Mystery Lady

I was in a big department store wanting to buy some jeans,
and had picked out a couple of pairs. I asked an assistant
whether I could try them for size, and was directed to the
changing rooms at the rear of the casualwear section.

These were through a curtained entrance to a short corridor
which had half a dozen cubicles along its sides, made of
flimsy partitions with curtains to close them off. I went to
one of the two cubicles at the very far end, but was a bit
careless with the curtain and left a gap of about a foot or
so wide. Never mind, it was the end cubicle, who was going
to look?

I downed my strides and tried on the first pair of jeans.
Finding them tight, I wriggled out of them again. Standing
there in t-shirt and briefs, I hung them up and started to
unclip the second pair.

Someone came in and occupied the other end cubicle,
directly opposite me. I had my back to it, but glancing in
the full length mirror I could see throught the gap in my
curtain. I could see that whoever it was had left a
similar-sized gap in theircurtain.

The occupant was a woman, mid-twenties, dressed like a
professional in tailored skirt and jacket. From the relected
image I had of her in her own mirror, I could see she wore
a white blouse and had a quite pretty face. We were facing
in opposite directions, but were seperated by a distance of
only about ten feet, so looking throught the curtain was
“just like being there”. The gap was not enough to see all
of her at once, but I could see most of her.

She shrugged off the jacket and started unzipping her skirt
at the back. She slid the skirt down off her bum and let it
drop, then bent to pick it up, giving me a good look at the
bottom portion of her arse under her shirt tails, and long
slender legs. She was wearing black high-cut panties that
showed a lot of buttock.

Straightening up, she began to unbutton her blouse. The
reflected image of her in the mirror showed the front of her
panties, and now a cleavage upthrust by black bra cups was
also being revealed to me. My prick was straightening out
and I had to adjust my briefs to make it more comfortable.

She had almost completely unbuttoned her blouse when
suddenly her eyes caught mine in the mirror. Busted! I
expected a scream, or a call for security to come and throw
me out! Or worse, the cops!

But she just froze, and kept looking into my eyes. Then her
gaze travelled downwards, to where my erect prick was
straining at the front of my briefs. Then she looked into my
face again. Hers was expressionless, and since she had me
at her mercy I had to just stand there and wait to see what
she was going to do next.

Slowly and deliberately, she undid the remaining buttons,
slid her blouse down off her sholders, and hung it on a
wallhook. Then she stood with arms at her sides, just
allowing me to look at her.

She was very nice. From the back I could see her narrow
waist and heart-shaped arse with a lot of smooth bare flesh
showing. And reflected in the mirror was her belly, black
triangle of her panties, and decent sized boobs pushed high
on her chest by black lacy bra.

She held out her arms as if to say “Whaddya think?” and I
gave her the classic “thumbs-up” gesture in reply.

She put her hands to her breasts and started rubbing her
fingertips over the ends, teasing her own nipples throught
the lace of the bra. She was looking into my reflected face
as she did so. Someone else approached and entered one of
the cubicles, but since we were at the very end they could
not look in and see us.

Next she pulled down one bra strap and freed a breast from
its cup. It was a nice rounded shape, with full overhang
and nipple pointing slightly upwards. Her aureola was
large, but the nipple itself was small and pink. She let
me look, and then she pointed down at my crotch.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, and raised a questioning
eyebrow. To make herself clear, she formed her thumb
and forefinger into a circle and made a couple of up-
and-down jacking-off motions with it. She wanted me to
masturbate in front of her!

I pushed my briefs down and let her have a good look at
my erect penis, the foreskin pulled back by the tightness
and tension from my swollen shaft to expose the cockhead.
Then I took myself in hand, curling my fingers around my
shaft. I just started slowly stroking, and waited to see
what she would do next.

She slowly pulled down the other bra strap, until both
breasts were exposed to me and the inside-out cups hung
down her belly. Again she massaged her breasts, rolling her
nipples between thumb and forefinger. Her eyes were fixed
upon my cock, which I was slowly stroking to roll my
foreskin over the head and back down the shaft again. She
was able to see my glans disappear into my grip and
reappear on each stroke.

The person in the other cubicle finished what they were
doing and left again. The performance reflected in the
mirror in front of me moved to another stage. One hand
was dropped down to the front of her panties and she
started caressing her mound, slipping her middle finger into
the space at the top of her thighs. Next she pulled her
panties down to her thighs, showing her whole bum to me
as well as the reflected image of her mound with its neat
bush of black curly hairs. Again, she stood still with hands
at her sides to let me examine her.

This was truly a vision of beauty. Underwear pulled down
far enough to show me things that only her most intimate
companion should see. Firm body, very well put together
with nice “bits”, on display for me to get my rocks off
over. And she encouraging me to look at her nakedness
while pulling on my dick.

One hand covered her pussy again and started little
up-and-down movements that sent an extended finger
sliding down into her crevice and up again. The other
hand went up to a nipple and her fingers began tugging
on it. I was feeling quite good downstairs in the manhood
department as my ministrations began to take effect. My
pace was starting to quicken. She could see that it was,
too, and it seemed to make her more excited.

She stood with her legs wider apart, and leaned forward so
that her arse was sticking out toward me. I could see
between her legs, where pink folds had been hidden but
were now open to my sight. Her free hand came down
around her buttocks and a finger probed at her brown
puckered anus, meanwhile the hand in front was becoming
a blur. My own pace was also getting frenetic. Her gaze
had never left my crotch this whole time, as I stood there
and pulled myself in her honour.

I shot my load, the first three squirts splattering onto the
mirror in front of me. The rest, coming out with less force,
dribbled down the knuckles of my fingers where they curled
around my cock. The sight of me shooting was too much
for her, she quivered and her breasts shook as her hand
coaxed herself into orgasm.

To give her something extra to look at, I released my cock
and raised my knuckles to my lips, licking and sucking them
clean of jism, taking the thick, snotty fluid into my mouth
and swallowing it for her. She could see that a stream of
semen still trailed from my pisshole and ran down my
cockhead. She stood gazing at me for over half a minute
more, stroking her fanny while trembling and shuddering. I
just looked back at her, as globs of silvery-white semen
trickled slowly down the glass in front of me.

She had come to her senses now, and was swiftly pulling
her underwear back into place. I pulled up my briefs and
got my jeans back on, then wondered what to do about the
mess on the mirror. I had a hankey and thought about
trying to wipe the glass clean, but I didn’t really want to
spoil a perfectly good hanky like that.

So I just left it, put on my shoes again, then stood up to
vacate the cubicle. I did so just in time to see her, fully
dressed again, making haste toward the exit.

I gathered my stuff to go after her, to at least say “Thanks,
you have a great body!” But when I got back to the main
sales area I only caught one last glimpse of her as the doors
of the elevator closed. She blew me a kiss, and was gone

Nice seeing you, Mystery Lady. Did it thrill you to know
you could make me cum, just from the very sight of you?