Calling Her Bluff – A Couples first Bi-Sex

James and Rae have been together for 18 years and were
very close. They trusted each other very much and knew
they could tell each other anything. Therefore they
loved to talk about their fantasies while they made
love to each other. They talked a lot about swinging
with a third person and also with another couple. One
of Rae’s biggest fantasies was to watch her husband
fucking another woman in front of her.

Ever since James took the big chance and told his wife
about how he use to play around with his buddies when
they were very young, she also had fantasies of
watching James and another guy together as they sucked
on each other’s cock, and maybe even take each other
deep in the ass for a good hard fuck! And James was
all for that!

After all… he hadn’t been with another guy in over
ten years because he did not want to cheat on his
lovely wife and it took a good ten years for him to
trust their relationship enough to tell her of his
yearnings for another guy’s cock and how much he liked
to swallow another guy’s hot cum. Even though James
and his young male friends did a lot of cock sucking
and swapping sperm, he never took another guy’s hard
cock up his ass, but always wanted to. The thought of
doing it for the first time, and having his wife
witness it was a huge turn-on to them both!

James had been keeping in touch with Steve, a Bi-
sexual guy he met on the Internet. They talked about
their fantasies and James decided to call Rae’s Bluff
to see if she could really go through with their
fantasy about James being with another guy. He knew
that if she decided it was really not what she
expected, that she would not be upset with James or
hold it against him, and they simply would just not
try it again. James and Steve made arrangements for
the three of them to meet. James wanted to keep it a
secret from Rae until the night they met, as he knew
if they talked about it and planned it, that Rae would
back out because she was very shy and for her… she
had to have a good buzz going, and it would just have
to happen.

James surprised Rae with a weekend get-away to
Wisconsin Dells. It was a nice cool October weekend, a
few weeks after the kids went back to school, so the
area was very quiet. He got a really cool Log cabin
for them. When they got there, they both got very
horny just being in the cabin, as it gave off such a
romantic atmosphere! After they got settled in, they
took a walk down to the Bar/restaurant down on the
corner. It was a really nice place and was also a Log
cabin. There were quite a lot of people inside and
everyone was having a good time.

James had made plans for Steve to meet them there,
that way Rae would think it was not set up and she
would be a lot more relaxed. James and Rae were there
for about two hours when Steve finally walked in the
door. James and Steve looked at each other and new
right away who each other was due to a facial pic
exchange on the Internet. Steve made his way over as
close as he could to James and Rae as the bar chairs
were still kind of full. He sat about two chairs down
from Rae. Soon they struck up a conversation with each
other, and introductions were made. They talked and
drank for quite a while and everyone seemed to be
getting along pretty well. Good! James thought. End of
phase one!

James told Rae to order up some more drinks and then
made his way to the bathroom. About a minute later,
Steve came in. James looked over at Steve and said,
“Well? What do you think so far?”

Steve looked over at James’s cock as he continued to
piss and smiled. He looked back at James and said, “I
think this is going to be a great night! Your wife is
really pretty, and you have a very suckable cock,”
Steve replied.

James smiled and said, “Thanks. I think it’s going to
be a great night too!” Then Steve backed away from the
urinal and shook his cock a few times so James would
look down at it. “Wow Steve!” James replied. “My wife
is really going to enjoy watching me suck on such a
nice cock!”

James wanted to reach out and grab a hold of it, but
just then the bathroom door opened and another guy
entered. James and Steve put their cocks away and
washed their hands, then walked back out to the bar.
James whispered, “I am really looking forward to
watching my wife take your cock deep in her pussy!”
They smiled at each other and bellied back up to the

They joined Rae and continued to consume some more
drinks and talk some more. Before they knew it, the
bartender called out “Last Call!” James whispered to
his wife, “Do you think we should invite Steve back to
our cabin for some more drinks?”

She looked at him and said, “It’s up to you.” So James
looked over at Steve and said, “Hey bud…if you want
to walk up to our cabin and have a few more drinks,
you’re more than welcome.”

