A man is victimized by a hit and run driver, then he turns the tables on her

Let’s start by telling you that I love my car. It’s a
shiny, black, 1994 BMW 850 that I have babied for all the
years I’ve owned it. Most people mistake it for a new car
when they see it, which I consider the ultimate

And, up until six days ago, I had enjoyed 112,453
uneventful miles.

I’m driving home late from work after a great day
shooting a layout for a department store ad campaign and
I’m sitting at a red light when, BLAM! This little ’88
Honda smashes into the rear of my car!

“Shit!” I yelled and then undid my seatbelt to get out
and do the insurance thing with the asswipe who blemished
my baby. I’m getting out of the car just as the Honda
goes screaming by, nearly taking my door off. “No fucking

Yep, no pissy little Honda is gonna get away from the
pinnacle of German technology. The chase was on and I
caught up with the little piece of shit in a heartbeat.
The driver clearly panicked and floored it until we were
doing sixty on the narrow residential streets.

Knowing that I was in control of the situation, I laid
back a bit and let the Honda take the lead, figuring a
cop would catch it before too long. The Honda nearly ate
it taking the turn into the park and, again, I had no
trouble following. Now I hit the high beams and the
driving lights to distract the other driver. It worked! I
saw the hand go up to adjust the rearview mirror just
before the little car missed the turn and sailed over the
embankment and into the duck pond. My lights caught the
splash of water, as the Honda became a submarine.

I stopped and got out my flashlight and smiled in triumph
as I walked to the edge of the pond just in time to see
the Honda go under. The headlights stayed on briefly
before the electrical system shorted out. The pond now
darkened, I looked around to see where the driver was and
it took a second before I realized that the driver was
still in the car.

“Asshole, serves him right.”

I turned to walk away and let justice take its’ course
when I heard a gasp of air as the driver broke the
surface of the murky pond.

“Help me!”

It was a woman!

“Can you swim to shore?” I yelled, “It’s not far! Come
on, you can do it!”

Did you think for one second that I was going to jump in
to save her and ruin my best suit?

She about made it to shore when she passed out and
slipped under. Crap. So I waded out and got my hand on
her collar and dragged her to shore. The flashlight
revealed a nasty bruise on her forehead so I figured that
she had banged herself on the steering wheel. Well, at
least she was still breathing. My next inspection of the
little criminal revealed a very muddied cheerleader
outfit over a nicely shaped body.

A lot of gears spun around in my head in a very short
time. I should call for an ambulance and then report the
hit and run to the cops. And then I could fight with her
insurance company to pay for the damage to my car. Or…

I picked her up and carried her to my car where I
strapped her into the passenger seat. Then I headed for

“What the fuck am I doing?” I thought to myself out loud.

“Ohhh, it hurts…” my passenger mumbled, shocking me a

“It’s okay, you’re safe and I’ll have you at the hospital
soon, okay?”

“Yeah…” and she allowed herself to slip back into

When I got home I got changed out of my suit and tossed
it in the laundry bag for the next day before I went to
visit my guest.

The clothes were so filthy that I decided to just cut
them all off of her and then I carried her to the shower.
I got the water started and then I stripped down and
carried my charge into the cleansing stream. She was limp
the whole time that I was washing the mud off of her to
reveal a very cute, red-haired young lady of about
eighteen or nineteen. I guessed at about 5’2″ and maybe
110 lbs. and nicely proportioned. After a thorough wash I
dried her off and even brushed and blow-dried her short
hair before putting her into my bed.

I went back to the bathroom and picked up her clothes and
took those to my pottery kiln and dropped them in. In
just a few hours even the ashes of the clothes would be
burnt away. I was being careful to cover my tracks.

Now I went back to my bedroom and retrieved a few of my
toys from my armoire. After another few minutes I had my
toys in place and my charge was neatly restrained and
secured to the bed. Then I covered her up and left to
sleep on the couch.

I intended to savor the coming events like a fine wine.

The first scream came out of my room around seven the
next morning. I casually walked to the door and opened it
to find an enraged little redhead waiting for me.

“Let me go, you fucking BASTARD! Who do you think you are
to tie me up like this? My father will fucking K**L YOU
when he gets his hands on you!”

I just stared at her, slightly amused.

“What are you smiling at? Let me go or I’ll fucking k**l
you myself!”

I laughed a little louder.

“Stop it and let me go…NOW!”

She was obviously very spoiled and very used to always
having her way. Well, that was about to change.

“Those are big words from someone who hits other people’s
cars, runs away, gets caught, and is now tied up naked in
my bed.”

It was enjoyable watching her bitchy anger turn to fear
in just the time it took to speak a sentence. Her eyes
went wide, her skin flushed whiter and paler than it
already was, and I could see goose bumps appear on her
exposed arms.

“Ah, not so angry now? Don’t you want to tell me how much
trouble I’m in?”

“Just let me go and I won’t tell anyone, I promise.

Wow, from a tiger to a kitten, just like that.

I walked toward the bed as I spoke, “First you need to
learn a lesson in humility and second, you need to pay
me for the damage you did to my car when you hit it.”

She screamed when the fear of what could happen overcame
her. I hate screaming so I struggled with her for a few
moments, listening to her phony pleas for mercy, before I
got the gag into place.

