Ms Milk’s training continues

Jan was still tied in the bedroom and her captors were refreshing themselves with snacks and drinking some fruit juice. She tried to move her hand binds around from behind her back to where she could properly touch herself to ease the tension of her dark confinement. Just as she was getting her legs between her arms the door opened again and she was caught and quickly hog tied to her feet to prevent any further wriggling. She was placed face down on the bed and a gloved finger lightly explored her tightly clenched anus to see if she could be used there. An enema was inserted with an inflating bulb inside to prevent is from slipping out. The warm herbal formula flowed into her lower belly making it tingle with its cleansing infusions. She relaxed even though she remained inflexibly bound to herself. As the temperature equalized and she drifted towards momentary dozing, her captor unclipped her feet and pulled her slowly to the edge of the bed and then lifted her shoulders up so she stood with her tail plumbing in place. She was marched back to the toilet again and seated for her next disgorgement of fluid. The plug was deflated and pulled out letting her spill forth with the herbal tea cleanser. Now a second pipe was inserted and another rinsing flood gushed in then out. She was completely emptied and cleansed now. The captor stood her up for a towel clean up and marched her back to the bed where she had her ass glove-lubed and checked for resistance. Her master lay beside her and pulled himself slowly into her rear entrance which was even tighter now that she realized her fate. He took his time sliding all the way in and then signaled to his partner to lie on the other side facing her and give her the double dick stuffing she clearly needed. The second cock stuffed her so full she started to come on the first stroke. Everything was squeezing her from the hood of her clit to the nerves between her ass and vaginal walls. She bit down hard on her gag as her orgasm jolted her between the two cocks inside her. She was so full and so wet. She couldn’t see a thing but her senses were completely overloaded from the inside. Tears began to form in her blindfolded eyes. They were so bad….just using her that way in silence. Her ass clinched harder until her master’s cock began to throb again. Maybe if she could weaken him by spilling his seed she could get a rest….

Gradually he slowed his pressing against her and let his partner take the rhythm…She gave her inner squeeze with an abdominal contraction but could not stop the assault by any pleasure she was giving. She came again from her own muscles and the crammed full of cock resistance they created by her squeezes. More tears flowed from her eyes and she gasped for breath. Feeling her spasms was the signal for another break. The partner pulled out still stiff and her master withdrew as well. She was wiped clean by a Turkish towel and left again in bedroom, uncovered and soaked by her own juices. Her breasts were starting to swell again after some hours since her afternoon nursing. Her nipples ached for some of the attention her lower regions were getting. It was only a few minutes before the men returned and began to suck her once again. They knew they were squeezing the milk from her inside out. Now they had to receive the next batch of her bounty. She moaned into her gag as they drank. The dinner was served and yet the evening was still young. Her pelvis started to shake and buck against the empty air as they worked her into a sexual frenzy again just by stimulating her breasts. Her master took her clit between his fingers and her next buck collapsed into another quivering orgasm. Her rolled it in his fingers like a moist pearl plucked from a salty oyster. She shook to the beat of his lightly tremoring grip. He paused then placed his ridged shaft lengthwise on top of her wet slit and let it slide back and forth across her without entering. She was so juicy and swollen open it was like being half immersed just by his contacting strokes across her vee. As she lay still in her state of wet plateau between her peaks her need for his cock inside grew. It was just a tease rubbing up and down her door step like that. She wanted it more and again. Unconsciously she bucked up on his next stroke and engulfed him with her wet gripping love tunnel. He let her guide him in but kept his length outside, giving her only the bulging head to rub in and out of her squeeze. She writhed and shook but he held his distance exactly giving her only the minimum entrance. After a long dance of this careful hip work he suddenly drove into her all the way surprising her into a new round of cumming. She was sweaty all over. Her face was wet with tears of pleasure. The dampness between her legs had become a sloppy wet gash that exploded again with every glancing brush of sensation that was allowed. She was played out into a wet puddle of her own come. They left her again for a break and some refreshment. Her master had removed the hood but kept the gag. The room lights were out but he reached in and turned them on after the captors were out in the hallway. She flinched and squinted at the bright fixture overhead. It was blinding her so that even without the hood she was disoriented and disabled by light after her hours of hooded darkness. She was losing her grip on what was happening. She didn’t know who was using her but it thrilled her to the very core. The woman had seemed like a nice neighborly type with an impish glimmer in her eyes; how wicked it all was. She was helpless and she loved it completely. She could see again but there was nothing going on. They waited and rested and then reached in and switched out the light.

Now it was dark and even without the hood she could see nothing.
Her gag was removed and the helpers cock was placed there instead as he knelt alongside. Her master checked her breasts for milk but found they were still recharging. He took his lips to her wet mound, exploring the situation on the surface. His tongue worked its way around the labia slowly savoring her flavors and texture. She was as deliciously elaborate as any banana split. He savored her and drew forth more responses with his slow probing tongue tip. The cock in her mouth blurred back into a natal sucking and she regressed further into her past with her symbolic mouthing. Her clit was fattened by the attention nearby and soon found the tongue too. She sobbed with her resignment to pleasure. Her master stopped again and then stuck his cock back against her and plunged in deeply. His shaved pelvis and pubic bone pressed against her bare pussy with a symphony of hot sliding tingling sensations. He drove her like a sports car with expert shifts and subtle angles of pressure. His contractions began to run down his cock and his heat increased. She shuddered again and he pulled out to let his come flow over her bare puss. He pushed his helper aside and kissed her while he put his still stiff cock back inside. She could only make out some shadows of his eyes and brow in the dark but she could start to see the source of her torment of pleasure. It was like the first glimpse of the werewolf in an old horror movie. Not distinct but recognizable from a close distance like a shadow in an alley. He put the hood back on her.