Pretty school nurse

Lisa was in high school and had noticed; as did a lot of other students, that the new school nurse was young and pretty. After hearing rumors that the nurse might be a lesbian, Lisa got excited. Of course she didn’t know how real the rumor was, it could be that the boys were expecting to get BJs during sports physicals and were disappointed that she had no interest in them.

Lisa was just getting into the fact that she might be gay. She was at the start of her senior year and had not dated at all. She was average looking and had an average body, but what probably kept the boys and even girls away from her, is that she was very introverted and was that girl you saw with her shoulders turned in as she walked and she looked like she just didn’t want to be seen.

She had a couple of female friends and with one of them she had French kissed a year ago, “just to see what it was all about” and since then just wanted to do it again. Lisa was curious about porn like everyone else, and since finding it almost always watched lesbian clips or read lesbian stories. Last night she had masturbated a little too hard and had stuck a rubber handle of a swifter in too far and knew she was no longer physically a virgin. Even though this upset her, it gave her an idea about the nurse.

The next day she had a free period toward the end of the day. She went to the nurse’s office and was glad when she was the only one there. She walked in and had this conversation:

“Um Nurse Julie, during our health class you mentioned if we ever had a question about our body or sex or anything that we could come talk to you, so um. I’m here.” Lisa squeaked out shyly.

“Sure, that’s great; come in and sit in my office if it’s a question and you’re not sick or hurt.” The pretty nurse offered.

They both sat down in the office and Lisa closed the door most of the way before she sat down, but left it open a crack so the nurse would know if someone entered the outer office.

Nurse Julie spoke first “Even though I don’t have to put anything down in the computer on why you are here, I do need your name for my records?”

Lisa told her name and what her classroom teacher’s name was, as this was SOP in her school.

The nurse put in the name and all the pertinent info popped up including some key words that were entered to give anyone viewing a student a quick read on who they were talking with. It read “loner, withdrawn, average student, no problem, no apparent boyfriend, no apparent group and again, loner.”

Nurse Julie looked up from the screen, moved a little so there was nothing blocking her from seeing this girl who appeared very timid in front of her and asked “so how can I help you?”

“Well” Lisa started and was obviously nervous and playing with her hands in her lap “um, last night I was you know, um, you know, like with myself?”

Julie tried to help and asked “masturbating?”

Lisa just played up the whole nervous thing, even though she was plotting the whole time, although a little nervous and nodded.

Julie stated “well that’s very normal at your age, you shouldn’t be ashamed.”

“No” Lisa said quietly “it’s not that, its just I was using something besides my finger and well suddenly I was in pain and then bleeding, and I’m scared. I went to the bathroom this morning and there was still b***d and it’s not anywhere near ‘that’ time.” Lisa couldn’t believe it herself but she was actually starting to cry.

The nurse came around her desk and sat in the other visitor chair and turned it so the two of them had their knees almost touching. The nurse took Lisa’s hands into hers. “There now” she said “just relax; you do have an idea of what you did right?”

Lisa shook her head and then said “I cut myself because I shouldn’t have put the handle inside me?”
Julie looked at her with a “you’re not that dumb are you look” and asked “Lisa, were you a virgin before last night?”

Lisa pulled her hands away quickly and said “I still am, I have never been anyone, honest, I don’t even like boys.” And then took a breath and quickly added “yet, I mean.”

The nurse just smiled.

Lisa pushed it and asked “I can’t go to my mom, can you make sure I am OK?”

The nurse looked at her and said “I am not really equipped in her to give internals” she saw the girl in chair across from her slump into herself and then added “but let’s give it a try OK?”

She saw the girl physically strengthen and she felt good about herself, this is why she became a nurse. She instructed Lisa to take her shoes and her panties off and to get on the table.

As Jackie went to lock the outer door her mind went back to her college roommate. She was so much like this girl in her office. After a month as her roommate Jackie had her own sex slave. That year of college she never had to finger herself and on weekends when the dorm was really empty she hardly wiped her pussy after peeing as she would bring her roommate in the stall with her. She had to focus or this girl and what she was now thinking about her roommate, was going to release her sexually promiscuous mind.

Jackie turned and the girl was on the table with her hands covering her pussy and her legs pushed as tightly together as they could be. Jackie put some latex gloves on and then looked around for some lubricant. All she had was petroleum jelly and she didn’t really want to put that junk inside the girl. She walked over to Lisa and said “OK, let’s take a look.”

She moved a chair to the end of the table as her gynecologist would do. She said “Lisa, I need you to relax ok? I am nurse and have seen a lot of other girls naked OK?” Lisa just nodded.

“Here scoot down and put your feet at the end of the table with your knees up in the air.” Nurse Jackie instructed.

As the younger girl moved toward the end of the table Jackie noticed the girl’s really hairy pubic area. It had been a long time since she had seen a pussy that wasn’t at least trimmed a little. Up till this point Jackie wasn’t sure if this girl wasn’t playing her; like some of the guys in this school had tried with “groin pulls” and such. But seeing the hairy pussy, well the lesbians she had been with would have done something in this area, though she did know some dikes never shaved either.

