My Cheap Cheating Affair

I was down on the “strip” a week ago Friday. It was
about 9:00 in the evening and the early party
atmosphere was in full swing. I got off the mono rail
at the MGM and worked my way through the hotel and the
casino out to the main entrance

I had just finished the trade show and was flying home
the next afternoon. I had been trapped in the hotel all
week and now the client meetings were over, I figured I
would walk up the “strip” at least once before heading
back to the North Country.

Middle aged and very married, I didn’t have much of a
problem seeking out the exposed “tit flesh” that was
showing all over. Bar maids, week-end harlots and party
girls were all (un)dressed for show. Most of them were
teases and the rest were most likely “hooking”.

I walked out onto the street and west to Vegas Blvd and
then across to “New York, New York.” The street is
busy and the only way across is on walkway overpasses
that invariably lead through another casino. I am not
much for gambling, but I don’t mind looking at long
sexy legs and big exposed boobs.

I sauntered up the street and caught the water display.
Went into “Ceasers” and used the bathroom. With that I
was finished and headed across the street to “Bally’s”
to catch the mono rail back to my hotel.

The horizontal moving walkway was closed and I headed
down a half dozen steps to my right and started walking
toward the lobby. I heard this foreign accent behind me
asking where to go. I turned and say this 40ish petite
Latino lady dressed in black. Black pointed high heeled
shoes, black stockinged legs, black party dress, (above
her knee), short black coat wrapped around her tiny
frame with a wide shimmering belt synched around her
tiny waist, and strong eye make-up on her pretty dark
skinned face, bordered by nicely groomed, jet-black
hair which made up the whole seductive package.

I heard her little steps clickity clacking on the
concrete walkway as she walked fast to catch up to me.
She began making small talk but her accent was so thick
that I kept saying, “Pardon?” I soon figured out that
she had been at the same show as me and that her home
was in New York, and her flight left the next morning.
We sort of walked along smiling at each other and
trying to understand each others few spoken words.

There we were. Two grown adults in the “City of Sin”
with a free evening and nothing to do!

She seemed to be opening the “door” for a quick tryst
and I was more then willing to walk through it, only
wrestling with my conscience for a brief moment as we
got to the lobby. She stepped ahead of me and got onto
the escalator. I followed her and stepped close behind
her as it moved downward. Overhead, there was a lit
marquee that highlighted a shapely woman’s ass with a
jeweled thong separating her “cheeks”.

I commented, “Nice jewels.”

She looked back and into my face and smiled. Her white
teeth completed the beautiful seductive package that I
had been looking at and all my will power melted as I
now went on a mission of lust to satisfy my desperate
need to fuck!

I thought to myself, “What the hell, all she could do
was refuse.”

“Could I buy you a drink?”

She looked back and smiled as she nodded. I immediately
felt all wibbly like a school boy. She slipped her arm
into mine and we headed for the bar in the casino. She
ordered a vodka blend with some kind of juice. I had
some wine and we headed to the slot machines. Being the
big spender that I am, I gave her $5.00 and watched as
she blew the whole lot on a penny machine. A big titted
bar maid came around and offered us refills. My new
friend emptied her glass and accepted. I declined and
continued to sip at my wine.

The slot machine didn’t smile on her, but with every
sip of her drink she smiled at me, and with the alcohol
coursing through her, her eyes became a bit glassy. Her
coat became untied and hung on her shoulders. Her dress
was modest and her lady bumps were small, but the way
she was acting, I knew she would soon be mine.

I invited her back to “her” hotel room. Funny, but I
didn’t want to wait for the train ride back to my
suite, and the best way to avoid a “fatal attraction”
was to go to her room.

She had a single room at “Ceasers” and as we walked in,
her lady stuff was all over the room. Panties and
nylons hung on the shower rod and her make-up case was
on the bathroom counter. Her suitcase was on the second
bed with clothes spread about.

I grabbed her slight little frame and drew her in close
and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded warmly
and I smelled the alcohol on her breath. I opened her
coat and began “pawing” her body. I tugged the zipper
down on the back of her dress and slid it off her
shoulders. She had a small soft bra covering her barely
there tits that came off with a front release. Her
little tit nipples stood out like cigarette butts and I
let the clothing drop to the floor. Her pantyhose were
pulled high around her waist and over some bikini
underwear. I put my fingers under the elastic and
pushed them down until I had her underwear sliding down
to her ankles with the pantyhose.

I dropped to my knees as I slid them the rest of the
way down. She spread her legs slightly as I released
her feet from them one at a time. My face was inches
from the wildest, fully grown pussy bush I had ever
been with.

My god! The carpet matched the drapes!