“Sure!” Steve said. “I’d love to!” They all made their
way out the door and up the road toward James and
Rae’s cabin. Rae looked up at the sky and said, “Wow!
Look at all the stars out tonight!” It was… a very
beautiful night. They told jokes and laughed until
they reached the cabin.

“Wholly shit!” Steve said. “What a nice log cabin you
guys have! I’ll bet you two really get turned on
staying in such a romantic place!”

James replied, “Yes we do!” They made their way into
the cabin, and James told Steve to make himself
comfortable. James then lit a fire in the fireplace.
James and Rae slipped into some more comfortable
clothes. Steve asked if it would be ok if he ran out
and got his bag cause it had more comfortable clothes
in it for him.

“You sure can” Rae replied. When he went out the door
James asked Rae what she thought of him. She said, “I
like him…He’s nice but do you think he’ll want to
fool around? And do you think he’s Bi?”

James reached over and grabbed her tit and said, “I
guess we’ll find out! I really want to see you suck on
his cock!”

“I want to see you suck his cock first!” Rae replied.
Before she could say anything, Steve walked back into
the door.

Steve went into the bedroom and slipped into a pair of
workout shorts, and a dark green T-shirt. They drank
for another couple hours and were getting kind of
plastered. Soon the conversation turned to sex. They
took turns telling each other about their experiences
and even their fantasy’s! Rae almost shit her pants
when Steve piped up and said, “My favorite fantasy is
to be with another couple where the guy is Bi-sexual.
I always wanted to suck another guy’s cock and have
him suck mine in front of his wife!”

James said, “That is also one of our fantasies!” James
got up and went into the bedroom and grabbed the
Swinger’s magazines they brought up and brought them
out for everybody to read. “Here, let’s check out some
of the swingers ads. There fun to read!”

They took turns reading the ads out loud and all three
of them were getting very turned on. Finally Steve
said, “Rae… I can’t take it any longer! Do you mind
if I suck James’s cock for a while?” Rae looked over
at her husband and James just smiled at her. “Well, I
think I’d like to see James suck you first!” She
replied. Steve said, “Sounds good to me!”

Steve stood up and walked over and stood in front of
James. From the bulge in Steve’s shorts, they could
tell he was built pretty well! James looked over at
his wife and she smiled and gave him a sassy look.
“Well?” Rae said. “Go ahead. Take his cock out and
suck on it. You know you want to!” With that, James
reached out and pulled down on Steve’s shorts. His
semi erect cock sprang out right in front of James’s
face. His cock was about 8″ long, and had a nice
mushroom shaped head.

Since it was only semi-erect, it curved downward like
a Banana. James grabbed hold of it and slowly began to
stroke it as he again looked over at his wife. She
gave him the look that he knew what was meant,
“Everything is ok!” James ran his tongue all around
the mushroom shaped head as he licked away at the
cock. Then he opened his lips and took the head of
Steve’s cock into his mouth. He closed his mouth
around the cock and began to suck on him. He glanced
over at Rae to see how she was doing. She seemed to be
shaking with excitement.

Her hands were feeling and grabbing at her own tit’s
as she watched her husband giving another guy a
blowjob right in front of her, for the first time! She
was more turned on than she thought she would be in
watching two guys together! She stared as James took
more and more of the stranger’s cock into his mouth,
and watched, as it grew even bigger!

James sucked greedily at the cock and masturbated it
with his right hand. He looked over at his wife and
their eye’s met. She smiled and said, “You like
sucking his big cock James, don’t you?” James replied
by closing his eyes and sucking even harder on the
huge penis in his mouth. By now, Steve’s cock was at
full attention. Rae noticed that his cock was very
big. It had to be about 10″ long, and very thick. Her
fingers moved faster in and out of her pussy as she
continued to watch her husband sucking off another

“That’s it baby, suck that big cock! Suck him off in
front of me!” Rae said. James could tell Steve was
about to cum, so he slowed his sucking and pulled
Steve’s big cock out of his mouth. He looked at his
wife and said, “How about taking over for a while?
There’s a lot of cock here for both of us!” She looked
at Steve and he said, “Come on Rae…your husband
wants to watch his pretty wife suck on another guy’s
big cock!”

