My wife loves sex

Yes…. my wife is a slut. Ok…. I get that, but many people think the word “slut” is extremely derogatory or for whatever reason think that a “slut” is someone who is poor. My wife is just the opposite. She is very religious, very well known in her community and we are certainly not poor. Gracie will often proudly refer to herself as a slut!

Plain and simple….

My wife loves sex…..

alot of it. I like to see her have sex… alot of it.

Men ask me all the time… ”What is it like being married to a slut”?…. or they state “I wish my wife was a slut, like your wife”.

Let me tell you, it is not meant for everyone. Be careful what you wish for.

My wife was a virgin when I met her. I was her first. I was her first blowjob, first vaginal fuck and the first cock to enter her tight little asshole.

My wife turned me on from the day we met. She was so innocent in every way. She was a Catholic Nun and I met her at a group meeting of troubled souls. I was going through a rough patch in my life and she definitely helped me out. I fell in love instantly and made every plan possible in my mind to get in between her legs. Six months after out first meeting, my cock was in her mouth. Two days later, I was in her virgin pussy. Only a short time after that, she left “the Church” and we were married.

For a while, when we would have sex, she would just lay there, mostly because she didn’t know what to do. I found that amazingly hot! I wanted to brag…. I wanted other men to know what I had!

A few months into our marriage….

The beach….some alcohol and some prompting by me, led to the first time I shared my new bride. Her pussy was destroyed by a middle aged black cock in a St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, motel. That was also my first “sloppy seconds”. The whole experience was unimaginable. The black man was (twice her size) and was humping her like a wild man. She laid there, drunk and almost u*********s. Her legs were spread and her body was limp. He flooded her womb with his fertile sperm. The good thing was that she didn’t get pregnant. Admittedly, as he was slamming his cock into my wife, I had some feelings of jealousy, but my sexual desires overcame that.

Gracie enjoyed it, so she said, but in the same sentence said that she would be more than happy not to do it again. I detected reluctance which made me want to see it again even more.

Two shorts days later, in the same motel…. after a few drinks…. two young white surfers we just met, were tag teaming my bride. They each took turns on my wife, doggy style, while I watched. Another two loads of semen into her unprotected pussy, followed by my own “sloppy thirds” left her a hot mess. Again, she said; “Yes, I enjoyed it, but I would be happy with just you from now on”. Well…. you guessed it. I wanted more.

The following weekend I took, a sober, Gracie to an adult book store. She had NEVER seen porn! I laughed while we were in the movie booth as she looked shocked by some of the selections. She actually had a disgusted look in her face. I encouraged her to watch. She did, but with much hesitation. Then came the cock through the hole in the wall. To be honest, that was my goal, but I didn’t know what she would do or how she would react.

She looked at the short fat white cock and then looked at me.

“Go ahead babe. Play with it”, I said.

“No way”, she quickly said.

“It’s ok”, I said. “Just stroke it for a bit”.

She just gave me a dirty look.

I took her hand and placed it around the strange cock. I then turned her face towards me and began to kiss her.

“Pretend it’s me Honey”, I whispered.

I was tongue kissing my wife and out of the corner of my eye saw that she slowly started to jerk the stubby penis. After a few minutes, I pulled away from her face and place my hand on the back of her head. I turned her head to face the cock.

“Just lick the head Sweetie”. She froze. I gently pushed her head towards his cock when she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of his penis.

“That’s my girl”, I said, as my hand remained on the back of her neck.

“Now put it in your mouth and suck it a little”, I continued to prompt, as I pushed her a little closer.

The strangers’ four inch cock was now entirety in my wife’s mouth. She looked over at me with those helpless innocent eyes. I knew she wanted to stop. I pushed her head forward and then let up on the pressure but kept my hand on her neck. She instinctively pulled back which resulted in me pushing her head forward again. This repeated for over five minutes when the “tap” on the wall came. I knew what that meant.

I pushed her head forward and held it there. She immediately started coughing and gagging and tried to pull her head away from the wall. I held it there. She was trying to mumble something but kept gagging. Pushed her hands against the wall and back up a few inches. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. I grabbed her chin and held her mouth closed.

“Swallow it”, I demanded.

A steady stream of tears began to flow down her cheeks when I heard an audible “gulp”.

She had a look of sheer disgust on her face.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it”?, I asked. She looked pissed but scared.

I kissed her gently on the lips and whispered, “This makes me happy. Thank you”.

Like an obedient sex slave, I received no further reluctance. I lifted her sundress, took off her panties and sat her on my cock. As she sat on my lap, I slowly fucked her while she sucked five more cocks that evening. She swallowed four cum loads out of the additional five men as one guy wanted to cum on her face.

We have never looked back. Since then, she has sucked off and swallowed semen from hundreds of men, let hundreds paint her womb with their seed and taken the thick white jizz in her bowels…….. All without birth control or protection.

My bride has grown to enjoy her sexual adventures and even looks forward to them. Over the past few decades, she keeps a “stable” of men (that’s what she calls it) at her disposal. There are usually around 6-10 guys at any one time who are only a text message or phone call away from getting their pipes cleaned by my “Mrs.”. She has grown to be fond of young men, black men and men who are in their seventies/eighties.

Have I ever regretted it. To be totally transparent, Yes.

If she goes away on an overnight jaunt, I feel the jealousy creep in. Weekend get-a-ways with another man can be almost unbearable at times, but I know she always come home to me. It makes it much easier to deal with when she lets me watch via Face-time or other video feed.

She has been pregnant nine times. Only three babies were able to go to full term. Only one of “our” three is mine. The other two are not. This is difficult at times. (We are the only ones who know the secret).

My wife does not like to disappoint anyone. There are times when we just want to be alone, when she will get a text message from one of her “stable”, asking to come over for a quickie….or meet in a parking lot for a quick blowjob before they go home to their own wife. She will almost always drop everything and comply. This can be annoying, but “I” am the one who opened the can of worms all those years ago.

On rare occasions, we will have one of her “fuck buddies” start stalking her. This is more of a pain in the ass than anything. We have a good lawyer (he is one of the “stable”) who handles everything.

Having a slut wife doesn’t mean she is always with the “handsome hunks”. Actually it is just the opposite. My wife does not discriminate on race or looks. She will, quite often, target obese men, lonely men like truck drivers and older men (widowers).

My wife is taking semen into her body, literally, almost every day. Even at her age, she is in high demand with someone wanting to make a deposit.

On the “plus” side, she provides me with surprises. I really get turned on by flat-chested redheads and many times, my wife will set me up with one or have one naked in our bed when I come home from work.

I often get to fuck her friends and watch her then lick my cum out of their pussies. This usually turns into one hell of a lesbian escapade which is priceless!


Can you watch your wife suck the cocks of other men, including total strangers?

Can you watch your wife tongue kiss another man while her legs are spread in the air taking his cock?

Can you handle another man pumping your wife full of sperm?

If your wife is still fertile, can you handle wondering “Is this the one who will impregnate her”?

Can you watch your wife be the main attraction at a no-condom gangbang and get passed around like a rag doll?

Can you chance your k**s finding out the TRUTH?

The moral of this story is… Watch what you wish for. You might just get it.