A female client falls for a man’s wife

I met Joan on Thanksgiving Eve. I remember the date so
well because a bunch of friends and I were out
celebrating my becoming a partner in a Wall Street
firm. Quite a feat in any man’s terms, especially for
an Hispanic at that time. Well, half Hispanic anyway,
which turned out to be telling in the events herein

The usual suspects were there. About ten or twelve of
us from a six or seven different firms. We were all
friendly competitors. This was before Wall St. REALLY
became cutthroat.

We had made our way uptown to a favorite watering hole.
It was only about nine PM so we were fairly sober. As
we congregated around the bar, I saw a guy, fairly well
lit up, annoying a very pretty, dark haired girl. She
kept trying to fend him off, he kept persisting. I had
to do something about it, after all, it was my party,
and if anyone was going to be persistent it was I.

So, I mounted my white horse and rode in to the rescue.
I small scuffle ensued, but was quickly brought under
control. The guy left and I took his place trying to
wend my way in. Something about my cavalier approach
struck a cord with her and we left to go to dinner

I learned Joan was a Mid-Westerner who had moved to the
city after college, for the experience mostly. She was
a teacher in a suburban school looking for a change in
employment, from socialist to capitalist so to speak,
she wanted to make some money. She finally did succeed
in moving to a very good position.

We hit it off, she was impressed with what I did for a
living, and what I had achieved. At thirty-one (she was
twenty-four) I was young to be made a partner in the

The night ended with our making a date for Friday
night. I thought I’d see how that went before I told
her I was married. I have to admit to being a real
hypocritical asshole in those days, I was upfront with
the women I cheated on my wife with, while keeping my
wife in the dark. I was later to learn she knew a great
deal more than I gave her credit for knowing.


Joan and I were together about three years. During that
time we had a very active, creative, and fulfilling
sexual experience. I shared an apartment on the Upper
Eastside with one of my partners, and good friend. He
and I were out a lot together but we never tripped over
each other in the apartment’s use. Actually, his
assistant used to keep the log for us. We partnered in
a very wild firm, that fortunately the senior partners
were able to merger just before we went belly up.

One day, I got a call on the floor from one of our
friendly competitors to tell me a mutual client and
friend was going to be in NYC that night and wanted to
go out. I knew what that meant, booze, dope and women.

I met them, client (Paul), competitor (Phil) and
partner (Andy) uptown, at a discrete place for drinks,
went to dinner, and scoured the pick-up bars for
action. No luck. Andy told us he had the number of a
hooker who was supposed to be really hot. As it was
getting late, Paul decided that was the best he’d get,
so the call was made.

We arrived at Eva’s about midnight. Those three got the
licks in and when she came for me I told her I had a
girlfriend and didn’t want to cheat on her. The height
of hypocrisy, I didn’t want to cheat on the woman I was
cheating on my wife with. OK, so I’m no rocket

Eva was absolutely gorgeous. She and I had a similar
background, she was Puerto Rican, as was my father
(mother Anglo). The others left and since Eva didn’t
have any more clients that night I hung around and we
talked for a while, as I drank her really good cognac.
I liked her, really nice person. We had dinner
together a few times after that night, no sex, just

I told her about my situation, wife, and girlfriend.
She asked me if I’d like to bring my wife in to meet
her. Eva, was bi-, and offered to perform a little
therapy on her. Shit, we really laughed at that. Then
she very seriously asked if she could meet Joan.

“What for?”

“I like you and since I can’t have you, maybe I can
have someone close to you.” That made no sense at all,
but I was really intrigued by the prospects.

That weekend, Joan and I were in Toronto, I used to do
a lot of business trading Canadian mining stocks, what
fucking crooks those Canadian promoters are, but we got
along and I usually knew their angle. While we were in
our hotel room I asked Joan if she’d ever had an
experience with a woman.

“No, I had a roommate in college who wanted to
experiment, but I couldn’t do it.”

“I know someone who wants to meet you,” I told her
about Eva. I never tried to lock Joan into a monogamous
relationship, you know, as my mistress. She knew I was
married and lived with it. I knew she slept with other
guys when she wanted to and I lived with that.

“Did you tell her I would?”

“You know better, she invited us to dinner at her place
just to see what happens.”

“And what would you think of me if I did?”

“I would still love you as I do now. This is just an
experience for us.”