Rae pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sat up on
the couch. James aimed Steve’s cock at her mouth as
she opened her lips. Steve pushed forward and James
watched as his wife took another guy’s hard cock into
her mouth in front of him for the first time. He knew
he would get off on watching it… but he never
thought he would be THIS turned on!!! Steve’s large
mushroom head disappeared into her mouth as she closed
her lips around it. Steve gently held her head as he
pushed deeper and deeper into Rae’s hot mouth.

James wanted to stroke his cock, but knew that if he
even touched it, his cum would be flying through the
air! Steve had over half of his huge cock in Rae’s
mouth when he began to slowly pump his thick meat in
and out of her throat. James watched as his wife’s
mouth was stretched around the thick cock. He just
could not believe how much it turned him on to see his
lovely wife with a 10″ piece of another man’s cock
sliding in and out of her mouth! Steve said, God
damn…she can suck cock good!” Rae looked over at her
husband. He looked deep in her eyes and mouthed, “I
love you so much!”

Then Steve said, “Hey Honey… let’s change positions
so I can suck your husband’s cock at the same time!”
Rae didn’t want to stop sucking on him, but she slowly
pulled her mouth from Steve’s massive pole. Steve lay
down on the couch as his cock pointed toward the
ceiling like a flagpole! Rae knelt down next to the
couch as she once again took the cock in her hand and
wrapped her hot lips around the big mushroom head. She
loved the way the cock head felt like velvet on her

Soon she was moving her head up and down as she
continued to suck her new lover’s cock. His cock was
now leaking pre-cum as Rae gladly swallowed it down
her throat. James walked over to them and Steve
grabbed him by the cock and pulled him over towards
his mouth. James was not built as big as Steve, But he
still had a good thick 6 �” of very hard cock for
Steve to play with. Steve opened his mouth and took
James’s cock all the way into his mouth.

James’s cock was completely in Steve’s mouth and
throat and the only part still out was his balls.
Steve just held it all in his mouth as he kept a
constant sucking pressure on it. Rae continued to suck
Steve off as she watched Steve devour her husband’s
cock. Rae could not believe this was happening, and
neither could James! They played like this for about
five minutes.

Then James said, “Ok hon… it’s time to give us some
pussy!” She looked at her husband and he said, “Sit on
his big cock for me babe! Take him in your pussy! She
looked kind of scared, because she didn’t know if she
could take such a large cock in her tight little pussy
like that. James said, “Don’t worry Hon… if you sit
on top of him, you can go as slow as you want.”

Rae pulled her panties off, stood up and straddled
Steve. James pulled his cock from Steve’s mouth to go
help his wife out. He went around behind his wife and
grabbed hold of Steve’s thick cock. “Ok now Babe…
slowly start to sit down and I will guide him into
you”. Rae did as she was told and James knelt down to
get a better view. He had such a good view, that
Steve’s cock was only a few inches away from his face!

James noticed a drop of pre-cum coming from Steve’s
cock and just had to taste it before he guided it into
his wife’s waiting cunt. Steve’s cum was sweet as he
licked what was leaking out of the end. He put the
cock into his mouth and gave it one last hard suck.
Then he reluctantly pulled it from his mouth and
pointed it towards Rae’s very wet hot cunt. Her body
shook as she lowered down onto the head.

James rubbed it back and forth at her opening as she
continued to lower herself onto Steve’s cock. All of a
sudden, the mushroom shaped head popped into her cunt!
All three of them almost came! James let go of the
cock and rubbed Steve’s balls as he watched his wife
slowly take more and more of her new lover’s cock into
her shaved little pussy. Deeper and deeper he went.

James loved the way her pussy looked as it was being
stretched by Steve’s massive cock. And so did Rae! She
slowly moved up and down now as they began to fuck
each other. “That’s it baby…take that big cock deep
in your hot cunt for me!” James said. “Oh Hon…it
looks so fucking great!” “How does it feel to have a
big strange cock fucking you?” Rae looked back at her
husband. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out!
He smiled at her and said, “I’ll take that as a
positive feeling!”

