Marie Clair Goes To the Wrong School

“Why sure, you may sit here, Sir.” Marie Clair said to the kind-looking,
middle aged gentleman. She was glad to have a “gentleman” sit next to her on
the train, considering there was some “riff-raff” getting on behind him. She
sure wouldn’t want to sit next to one of them. Her aunt had warned her about
some of the people who might be on the commuter train.
“My name is Marie Clair, and I’m on my way to Saint Catherine’s School for
Girls in town. I’ve never been to the city before.” she said, introducing
The man looked her up and down, making her blush, and said, “It’s my
pleasure, Marie Clair. My name is Dr. Hardman. I’m an instructor at Saint
Catherine’s. What a small world.”
“Well this is my lucky day and tomorrow will be even luckier!” she said
“Why is that, my dear?”
“I’m going to be fourteen! It’s my birthday tomorrow.”
“My, my. I would never have guessed. You look much younger.” He said,
“Wouldn’t it be strange if you were the student housekeeper we’ve been
expecting? Maybe I should call Mrs. Hardman to see what to do. She could
even ask the headmistress to assign you to us. Then you wouldn’t have to take
the bus on
in to campus, and risk getting lost in the city. You could ride home in the
car with me and settle in a day early.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you Dr. Hardman.” then she added,
“But I have been worried about getting on the wrong bus.”
“Yes, I’m sure your mother warned you about getting on the wrong bus,
didn’t she?”
“No, I lived on a farm with my Aunt and Uncle, because my parents are
deceased. But, yes, my Aunt warned me about lots of things. She made the
city sound like such a scary place.” Marie Clair replied, looking down at the
floor. He feet did not touch the floor of the train car, and she was nervously
swinging her feet apart and together.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your parents.” commented Dr. Hardman, and
patted her on the knee. “You are very fortunate to have your Aunt and Uncle.”
“Yes, I suppose,” still not looking up, “Auntie was usually nice, but
Uncle John was also my teacher, and sometimes he was pretty strict.”
“What do you mean – ‘strict?’”
“Well, sometimes when I didn’t learn things fast enough he would spank
“Sometimes little girls need spankings, though. Don’t they?” he asked her
and patted her knee again. “I’m sure if he spanked you too hard your Auntie
would have said something.”
“Hmm, now that you mention it, he usually spanked me when she was gone.
But a few times when she was home, she would come into the study and watch me
getting spanked. Once she even said she should spank me more when he was
done… to help me learn my manners and to show some gratitude.” continuing,
“And another thing, Uncle John never pulled my panties down when Auntie was
home. He said I would learn my lessons better without all that padding.”
“Now, now, Marie Clair.” patting above her knee, “Whatever they did must
have really worked because you are so sweet and polite. I’m sure Mrs. Hardman
and I will be able to use you as our housegirl, just because you have such
good manners.”
“I wasn’t sure what kind of a job Auntie had arranged for me, but this
would be great.”
“Of course, we may need to paddle you occasionally, but only for your own
good. You want to continue to be a good little girl, don’t you?” patting a
little harder on the inside of her knee.
“Auntie said I should follow directions without asking so many questions.”
finally smiling at herself. “I bet I do such a perfect job that you won’t
ever have to spank me, Dr. Hardman.”
Marie Clair’s plaid, school skirt reached to just below her knees. Her
black, patent leather shoes and white knee socks completed her uniform. The
collar on her starched, plain white shirt had ruffles that almost touched her
chin. The plaid tie and v-neck sweater matched her skirt, with matching plaid
ribbons on her pig tails on the sides of her head. Her sandy-red hair didn’t
clash with the red plaid. No make up adorned her pretty face with turned up
nose and full lips. Even with all those modest clothes Marie was obviously
“Now, let me guess, Marie Clair, you must weigh about 110 pounds.” Asked
Dr. Hardman.
“No, Sir. More like 95, even with all these clothes on.” almost laughing.