“And, if I like it and want to be with her?”

“I have no hold on you, that’s are agreement, it goes
for us too.”


A couple of weeks later, my partner’s assistant called
me on the floor and told me Joan had called and just
said, ‘Tell him, OK’. “You going to tell me what this
is all about?”

“Not on your best day.” She gave me my usual ration of
shit and hung up.

I made the dinner date with Eva. Picked Joan up at the
appointed time and was awe struck when I saw her. She
had had her hair done, a new dress, tight black mini
that showed off her assets with a flourish and new
black spaghetti strap pumps. When she sat I saw she was
wearing hose. That wasn’t unusual, but, it struck me
that she was making tonight special some how.
Everything was new, everything was perfect.

“You look outrageous,” I told her. Her smile was very
inscrutable, telling me it wasn’t for me.

Eva had gone all out, flowers on the dining room table
and in her sitting room. Low lights, augmented by
candles. Soft romantic music ever so subtlety audible.
She took off Joan’s coat with a sensuousness that was
not lost on Joan.

Eva wore a long hostess gown that was slit up the leg,
right to her hips. As she walked, her breasts swayed
seductively, the gown opened to her hips showing bare
skin. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing anything under
the gown.

Joan was clutching my hand very tightly. Eva approached
us looking deep into Joan’s eyes, she caressed Joan’s
face, “You were right, Dudley, she’s beautiful.”

Joan blushed averting her eyes from both of us.

“Joan, I wanted everything to be perfect for you, but
I’m afraid I cooked peasant food for our friend here, I
know he likes rice and beans with chicken, Puerto Rican
style, so I made it for him. As thanks for bring you.”
Eva still held her hand to Joan’s face. Joan didn’t
pull away, but didn’t look at her either. She also
still had a death grip on my hand.

“It’s all right, I know he likes it, he tried to cook
it for us once and screwed it up, so thanks from both
of us.” Finally she looked at Eva. They looked into
each other’s eyes for a while, there eyes delivering
messages they couldn’t say in front of a man they
thought couldn’t understand. Finally, we sat as Eva
got cocktails for us. Margaritas, I had told Eva they
made Joan very horny. We had a second before dinner.

Dinner was great, great soup, salad and my favorite. We
consumed the three bottles of wine I had brought,
making the women, especially Joan, very relaxed.
Conversation became free flowing. Joan of course wanted
to know what every woman wants to know about a
prostitute, why, who, when and how. For her part, Eva
was very gracious and answered the all her questions,
whether it was the truth or not I’ll never know.

I volunteered to clear the table as the women went to
the sitting room. Taking the dishes to the kitchen I
stacked them in the dish washer. Pots and pans I left
to soak, there is just so much domesticity I have to
offer. Besides, I had a raging hard on and had to know
what was going on.

Joan sat on the couch facing Eva, in an easy chair.
Joan’s skirt had ridden up her thighs, deliberately I
wondered, showing thigh above her stockings. Eva’s
eyes were glued to the exposed thighs. “You have
beautiful legs.”

Joan blushed deeply.

“You’re very beautiful, too. Dudley told me how you two
became friends. Is it true he wouldn’t have you because
of me?” I sat next to her. She searched for my hand
again and squeezed it tightly.

“Yes, he is very faithful to you, you should be
flattered, most men can’t resist me.” Even her Spanish
accented English was seductive. Eva got up, went to the
bar and brought back a bottle of Remy Martin and three
glasses. “Would you pour”, she asked me.

I handed the ladies their drinks, took mine and sat
beside Joan again. A romantic Frank Sinatra ballad
started on the playing stereo. Eva stood and came to
Joan, put out her hand and asked, no told her, “Dance
with me”.

The hesitation was only momentary and then Joan stood
and went with Eva to an uncovered part of the wood
floor. They didn’t need much floor space, their dance
was merely a sway. Eva led, holding Joan in a
traditional manner, one arm behind her back, the other
extended. As the music played on, the space between
them narrowed. Toward the end of the dance, Eva had
brought the extended arm close to their bodies. The
music ended, Joan turned and came right back to the

As another ballad started, Joan took my hand and said,
“Dance with me, please.” I got up and she led me to the
same spot she had just vacated. She fell into my arms
and as she felt my erection, she looked up at me, held
her mouth open to be kissed, and rubbed her belly
against my now raging cock. I kissed her, her return
was almost frantic.

