Making a good wife

They’d been married for almost 6 months now and they were happy, at least
that’s what she thought. He couldn’t stand visiting with her family. The
nauseating stories told over and over again. They way she immasculated him
by driving everywhere, choosing his clothes, correcting him in front of
people. One day he had enough.

“Let’s go for a drive.” He said tired of just sitting around waiting for
her to decide what she wanted to do with the day.

As usual she complained about it raining, it being cold, something or
other and said she didn’t feel like it.

The anger swelled. She needs to know that I am a man and I have needs.
She needs to know that the world doesn’t revolve around her. She needs to
understand her place!

He bit back his remarks, swallowed his pride for the last time and
sweetly begged her to come with him. After about 10 min of begging she
finally agreed.

He warmed up the little SUV they owned and out she walked in an outfit
that was typical “going out:” her tight “sexy” jeans, high heeled “fuck me”
shoes and a tiny top that hugged her tight belly and pushed her breasts
into a perfection. She’d never where this outfit for her husband… oh
no, this was for all the guys to stare at her so she could feel “pretty.”
She loved being a tease and finally she was going to pay for it.

As she got into the SUV in her bitchy voice she asked “So why are YOU

Taking a breath to calm himself “I just thought you could relax and
enjoy the ride letting me do all the work.” This seemed to play into her
“princess” complex and it shut her up.

After a little ways he turned off the main road, then turned off that
onto a dirt road. “Where ARE we going?!” She demanded.

“I wanted to show you something.” Turning down a narrow path.


“Just trust me.” Turning down what looks like a foot path, branches
screeching and scraping along the vehicle.

“NO! Where are we going?!”

Just a little bit farther and he wouldn’t have to put up with it any
more. “Someplace special.”

“Do you even know where we are?! This is so stupid.”

This was as good of spot as any. He slammed on the breaks, throwing her
hard against her seatbelt, her head hitting the dash, he turned the vehicle
off. Instant anger erupted from her: “What the HELL is wrong with you?!
Are you trying to k**l me? Where the FUCK are..”

“SHUT-UP!” he bellowed.

Surprised and speechless she just stared at him.

“Get out.” He calmly ordered her.


“I said get out.”

“It’s raining,” she said in that sarcastic and condescending tone.

“I don’t care. GET OUT!!” His patience almost gone.

Like a little girl throwing a temper-tantrum, she crossed her arms and
shook her head no.

He got out and stormed over to her side, opening the door, unbuckling
her seatbelt, grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the SUV. Pushing her
down roughly into a puddle he once again calmly “I said get out. Now when
I tell you to do something you are going to do it.”

Disbelief and defiance flooded through her. She started to stand up and
bitch but with a loud smack the back of his hand connected with her face
throwing her back into the puddle. “I didn’t say you could get up, Slut.
That’s right… Slut. You think you can dress like one and not be called
what you are. Now you have a choice: you can trust and obey be like a good
wife or I will make you. Both ways won’t be pleasant for you but either
way you will learn what it is to be a woman. You WILL learn to listen and
you WILL learn to obey. Understand?”

Her mind reeling, she grabs a handful of mud, throws it in his face to
distract him and starts to run down the narrow road.

As her hips sway from running in high heels, her ass is like a
hypnotists watch. He reaches under his seat and grabs the roll of duct
tape grinning to himself he mutters “this will be so much fun.”

Chasing after her, it didn’t take long for him to catch her. He grabs
her long hair, yanking her head back and then throws her to the ground.
She goes sprawling into the gravel ripping a hole in her precious jeans,
skinning one knee and scraping her hands. As she tries to get up he grabs
her. She twists and turns, trying to get away but his grip is to strong.
She yells and screams for help as he wrestles her onto her stomach, pinning
her down with his knee. He pulls out the duct tape and secures her wrists
behind her back. She screams as loud as she can, he bends over and
whispers in her ear: “Scream all you want Slut, no one will hear you.”

Taking a handful of hair he drags her kicking and screaming back to the
SUV. Shoving her against the side he pins her body between him and the
vehicle. His hands roughly squeezing her breasts, twisting her nipples,
her face contorts as she screams in agony. Smiling, he whispers in her ear
“You know, you are so beautiful when you’re in pain.” Emphasizing his words
he bites down hard on her neck.

“Do you want the pain to stop?”

She nods as tears stream down her face.

“Then get on your knees.”

Slowly she inches her way down on shaky legs, impatient he pushes her
the rest of the way. He undoes his fly and pulls out his rock hard cock,
inches from her lips.

“Suck it,” he orders her.

Sniffling and waiting to long, the back of his hand to her face sends
her all the way to the ground. Pulling her up to her knees by her hair
“When I tell you to do something, Slut, you do it!”