“I don’t feel afraid anymore.” and further explaining her laughter. “I
was really worried about getting my suitcase and finding the right bus.” They
were pulling into the station.
“Just come with me Marie Clair. I’ll call my wife from the car and have
her get your room ready. We’ll make you feel right at home. She might even
have a maid’s uniform to fit you.”
Marie Clair wasn’t sure about a uniform. She had been taught to remain
modestly covered at all times – from her chin to her toes. She had been hoping
for some reason to wear “regular” clothes like girls her age did on television,
which she was rarely allowed to watch.
“Um, Dr. Hardman, do you have a television set? I almost never get to
watch it at home.” Marie Clair ventured, hoping for a positive answer.
“That’s a privilege you will have to earn, Dear. But I’m sure you will do
a good job.” walking to the car. He was carrying her small suitcase. “You
seem to be travelling light. For someone planning to be away at school for
four years.”
“Well, Auntie said I’ll have to do my laundry almost every day. She said
if I earn some money I’ll be able to pick out my own new clothes.” and looking
around at all the people and confusion, added, “I’m sure glad I met you so I
don’t have to try to find that bus!”

In the car he phoned his wife. Marie Clair only heard half of the
conversation. Her feet did not touch the floor in the car which made the dress
ride up exposing her knees between the stockings and skirt.
“Hello. This is Dr. Hardman. Is Mrs. Hardman near the phone?” pause.
“Hello, Darling. I’ve run into one of the Saint Catherine’s School for
Girls students on the train and I’m bringing her home with me. She weighs 95
pounds and will be needing a maid’s uniform. We should be there in about 45
minutes.” pause.
“She’s about Susie’s size. Remember her?”
“Oh, yes, Dear. Good idea. I’m sure she’ll be wanting a bath. Go ahead
and get everything ready.” longer pause
“No, I’m sure she’ll be very obedient. She’s a darling little girl. Be
sure to put in a new tape. I’m not sure about shaving supplies, so check on
it.” with his hand on her knee, patting each time he mentioned what a good
girls she was. Marie Clair could not help but overhear and had several
questions, but she didn’t want to interrupt.
“Her aunt and uncle had to spank her when necessary, so we may need to
find the canes and things, but I don’t think we’ll need them.” and he winked at
“What?” pause, “I’ll ask her?”
Looking directly at her, he asked, “How many panties and bras do you
Blushing, looking down, “Um, I think six panties.”
Back into the phone, “She’ll be needing some panties.”
Looking at Marie Clair again, “How many bras do you have?”
“I don’t have one. Auntie says I don’t need one.” then brightening she
added, “But I wish I had one so I could be like the other girls.”
Patting her bare knee, he said to Marie Clair, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you
several pretty, little bras, Dear. I hope you’ll like them.”
“Oh, I’m sure I will. I never put one on before.”
“We’ll help you, Dear, don’t worry about a thing. You’re going to be so
pretty. What size do you need?” Looking at her chest, “It’s hard to guess
through all those clothes.”
Blushing again, but looking at Dr. Hardman, “I don’t know. They’re very
little. How do you tell what size they are?”
“Take your sweater off and I’ll be able to tell. Then when we get to the
house, Mrs. Hardman will measure you for sure after she helps you with your
Uncertainty showing in her face, Marie Clair began taking off her
sweater. “Why do I need to take off my sweater, Dr. Hardman?”
More firmly, “You will need to learn to follow directions, young lady,
without asking so many questions. You want to live with us for your full
scholarship, don’t you. We’ll provide room and board and in exchange you will
help our housekeeper, serve meals, and so forth. You will need to follow
whatever directions we give you. Not only Mrs. Hardman and myself, but also
some of our distinguished guests. Do
you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” pulling off her sweater, flipping her pig tails back and
forth, “I’ll do whatever you ask and I’ll try not to ask so many questions.
“Good girl. Now unbutton your blouse.” seeing her hesitate, “All the way.
Hurry up, I’m on the phone. Mrs. Hardman needs to know this so she can get
out the correct sizes. Choosing a bra is more difficult that you may realize,
Young Lady.”
“Yes Sir. See, I’m following your directions.” looking a little worried
and unbuttoning as fast as she can. “There – all unbuttoned.” She said with a
sigh of relief.
“Oh, you have a T-shirt on, too. Lift it up so I can see what size bra
you will need.”
“Yes sir.” She untucked her T-shirt,bunching it in her fingers, and
lifted it all the way up to her chin. “I’m looking forward to getting my first
bra, Dr. Hardman.”
Into the phone again, “Well, she looks like almost a “B” cup already,
even though it’s her first one. I’ll check the firmness.” With that he
reached his right hand to Marie Clair’s breasts and began a few minutes of
“firmness checking.” Occasionally taking his eyes off the traffic, Dr. Hardman
determined that they were indeed very firm, pointing straight out, with no
crease underneath. “Darling, yes, she’s a “B” cup and has very firm and pointy
breasts. With small pink nipples by the way.” pause “Yes, Dear, I’m sure
you will. They are about 60 durometer, and about 110 at the tip. Extreemely
high British Thermal Unit possibilities. Did I tell you it’s Marie Clair’s
birthday tomorrow? Yes, yes. You could take her shopping. We can have a cake
tomorrow evening. Perhaps our guests could bring presents and help with the
spanking. Call and tell them. Bye, Dear.” and he clicked off his cell phone.