Her course fur was raven black and thick and had a
strong pungent woman smell that was a bit nasty. It was
the strong mating smell that tickled my cock to
attention in anticipation of exciting ball busting
fucking to be had.

I was still fully clothed, but my cock was straining
against my jockey shorts. Something about the petite
lady in front of me reminded me of my teenage conquests
except for the full bush between her legs. I was
enthralled with her and lifted her tiny frame up and
set her on the edge of her bed. I pulled the pillows
over and set them beside her.

I lifted her in my arms and set her ass down on the
pillows and gently pushed her back until her head and
shoulders were lower on the bed. Her legs naturally
lifted up and I held her by her ankles and spread them
wide. Her pussy hair was matted together and I couldn’t
even see where her “pink” was hiding. Her legs and her
tummy were soft and hairless, but her pelt had been
left to flourish unattended for years.

I rested her ankles on my shoulders and began the task
of separating her cunt hairs with my fingers. It was
damp and pissy as I got closer to her cunny hole. Her
ass crack was fur covered and any desire to do any cunt
munching or bung hole diving disappeared, but my cock
was not deterred and the little woman with the “bush”
excited my penis into hardness and desire. I undid my
pants and zipper with my pussy drenched fingers and
freed my cock. I used my erect dick head to plow into
her furrow and split the matted fur over her lips. The
dark red inner meat appeared moist and swollen; I was
enthralled with her petite beauty.

I don’t know why, but the normal love play didn’t seem
necessary and with my cock free and pointed into her
love nest, I just plunged in without removing anymore
of my clothing. With my hands clamped around her
ankles, I pushed the head of my swollen cock head up
her furrow and watched as the hair peeled side ways and
my rock hard cock disappeared into her wet, hot tunnel.
The first plunge was thrilling and she started uttering
all kinds of urgent vulgarities in her Spanish

Her hands and slim fingers found their way to her tits
and she began to twist and pull on them violently. Her
“butt” nipples stood up for her and the whole darkened
circle area became stiff and goose pimply. Her little
tits peaked and she curled her hands around them and
milked then like stiffened goat teats. She rolled her
head back and forth and the guttural sounds of her
groans and foreign words got stronger and soon she was
screaming as her internal cunt muscles gripped and
squeezed my tool.

I don’t know what she was saying, but it urged me on
and I began fucking her with body slamming passion. She
twisted and heaved and her pelvis met mine as I slammed
my big boy white Caucasian pussy poker into her depths.
She was tiny down there, but loved the reaming that I
was giving her and it felt so good I thought I might
even be able to hold her up on my erect dick.

I hammered away at her, and started to yell at her with
each thrust. I know it sounds stupid now, but with each
thrust I said the word “fuck”.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

With each thrust, I yelled it louder and harder as our
groins slammed into each other. I can’t begin to
describe the feeling of my balls slamming on her bush
over and over. My pants and underwear dangled around my
knees and I struggled to keep my shirt tail away from
her musky groin. I began to feel that familiar feeling
in my balls that told me the end was near. I thrust
down into her hard and slammed my cock and balls right
in to the hilt with cunt splitting force. My ball juice
spewed out in a hot blast!

I spread her legs wider as I jerked in harder and felt
the juices shooting out of me. She stiffened, and
started to shout unintelligible words at me while
trying to disengage her tiny body from my grasp. I was
way to powerful for her and forced my weight on her and
let my cock drain its’ last drops of cream.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she simpered in English
that I should have pulled out.

“You came in me. You shouldn’t have done that.”

I looked into her eyes and asked, “You’re Catholic,

She nodded, and I reminded her that it was a sin to
spill my seed. It must be allowed to do its’ divine

“You Catholic?” she asked.

“Yes.” (I lied)

“We’ve just committed adultery,” she said.

“We’re married,” I said as I showed her my ring. (Just
not to each other)

She started whimpering and sobbing as my dick softened
and it slid out of her pussy.

Cum ran down her ass crack and christened her thick
fur. I released her legs and gently let them down as I
pulled up my pants and tucked my slimy cock and balls
back inside my tight jockey shorts. My hand was wet
with cum and her slim. I wiped my hand on her ass and
she recoiled away from me. She continued to whimper as
I looked down at her used body. My dick felt really
good, and I knew that I had abused her and she had just
become my “cum-slut”.

She’d been a cheap fuck. Two drinks and $5.00 at the
slots and I’d got my “rocks off” big time!

She curled up on the bed and turned away from me,
pulling a blanket up around her neck. Her tiny bra and
panties where at my feet and her dress was in a heap at
the end of the bed where our passion had dropped it.

What the fuck!

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

I made a quick exit and left her hotel room. I was
spent, my cock was sticky with cum and pussy juice and
I could smell the scent of hot fucking sex in my
nostrils. Whatever could be the matter with that!