Madeleine has been working late with her new boss

Madeleine was working late with her new boss Deirdre.
They’d been working late for two weeks trying to tidy
the mess left by the previous manager. At last they’d
cleared the backlog.

Deirdre sighed, looked directly at Madeleine, and
stretched up her arms – her large soft breasts pushed
forward in her skintight jumper making it ride up to
reveal a stretch of suntanned stomach. ‘I think this
calls for a celebration.’

Madeleine was disturbed by the sinking feeling in her
stomach when she’d looked at Deirdre’s breasts, her
firm, erect nipples and her naked stomach. She’d
never felt that way before looking at a woman,
wanting to reach out and touch her. Perhaps it was

‘I’m sorry, Deirdre, I said I’d meet my boyfriend
tonight. He’s been feeling neglected these last few

‘Too bad. Another time, perhaps?’


Madeleine went to the mirror and stood there putting
on her make up. She was surprised and excited to feel
Deirdre come up close behind her. Deirdre was smiling
at her in the mirror.

‘Thanks for all your help over the last weeks,’ she
said leaning against Madeleine – her soft breasts
pressing against Madeleine’s back, her hands
alighting lightly on Madeleine’s hips She kissed
Madeleine lingeringly on the neck. Her lips were soft
and wet. Madeleine felt an excited shiver run through

‘Think nothing of it.’

Deirdre slid her hands round onto Madeleine’s
stomach, stretched them over and down her tingling
flesh, pulled Madeleine back so that Madeleine’s
buttocks pressed against the curve of Deirdre’s
taught stomach. Deirdre gave a faint gasp, held
Madeleine like that briefly, kissed her again then
moved away. Again Madeleine felt a dropping feeling
in the pit of her stomach. This was her boss. There
had been no hint of anything like this happening
between them before.

‘If you won’t come out celebrating with me, will you
have a drink with me before you go?’

‘I don’t know.’ Madeleine was beginning to feel
aroused and excited.

‘Just a quick glass of wine?’

‘All right, then.’

‘Come into my office.’

Deirdre drew the curtains in the spacious office and
turned the key in the door. ‘We don’t want security
disturbing our quiet little drink, do we?’


‘Sit down on the couch. Kick off your shoes. Relax.
You deserve it. I think we both need to unwind.’

Deirdre sat beside her on the couch. They sipped the
wine. It soon made them both feel more relaxed and

‘I think we could become friends, don’t you,

‘Well….yes. I think so?’

‘I must say I’ve taken to you.’ She laid her hand on
Madeleine’s arm. ‘You are such a sweet girl.’

‘I don’t know about that.’

‘But you are. And so pretty. I feel quite envious of

‘But you are beautiful.’

‘Am I? What makes you say that?’

‘You just are.’

Deirdre’s hand moved easily from Madeleine’s arm to
her knee. ‘You’re just saying that.’

‘No I’m not. You have a lovely figure.’

‘And what do you like most about my figure?’

‘I don’t like to say, really. All of it. I must be

Deirdre’s hand had moved imperceptibly from
Madeleine’s knee upwards towards the hem of her short
skirt. Madeleine tried to ignore it but heard herself
swallowing and felt an excited pleasure and dampness
between her legs.

‘You don’t like being here with me? I thought you

‘I do.’ her throat was dry. She felt like a stupid
little girl.

‘Then stay for a bit. I’m sure you will enjoy

‘Will I?’

Deirdre’s hand now slipped between her legs, was
moving slowly backwards and forwards pushing more and
more against both legs and against the hem of her

Madeleine closed her eyes. The sensation between her
legs was as exciting as she’d ever felt before. She
eased open her legs.

‘That’s better,’ said Deirdre, and slipped her hand
slowly and gently further up between Madeleine’s
thighs. Madeleine was breathing deeply now, waiting
and wishing for Deirdre’s hand to touch her wet cunt.
‘You like that?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Yes.’ Deirdre’s hand touched Madeleine’s pants
making her sigh and lean back opening her legs. What
was she doing?

Deirdre was kneeling between her legs. She eased
herself up and Deirdre pushed up her skirt up until
it was above her waist. Deirdre leaned forward and
kissed the outside of her pants, rubbing her nose in
the musky dampness. Madeleine groaned and stretched
her hands down until they reached Deirdre’s large
soft breasts. She stroked them, pressing the nipples
with her thumbs. Deirdre’s fingers found the elastic
of Madeleine’s pants.

Madeleine eased herself up, felt Deirdre’s breasts
slip away and her pants and tights slipping off. When
Deirdre came back against her, her breasts were
naked, the nipples erect. Madeleine squeezed
Deirdre’s breasts and heard Deirdre gasp.

Deirdre eased Madeleine forward on the couch till her
buttocks were free. She opened her legs wide and
Madeleine felt Deirdre’s large, full lips press
against her cunt, her tongue begin to lick her cunt
lips, this way and that, soft, tantalising and then,
when she thought she couldn’t bear it any longer, she
felt her hard, long tongue enter her. She groaned
with pleasure.

Deirdre’s tongue found her erect clitoris and licked
and prodded it sending wild pleasure up though her.
Deirdre’s finger entered her, in and out, then two,
then three. Then she felt a juicy finger feeling for
her anus. It found it and slipped in. She groaned
again. Deirdre started to move her fingers and her
tongue in a steady rhythm. The pleasure was

‘Go on. Go on. Please. Go on. Go on. Go on.’