James then moved up and straddled Steve. He was going
to put his cock into his wife’s ass…but then got a
better idea! He looked at Steve’s ass witch was very
wet from the pussy juice flowing from Rae. James
placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Steve’s
ass and held it there. He looked around his bouncing
wife at Steve as to ask him if he could fuck him in
the ass.

Before James could say anything, Steve said, “What are
you waiting for? Fuck my ass while I’m fucking your
wife!” With that James pushed forward until the head
of his cock slipped into Steve’s ass. Steve said,
“Holy shit that feels great! Push it all the way in
and fuck me man!” “Fuck me while I fuck your beautiful
wife! James pushed forward all the way into Steve’s
ass and began to fuck him.

James reached around Rae to grab her tits, but found
that Steve already had them well covered. So James
reached down to play with her clit. James whispered
into Rae’s ear, “I’m fucking his ass Hon! I’m fucking
him while his big cock is fucking you!”

Rae said, “Oh Honey! His cock is really big! It’s
really big inside me! I can feel the head of his cock
way up inside me!” By now Rae was moaning and moved
even faster on Steve’s cock. All of a sudden she slid
down and took as much of Steve’s massive cock as she
could, and held herself there. She started to shake.
James and Steve realized she was having a huge Orgasm!
Steve held his cock deep inside her and pinched her
nipples hard as Rae came.

“That’s my girl! Cum all over his cock babe!” James
said. “His big cock is way up inside your little cunt!
Can you feel him way up there?” James’s own words were
too much for even him and he started to shoot his load
into Steve’s ass. “Oh Baby”. James said. “I’m cumming
in his ass!” I’m shooting my thick cum into his ass!

James pumped hard as he emptied his balls deep in
Steve’s tight ass. He shot quite a load as he held his
wife tight! As he finished, Rae also finally slowed
down. When she could finally speak, she looked at
Steve and said, “Don’t cum in me Steve… I want to
watch my husband take your cum in his mouth! He always
told me how much he loves another guy to shoot sperm
into his mouth, and now he’s going to live up to his
bragging! I want you to make him suck you off till you
cum in his mouth! Let’s make him swallow your cum!”

She looked back at James and said, “That’s what you
want, isn’t it?” “You want to suck his big cock in
front of your wife and eat his cum…Don’t you?” James
smiled at her and said, “Do you want me to? I’ll do it
if you want me too”. “And to answer your question…
YES. I want to suck him off until he cums in my
throat! And I want to do it while you watch me!”

James pulled out of Steve’s ass and said, “Take your
time pulling that big cock out of my wife! I have to
go take a piss and wash up a bit.” He walked to the
bathroom as Rae looked at Steve. Steve smiled at her
and said, “He’s really a lucky guy you know! Your
pussy is the best feeling cunt I EVER had my cock in!
And I’m not just saying that! I really want to fuck
you again tonight and get my whole cock all the way
inside of you!” His words were turning Rae on again as
she slowly started sliding up and down on Steve’s big
cock. “That’s it baby! Keep fucking me till your
husband comes back out of the bathroom and catches us!
That will turn him on!” Just then James did walk out
of the bathroom.

“Christ! That looks so damn sexy!” James said. “I
really love watching my wife get her pussy fucked by
another man’s big hard cock! For some reason, that is
really a big turn on!”

He walked up to the two as they slowly fucked and
said, “But get the fuck off him now! You two can fuck
later! I’m ready to suck him off till he fills my
throat with cum!” James put his hands out to support
his wife as she slowly rose up to the top of Steve’s
huge cock. As the head popped out, Rae almost fell
over from exhaustion.

“Holy shit, that cock is big!” She said. She looked at
James and said, “He wants to fuck me again later and
this time he wants to fuck me till he cums in me. Is
that ok babe?” James smiled and said, “You know it’s
ok! And you know that I also want him to cum in your
pussy!” “She gave James another sassy smile and said,
“And then you want to eat his sperm back out of me,
don’t you?” James just smiled and winked at her.

