Magda’s cleaning girl takes charge

It had been 2 months since Magda Carter had hired the
new cleaning company, but she hadn’t yet felt
comfortable around the 24 year old girl they had been
sending. Magda considered herself a refined upper-
middle class woman. She was in good shape for a 37 year
old 5’4″ woman. She’d been told that she resembled
Scarlett Johanssen.

The cleaning girl seemed to be the exact opposite.
Magda thought that Rozkoo was pretty in a rough, biker
sort of way. She had a tattoo on each arm, her long
dark hair seemed a little dirty, and she always wore a
tight t-shirt and jeans that rode low on her hips. When
Magda first met Rozkoo and saw the ring that pierced her
lower lip and the tongue stud, she felt a little
intimidated. But she did a good job cleaning the house
each week, so Magda wasn’t complaining.

On this morning Magda had let Rozkoo in and had told her
she was going to take a shower before going shopping.
After her shower, Magda had wrapped a towel around her
and was drying her hair when the door opened slowly and
Rozkoo peeked in. Startled, Magda jumped and said, “Rozkoo,
you scared the hell out of me. Have you ever heard of

“Sorry, Mrs. Carter, I did knock but I guess you didn’t
hear me over the hair dryer.”

“Next time try to have a little class and wait before
you come into my bathroom,” said Magda, regretting her
statement almost immediately.

“Hey listen, lady. I said I did knock, and I do have
class. Maybe I don’t have as much money as your little
blonde ass, but I’ve got plenty of class,” said Rozkoo as
her anger started to build.

Sensing this, Magda began to backpedal. “Ok, fine. I
didn’t mean anything by it. What did you want, anyway?”

“I was just going to ask where the vacuum was. And
maybe you didn’t mean anything by it, but you said it.
The truth comes out. Now I know how you feel.” “You’re
really just an uppity bitch, aren’t you?”

Magda now felt a little nervous, a little threatened by
the younger, taller, obviously stronger girl. And here
she is standing with just a towel around her while Rozkoo
was a few feet away in her usual tight t-shirt, jeans
and work boots. Magda said, “Look Rozkoo, I’m sorry.
Please just go and let me finish.”

But the pressure of having to clean all these “rich”
people’s homes for next to no money had now built up in
Rozkoo. She stepped closer to Magda, who backed up until
she was against the bathroom wall. Rozkoo looked down at
the woman, who suddenly seemed very small.

Rozkoo put her hands on the wall alongside Magda, leaned
close to her face and said, “You’re the kind of woman
that needs to be taken down a peg or two, and I think
I’m the person that’s gonna do it. Whaddya say, Mrs.
Carter? You want I should teach you a few things about
being nice to me?”

“Please just go and we’ll act as if this never

Rozkoo ran her fingers through Magda’s damp hair, leaned
forward and took a deep breath of it’s clean smell.
Magda tried to push her away, but Rozkoo quickly grabbed
her wrists and pulled her arms down. Rozkoo said, “You
smell good, Mrs. Carter. Nice and clean. I’ll bet your
husband enjoys being with you, feeling that soft skin
of yours underneath him. And I’ll bet there’s a sexy
bitch under that uppity attitude of yours. Isn’t that
right, Mrs. Carter?”

Magda couldn’t believe what was happening. She now
struggled to break free, but Rozkoo was unbelievably
strong. Rozkoo leaned further into Magda. Magda turned
away as Rozkoo’s lips grazed over her cheek, then down
her neck. Magda turned her head back and forth, but
couldn’t escape the soft kisses.

“Please stop. Don’t do this.”

Rozkoo’s body now pressed into Magda’s as the kisses
became stronger. Rozkoo sensed the struggles of the woman
subside. She continued her kissing, eventually reaching
Magda’s soft lips. With Magda still whispering to stop,
Rozkoo began to kiss those lips, running her studded
tongue over the older woman’s mouth, gently at first
and then with more passion.

Now Rozkoo felt Magda’s body relax. As she continued to
kiss the woman, she released her arms and undid the
knot holding the towel, which now dropped to the floor.
Her fingers rolled Magda’s nipples and she pulled back
to see Magda’s eyes now closed. Rozkoo said “You want me,
don’t you Mrs. Carter?”


“Then take my clothes off” said Rozkoo to the now
trembling woman.

Magda undid Rozkoo’s belt and pulled the younger woman’s
jeans down her legs. She knelt to untie and remove each
work boot. With Magda’s help Rozkoo stepped out of her
jeans. Magda started to stand but Rozkoo gently pushed
her back down and said “Pull my panties down.”

Magda did as she was told and Rozkoo stepped out of her

Rozkoo then said, “Kiss me there.”

Magda again did as she was told, leaning forward into
the thick black hairs. She kissed, then licked, then

Rozkoo’s first orgasm came quick that day. Afterward, she
took the blonde woman by the hand and led her to her
own bed. Magda, who had never been with a woman,
couldn’t believe the intensity of the feeling. She let
Rozkoo have her way and experienced the strongest orgasm
of her life upon feeling Rozkoo’s studded tongue between
her legs. For 3 hours Rozkoo taught Magda many pleasures
and Magda was the willing student.

Now when Rozkoo comes to clean, Magda meets her at the
door. Clean and wet and wrapped in her towel.

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