How May I Pleasure You?

“How may I pleasure you?” you ask.
“I don’t know,” I reply. “That might take a bit of
“Well, tonight is your night to be pleasured–to do
what you will with

I think fo a few moments before I finally respond.
“All right. Stand over
there, in front of me.”
I motion for you to go to the middle of the floor.
You do so.
“Strip for me,” I say. “Slowly.”
Soft music is already playing. In time to the slow
beat, you sway back
and forth, turn and begin to undo the buttons of your
blouse. They come
open one at a time until the two halves fall apart. As ou
start to remove it,
tell you to leave it on–for now.

You continue to gyrate before me, unzip your jeans
and push them
slowly to the floor. You step out of them. You slip out of
yourpanties. Your
pubic hair beckons from the shadows of your inner thighs,
your breasts
peak from the folds of your blouse.
“Now take off your shirt.”
You pull the shirt from your shoulders, let it slip
from your arms to join
your other clothes on the floor.

“Turn around.”
You turn your back to me. I gaze down the nice curve
of your spine to
the fleshy mounds of your buttocks to the sweep of your
thighs and legs.
“Bend over, pull your bum cheeks apart .”
You do so, and I look on the glistening slit of
pinkish-purple that unfolds
bfore my eyes.

“Finger yourself.”
I watch as your hand moves to your cunt and you
begin to rub your
clitoris, then you slide your fingers into the depths of
your cunt.
I stand and remove my own clothes. Still watching
you as you massage
your clit, I grab my cock and begin to rub the shaft back
and forth.
“Get down on your back, open your legs wide and
continue to finger
yourself. Make yourself cum slowly.”
You lie on the carpet, part your legs as wide as you
can and your
fingers massage your clit and disappear into and reappear
from the deep
dark wet recesses of your sex. You moan as you watch me
stroke my cock
back and forth.

“Don’t stop,” I tell you as I move the skin ofmy
cock up and down along
the shaft as I move forward to position myself astride your
head. I bend
down so that my cock and my balls dangle befoe your face.
“Lick and suck my balls.”
Your tongue reches out and you lick around my sack,
then you suck my
balls, first taking one into you mouth and rolling it
around, then the other.
The warmth of your mouth feels wonderful.
“Lick and suck my cock.”
Your tongue runs up the length of my shat to the
heart-shapd head, then
your mouth opens and yo engulf it, sucking it, your lips
moving around it,
sliding up and down th stalk, taking it fully into your
mouth. My cock
hardens and enlarges as you continue to lave its length and
breadth with
your wet lips and tongue.

As you suck on it, I hear you moan loudly and thrash
on the floor as
your fingers bring you to an exciting cum.
“Push your breasts together.”
You do so and I move down, kneel over you and slide
my throbbing
cock between the mouns of your breasts. I plunge back and
forth, you gaze
on the shining wet tip as it appears and disappears before
your eyes. You
flick atit ith your tongue, kiss it with fleeting kisses.
I rise to my feet. “Kneel in front of me.”
You get to your knees.
“Suck me dry.”
Your mouth once more covers my cock, your hand grips
and hardness
of the shaft. You pump, you lick, you suck. I moan with

Pumping, sucking. licking; pumping, sucking,
I groan aloud with pleasure and thrust my cock deep
into your mouth;
you feel the hot jism spurt out, squirting again and again
into your thoat as
you swallow it down. And you continue to suck till there is
no drop left to
I moan and sigh. You smile.
I look at you.
“And now–” I remark, “how may I pleasure YOU?”