My wife and a very wild photo shoot session

After spending Saturday at the golf club, I noticed Ana’s car in the garage when I came back home. I was really surprised, since I was sure she had said something about a date with one of her lovers. I found her sitting in the living room, watching some ► porn movies ◄.

My sweet wife looked tired and bored; so after a quick kiss I asked her if everything was fine. She assured me she was fine. She smiled weakly, saying she had now her pussy full of her lover’s cum for me to eat later…

Ana was wearing a short skirt and a tight button up blouse. Her toned long legs were bare and she had slipped her feet in a pair of sexy black stilettos. I sat down close to her and she said I had something in the oven for dinner…

Later she waited for me at bed while I got a warm shower.

As I slipped into the bed sheets, my sensual wife had me lay on my back and she sat on my face.

Her pussy was a total wreck; so I knew her black lover had fucked her real hard…

I ate a very generous amount of salty semen from her ruined cunt.

Ana moaned loud as she came in my mouth. She then kissed me passionately and declared she was really very sore and tired; so I could jerk myself in the bathroom if I needed it…

I passed out after coming back from the bathroom…

In the morning, I woke up and opened my eyes.

As I looked at the other side of the bed, I almost shot a load.

Anita was there in front of the mirror; wearing a push up bra that had her perfect round tits on top. She also had a matching garter belt and the garters holding up a pair of black seamed stockings.

Her stilettos were so sexy…and she was not wearing any panties.

Anita put her hands on her hips and ordered me to look at her face. I noticed she was wearing coral red lips stick, so sexy.

She asked how did she look and I just gasped and said stunning…

Ana then put on a very short black dress and said she was ready.

It was Saturday morning, so I asked ready for what?…

My sensual wife then laughed, saying she had forgotten to tell me about a new photographer she had met. The guy wanted her to pose for him as a nude model. I looked at her and said nothing.

Ana ordered me to get off the bed and get ready to drive her.

I opened the car door and she sat down like it was a first date.

Once at photo studio, I noticed her brand new photographer was not alone there. A tall and built black guy was with him. Before I could join them, my sensual wife joked, saying they could shoot a porn movie, as she stared and smiled at the black stud.

Ana introduced the photographer as Lewis. And he introduced his black friend as Jeremiah. He was studying photography and needed some experience; he will assist in the shooting session.

Lewis took my sweet wife’s arm and brought her over to the sunny side of our car. He told me we will do some shooting over there.

As the pictures were being snapped, Jeremiah and I stayed far away, so that our shadows did not get in the pictures.

The black guy suddenly asked me if Ana was my wife and I said no.

He insisted, asking if we were dating. Again I lied, saying no…the little slut was just a girl that I had found to model. He then said he would love to know her better. I did not say anything at this…

It was a hot sunny day and I was sweating under the sun.

Jeremiah took his shirt off and his black skin shined with sweat.

The photographer called for a break and came up to where the black guy and I were standing. He produced a bottle of cold water and handed it to Jeremiah; telling him to see if the young lady was thirsty. I started asking him about his job and he said we could go inside and he would show me some others pictures.

So we spent at least twenty minutes flipping through albums.

When we went out again, I could see my slutty sexy wife leaning over the hood, with her short tight dress pulled up to her waist.

The lucky bastard Jeremiah was ramming his black cock into her wet cunt from behind. Lewis smiled at me, saying he had hired the black guy to fuck the model.

We moved closer to the car, as he took pictures and I just watched.

Jeremiah fucked my wife in every possible position. They ended up with her dress completely off and Ana laying on her back, while the black stud fucked her missionary. He finally came in her cunt.

He looked at Lewis and warned him to get ready. He then pulled his cock out and my wife’s pussy hold open, allowing his seed to run out and down her inner thighs.

The photographer commented on how loose her pussy was.

Ana just giggled, saying it was pretty loose and she was satisfied…

Lewis took another shoots in close, as Ana lay there gaped open.

He asked if she thought she could go on more. She nodded a yes.

This bastard Jeremiah looked like a porn star pro; so he was hard again, just few minutes after filling my sweet wife’s womb.

This time Lewis asked me to lift the hood and Ana would lean on as if she was checking out the engine.

Jeremiah stepped in behind her and slid his cock in again. He held still as the pictures where taken. But he ended up shooting another load into my wife’s already dripping pussy.

When they finished, Lewis started putting away his equipment and the black guy helped him. Anita slipped her dress back on.

The photographer talked with us about future shoots.

He asked my wife if she would be available for more shoots.

Ana gave him an evil smile, asking if Jeremiah would be there…

Lewis smiled, saying he could get another three more black guys…

So my wife agreed to do it.

As I drove back home, Ana told me her pussy was sore after fucking that hung black man; but she was pretty horny, since she had not cum a single time, although he had fucked her so good…

So, I should first lick her cunt clean with my tongue and get ready my thick cock to fuck her as she wanted and deserved…

My cock got hard as I heard her… I could not wait to get home.

I would fuck her in the ass; the black stud had also missed it.