“You really are hot”, I whispered in her ear. She
answered by renewing her belly rub against my boner. I
reached up her back and undid her bra through her
dress, she didn’t attempt to stop me. When it was
undone, I took it off through the sleeves of her dress.
Again, she didn’t stop me. I kissed her as I felt her
braless breasts through her dress. The song ended. We
walked back to the couch.

This time, instead of sitting down, Joan went to Eva,
took her hand and, without saying a word, led her to
the same spot on the floor. When Eva was in front of
her, Joan put both arms around her neck and laid her
head on Eva’s shoulder. Eva, enthralled by what was
happening, encircled Joan’s waist and they did their
slow love dance to the seductively romantic music.

Their bodies moved in unison. Eva allowed her hands to
explore Joan’s body, moving up and down her back,
caressing her face, her shoulders, her arms. Eva knew
she had Joan, at least for tonight, she was in no hurry
and didn’t want to scare her prey.

Joan continued to lay her head against Eva’s shoulder,
the willing, but passive, participant. I could hear her
moan as Eva move her hands down her back, nearing
Joan’s curvaceous bottom, moving her belly against
Eva’s in anticipation. But she remained unfulfilled, at
least for now, Eva kept moving her hands away from
Joan’s bottom as her body language begged for the

It was now my turn to dance. I took Joan in my arms. We
danced in the same seductive ritual, but this time, as
the music ended, I turned her to Eva, undid the zipper
of her dress and let it fall to the floor. There she
stood, in her black panties and garter and high heels,
gawd, I wanted her so badly I almost took her on the
floor. But, this wasn’t my night. I picked up her dress
turned and left her, she raised her arms to Eva,
begging her to come and dance.

Eva stood, turned her back for me undo the zipper and
take her gown. It fell to her feet. She stepped over it
and went to Joan, naked except for her high heels.

My friends, it was a sight I will never forget. They
looked so beautiful together. Joan was 5′ 4″ tall, at
that time she weighed 105 pounds, slim hips, smallish
breasts, 34B, but her derriere was magnificent, round
mounds of love.

Eva was about the same size in everything but her
breasts, which must have been a C cup, by comparing
them to Joan’s, but she had Latina hips, round and made
for love. They both had exquisite features, long necks,
shapely legs, accented by the high heels. What I would
have done for a camera just then.

Eva didn’t tease anymore. Her explored Joan’s body
fully, every mound, crevice and indentation. She ran
her between her legs and found her love, caressing,
fingering, rubbing. Joan began to tremble with
excitement. Eva took Joan’s face in her hands and
touches her tips to Joan’s. Joan, whose eyes had been
closed, pulled back ever so slightly in surprise. Eva
held her face, not to keep her from pulling away, but
rather, with a sympathetic caring that touched Joan.
Joan looked into Eva’s eyes and then gave in to the
kiss. In no time, Joan was returning the kiss with a
passion that she had never displayed to me.

Joan finally took her hands from around Eva’s neck and
allowed them to do their own exploring, softly, slowly
moving across Eva’s back, her derriere, around to her
breasts. After a time, Eva took Joan’s hand and placed
between her legs. I could see Joan hesitate again, but
slow, surely she caressed Eva’s sex. Suddenly, Joan
gave in completely, allowed all her resistance to flow
from her and became the aggressor.

She took Eva’s face this time and kissed her, squeezing
her breasts. Running her hand down Eva’s belly,
through her pubis, finding her clit she caressed it
with a loving passion, softly, womanly. Eva moaned and
came on Joan’s hand. Joan was startled at first, but
then was ingratiated that she could have that kind of
power over another woman.

The song had long since ended and another one begun
before they took a breath. I could see Joan had given
in to her emotions completely. She lay her head on
Eva’s shoulder and slowly caressed Eva’s body. Eva, in
turn, had her hand on Joan’s pussy, alternating
caressing and finger fucking her.

I vacated the couch in anticipation of them wanting to
sit or lie together in the continuous quest for sexual
nirvana. While I was up, I extinguished the one lamp
that was still lighted and started moving half the
candles into the bedroom, illuminating that room in the
same seductive glow as the sitting room.

When I got back to the sitting room, Joan lay on her
back on the couch, with Eva lying on top of her. They
were locked in a kiss that exhibited the passion they
felt for each other. The sexual tension was so thick
one could smell it.

