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My farm was perfect for her because she could go naked everywhere and show off for the guys any time she wanted. I let her fuck anything that she wanted to and she has been for the last 14 years! Some guys worry about a tight pussy, I on the other hand love loose gaping pussy and on the farm she has found lots of ways to keep it that way!

For instance Wednesday was the first day we had some guys out for a long time. She was so excited that her nudist body couldn’t hide how horny she was all morning. She has a very stretchy pussy and was riding on her aluminum baseball bat all morning. By noon she was sitting with all of her weight on it while the the dogs licked all over her clit and sweaty ass hole. Sorry about that but she is the only pussy on the farm and loves to share. Ellen is a very jealous woman so I had to sell the mare and give away our female dog making her the only pussy on 300 acres.

By the time her lovers got there she had her pussy so sloppy wet and stretched out that when she got off of the bat her sloppy hole gaped wide as she ran to greet the guys in the driveway. Ellen was dirty sweaty and smelled of cum and dogs. When she bent over to kiss the driver, Larry, her wild pussy fell so far open I could see down in her a foot deep with saliva and dog hair. for some reason she doesn’t think of that as being a bit nasty.

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they walked on either side of Ellen as we went to the patio and grabbed a beer. the fat stinky dude had his hand pushed up in her ass pulling and stretching her hot wet pussy from behind as they walked.

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