She opens her mouth and gently starts to suck, her head bobbing up and
down on his cock. He pushes his hips forward and looks down at her. She’s
so beautiful right now. Tears falling on mud splattered cheeks, her
clothes wet and clinging to her body, her spirit broken, her body shaking
in the cold and out of fear… fear of him. Her gorgeous blue eyes
looking up at him, her breasts plump and swollen from the mauling and best
of all her on her knees with his cock in her mouth.

Grabbing two handfuls of hair he fucks her face, slamming his cock into
the back of her mouth, forcing it down her throat. She gags and sputters,
her face turning deep red as his cock fills her throat not leaving any
space for air for her to breathe.

“That’s right Slut, c***e on my cock. I own you.” She tries to back
away but he pushes her against the SUV, sandwiching her between him and it,
forcing his cock deeper. Fucking her face roughly she struggles trying to
free herself. Her face turing shades of purple, her eyes bulging, rolling
back. As he forces his cock deeper, feeling the tightness of her throat
wrap itself around his throbbing cock, her body goes limp passing out.

Pulling his cock out she gasps for breath, heaving bent over on knees.
He grabs her by the throat, opens the back door and pushes her inside onto
her stomach. Still desperately trying to fill her lungs with air, coughing
through the tears, he unzips her jeans and pulls them off. What an amazing
sight! Her round ass, sitting atop long legs lengthened by her “fuck me”
heels. A tiny black thong enticing him, teasing him.

SMACK! A wonderful sound as his hand lands squarely on her ass. Her
body twisting as a scream escapes her lips. A bright red hand print slowly

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Now four hand prints cover her ass and the
screaming is sweet music to his ears. Taking off his belt he thinks, no
use having my hand hurt. Welts rise up as each blow lands harder and
harder. Her ass turned into a maze of deep crimson lines and bright red.
Her screams have faded to small bursts through her whimpering and sobbing.

Rubbing his hands gently over her tenderized skin he spreads her cheeks
and pushes her thong to the side. Positioning himself, holding onto her
hips, he slams his cock into her, ripping her delicate ass. A powerful
scream flies from her lips as her body bucks trying to break free.

“That’s it, Slut. Struggle all you want. I love the way your body
squirms on my cock. You like taking a cock up your ass don’t you? No?
Well too bad. I want to fuck your ass so I will. I’ll take what I want,
when I want it. Understand?”

Screaming at the painful intrusion, each thrust more painful than the
last. Her voice going hoarse. Finally submitting, her screams fade into
whimpers, her body no longer putting up a struggle. He swiftly pulls out
his cock, puts it back into his pants bored with her giving up and orders
her to stand. Painfully she stands up. Her legs shaking, her shoulders
quivering as she sobs. He cuts the duct tape from her wrists and orders
her to turn around and take her shirt off.

Standing in the cold rain only in high heels and a thong, her ass sore
and bleeding a slight trickle, her hands and knees scraped he smiles,

“Now let’s teach you some of the rules Slut. First you will address me
as Husband. Second, you will obey me without question or you will be
severely punished. Third, you will respect me from now on and remember
that I make the rules. Do you understand?”

Nodding she replies “Yes.”

“Yes what…?”

“Yes, Husband.”

“Good. Now put your hands on your head and walk down the road.”

Obeying she walks slowly down the road slipping occasionally on the
slick gravel. Eventually they reach a small stream where he orders her to

On her knees he stands in front of her. “You know, the sound of running
water makes me have to pee. If only I had something I could pee on. Oh,
wait! I have a slut for a wife and I need to claim her! But she hasn’t
figured out her place yet. What shall I ever do?” Sarcasm seething from
his every word. “Tell me that you’re a Slut.”

“I’m a Slut.”

A swift slap sends her rocking back almost losing her balance. “No!
You will address me as Husband and tell me WHY you are such a Slut. Tell
me about how you love a cock in your ass, how you love it when I cum down
your throat, how you love being treated like the Slut you are.”

“Y..Yes Husband,” she sniffles.

He pulls out his limp penis aiming it at her. “Say it.” He orders.

“I’m a Slut. I love having a cock in my ass…” As she recites all the
reasons she’s a Slut he lets loose his salty stream. Covering her up and
down her body, in her hair, over her face. He makes sure to get a little
in her mouth so she sputters as she tells his what kind of woman she really

After soaking her completely he presents his dripping member to her.
“Clean it.”

She sucks and licks it clean, gagging on the taste of urine. “That’s a
good Slut. Now clean yourself in the stream. I don’t want to have you
smelling like a toilet in my vehicle!” She steps into the frigid stream and
washes away his piss, sniffling but obedient. When she’s done she looks
back at him, shivering in the cold, her lips turning purplish. “Come here
and get on your knees Slut.” She obeys kneeling in front of him.

“Now, are you going to be a good Slut from now on?”

Her body shaking, she nods “Yes, Husband.”

“Good. Come here.” He offers her his hand and he helps her up. He
places his shirt over her shoulders and they walk slowly back to the SUV.
Gently he helps her inside and they drive home.