With her blouse now back in place, Marie Clair was glad she had proved she
could follow directions without asking so many questions. She also wondered
why her breasts felt so tingly. Had she been alone, she may have continued to
test her own “firmness” for awhile longer. She wondered about the birthday
shopping and other guests spanking her. “I didn’t know getting a bra would be
so complicated, Dr.
Hardman. Thank you for your help.”
“There is more to it than you think, especially since you will be fitted
with a special uniform.”
They drove the next half hour in almost complete silence, each lost in
their own thoughts.

The long driveway led to a Victorian house with a spacious lawn. Marie
Clair was excited to see such a grand house. Many questions rattled in her
mind, but she resolved to keep them to herself and just follow directions until
she got to know the Hardmans better.
As if reading her mind, Dr. Hardman said, “Welcome to your new home, Marie
Clair. I’m sure you will enjoy your stay here. Just remember to do whatever
we tell you, even if it may seem silly or embarrassing at the moment. OK?”
patting her knee again, a little higher.
“Yes Sir. I’m sure glad I met you on the train.”

Dr. Hardman carried her suitcase into the foyer and introduced his wife
and their maid, Inga. Marie Clair had difficulty not staring at Inga’s maid
uniform. The short, black ruffled skirt barely covered her lacy white panties
which showed when she curtsied or moved. Black mesh stockings covered her
long, slender legs, and you could see the black garter straps fastened to the
tops. Marie Clair guessed Inga’s age at about 21. The white apron only
covered the front of her very-short skirt and reached up to her low cut sheer
Marie Clair also noticed that the top half of Inga’s breasts were exposed,
almost like they were resting on a stiff corset platter. Not that they were
large – “about orange size,” thought Marie Clair, but the way they were
presented made them appear larger.
Everyone noticed Marie Clair’s stare. Inga was also checking out “Little
Marie” as she later called her. The adults stopped talking and watched the
girls’ mutual staring.
“Inga! Take Marie Clair’s suitcase on up to her room now and then start
the bath, while we show her around her new home.” directed Mrs. Hardman.
“Yes, Mum. Right away.” before turning, she bowed deeply to Marie Clair,
offering a clearer view of her breasts to the the shorter girl. “And pleased
to meet you Miss Marie.”
Then Inga turned and bent farther than was necessary to pick up the small
suitcase, offering another, better view of her sheer, lacy panties to Little
Maire. She picked up the suitcase and headed up the stairs. Marie Calire
watched her ascend.
“Marie Clair? Marie Clair! Look here. We need to get your picture.”