He helped her off of Steve and she sat down on the end
of the couch. Steve said, “Boy…I can’t wait to shoot
my thick cum in her lovely pussy! She really has a
great cunt!” Rae said, “Don’t worry…we have all
night. Let’s just take our time and have fun!” That
has been one James’s biggest fantasies. To eat another
guy’s thick cum from my pussy right after I’ve been
fucked! So chances are pretty good that will happen

Rae looked at her husband and said, “Get on your knees
and take his big cock in your mouth right now!” She
put her hand on James’s shoulder and slowly pushed him
onto his knees. Steve got up from the couch and stood
in front of him. Rae knelt down by her husband and
grabbed Steve’s huge cock with her hand. She pointed
it toward James’s mouth as she took her other hand and
put it on the back of James’s head.

Then she pushed his head forward forcing him to open
his mouth and take Steve’s cock into his mouth. She
took her other hand off of Steve’s cock and put it on
his ass. She was so excited as she began pushing the
two together! James reached up and wrapped his hand
around Steve’s cock so he didn’t get too much f****d
into his throat and c***e. He knew he would not be
able to take Steve’s huge cock into his throat, as it
was so big. After a while Rae let them go at it at
their own pace. James was fulfilling one of his
biggest fantasy’s… sucking a huge cock in front of
his wife! And soon he would be fulfilling a second one
by eating a hot load of cum while Rae watched him!

He sucked hard and fast as Steve grabbed James by the
head and began to fuck his mouth like it was a pussy!
Rae loved it! James looked over at her and as their
eye’s met, they could feel the deep love that they had
for each other! Steve continued to fuck James’s mouth
for about ten minutes as Rae soaked it all in. She
looked at Steve and asked, “So how’s he doing? Doe’s
he suck good? Steve said, “Wow! He’s really good! He’s
too good! I’m gonna cum already Man!!! I’m gonna cum
in his mouth!”

Steve began to unload his cum as James pulled the big
cock out of his mouth just enough for Rae to see the
first thick shot flow out of Steve’s cock head, and
into her husband’s mouth. Then Steve pushed his cock
back into James’s mouth and continued to cum! All the
while James and Rae’s eyes were locked together as
Steve filled James’s mouth with long thick ropes of
hot sperm. He was so excited from fucking Rae that he
was really shooting a lot of cum! Rae couldn’t believe
how much cum her husband was swallowing!

She never knew a guy could cum that much! James was
having a hard time taking the sperm as Steve was
shooting so fast and so much. James closed his eyes as
he swallowed Steve’s cum as fast as he could. Rae
watched Steve’s cock pulsing as he shot load after
load into her husband’s mouth. It seemed to go on
forever! “My god Steve!” She said. “He really likes to
eat cum! But I’m afraid you’re going to drown him!”
Steve’s cum finally stopped flowing from his cock.
James did not take his mouth off of the cock until he
knew Steve was completely drained!

He was proud of himself for taking such a huge load
without missing a drop! But he was even more proud of
finally doing it in front of the one woman he loved.

Steve pulled his cock out of James’s mouth and fell
back onto the couch. James moved toward his wife as he
swallowed the remaining sperm in his mouth. He kissed
her deep. She could taste Steve’s cum on her husband’s
tongue. “Man!” Steve said. “That was the greatest
blowjob I ever had!” Rae and James looked at each
other and smiled, “Well, how did I do?” James asked
his wife.

She replied, “Let’s just say I’m sure glad it was you
that took that monster load! I would have never been
able to take that much cum without c*****g! I am very
impressed!” James whispered in her ear, “Are you OK
with what I just did Honey?” She replied, “Yes Baby. I
don’t think I ever felt closer to you than I do right

Steve said, let’s take a break and rest up for a
while. Then I’m gonna fuck the hell out of her, and
we’ll see if I can cum that much again but inside her
pussy this time!

