I think maybe a part of her wanted to, the whole thing could’ve only been about a minute but it felt longer,” I became aware of my nipples gently pushing at the rough fabric of the hospital gown and soft warmth between my legs.

“What did she do?” Sophie asked.

“Nothing at first, but then she seemed to take half a step towards me,” I said. “I really thought for a moment she was going to come over to me.”

“Do you think she would’ve tried to do something with you?” Sophie asked. “Or tell you your vag was hanging out?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “But I wanted to let her know I was okay with her looking at me like that.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Sophie nodded with no hint of admonishment or jealousy. She knew that I meant it when I said I was having a bit of fun with the nurse, nothing more. It’s just the way we are, anything we do with other people we share like this, it’s incredibly liberating and, judging by the state my wife was in right then, very erotic!

“I would’ve loved it if you had gone all the way with her,” Sophie continued. “I’d love to hear about how she looks under that dress.”

“Yeah, me too,” I lamented. “I slowly smiled and looked up at her but someone called her and she left, I don’t know if she actually saw me smile at her.”

“Poor baby, so disappointing,” she said softly. “What did you do? Finish yourself off?”

“No, when Louise left I realized that woman over there,” I nodded towards Brenda who was softly snoozing after her meal. “She was looking at me shaking her head, then she turned on her side and did a massive fart that sounded like a fox being fucked from behind by an elephant!” Sophie threw her head back and laughed, when she did she raised the knee I’d been stroking and I got another glorious glimpse of her pink underwear!

“Jesus that’s so bad,” Sophie laughed. “But poor you, have you had any other chances to play with her or anyone else?”

“No, honestly I felt pretty shit until they hooked me up to the IV line, most of the time I’ve been snoozing, looking at my phone and missing you,” I said truthfully. Sophie leaned forward again and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“Love you, baby,” said Sophie as she stroked my face.

“I love you too,” I told her. “So, did you enjoy hearing about my little adventure?”

“Mmm very much, you got me all worked up,” she smiled and let her hand glide from my face down to my neck.

“Is that right?” I teased. “Did you get up to anything in Manchester?”

“No, I wasn’t there long enough to get into any trouble, I wanted to save myself for you,” she smiled and traced the exposed part of my neck with her fingertip.

“That’s sweet baby, but you must be about ready to pop,” I ventured.

“Just knowing you’re naked under that thin gown has been driving me insane since I walked in here,” she was back to whispering now. I gently bit my lip and looked into her eyes.

“How wet are you under those little pink panties?” I asked with a naughty smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she sexily teased back. “I’ll give you a hint.”

Sophie sat up straight and had a quick look around as she uncrossed her legs and turned her body towards me, when she was satisfied no one was looking in our direction, although I doubt it would have made any difference if they were, she parted her knees again but did not stop there! Still looking down at the nurse’s station she reached down and slid her panties to one side and slid her middle finger into her pussy, followed by her index finger!

“Oh god,” I said under my breath as I watched my wife softly finger herself in front of me, anyone could walk in and see her which turned me on even more! My gaze travelled up from her pussy to her eyes, she’d lost interest in being careful now and was staring right at me. The noise of her wet fingers sliding in and out of her pussy coupled with the sweet sounds of her excited moans under her breath made the whole scene more breathtaking! Slowly she pulled her fingers out and pulled her underwear back over her glistening slit and pushed her knees together, she had a beautiful beaming smile and leant back towards me.

“You look, hungry baby,” Sophie offered her wet fingers to me and I opened my lips ready. She spread her moisture over my lips first before guiding them into my waiting mouth. I closed my lips over them and sucked her juice onto my tongue, tasting the beautiful essence of my wife. She softly withdrew them and stroked them over my lips again, and then she leant down and licked her juice off my lips before kissing me much more urgently than she had done earlier. To emphasise how she felt at that moment she pretty much groped at my left breast over the gown covering them, I could tell from the way she was acting that this would not be enough for her. My girl needed to cum, she’d worried about me before but now she knew I was fine, she wanted some pussy!

“Mmm baby,” I whispered as she moved her mouth off mine and I caressed her

face with my trembling hands. “Why don’t you close the curtain?” She raised her head and looked around at our surroundings and back to me. She opened her mouth to speak but something caught her eye and she quickly sat back on her stool and crossed her legs.

“What is it?” I asked. She nodded towards the nurse’s station. “Oh fuck it,” I said.