Nurse Jackie placed her fingers to the sides of Lisa’s labia and spread her fingers trying to open the girl’s pussy to take a look. “Ok” she said “I don’t see anything outside, and you are really closed down here, we need to lubricate you a little.

“Um, do you want me try?” Lisa asked tentatively.

“Sure” the nurse responded with a questioning tone.

Lisa unbuttoned her blouse, pulled her bra up above her breasts and started to play with her nipples. Jackie looked at the girl and again did a flash back to college, her ex-roommate could get herself off with her nipples and the similarities here were getting out of hand. Lisa wasn’t the only one who started getting wet between her legs.

A few minutes later the girl on the table was starting to moan. Jackie sat back down and sure enough the girl’s labia were now swollen and sparkling with the girl goo pushing through the crack. The nurse said “OK, let me give it another try. This time she slid a finger inside the girl and pulled to one side and used her thumb to push the other lip to the other way. She took a penlight out of jacket and pointed it at the opening. Obviously she could only see in a little bit.

“You know Lisa, I have a good idea why you were bleeding. Would you be OK if I did an internal?” Jackie asked.
Jackie looked up at the girl through her parted legs and the girl was nodding. Before Jackie could stop herself she said “that’s yes Miss Jackie, not that pitiful nod.” The girl replied “yes Miss Jackie” and the nurse looked down hoping the girl didn’t pick up on the dominating statement. “relax, chill out” Jackie said to herself, which was getting hard as she about to finger this obviously submissive girl.

Jackie slid her finger up the girl’s vaginal cannel. She moved her finger along the wall of the vagina and actually felt a small piece of skin still attached to wall. “Does this feel about how far you can usually finger yourself?” Jackie wanted to look up, but her eyes were glued to her finger inside the girl, and the labia what was encasing her finger. She heard “yes Miss Jackie” and a little moan.

The nurse pushed her finger in further and girl moaned loudly. “Are you alright dear?” the nurse asked.

“Fuck yea, I mean wow, you are really in there, oh shit.” The girl responded.

Jackie knew this was wrong and started to remove her finger. The high school girl grabbed her wrist and begged, “please don’t, please don’t stop, it feels great.”

Again, without thinking Jackie said firmly “please don’t stop Miss Jackie.” She heard the girl repeat her words and then being mad at herself for again showing her stripes, she shoved her fingers back into the girl, hard this time.

The younger woman was moaning and the nurse couldn’t believe how wet they both were. She couldn’t stop herself and lowered her free hand to between her own legs and started rubbing her pussy while fingering the student.

Lisa was moving her butt all over and when the nurse rubbed her clit with her thumb Lisa went wild: “what are you doing, it feels great, holy fuck my pussy is on fire, oh my god don’t stop that, please Miss Jackie keep doing that, I’ll do anything for you just don’t stop”

Jackie kept up the fingering attack on the girl and a few moments later she felt the wetness building around her gloved fingers. Suddenly Lisa screeched and cum came shooting out of her and up the nurse’s hand and arm. The amount of cum was a shock to Jackie who had never been with a squirter. She realized that had she not removed her fingers that she would have gotten the girl goo all over her face. As much as she wanted to get herself off she needed to finish with the student.

The school nurse looked at the girl on the table who had brought up her knees and was now in a fetal position and looked exhausted. “Are you ok Lisa?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, I think! What just happened, am I bleeding again?” she asked almost in a whisper. The girl looked like she about to fall asleep.

Jackie came around the table and put her arm around the girl, with her face very close to Lisa’s and said “You just came more than I every experienced. Your cum is all over the place. I guess being able to access all your pussy for the first time and from I gather the first time you got off from your clit, you just exploded. But it’s all natural and you are fine.”

She looked at the girl and Lisa moved her lips closer to the nurse.

Jackie moved back and looked into the girl’s eyes. “I can’t do this here, I don’t want to lose my job, as much as I would love to kiss you right now, and have you get me off.”

She brushed her fingertips across the younger girl’s face and stood up. She walked over to the sink and pulled off her gloves and then with her back to the girl, she used her fingers to scoop up the cum from her arm and put them in her mouth, and savored the taste of the student.

After cleaning herself up the school nurse brought some paper towels over to Lisa. Lisa had fallen asleep. Jackie had seen a few porn movies where girls had squirted and been exhausted after. She took some paper towel and started to clean the girl up. Lisa had not moved a muscle
When she got to the girl’s wet thighs and wet pussy she moved her hand slowly. Lisa still looked totally passed out. Jackie bent over and kissed the girl’s thigh. She looked up again, and still no movement. So Jackie got closer and breathed in the girl’s scent and then ran her tongue along the students labia and then in-between them.

She reached between her own legs, moved her panties to the side and pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy. She couldn’t help but moan out loud. She started to lick the pussy more and more as her fingers pushed and out of her own pussy as fast and as hard as she could.

The nurse couldn’t hold back. She picked her head away from the pussy to breath better and then looking down at the hairy spot she was just in, she came right there in her office. Her body shook and she felt her own come cover her fingers this time.

Jackie was finally able to straighten up and she looked back at the girl one more time. Lisa’s eyes were open and she smiled and said, I am glad you came too. The girl’s eyes closed again and Jackie just smiled and let the girl sleep, knowing that she might have just found a new submissive, in her new town.