Rae whispered in James’s ear, “I love you so much

They sat and talked about their early years of sex and
drank two more bottles of wine. The guy’s told of
where and when they first had sex, both with a girl,
and with another boy, and Rae told the guy’s how her
and one of her girlfriends would use bananas on each
other, and she also told of her first encounter with a

Rae noticed that the guys were both hard again, and
smiled. “Well.” She said. “It’s been a couple of hours
and it looks like you guys are ready for more action!”
She looked at her husband and asked, “So what do you
want to do know?” James replied, “How about if you
call the shots? Let’s see just how dirty your mind can

“OK!” Rae replied. “How about if you two play with
each other’s cock while we drink one more bottle of
wine?” She did not need to ask twice as both James and
Steve reached over and grabbed a hold of each other’s
hard cock. Rae got up to get another bottle of wine,
and when she came back in the living room, the two
guys were now jacking each other off at a pretty fast

James tossed over to his wife her big black rubber
cock and said, “Here baby. Why don’t you put this
between your pussy lips while we watch?” She replied,
“OK. But at the same time I want you two to get into a
69 and suck each other off while I do.” Steve said,
“No problem, Ma’am!” Steve and James lay next to each
other and quickly took each other’s cock in their
mouths and started sucking away. Rae squealed and
started pushing the rubber cock into her shaved cunt.
This went on for a good fifteen minutes when Rae said,
“Hey guys… let’s take a break and do something else

Neither Steve or James wanted to stop sucking each
other. Rae was in charge and she must have something
good in mind. They all sat up and Rae said, “After we
do a nice big line of coke, I want Steve to lay me
down and fuck the hell out of me with that big cock of
his!” James almost came right then and there! He
couldn’t lay the lines out fast enough. Rae did hers
first and then lay down in the middle of the big
blanket on the living room floor. Steve then did his
line as James watched his wife with one hand on her
tit and the other playing with her pussy. Then James
did up his line and the two guys moved over to James’s
masturbating wife.

Steve said, “My god you have a beautiful pussy!” The
guys lay on either side of Rae and they each put a
nipple in their lips and started to suck. Rae’s
fingers went faster up and down her clit as she played
with herself for the guys.

James said, “Baby, please take Steve’s cock in your
pussy now. I have to see him fuck that big cock of his
in and out of the one I love!” Rae looked at Steve.
She didn’t have to say a word. Steve got up and knelt
between Rae’s legs. James reached over and grabbed
Steve’s huge cock and started rubbing it up and down
his wife’s very wet cunt lips. “Christ she’s so hot!”
Steve said.

“I can feel the heat from her pussy!” James said,
“Push forward Steve! Push that big fat cock into my
wife and fuck her! Do it now! I want you to fuck my
wife now!” Steve began to push forward as his large
cock head parted Rae’s bald cunt lips. Slowly and
steadily he continued moving forward until his large
head popped into Rae’s cunt.

As soon as the head popped into Rae, she went into a
huge orgasm. “Oh god! I’m cumming already Honey!” She
said as she looked into her husband’s eyes. James
lightly pinched her nipples as she came on Steve’s
cock. After she had orgasmed, her body calmed down and
Steve began to push further into her. James put his
hand on Steve’s balls and played with them as he
watched the large cock sink deeper and deeper into his

“Oh Honey.” James said to his wife. “This is so
beautiful watching your bald pussy swallowing such a
large thick cock!” Soon Steve was half way in and he
stopped. Rae said, “No! Please don’t stop! Keep
pushing into me before I tense up and get too tight!”
James put his hand on Steve’s ass and pushed on him so
Steve would continue to impale Rae’s tight little
cunt. “Push Steve!” James said. “Just keep pushing
that big fucker in my wife until she begs you to stop!
She’ll let you know if it’s too much for her!” Steve
now had 8″ of his huge cock buried in James’s wife.
Rae said, “Stop there! Holy fuck your cock is huge!
She looked at James and said, “Baby, My pussy is full!
I can’t take anymore!”

It’s just too god damn big!” James said, “OK baby.
Just relax and once you get used to it he can start
fucking you. I won’t let him push anymore in you, OK?”
Rae knew she could trust her husband to protect her
and her pussy started to loosen up a bit.

