My boyfriend’s brother

This is my fourth story in a series of sexual experiences I would like to
share. A little about me. I am 26 years old, am 5’6″, 115#, brown hair, blue
eyes, slim, and considered cute. At the time of this experience, I was 21 and
had been dating my boyfriend for about 2 years.

I was at my boyfriends apartment when his older brother, William stopped by.
William was a few years older than Michael, but was just as, if not as sexy as
Michael. I liked William for some time now and would like to have gotten to
know him better.

While sitting around, the conversation had been about photos. I explained to
William that Michael was forever taking pictures of me and offered to show him
the album. William readily agreed and followed me into the bedroom. I kept
this album and a few others at Michael’s house and did not dare to keep it at
mine as I still lived at home with my mother and father.

“Here’s the one of my bum Billy, It is my first sunburn!” “Mmmmmm, that is a
nice tan Michelle.” William replied. I showed William a few more and I could
tell he was really enjoying seeing all my pics, lots of which were sexy poses.
” If I look at any more like this I’m going to walk out of her with a boner!”
Billy said as he smiled at me.

“Oh God Billy!! Then I better not show you this one!” I said, holding up
another album. “What is in it?” Billy asked. “It’s our Porno Album! Want to
see a few?” I asked. Billy blurted out an immediate, “Sure”

I took the album and sat on the bed , inviting Billy a spot next to me. I
opened the album and my pussy feels wet immediately. I know Billy is about to
see my tits, ass and cunt and I am really turned on by it. I must admit I was
also a little embarassed.

I tured the pages slowly so Billy could get a good look, but he took the book
from me and really stared at the pictures, especially the ones that showed my
shaved pussy. Billy started to comment on it, but could only manage to point
to the picture and mumble, “You shave,huh?”

I looked Billy straight in the eye and said, as sexy as I could, “Yes, my
pussy is nice and smooth, too!” He just looked at me and then went back to the
pictures. “Great!, I thought to myself, “Now he thinks I’m some sleazy bimbo
and he’s probably afraid of me!” Then I noticed his lap and the bulge in his
shorts told me he was not afraid, but very horny as hell.

“You like the pictures?, Billy” I asked. I then lightly placed my hand on
his thigh, just for a second to let him know that I wanted to touch him. He
did not look up and said,”Yes.” I undid one of my overall straps and the noise
made him look up. “Well, what about the real thing?” I said, very shyly,
playing the little girl. I was giving him an offer he would not, could not
refuse. I undid the other strap letting the front of my overalls fall into
my lap.

The photo album slipped to the floor and landed with a thud as Billy reached
out to me. Almost shyly he touched my breasts through my shirt. I sat very
still, enjoying his caress, but not quite sure of what to do. With his other
hand he had begun to caress his penis through his shorts, unaware that he was
even doing it. Watching him, so enthralled with my body, turned me on . My
body was tingling all over with anticipation and my pussy flooded again as my
thighs tensed and relaxed.

“Mmmmmmmm, Billy, that feels great!” I said and slowly lifted my shirt,
revealing my firm breasts and stiff nipples, gradually. Before I had removed
my shirt over my head, I felt Billy kneel in front of me, pushing my legs open
to get between my thighs and knead my breasts. His lips gently touched my
shoulder and worked their way down to my upturned tits, where his hands were
squeezing and caressing, pinching and twisting my rock hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhh! Suck my titties!” I say and feel Billy’s mustache brush my breast
as he opens his mouth wide and sucks my entire breast into his mouth. “Ohhh
yeah, that feels so good.” I say and Billy continues to hungrily devour my
breasts, as my moaning becomes louder and louder.

Michael is in the living room and reaizes that it is awful quite in the
bedroom and wonders what is going on. Michael enters the bedroom and what he
sees amazes him. He knew I was a pretty horny girl, but never knew if I would
get off on some else’s dick, especially his brother’s. Now he realizes!!

Michael sees me kneeling between his brother’s legs, which are spread, his
hands are clenched in my hair, pulling my head into his thrusting hips. My
head is bobbing as I struggle to swallow as much of his 9 inch rod as I can.
Michael said he could see my tongue flick the top of his brother’s cock and
then my lips slide down the entire legnth of his shaft. I suck Billy deep into
my mouth as he shudders and moans in pleasure.

“Ohhhh Michelle!” Billy says as he pushes his cock deep down my throat causing
me to gag and my pussy to tighten, wishing he would push that juicy rod into my
dripping snatch. My pulsating twat is driving me crazy and I stretch out
between his legs so I can grind my cunt against my hand. Billy’s cock in my
mouth and my fingers working my clit have my hips pumping madly, furiously
trying to cum.

I looked over at Michael and see him stroking his cock, recently released from
the confines of his jeans. Michael’s rock hard cock is bobbing up and down in
his hand as he watches me wiggle my ass, begging him to ram it in my cunt.
Michael came closer, climbed on the bed, and slid his cock into my well oiled
honey pot. I cried out at the sensation.

“You want me to fuck you, Michelle?” Michael asks. “You like to be fucked?”
he asked. “Ohhh Yes, baby. I love to be fucked! Please fuck me, don;t stop!”
I beg as I feel him back away. ” Sit on his cock!” Michael demanded, nodding
to his brother’s erect cock which is standing straight up. I quickly straddle
Billy’s hips and immediately
impale myself on his cock, throwing myself down hard again and again, only to
meet Billy’s rod rammimg deep inside my pussy.

“You like Billy’s cock, Michelle?” Michael asks. My louds moans and
occasional screams tell him this already, but I answer him anyway. “I love his
big dick! It feels so good!!” Michael reaches out and slaps my face, “You
slut!” he yells out, but it only turns me on more, which he realizes as I pull
him towards me. I grab hold of Michael’s stiff cock and stuff as much as I can
down into my throat, c*****g myself.

I begin to climax, rubbing my clit against Billy’s tight balls and thrusting
hips. As I come, my throat and pussy tighten, milking Michael, dry — sending
his creamy white jizz down my throat and dripping from the corner of my mouth.
I quickly catch his hot cum with my tongue before lightly licking his balls and
cock clean.

Billy is now grasping my hips and holding them still so he can plunge his dick
deep inside me, sending his cum and spurting inside my cunt and then
collapsing, exhausted. Together Michael and I snuck out of the bedroom and
into the living room to fall asleep in each others arms as Billy fell soundly
asleep in our bed, relishing the fact that he had just fucked his brother’s