My Indian Beach Boy

We were on vacation in Bali, staying at a resort on the beach. We had surveyed the scene, hoping to find someone suitable for socialising with, but there didn’t appear to be much on offer. Mack (My Husband) & I ended up relaxing on the beach, hoping for a decent sunset at least, a couple of bottles of vino in hand.

A young and very handsome Indian, a beach boy, passed by, offering the usual tourist things, snorkelling, see the Dolphins, etc. with a few glasses already consumed I felt some interest, well, like I mentioned, he was quite handsome, well proportioned, so we ended up chatting.

He asked what we had done this day, we mentioned the usual eating drinking relaxing and of course, the obligatory massages one has while on holiday. “I do massage” he said. We asked him his name and he introduced himself as Ravi and he said he was 25yrs old but he looked more like 18 or 19. We asked him to be honest and he finally admitted that he was 22
He assured us that he was more than able and a very good masseuse, and would guarantee a relaxing massage. I looked at Mack and he just said “yeah ok Ravi, why not?
We agreed on a time and told him where we were staying then he got up and left us on the beach. Mack and I stayed until we had finished off our wine and we chatted about how Ravi could give me a nice relaxing, sensual massage and then when he’s finished and gone, I said to Mack that he needed to give me a good going over. We headed back to our room and sorted ourselves out for the evening.

Our room in the resort was simple but spacious with an open plan kitchen and dining area with a bedroom off the side with a king-size bed and ensuite. It was nothing flash but very comfortable.
While we waited for Ravi to turn up I had a shower in preparation for my massage and then as I came out into the living area I saw that Ravi had turned up and was chatting to Mack.

Seeing me enter, he asked if I was ready for my massage. “Of course” I said, “just let me change”. Ravi insisted that as I was ok as I was and asked “where he was to provide his massage”.
We said that the bedroom was the only place so we all headed in there with Mack sitting down on the chair in the corner of the room. Ravi then motioned me over and told me to lay face down on the bed and that he would only be a minute as he need to change. He headed into the ensuite and quickly reappeared wearing only a white hotel towel around his waist. I looked at Mack and he just raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders.

Ravi had an amazing complexion. His skin was a gorgeous golden brown skin with a sheen like I’ve never seen; His hair was jet black and trimmed short and he had the most amazing brown eyes that lit up when he looked at me. He was lean without been muscly and he had a natural 6 pack which taped into that sexy V shape before disappearing into his towel. I did for a brief second have a rush of b***d and wondered what his cock would look like.

Ravi told me to turn around and lay back on my stomach and he would begin. He pulled my towel down off my back and warmed some oil in his hands, and with my towel still covering my ass…he began.

After a long and very relaxing back rub, he asked me to roll over. He turned around and I rolled onto my back and repositioned my towel to cover my hips and pussy but that left my breasts exposed which didn’t bother me at all.
Ravi turned back around to face me and then sat down on the bed near my feet. He began to massage my feet and legs and I was instantly returned to my surreal mind space.
He slowly raised my left knee, and as I opened my eyes, I caught him gazing at my naked and now very visible shaved pussy, and as I watched him watching me, I felt my pussy start to swell and heat up. He was now sitting sideways, semi facing me, massaging my thigh, and stealing glances at every opportunity while he slowly but deliberately moved upwards to my vagina.

I allowed my leg to drop outward, till it rested on his leg, now totally exposing and opening myself to him.
His hands ventured closer, and were now grazing my swelling vagina each time he ended a stroke.
As I lay there on my back with the other leg now done, he kneeled at my feet directly facing me, gently pushing my heels together then upwards to my bottom.
He sat on my feet, placing one leg down either side of me, then slowly moved my knees apart, till they rested on his legs, God, I was wide open, I watched him gaze at my clean shaven pussy, and he seemed totally mesmerised as if he’d never seen one like that before.
It was then that I noticed Ravi’s erection underneath his towel. I had to remind myself he was only 23 and he could have a wank when he left.

He began massaging me again and leaning forward with one hand while caressing each inner thigh, slowly kneading my flesh till he reached my vagina. I felt his thumbs brushing my pussy lips as his hands stroked to my stomach, then flowing back to my knees. B***d was flowing to all the right areas and I could feel I was completely wet.
The process continued and I had already made the decision to just go with it as he had certainly delivered on his promise and then some.
Mack will have to give me a good fucking after this I thought.

He gradually focused more and more on my pussy, gently kneading my lips and gently pulling them apart, and then trailing my juices to my clit. He was very patient and methodical and was obviously happy enough to just pleasure me with his hands.
I looked over at Mack who was watching all this unfold and rubbing his cock through his shorts.
I raised my eyebrows at him, what could I say? I’m flat on my back, knees wide apart with a young stud playing with my pussy. Actually, it was then that I felt I had to move my legs, as it wasn’t really comfortable. One by one, I lifted a leg and placed it over his, dropping my heels into his butt, spurring him a little closer.

He wriggled in a bit closer and I pleaded, “don’t stop the massage Ravi”

It was then that he removed his towel and exposed the most gorgeous, erect and dark golden brown cock that I have ever seen. He was as hard as a rock and it looked to be about 6 inches in length with thick dark veins running down both sides and a dark bulbous head. Not bad for 23yr old I thought.

