Megan the Nanny

“Great, she’s asleep, maybe I can make some dinner now” I think to myself as I rock my baby daughter in my arms. Just then, I hear the doorbell. “Now what?” I mutter to myself. I glance at the security camera and see a teenage girl at the front door with some papers. Against my better judgment, I find myself heading to the door to answer it.

“Hi, I’m Megan” she says quickly lowering her voice upon seeing the sleeping baby, “and I am letting people in the neighborhood know that I am available to do odd jobs, housework, yard work, painting… or even c***d care.” She flashes a big smile on her freckled face and I see a pair of the cutest dimples I had ever seen. She looks about 18, shoulder length blond hair, about 5’ 4”, very athletic, wearing tight jeans and a hoodie covering what appears to be a nice pair of C cups.

“Do I ever need help, come in please” I say smiling but in a hushed tone. “I was just about to put the wee one down, follow me and we can then talk about what you might be able to do for me”

“Ok, nice place you have here sir.”

“I’m Mike and this is Emily, her room is just down the hall here” as I walk to her room. After putting her down I step back into the hallway and notice Megan looking at some pictures in the hallway.

“Is this your wife?” pointing to a picture of me and her on the wall.

“Was….she was in a bad car crash shortly before Emily was born. They kept her in a comma for three weeks until Emily was developed enough to make it on her own. I have been raising her alone for nine months now. Not an easy job. Hence why I let you in the door and just did not turn you away when you rang” That and you are hotter than fuck and I really want to check you out more I think to myself. “Can I get you a drink, as you can see, I could use another set of hands around here”

“I can imagine – how can I best help”

“Well, I have day care during the week, and my mother in law comes over to watch Emily on Saturday morning so I can run errands, but some help in the late afternoon, early evening and weekends would be great.”

“That works well for me, I have classes in the morning, but really need some work now. I just lost my scholarship and not sure how I am going to pay for next semester.”

“What happened?”

“I was on the soccer team at the U, but with the scandal the NCAA pulled all our scholarships and put the team in the penalty box for two years. The uni is honoring my scholarship for the rest of this term, but after that I am on my own. So, I have to find some money if I want to stay.” As she says this, I notice she is already loading the dishwasher and cleaning my kitchen. Presumptive close, I like it. I take a minute to soak in the sights. What an ass, firm, good size, but not too big. The tight jeans really show it off. Toned legs, yes I can tell she is active. She turns around about to ask me something and notices me checking her out. She smiles, I notice her look at me up and down. I am still in my work clothes, charcoal dress pants and button-down shirt.

“I don’t think you still need that burp rag on your shoulder” She comes close and as she is pulling it off her hand brushes down my arm and shudder a moment. I feel electricity between us and I notice I really need to shift myself as I am at full mast.

“Thanks,” I smile “Can you start tomorrow? I can pay you $25 an hour. Since tomorrow is Saturday my mother in law is picking Emily up at 9, so do you want to come over at 9:30?”

“Works for me, do you need anything else tonight?” Her blue eye look deep into mine. “Well I did offer a drink earlier; would you like one?”

“Yes, let me text my mom that I will be a little while, I moved back in with my folks this week and should let her know I will be a while. My dad is a sheriff and worries about me.”

“As he should, you are probably always going to be his little princess. What do you like? I have sparkling water, orange juice, Coke. I probably shouldn’t offer but I do have a nice Malbec I can open.”

“Oh that sounds good, I like wine”

I grab a couple of glasses and the bottle, “can you grab the cork screw, it is in the drawer next to you?” I notice she smirks when I say screw, I like this k*d. I open the bottle and fill our glasses. I put my hand in the small of her back and lead her to the living room. She sets her glass on the coffee table and pulls her hoodie over her head. “Its getting warm in here” I glance at her chest, her tits are sticking out in a tight tee shirt tucked into her jeans. Wow, either a large C or a D. I can see a couple of points starting to stick out. She sits next to me on the couch, her knees touching mine.

“Doesn’t a girl like you have a hot date on a Friday night like this”

“Normally I would, but my girlfriend and I broke up a could weeks ago and now with my needing money, looking for work is more important.”

Girlfriend??? Crap, a hottie in my house and she plays for the other team. Just my luck. “Girlfriend?”

“Yeah, she was on the team with me and it just kinda happened. But she met the running back a couple weeks ago.” She giggles. “It’s ok, I had a boyfriend in high school for three years. It was a fun experience with her, but boys have something girls don’t.” I feel her hand start to caress my thigh and she flashed that million-dollar smile again.

She looks deep into my eyes and starts to draw close. I set my glass down and lean forward. Our lips touch and her hands start to rub my side and chest. I run my fingers through her blond hair. It is soft and silky. I notice her ears have a couple of studs in them. I caress her checks and draw in her face. I love her freckles, her button nose and those dimples are to die for.

She moves her hands all over my shirt and works her way down to my pants. It has been a long time since anyone touched me down there. I was about ready to explode, and she had not even touched me yet. She starts to rub my cock through my pants and look at me with inquisitive eyes as if asking if this was ok. I nod yes, and she starts to unzip my pants. I stand up and undo my belt buckle and my cock sprints out through the fly of my boxers. My 6 ½ inches stick straight out. She grabs it looking pleased. I know I am of average size, but she says something about bigger than her old boy friends. She proceeds to begin stroking it and checking it out.

While she does, I begin to caress her right breast through her tee shirt. I can feel her bra and stiff nipple underneath. So firm and certainly real. I feel her lips kiss the head of my cock. They are warm and wet. Her tongue starts to swirl around the head. Flicking the underside of my cock’s head with her tongue, it spasms up and down. I am not going to last long. “MMMMM” I moan. “I am not going to last long” her mouth starts to go up and down my shaft.

I grasp her head and pull it into my crotch. I her hear moan a bit as she is grasping her tit and squeezing. My ass tightens “I’m going to cum.” Her hands grab my ass and hold me in her mouth. She is not letting go. I cum in her mouth with months of pent up juice. She starts to gag a bit but stays on me collecting it all in her mouth. Then she pulls off carefully and I see her swallow it all. She smiles and winks at me. “I can tell you needed that”

Just then her phone rings. “Hi Mom, Yeah I found a job and just started. About done and will be home soon. Will tell you the details when I get home. Wrapping things up now. See you in a bit. Bye.”

No, we can’t stop now I think to myself.

“I should get going, otherwise my folks will start wondering about me. Don’t worry, I won’t tell my folks everything. See you tomorrow at 9:30?”

“Yes, looking forward to it” I watch her put her hoodie back on and she give me a peck on the cheek.

“Thanks for the job and the glass of wine. I look forward to getting to know you.” She gives my cock a squeeze and then lets herself out.