It seemed that a family had arrived and they were making their way toward Jessie, the woman with her leg in a cast. It consisted of two kids and an elderly woman, I was so turned on my pussy was literally aching and a look in my wife’s direction told me she felt the same way. The family made their way past us and we both smiled, somewhat awkwardly, after seeing Sophie’s skirt the elderly woman grimly shook her head and put her nose in the air until they got to Jessie’s bed. Shortly after that, we heard a loud conversation start-up further along as a couple of people got comfy beside Stacy’s bed.

“Bollocks,” Sophie whispered to me.

“Don’t these people have any courtesy?” I said to her.

“I know, but,” said Sophie with a wink. “It’s not all bad.” She stroked my arm and looked around again, everyone seemed occupied with their visit.

“What do you…” I stopped mid-sentence because I saw what Sophie was doing, she’d lifted her bum off the stool and lifted her skirt enough to take hold of the waistband on her panties and smoothly yank them down over her bum. She sat back down with her panties around her knees, I looked up and she was grinning like a pervert in a sex dungeon!

“Sophie,” I whispered as loudly as I could. “What if…oh god…” I stopped again because she had opened another button on her blouse and pulled it open as far as she could!

Sophie sat there, with her panties around her knees and her boobs just barely covered by her little bra and a small part of her blouse, and looked at me in a way only she can.

“Tell me,” she whispered as she lowered her face to mine, her lips only an inch from mine.

“How badly do you want to fuck me right now?” It was all too much for me, I reached up and ran my fingers through her hair until I had a handful of her gorgeous red hair in each hand, then I pulled it down bringing her lips crashing onto mine and drove my tongue deep into her mouth. I kept hold of her hair as I mashed my lips against hers; it was so intense I could feel a thin trail of her saliva running over my cheek. For what seemed like forever I held her there, then suddenly remembered where I am and the people around us I released her. As she moved away with a huge smile on her lips (she loved it when I got a little rough) we both quickly looked around to see if we’d been spotted. Fortunately, it seemed like we’d gotten away with it!

As Sophie stood back up her panties fell to her ankles, which for some reason, seemed like the funniest thing we had seen in a long time, maybe because it broke the tension. We laughed loudly and Sophie stepped out of them and placed them in my hand before taking a seat on her stool again. She reached into her back and produced a bottle of water and took a sip, I know it sounds stupid but even that looked sexy! I hadn’t even noticed the bag she had come with but then I’d been asleep when she arrived. She offered me some water but I refused, so she opened her bag up again and returned the bottle, but she did not immediately put it down. She seemed to be looking for something else in there.

“Lost something important?” I asked as I wiped my face with a napkin.

“Oh, not really,” she replied before quickly looking around again. “But I sure did find something!”

“What did you find?” I asked with a smile, but she just smiled back at me.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth,” Sophie whispered. She was in a seriously wild mood now and I loved every second of it. I did as she asked and waited, holding my breath. I felt something touch my top lip, my bottom lip, and then it moved over both of them it felt a little strange, like the tip of a banana or…no, no it can’t be what I think it is! It was made crystal clear to me when it entered my mouth and I felt the wide shaft filling my mouth and the fake veins on the sides. My eyes sprung open and she pulled it out of my mouth so I could see it in all its glory.

“Sophie,” I whispered. “You brought a dildo to a hospital!” I said in disbelief, fingering and kissing were one thing but a fake cock was more than even I expected!

“Correction,” Sophie giggled. “I brought a new dildo to the hospital, isn’t it great? Look at the veins on the side and…”

“Quick, hide it,” I told her.

“Why?” she asked smiling.

“Because there’s a 7 year old looking at you!” I whispered.

“Oh, fuck it!” She stuffed it under the bed covers in a panic. “Where?”

“Nowhere,” I smiled. “I was just kidding, your face was priceless though.” She looked at me in pretend anger then we both smiled then laughed about it.

“Come on, where’s your sense of adventure,” she teased.

“Okay, maybe we can play. But not here,” I looked around and handed the faux-cock back to her. “Stuff it in your bag and we’ll find a bathroom.”

“Okay, what about your IV,” Sophie asked.

“It’s fine, Louise will disconnect it, it’s just a little tap thing,” I told her while pointing out the connection on the back of my hand.

“Is that the medical name for it,” Sophie giggled again.

“Maybe it is,” I sat up and pulled the gown tightly around so to cover my arse properly and tightened it up. “Okay, let’s go.” I pressed the call button and waited. After a few seconds, the gorgeous Louise arrived and I asked her to disconnect the line, which she did.

“Thank you,” I said to her and smiled as sexily as I could manage as I stood up and put my little hospital booties on.

“It’s okay, be careful.” She said with a smile.