He began again, this time running his hands upwards, stroking around my breasts, then down my sides, only to repeat the motion; he eventually got into a slow rhythm, and he had positioned himself so that each time he leant over me to massage my breasts, he allowed his penis to brush downwards, tracing a line along my pussy lips. As he ran his hands down my sides on the return stroke, his penis flicked upwards along my pussy, with just the tip venturing along my slit. He repeated this rhythm over and over again slowly but surely coating the head of his cock with my wetness. Sometimes he hardly touched my pussy, other times he slipped it into my folds a little more.

Every now then, he would hold his position massaging my nipples, with the head of his cock not inside me but just inside my folds.

I couldn’t take much more of this, but we hadn’t originally intended this happening; All Mack and I had discussed was Mack and I relaxing, and Mack watching me be sensuously massaged, then making love with me.
With Ravi’s cock right there at my now soaked entrance, I had already gone further than planned.
A little bit more won’t hurt, I thought, so I slowly dug my heels into his butt a bit more, which pushed my pussy against his cock and then Opps…

I felt the head of his cock slip inside me for the first time, and thinking that that would be all I’d allow. Ravi continued to massage me, but only my stomach and breasts now because I think he didn’t want to take the chance of slipping out of me now that he was just in.

I glanced at Mack again; he seemed oblivious to the fact that Ravi was now inside me.

“He’s a wonderful Masseur babe” I said innocently, and smiled, squeezing Ravi with my pussy muscles.
What to do, what to do, I quizzed; it felt far too good to stop. I looked towards Mack again, and mouthed, “Come here”

He stood, and walked towards us. As he neared my side, I dropped my knees a little wider, Mack gazed downwards, and noticed the tip of Ravi’s cock just inside me. “Only half in Ravi?” he mused
Ravi took this as an invitation, and his hands lifted my bottom, causing my back to arch. I felt him push inside me, my dripping pussy expanded and welcomed this new intruder. My muscles contracted around him and I could feel the heat from his shaft as I gripped and held his cock deep inside me. God he felt so good.

He started to fuck me and he felt amazing. His cock was of the harness that only a young virile cock can be. I was enjoying my new lover, thrusting up to meet him and grinding our pubic bones together when they met, then within a minute he suddenly stiffened and exploded inside me.
With his face all contorted and twisted I moaned loudly as I felt Ravi’s huge load of semen pulsing and jetting into me. Mack watched as Ravi jerked and twitched as balls continued to empty deep inside his wife.

He would have seen the look of pure satisfaction on my face knowing that I could make this young guy cum with such intensity.
Reaching for Mack’s cock, I whispered, “I want you now my baby” and released my grip on Ravi. He gracefully withdrew with an audible ‘plop’ which was followed by a stream of semen
“How do you want me babe?” I asked my husband.

“Just roll over onto your side”, he said and nodded again to Ravi. Who was already hardening again.
Mack positioned himself behind me, and rested his cock near my entrance while Ravi sat beside me.
I gazed at Ravi’s penis, which was only inches from my face and fully erect again and freshly coated with my juices and cum. I couldn’t resist, and I rolled my head slightly, and took him in my mouth. I knew Mack would be enjoying this, watching me suck the cock of this young Indian beach boy while he teased my clit.

I felt my leg being lifted, and knew Mack was about to enter me from behind.
A momentary panic attack, of this wasn’t the plan; it was supposed to be a sensual, maybe an erotic massage from Ravi. We hadn’t intended to have Ravi’s cock anywhere near me let alone inside me or in my mouth! But it all felt far too good to stop now.
Mack’s cock had pushed inside me, but he went no further, as he reached around me and started rubbing my clit with his fingers as he always does and it’s what I love.

I needed to change positions and I wanted Mack to take me from behind, but I also positioned myself so that I had better access to Ravi. I reached over and fondled his balls, feeling his sack tighten as my tongue traced a line along the underside of his cock. His cock twitched, I knew he wanted to cum again but I wanted to make him wait until I was ready.

Mack pushed further into me, I held him there, not wanting him to move or cum just yet either, and I concentrated on Ravi, licking him, sucking him, squeezing his balls, If I felt them tighten more, I’d relax, and push back onto Mack.
Then suddenly without warning Ravi pulled his cock from my mouth and came again, this time spraying my face and tits. I waited till he had emptied, then popped him back in my mouth, wanting to savour the last few drops, and wanting to feel him soften in my mouth.

Mack was now rubbing and pumping into me and I could feel he was ready to cum as well so I adjusted myself to take him, holding Ravi in my hands, arching my back to raise my pelvis then suddenly, he pulled me backwards, fully impaling me, I could feel his cock pulsating as he too spurted his load inside me.

As his cock deflated I rolled sideways, legs spread, feeling my husband’s warm cum leaking slowly down my cheeks. Ravi stood up, walked to the bathroom and returned with a warm & moist hand towel. Spreading my legs, he began to wipe my cheeks, the towel was refreshing. He wiped around my pussy, cleaning me, then ran it along my slit. I started trembling, as he, wiped around my clit; That took me over the edge, I was totally at his mercy, and with the warmth of the towel against my skin he flicked his finger rapidly over my clit, I felt my orgasm take over me, thrilling me with all the sensations.
As I floated back to earth and then back to reality, it suddenly became apparent. Embarrassed, I glanced at Mack, then to Ravi; they were both smiling.

“That was fantastic” I murmured, “same time tomorrow.”