My Geek Sister

My sister Beth was not always as hot as she is now. In
fact, she was rather ugly when we were young. I
never thought of her in a sexual way. All that she was
to me was my annoying sister. We are two years
apart in age and didn’t even get along very well. That
all changed one day when I got a new video game.

We were, and still are, both heavily into the gamer
clicks. We played video games all day long, and then we
would go to LAN parties all night long. We always
shared our video games, even if it was regretfully
done(I lost a lot of video games because of her).
Anyway, one day I bought a brand new computer, the one
I own today, and with it I bought a brand new game,
Warcraft 3. Now, Beth’s computer was too outdated to be
able to play the game, so she came up with another

“Ben,” Beth asked as she came into the livingroom,
“could I please play your new game on your computer? I
promise to do the dishes for a week if you let me.” She
gave me her best puppy dog face and I just had to give

“Ok,” I replied, “I will let you play it. What are big
brothers for anyway? Just make sure to meet me in my
room tonight so we can set up your account.” Instantly
a smile rippled across her face and she bounced out of
the room.

Beth came into my room that night as I instructed. I
started to set up her account online while she watched
some television. I forgot that I had left a porno in
the VCR though, and she accidentally pressed the play
button. The television was quiet enough that I didn’t
hear what was on it. I was busily working on her game
settings while she watched Kaylee get fucked by two
burly sailors. I finished with her account and turned
to her to tell her so. As I looked away from the
monitor, I saw her scramble for the remote in a
panicked manner. I immediately thought, this can not be

“Beth,” I inquired of my startled sister, “what were
you watching?”

She looked down sheepishly and simply replied,
“Nothing. I was just watching some VH1.”

“Whatever,” I told her. I could tell that she was lying
to me, but I decided to let it go. How was I supposed
to know that she had been watching one of my pornos?
“Well, your account is all ready and you can play it if
you want.”

I guess she had something else in mind though, because
she was apparently asleep in my second desk chair. I
looked at the clock to see how late it was, but it was
only 9:00! Why would she be sleeping this early? “Beth
wake up,” I said as roughly shaking her. There was no
response. I shook her again, I even slapped her but
nothing seemed to wake her. I was annoyed as can be
imagined because she was awake a couple of minutes ago
and had come into my room specifically to play my new

After about three minutes of attempted awakenings I
noticed something different about my sister. She was
hot! She had nice and perky B-cup breasts, supple hips,
and silky brown hair that ended at her shoulders. I
guess that my pause in shakings spurred my sister to
take some action because slowly her tongue slipped out
of her mouth, almost as if she were going to give me a

At this point the room was completely silent except for
the music coming from the game. I didn’t know what to
do. I was sitting in a dark room with my little sister
who was feigning sleep. I sat there for a couple of
minutes trying to control myself, telling myself how it
is wrong to think about my sister this way. Every
second that passed made it harder to do nothing though
as my heart kept on racing faster and faster. I got up
and was about to leave my room, but then I noticed
something else was happening to me, my cock was getting
hard. Instead of heading out the door, I closed and
locked it instead.

I walked across the room slowly and started to creep up
to my sister. I was still hesitant and thought I’d give
her one more chance to leave. “Beth,” I whispered.
“Beth are you awake?” Once again there was no response
and at this point my heart was pounding like a
jackhammer. I couldn’t hold back any longer, so I
leaned my face into her face. Her tongue was still
sticking out of her mouth so I got an idea. I started
to stick out my tongue, and touched my tongue to hers.
The feeling was electric, it was bliss. It felt so
good, that I threw away my inhibitions and gave in to
my lust.

I started to suck to suck on her tongue. It felt so
good. I rubbed my tongue against hers and eventually
got up the courage to try to french-kiss her. I pushed
my tongue into her mouth and surprisingly her mouth
enveloped my tongue willingly. Our tongues whirled
around each other and we were locked in a deep,
passionate kiss. I grabbed for the back of her head and
shoved my face even harder against hers.

“Oh Ben,” Beth moaned softly, “I have wanted this for
so long.” While she was saying this, she grabbed my
other hand and moved it to her soft breasts. I
instinctively started to squeeze them and she moan
through our kiss. Then, she broke off our kiss and
looked into my eyes.

“I want you to fuck me,” she cooed in my ear. This
shocked me, my little sister wanted to have sex! I
didn’t even think that she knew what sex was until
know. “I want you to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me
hard brother. I want to moan like a banshee.”

By now my cock had become rock hard and I was ready to
do anything that she told me to. My parents had left
for the casino an hour ago, and my brother was at a
friend’s house, so we were safe from any disturbance.
Knowing this, I started to take off my shirt and pants
while Beth got undressed as well.

While I stripped as quickly as possible, she decided to
tease me. Beth slowly unbuttoned her black shirt and
let it slide off her arms to the floor, revealing her
pink bra. You could easily tell that she was horny
because her nipples were sticking up about an inch and
could bee seen through the bra. Now she wiggled out of
her khaki skirt and panties(which turned out to be pink
as well). Finally, she reached behind herself and with
a snap, her bra opened and she threw it on the floor.

So, there we were, me lying naked on the bed staring at
my completely nude little sister not a foot from me. As
I took in her voluptuous form I noticed a glint of lust
show through her eyes. In a heartbeat, my sister jumped
me and we embraced once again, this time with no
clothes to interfere with our gyrations. We rolled
around on my bed, kissing for what seemed the longest
time. My sister wanted more though, so she shoved me
onto my back and straddled my body.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard Ben that you’ll never want
it to stop,” Beth told me short of breath. With that,
she grabbed my cock and guided it into her luscious
little snatch. It was so slick and smooth, it was like
I was on cloud nine. I nearly came right then and there
it felt so good. My pleasure was truncated abruptly,
however, when I met a wall in her pussy(I later learned
it was her hymen). I was only about halfway in, so I
pushed harder and to my surprise there was more room
for my cock.

“Owwwwwww,” Beth shrieked in pain. “That hurt you son
of a bitch.” I looked bewildered at her, anxious that
she might want to stop. She evidently wasn’t disturbed
by the pain, in fact she seemed to enjoy it. “Damn Ben,
I told you to fuck me hard, but I never thought you’d
live up to it,” she said with and evil grin on her

Beth restarted her gyrations and the anxiety of me
breaking her virgin-knot passed. Her ass was bouncing
up and down on my pulsing dick while her tits swung
back and forth in front of my face. I reached up and
grabbed one of her perky tits, drawing to my mouth. I
licked it and sucked on it while she fucked my brains
out. Our moans intermingled into one big scream of joy
as we both reach our climaxes.

“I’m cumming, oh god, oh god I’m gonna cum,” Beth
moaned in ecstasy.

Her vagina started to squeeze and relax rapidly around
my cock, causing me to burst inside of my sister at the
same time as her. As her orgasm started to subside, she
bent over and we embraced in yet another deep kiss. My
cock would relax though, I needed more. I rolled her
over while still kissing her and started to fuck her
some more. We continued to fuck like this for two more
hours, but then we saw our parents pull up into the
driveway. We quickly grabbed our clothes and dressed
before our parents came upstairs.

For the next three years we continued to fuck like
this, always with the code word of “playing games”.