Deirdre worked faster and faster, faster and faster.

‘Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me . Fu….ck ME!’
Her back arched and she screamed with the soaring
pleasure of her climax.. She reached down and pulled
Deirdre up onto her, held her head and kissed her,
her tongue deep in her mouth, tasting herself on her
tongue and lips.

They kissed, their tongues deep in each other’s
throats, for a long time.

‘What about your boyfriend?’ said Deirdre eventually,

‘Are you trying to get rid of me now?’ said
Madeleine, kissing Deirdre’s chin, her neck, her
breasts, nibbling her nipples.

‘Am I?’ said Deirdre slipping her hand down between
Madeleine’s legs and sliding it up hard against her
wet cunt. Madeleine opened her legs.

‘Let’s get these off first?’ said Deirdre, unable to
hide her rising excitement.

They took off their clothes and stood admiring each
other’s naked bodies.

‘Would you like me to introduce you to one of my
little toys?’ asked Deirdre, moving towards her desk.
She opened a drawer and withdrew a huge, black dildo.

‘Little toy?’ said Madeleine looking incredulously at
the huge black belted penis, which Deirdre was
arranging so that she could strap it around her.

‘This is my friendly gorilla. You see this bit at the
back?’ She pointed at another large penis shaped
appendage on the inside of the dildo. ‘That goes into
me like this.’ She sighed as she slipped it into
herself. ‘As the front penis is touched or moved or
played with, or better still thrust into someone, so
the other penis pleasures me too. Clever, isn’t it?’

When she’d finished fitting the dildo to herself,
Deirdre stood, mimicking a man, the great cock
swaying stiffly in front of her, making her sigh with
pleasure.. The great, black member must have been
twelve inches long and as thick as Madeleine’s wrist.
Deirdre adjusted something and the cock grew even
larger, harder and began to throb gently. Again this
made Deirdre groan and rub her own breast and nipples

‘And what do you propose doing with that now?’ said
Madeleine, laughing.

‘I propose to fuck you stupid with it.’

‘With that? Me? You must be joking. I couldn’t take a
huge thing like that.’ But Madeleine’s voice betrayed
the excited anticipation, which was growing inside

‘Yes you can. Come here. I said come here, you bitch.
towards her.

‘That’s better’, said Deirdre, ‘Now touch it. That’s
right. Play with it. Play with it.’ Deirdre was
swaying with pleasure as Madeleine fondled the huge
penis. ‘Now get down on your knees. Down!’ Madeleine
kneeled in front of Deirdre. ‘Now lick it, you bitch.
Go on, lick it.’

Madeleine grasped the huge penis with both hands and
played the end of it around her lips. Deirdre groaned
and gripped the sides of Madeleine’s head, pulling
Madeleine’s mouth in over the penis, swaying and
groaning. Madeleine was now right into this game,
feeling more and more aroused by the huge, throbbing
penis filling her mouth. She began to suck it, gently
at first, then harder and harder, feeling her
excitement rising as Deirdre groaned.

She felt juices running down her leg and a hot,
desperate ache for the giant member in her cunt. It
couldn’t do any harm to try this monstrosity. She
stood up and leaned back against the desk and opened
her legs. She wanted it now. She wanted it. She had
to have it. ‘Please, ‘ she gasped, ‘Please, Deirdre,
please. Fuck me with your gorilla prick.’

Deirdre ran her hand up Madeleine’s legs collecting
the thick, juices running freely from Madeleine’s
cunt. She rubbed the juices and some cream over the
tip of the huge penis. She lifted Madeleine onto the
desk, pulling up and opening out her legs. ‘Now
relax,’ she said, ‘you can take it. I have.’.

The cock rested, throbbing and eager, on the lips of
Madeleine’s cunt. Madeleine relaxed, opening her cunt
lips ready to take it, desperate to get some relief
from the throbbing ache of desire, which was burning
the whole of her lower region. Deirdre pushed it in
an inch, throbbing, filling her, stretching her.

Deirdre was panting with the pleasure it was giving
her, but was being slow and gentle. More of it was in
her. She felt so full and stretched, the firm
throbbing cock pressing agonisingly against her rigid
clitoris. She felt herself begin to move, up and down
around the huge throbbing machine which was giving
her so much pleasure. She wanted more, she wanted it
moving, pressing her clitoris, fucking her.

‘Fuck me,’ she said, ‘For God’s sake fuck me,’
Deirdre began to move the gorilla penis it in and out
of Madeleine, little by little. Madeleine curled her
legs around Deirdre’s back. This brought it further
into her. Madeleine eased her self up and down onto
it. Deirdre was thrusting faster and faster.

‘Oh, Christ. Oh fucking Christ. Oh, fucking cunt’.
Madeleine thrust herself up onto the huge member.
There must be more than half of it inside her. She
felt so stretched and totally filled. Deirdre was
screaming, thrusting down on her. In it went, deeper
and still deeper. The sensation in her clitoris, her
whole lower body was unbearable. She was being fucked
not by a gorilla but a fucking elephant.

‘A fucking elephant,’ she screamed, a beautiful,
fucking elephant, and she thrust herself upwards and
open, Deirdre thrust herself down on her screaming.
The cock went in to the hilt. Madeleine screamed and
screamed with pleasure. Deirdre plunged into her like
a demented animal. With a few last thrusts, the two
of them arched up in a fantastic, mind splitting
moment of exquisite, bestial, screaming pleasure.

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