“Steve.” Rae said. “Slowly pull it out a bit and then
push it back in. I want to feel that big cock fuck me,
but don’t force anymore into me. My pussy is full!”
“You got it Honey!” Steve said. James moved closer to
the action so his face was just a few inches from
Rae’s clit. He stuck his tongue out and started
licking it as Steve began to slowly fuck her stretched
pussy. Rae grabbed her husband’s hair and held tight
as the massive cock slowly pumped in and out… in and
out… in and out. James watched her belly rise as
Steve’s cock made its far forward push. Then her belly
went back down as he pulled it back out.

“WOW,” James thought to himself. ” My baby is really
taking a lot of cock meat into her body. “Now fuck me
faster Steve!” Rae said. “Faster!” James looked up at
Steve and they smiled at each other. Steve started
fucking Rae at a pretty good pace now. As he pumped
her, James reached around and put his hand on Steve’s
ass again. As Steve went forward, James would push
Steve’s ass a little harder. Steve knew what James

She was getting use to Steve’s massive cock now as
they continued fucking away. Every time Steve went
forward, he would push his big cock in just a bit
further. Just enough so he did not hurt her tight
pussy. After about ten minutes of Steve hammering away
at James’s wife, she was now able to take all but 1
inch of the huge cock in her cunt. James stopped
licking his wife and looked up at her. “Honey!” He
said, “You’re doing a very good job at taking Steve’s
cock inside you!”

he replied, “I know! You guys have been going deeper
and deeper all along! Did you think I couldn’t tell I
was getting more and more of the big fucking cock
stuffed in my pussy? Now shut up and quit talking to
me! It’s making me tense up and I won’t be able to get
the rest in!” James looked up at Steve and they both
grinned again at each other. James knew that in was
only a matter of time before Steve’s balls were
slapping Rae’s ass cheeks!

“How much is still out when he pushes all the way in
me?” Rae asked. “All but an inch!” James replied. Rae
looked at her lover and said, “Please push it all the
way in me now! NOW! She yelled out. As Steve pushed
hard forward, James again put his hand on Steve’s ass
and pushed him hard into his wife cunt. The last thick
inch of the massive cock disappeared into her cunt.

James looked at his wife and announced, “He’s all the
way in Babe! You have all 10″ of his big cock in your
cunt!” Steve held it all the way in as Rae went into a
huge orgasm from the thought of taking the massive
penis inside her tiny pussy! As she did, her cunt
locked down hard on the monster cock impaling her
cunt. Steve said, “God damn baby! I can’t hold back
anymore! Here I cum!” Rae and Steve came together as
James licked away at her clit and watched her face.
Then he backed off to finish watching Steve fill his
wife’s cunt with a huge massive load of thick cream!
“That’s it man!” James yelled out. “Fill my wife with
your cum! Fill her cunt full of your juice! Cum! Cum!
Cum in her little cunt for me!”

Steve’s balls pumped away as load after load shot deep
into Rae’s belly. Rae could not stop orgasming! She
was out of control! She could feel every single stream
of cum that shot from the huge cock that was stuffed
in her cunt!

“Oh my god!” James yelled. “He is filling you so full
of his fuck juice! I can’t wait to eat you out!”

Steve’s cock finally quit pumping and his balls were
completely empty. Steve collapsed on top of James’s
wife and Rae too went limp. They were both totally

James knew that he had to get Steve off of his wife or
she would not be able to breath! He pushed up on
Steve’s chest and helped Steve slowly fall to the side
of Rae. His massive cock seemed to be locked in Rae’s
cunt. James wrapped his hand around the six inches of
cock that had pulled out of her well-fucked cunt, and
started to pull the rest of the huge chunk of cock
meat out of his wife.

It took about a minute to get his fuck meat out of
her! As the head finally popped out of her pussy lips,
the cum started to flow out of her like a fucking
river! Rae grabbed her husband by the hair and shoved
his mouth right into her open cunt. James quickly
started to swallow as much on the river of sperm as he
could. More and more ran from her pussy as her husband
drank it down. None of the three could believe how
much sperm Steve shot into Rae’s body!

Finally James could not swallow anymore of the thick
rich cream and pulled his mouth from his wife’s cunt.
He then put his hand under her cunt and within
seconds, his hand was full! James wiped his hand all
over his wife’s face and covered her with cum! They
all laughed as she wore the cum on her face like a