“Oh, don’t worry cutie, I’ll take very good care of her,” said Sophie. I smiled and looked over at her and suddenly gasped inwardly. Sophie was staring straight at Louise with her blouse hanging completely open and her skirt almost around her waist. Poor Louise did not know where to look, she glanced at me to see my reaction but I just smiled at her.

“Like she said,” I chimed in. “She’ll take care of me.” I moved past Louise and dragged my hand over the back of her dress, giving her bum a little squeeze. I held my hand out to my wife and helped her up. We looked back at Louise but she quickly moved away.

“Bless her,” Sophie said with a grin. “I have a feeling she will be lots of fun when you get her on your bed, and I’ll want to know all the dirty details.” Sophie quickly buttoned up her blouse and pulled her skirt back over her bum. “Where did you put my underwear?” She asked.

“Oh don’t worry; you won’t need them,” I said as I grabbed her hand and we walked towards the nurse’s station and away from the beds to the nearby bathrooms. My heart was thumping and every step we took made me so hot I could have burst into flames!

The second the bathroom door closed behind us, Sophie was on me. She backed me up to the wall and planted her lips on mine; kissing me with such passion and hunger that it made my knees weak and I trembled as she took control. She got a hold of my hands and raised them over my head and held them there while she kissed from my mouth down to my neck, she knew exactly how to drive me wild! She kissed and licked from my neck to my throat and then to my lips again, she released my hands and spun me around so I was facing the wall and ground her hips into my ass.

I felt her lips on my neck again and her hands were on my back, her fingers found the lace holding the top part of my gown closed and started to untie it. I felt the lace go slack and the cool air on my back told me she had my gown open, there was another lace further down at my waist that held the bottom part closed but Sophie was content with the top part for now. She opened the gown up and exposed me from my neck to my waist, then crouched down and licked and kissed from the top of my bum to the back of my neck then turned me around to face her again, I reached up and ran my fingers through her hair and she smiled.

“I want you so bad,” said Sophie as I felt the coldness of the wall on my bare back. I let go of her hair and started unbuttoning her blouse until it hung open, wasting no time I pulled it off her shoulders and let it drop on the floor. I unhooked her bra pulled it away to expose her breasts and promptly held one in each hand, flicking my thumbs over her hardening nipples while I kissed her.

I let go of her breasts long enough to free myself from the top of my gown, we pushed our naked chests together and kissed again. I threw my arms around her waist and reached down towards the hem of her short skirt, I was so busy licking and kissing that I hadn’t realized Sophie and deftly undone the remaining lace around my waist and my gown fell to the floor leaving me totally naked.

“That was sneaky!” I laughed as I felt the air around my exposed bottom half.

“I know, I’m a professional!” she laughed and held me back against the wall again, the cold tiles against my naked skin sent a shiver through me. Sophie lowered her head to my breasts and licked and sucked them to a stiff peak one at a time, they stood out so much it made them ache. When she grazed her teeth over then it sent what felt like an electric shock through me, I was so turned on it was driving me crazy! She kept moving and kissed me from between my breasts to my navel, the feeling of her soft lips on my skin was glorious and she kept going until she was on her knees in front of me.

“Mmm this looks so tasty,” said Sophie as she stroked my thighs and looked directly at my sopping wet pussy. She brought her mouth so close I could feel her hot breath on my lower lips; I ached to be touched there. Sophie ran her hand over the smooth skin of my pussy and I lifted my leg and put my foot on her shoulder to give her full access to me, resisting the urge to grind myself against her. Slowly, so slowly, she dragged the tip of her tongue around my intimate centre, teasing me so sweetly I almost cried out.

“Oh god,” I whispered as I watched, and felt, her tongue penetrate my dripping fuck hole. She slid it inside me until her mouth pressed right against my pussy, she pulled her face back and her fingernails dug into the back of my thigh causing a shot of pain up my leg. She pushed her tongue up inside me again reaching as far back as she could and flicked it around inside me, I felt her rub against my inner walls so delicately I couldn’t help moaning aloud!

She looked up at me with her lips glistening and smiled so sexily it nearly made me cum on her pretty face! With her eyes on me, she stuck out her tongue again and circled it around my now very engorged clitoris. Her lips moved forward and closed over it, suckling it like a little nipple. It was so blissful I barely knew what to do with myself, I stroked her hair back and watched her work on me, seeing it was almost as erotic as feeling it. I glanced up at the door and willed it to stay closed; I heard voices going past it and footsteps along the corridor, which excited me as much as it scared me!