“That’s better.”

I undid the chain that held her left foot and pulled it
around to the side of the bed. As I pulled it tight her
ankle came up to her butt and then just over to the side.
I repeated the procedure with her right foot. The result
was her legs were spread wide, leaving her very
temptingly vulnerable. Her blue eyes were wide with fear,
much different from the other women who had willingly
placed themselves in her same position so many times

As much of a thrill as it is to play at r**e, I found
myself electrified at the thought of doing it for real,
and I also found a little irony in the fact that my
victim had chosen herself by first victimizing me. In a
way, I was restoring balance to the yin and yang of the
universe with what I was doing.

“Ah…yes…that’ll do.” I picked out another toy from my
armoire and tied it in position and then switched it on.
The vibrator that I had strapped against her pussy
randomly pulsed, vibrated, and varied in intensity and,
having enjoyed great success with it in the past, I
trusted it to keep my captive company for now.

So then I went off to work and came back for lunch to
feed my little prisoner and attend to her needs. When I
entered the room I could see the tears on her face from
the tortures of the vibrator. I first escorted her to the
bathroom and made her do her business right in front of
me while still gagged. Then I secured her back in the

“You can have some food, but one rule, do not speak at
all or you’ll regret it. Understand?”

She nodded.

After she was fed and I had gotten a little juice into
her I put the gag back in place and then got her back
into position. She didn’t fight me as I put the vibrator
back where it belonged and then left it on a higher

Back to work I went, doing some of my best artistry in
years as I anticipated the night to come.

When I got home I found my captive writhing in the middle
of what had to be only one of many orgasms she had been
through that day. Her eyes were closed and her breath
stopped and then gasped with the action of the little toy
in her crotch. She didn’t notice when I slipped up and
increased the setting on the vibrator to its’ highest

I was rewarded with the sight of the little tart almost
having a seizure with the severe orgasm brought on by the
little toy.

Her eyes slowly opened as the vibrator was removed from
her body. The sheet under her butt was a mess with the
wetness from a long day of sexual arousal and release.
And her scent was just magic to me. I had to have her.

Her eyes widened as I undressed. When I was finally naked
she began to beg as best as she could with the gag in
place. I kissed her cheek and then kissed both of her
beautiful nipples and then caressed her areoles until
they sprang into swollen arousal.

This would be good.

I walked to the end of the bed and slowly climbed on. She
looked at me between her knees as I approached and I
could see her fear. I could taste it. I could feel it.

She flinched as my finger reached right up and probed her
pussy lips and played with the bright red hair. She was
so wet from the attention of the toy that it was no
trouble to slip a little bit of my finger into her
warmth. She mumbled a bit with alarm as I pinched her
clit from the inside and outside.

“This is going to be good.”

I couldn’t deny myself any longer. I crawled up onto her
and let my cock prod her soaking crevice. Her head
flailed and she was clearly saying ‘no’ through the gag.
She began to buck underneath me in a futile attempt to
stop me from my goal. The head of my cock easily slipped
in between the swollen pussy lips and poked a little way
into her body.

She was screaming into the gag now.

I got into a push-up position over her and began to
thrust my eager cock into her lovely pussy and then her
screams abruptly stopped as I pushed up against a

“That’s why you’re so upset… you’re a virgin, aren’t

With visible relief she nodded ‘yes’. I pulled out of her
body for the moment and she was clearly relieved beyond

“Well, I guess you should have thought of that before you
fucked up my car!”

Before she could begin to fight me again I drove my cock
deep into her body, crashing through her virtue the same
way she crashed into my car. Her eyes went wide with
shock and then she screamed with the pain of her

I answered her scream with another thrust into her body.
Every one of her screams I answered with a thrust of my
cock, and every thrust of my cock was answered with a
scream. It was delicious. Even when she realized that my
thrusts were timed by her screams, she still screamed.

She was the absolute best fuck of my life. She was giving
me power and pleasure and pain and I ate it up like a
starving man.

Another thought occurred to me.

“Have you ever thought about what would happen if you
ever got pregnant?”

Her pussy clenched tight around my cock as she tried to
get me out of her body. Her eyes communicated an even
deeper fear as she fairly thrashed about underneath me,
impaled on my cock like a gigged frog.

“No, you never thought about it?”

I started to hump her deep and hard, in slow, torturous

“Better start thinking about it!”

I drove my cock right up against her womb as the pressure
in my balls blew stream after stream of my potent sperm
into her young, tender body. I pulled back and slammed it
home again with each gout of my cum. It was magnificent.

My young captive was silent now; the tears ran down her
face as she dealt with the humility of her conquest and
her possible future. Her expressive eyes were now closed,
not wanting to see the man who had taken her finest
treasure away from her.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed the glow of the incredibly
satisfying release with my cock still buried in her no-
longer virgin pussy.

She had a lot to pay for and she had many more lessons
ahead before her debt to me was paid. And as I relished
the thought of teaching them to her I felt my cock swell
up with a renewed need.

She screamed into the gag as I began to pump her pussy
again with my swelling cock. I smiled and planned my next
lesson for my little prisoner.

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