After several snapshots of Marie Clair, Mrs. Hardman said, “Come with me
now and I’ll show you around.”
Then to her husband, “Douglas, I had Inga lay out her things and will give
her a bath before dinner. And just in case of further day dreaming, I also got
out the canes and paddles as you requested.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Hardman, I was just thinking of Inga’s outfit. I’ve
never seen anything like it before.” apologizing.
“Your uniform will be different, Dear.” She led Marie Clair on a tour of
the first floor, explaining some of her new duties as they went. When they
went into the living room, Marie Clair picked up the remote control for the TV
and clicked it on.
“Young lady! Who said you could do that? You must ask first. You are a
servant here. Since you’re so new I’ll only give you five hand spanks. Now
turn around and bend over.” commanded Mrs. Hardman.
Turning off the TV and turning around as ordered, Marie Clair said, “I’m
sorry. I didn’t know the rules. Please don’t spank me.”
“Pull down your panties and be quick. That’s three more for
insubordination. But since it’s your first day, I’ll spank lightly.”
“Yes Mam.” not wanting to offend the hostess further. She pulled her
cotton panties down to her knees, keeping her feet far enough so that they
wouldn’t fall to the floor, as she bent over.
“Come over to the couch, Marie Clair. I’m going to sit down and I want
you to…” taking Marie Clair’s hand, standing her up and walking her to the
couch. Marie shuffled, trying to keep her panties from slipping down over her
knee socks. It didn’t work.
“Why Marie Clair! Your panties are touching the floor. Just take them
off and give them here.” Marie Clair stooped and picked them up. Turning, she
handed them to the now seated Mrs. Hardman.
“Turn around. Lift your skirt.”
“Yes, Mam.”
“Put your feet farther apart. Bend over farther. Back up until your legs
touch the edge of the couch. Put your feet farther apart. Hold on to your
Marie Clair was obediently holding that position, waiting, waiting.
Thinking, “When is it going to start?”
“Good. Just try to bend a little farther.”
Her skirt flopped over her back so her entire bare bottom was exposed. “I
want you to count these Marie Clair, and say ‘Thank You, Mam’ after each spank.
Do you understand?”
Quietly, “Yes, Mam.”
Another pause. Marie Clair holding her ankles, waiting.
Smack. “One. Thank you, Mam.”
SMACK! much harder. “Ouch.” and standing up, rubbing her bottom. “Two,
thank you, Mam.”
“I didn’t say you could stand up. I didn’t say you could rub your
bottom.” and continuing in a level, patient tone, “So that’s two more. Do I
need to get Dr. Hardman or Inga to hold you?”
“No! I’m sorry. I’ll do better.” And with a flip of her dress she bent
all the way over again, her legs touching the couch on either side of Mrs.
Hardman’s legs.
Instead of another smack on her bottom, the next thing she felt was Mr.s
Hardman’s fingernails tracing little circles on her fanny and down her thighs.
Maintaining some composure, eager to please, Marie Clair said, “Three.
Four. Thank you, Mam.”
“That’s better, Dear.”
SMACK! “Five. Thank you, Mam.” Thinking it wasn’t so bad after all.
Hearing footsteps coming into the room, Marie Clair stood up again. Turning
she saw both Dr. Hardman and Inga enter the room. Marie Clair turned a bright
red and looked down in embarrassment.
“What’s the trouble, Dear?” Dr. Hardman said to his wife.
“Marie Clair can’t seem to follow simple directions. We’d better start
her off on the right foot.” Mrs. Hardman to the others. “What should we do?”
“This is her first day here. Perhaps Inga should demonstrate obedience.”
stated Dr. Hardman.
“Marie Clair, watch Inga demonstrate the proper way to get a spanking.”
agreed Mrs. Hardman.
With Marie Clair watching intently, Dr. Hardman sat down in a stuffed
chair. Without raising his voice, “Come here for a spanking, Inga.”
Inga walked to the chair, lowered her sheer panties to her ankles and
stepping out of them, bent over with legs apart. Backing up until her legs
touched the chair. She bent down to grasp her ankles and said, “Ready, Sir”
“Very good, Inga.” He gave her several pats and before she could count
them he said, “Good job, Inga. You may put your panties back on now.”
“Thank you, Sir.” she said with a curtsy and picked up her panties.
Dr. Hardman rose and he and Inga walked over to the couch. Dr. Hardman
sat down beside his wife and Inga walked around behind the couch which was
sideways in the large room.
“Marie Clair, bend over again and I’ll make this quick. Is her bath ready
yet, Inga?”
While Marie Clair, flipped her skirt up and bent over again – legs apart
and straight – grabbing her ankles, Inga answered. “It will be ready in a few
minutes, Mam. Shall I go check on it?”
“In a moment. I want you to watch Little Marie’s next few spanks.”
Marie Clair could have put her palms on the floor, thinking, “I’ll show
them how obedient I can be!”
No spanks. waiting… then Dr. Hardman said, “Legs a little farther
“She is getting much better already, isn’t she?” inquired Mrs. Hardman.
Both were patting and tickling her bottom and thighs. Then with a firm pat,
not quite a spank, she said, “OK, Little Marie, let’s just go on up and take
your bath now. You girls run on up. Inga, help her undress. We’ll be up in a
few minutes.”
“Yes, Mum.” Inga said with a grin. She seemed to skip out of the room.