Sophie’s treatment was relentless and I was delirious, but I wanted to taste her too. I was close to cumming but I held it back, for now, I wanted to stay at the edge for longer and enjoy the erotic thrill for as much time as I could. I reached down, pulled her away from my weeping pussy, and took my foot off her shoulder. She looked up at me a little unsure but she soon understood what I wanted. I pulled her up and held her face in my hands; her lips were shiny and wet with my juice which I gleefully licked off with one stroke of my tongue across her face.

“Do you taste good on my lips?” Sophie giggled. I smiled and kissed her deeply, I ran my hands over her naked back until I felt the waistband of her little skirt. With a little fancy footwork, I spun her around and held her against the wall, then kissed my way down her body until I was on my knees. I hooked my fingers into the waistband again and pulled it down to her ankles, the second I saw her hairless pussy in front of me I planted my mouth flat against it. I kissed it softly at first, enjoying the softness of her moist skin under my lips but I didn’t linger for long.

I was only just containing myself and I knew that if I came too soon it would tire me out and I wouldn’t be able to carry on for long, so I used my fingers to open up her lips and licked her from the bottom to the top. Sophie lifted her leg up onto the nearby sink giving me an incredible view of her, it also allowed me to open her up further and my tongue quickly found her hot little pink hole. I pushed it deep inside and tasted her with relish, her juice was in my mouth and running down my throat as I tongue fucked her with all the strength I had. I felt her hands on the back of my head and she pushed her pussy against my face, grinding on me like a fuck toy! I greedily licked at her pussy, slurping over it like a lollypop. I found her clitoris and sucked it hard, replacing my tongue with my middle and ring fingers in her fuck hole and pushed them up inside her.

That did it for her; her pussy grabbed my fingers and her fluid washed over them as she screeched and shivered. I meant to use my other hand to finish myself off but I had to hold her up while she climaxed around my hand. She lowered her foot from the sink and sank down to her haunches and pulled me into a hard kiss, we tasted each other while her quivering subsided and I moved my hand from her pussy and rubbed mine.

“Did you cum, baby?” She asked me.

“I’m close,” I said. Sophie quickly gathered herself and crawled over the floor to her bag while I sat with my back to the wall and my knees bent and far apart and rubbed myself. She turned back to me holding the new dildo in her hand and winked, then quick as a flash she was between my knees pushing the tip against my hole.

“It’s so big,” I said dreamily. Sophie opened up my lips and pushed the tip into me, the feeling was amazing as my hole widened around it. “Oh god!” Sophie quickly put her free hand over my mouth to stifle the squeal and pushed it further inside me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, the friction down there was blowing my mind and when Sophie took her hand out of my mouth and used it to tease my clitoris, I knew I was finally going over the edge!

My mouth opened in a silent scream and my hips pushed against the cock, making even more of it disappear inside me. Sophie fucked me with it while my pussy squirted a stream of juice over it and her hand!

“Mmmm baby, it’s so good I’m…oh god,” my mumbling was halted when Sophie pushed her mouth onto mine and I rode out my orgasm while kissing her. It was incredible, even though we were on the floor of a hospital bathroom; it was still as intense as any orgasm I’d ever had before.

We held each other while our breathing slowly returned to normal, still naked with our legs and arms entwined.

“That was pretty special,” I told her while stroking her knee and thigh.

“Yeah, it was. Seeing you lose control with that thing inside you was so hot,”

“I guess we’d better get out,” I said slowly picking myself up. “Thank god no one came in!”

“God had nothing to do with it,” said Sophie with a smile. “I locked it first.”

“Really?” I laughed while tying a firm knot in each of the gown laces and shaking my head. Sophie looked up at me and nodded smiling. She got her clothes back on and we smoothed ourselves down and made ourselves look presentable, or as best we could manage. As we stepped towards the door I reached out for the handle and just as my fingers touched it, it swung open!

“Sorry ladies, emergency evacuation!” Brenda came rushing past us and dived into one of the cubicles! “If I were you I’d go now before I turn this room into a crime scene!” We both burst out laughing and rushed into the corridor.

“So, you locked it?” I asked, shaking my head at smiling at Sophie.

“Oops,” she said shrugging her shoulders, “I guess not!” We hugged each other and I gave her another quick kiss.

“I love you, Sophie,” I told her.

“I love you too,” she replied.

We walked hand in hand back to the ward, smiling sweetly and I climbed back onto my bed, tired out. My head rested back on the pillow and Sophie stroked my hair as the world got blurry. “It’s okay baby, sleep and get your strength back.” I was dimly aware of Louise plugging the line back in, and then everything faded to black.