I poured another cognac for myself, hoping to burn off
my need to cum with a drunk. But what was going on in
the room sobered me and filled me with sexual awe. I
had never seen two people make love as these women
were. My own experience is one of attempting to meet my
partners needs while holding off my own, but when my
need begins to press to strongly, I abandon my concern
for my partner and attain my own gratification. I saw
none of that with Joan and Eva.

Eva, being the more experienced lesbian lover, assumed
the lead from the beginning of their dancing. But Joan
hadn’t remained passive. She was working to bring Eva
to her sexual heights as well.

Eva was grinding her pelvis into Joan’s, when suddenly
Joan threw her legs around Eva’s waist and locked on to
her. It looked as if Eva had a cock buried in her, but
Joan was getting off on the clitoris to clitoris
stimulation. And did she get off. Gawd, I was so
fucking jealous I could spit. Eva continued her rubbing
and grinding on Joan’s clit until they had both cum
twice more.

Eva stopped for a while. They lay together on the couch
kissing and caressing each other. Eva held Joan’s face,
kissed her and told her, “Come to bed with me, I want
you to lick me.”

They got up and walked past me as if I wasn’t even
there. I followed them to the bedroom and stood in the
door like some voyeur with binoculars at his window. By
this time I was really getting blitzed too.

They climbed on the bed, Joan lay on her back again.
Eva spread Joan’s legs, got between then and brought
Joan to another orgasm with her tongue. As Joan was in
the throws of her fourth orgasm, Eva turned her body,
moved her legs the other way, straddled Joan’s face and
lowered her pussy to Joan’s mouth. I could see Joan’s
hesitation, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“It’s OK, Honey, if you don’t want to lick me. I’m used
to sex without cumming.”

Eva started to move her hips to the side to dismount
Joan’s face, but Joan stopped her. Eva repositioned
herself over Joan’s mouth and again lowered herself. I
could see Joan’s tongue make an initial stab at Eva’s
pussy, then another and then a long lick. It wasn’t
long before she was doing Eva as well as Eva was doing

I heard Eva moan and grind her pussy on Joan’s mouth.
She raised her head, looked back and told her, “I’m
cumming, Honey, you’re making me cum”. Eva buried her
face back into Joan’s pussy and came all over Joan’s
face. Joan had her fifth orgasm, every one stronger and
more pleasing to her than I had ever given her.

When they came down from their mutual climax, Eva moved
to lie beside Joan. Joan turned to her and asked,
“What are we going to do with him?” Eva whispered
something in her ear. They both got up and came to me,
undressed me and took me into the bed with them. As I
lay between them, they both went down on me, licking
and sucking my hardness, when they weren’t kissing each

I was so inflamed with lust, I came in seconds. I lay
there hoping to get into the party, but it was not to
be. Joan came up to me kissed me and told me, “Leave
us, please. Go home and let us be alone. Call me
tomorrow.” I can’t tell you how shitty I felt, I
masculinity was shattered. I felt jealousy,
humiliation, worthlessness. My lover was throwing me
out. But I did as she asked, I dressed and left them

The next day I called her office, they told me she had
called in sick. I called her apartment, no answer. I
called my apartment, no answer. And then it struck me,
I called Eva. She was there. She told me Eva had
invited her to stay for the weekend and she had

“But, Joan, she’s working.”

“I know.” She hung up.

I called on Monday, we made a date for the middle of
the week. When I saw her, she didn’t tell me what
happened that weekend and I never asked. To this day, I
don’t know.

A couple of weeks later, I got a message to call Eva.
She asked me about Joan, wanted us to get together, and
asked for her number. I told her if Joan didn’t give to
her, she probably didn’t want her to have, but I’d ask.

When I told Joan, she was really concerned that I may
have given Eva her number and was obviously relieved
when I told her I hadn’t.

I saw Eva a few times after that, she wouldn’t talk
about Joan. I think she may have been hurt that Joan
never got in touch with her again. Shit, I wish I knew
what happened.

Joan and I stayed together, off and on, for another two
or so years, but our sex was never the same again.
There seemed to be a sense of melancholia about her
after that weekend. After we finally broke up, I lost
all contact with her. I wish her the best, I still
think about her, often, and about that night in

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