Naughty Favour

The guy had, almost by accident, become a good friend. He was thought of as quite a strange kind of person, by those that new him. He was one of those completely useless types, no confidence at all, no self-esteem, he even said that he must have got his degree by mistake. His degree, yes it was in some weird, obscure subject, that few people had ever heard of.

However, he did, for a while anyway, gain a teaching post at some university or other. There wasn’t a great deal of interest in his subject, he had very few students. Somehow, he kept the post for some years, perhaps almost forgotten by the faculty.

Then one day, fate caught up, and he was made redundant. No one wanted him, he had nowhere to go, completely lost outside his small academic field, he was completely shattered.

Then, his father died, and it was his mother who came to the rescue. She told him to find a wife, and she would buy a house in Italy, somewhere she had always wanted to live, and he and his wife would live with her.

Problem was, he had no chance of finding a wife, well not the usual way.

So, he took himself off to Thailand, registered with an agency, and before you know it, he struck gold. Well, I think so anyway.

His bride to be, was a very pretty girl, much younger than him.

She was clever, had been at university before family problems had made her drop out.

Her main problem was that she was semi crippled, she had been born with a badly deformed leg.

A series of operations had got her walking, but with a terrible limp and a peculiar gait.

The family were financially struggling and told her she had to go, so in desperation, she had turned to a marriage agency.

Along came David, he seemed pleasant enough, a bit old for her, but at the end of the day, it got her away.

She soon found, that his peculiar ways, that he was actually a very nice person, certainly kind and considerate.

David doted on her, her every need was catered for, but one.

He had never had sex in his life, he was scared stiff at the prospect, needles to say, he found that he was impotent.

They had been married five years, and never once, had she had a glimmer of sex.

Naturally, I knew nothing of this.

I had known them four for years, I quite often had a meal with them, and a drink or two.

I had found that I thoroughly enjoyed their company, we would sometimes, debate for hours about all sorts of stupid subjects.

At times, I thought that Mya, seemed to be glancing coyly my way, but I surmised it was just my over active imagination.

Then one day, David asked me to drop by, I thought it would be the usual, you know, fix a leaking tap or some such.

When I arrived, he invited me to sit, then in an awkward kind of way, he shoved a glass of wine in my hand, one of your favourites, he had said.

I happened to just catch a glimpse of Mya, peering from a slightly open bedroom door.

I looked at David expectantly.

Hesitantly, he began, “You do know that you are my best friend, well to be honest, my only friend. I’ve got the greatest favour in the world to ask you.” A pause, then “This is very awkward for me, so the only way is to come right out with it.”

He looked at me, I was really puzzled.

Suddenly he blurted, “I want you to make love to my wife.”

I was dumb founded, well you would be, wouldn’t you?

He went on to explain their problem, and that he and Mya had discussed the issue in some depth, naturally in a very academic way knowing David. The conclusion being, that she would still be happy at home, if only she could have some sex with someone, really with anyone. Someone of his choice, she said, although he got the impression that she was hinting at me.

He said, “Have some more wine please,” he sat back, looking at me. I saw the bedroom door move, and this time, clearly saw Mya’s face staring at me with a pleading look.

I felt dreadfully embarrassed, for David more than me.

He went on, “I’m taking mother to hospital tomorrow, we won’t be home until late evening. Mya will be here alone, perhaps you could drop by to see she’s okay sometime.”

The next day, after I had seen David’s car disappearing down the lane, I knocked at the front door. Mya came and opened the door, it was so quick, she must have been stood right there waiting for me. She was beautifully dressed, in a traditional Thai dress, it was absolutely stunning. Her hair was up, and adorned with a little jewellery, and a colourful flower to one side.

She did their little bow, with hands clasped in front, her eyes cast down. She stepped back, and asked if I would like to come in.

She indicated my usual chair, and the glass of wine already sat there waiting for me.

When I sat, she came and knelt in front of me, reached for the wine, and held it to me with both hands.

The look on her face almost brought a tear to my eye. It was beseeching, almost begging.

I had a sip, and then put the glass down, a worried look crossed her face, I held out my arms to her. She made a strange little noise, and then fell against me, her hands clinging, with her head below my chin, as she rested on my chest. I tipped her chin up to look at me, those deep black eyes, they just stared into mine.

I only had to lean a little, and my lips brushed hers. Then, she smiled. Her hands went round my neck, to pull me tight to her lips. It was a kiss borne of desperation, of wanting and need.

I eased her away, again the worried look, “We have all day, take your time.” I said.

Now again, she smiled, then reached and hugged me.

Then, she stood, felt for the pin in her hair, it fell to cascade, long and black, around her shoulders, it was truly beautiful hair. It was the first time that I had seen it let free.

I stood, and took her in my arms, again we kissed, this time with passion, but a little more controlled.

My hands moved to touch her, caress her back, just down to her waste.

I went back up, to her shoulders, then caressed her neck beneath the hair, one hand moving slowly round. until I touched her cheek.

I slowly let the hand find it’s way down the front of her neck, the little area of exposed skin above her dress, then still down, to cup a breast through the material. A little squeeze and then a gentle rub, her mouth pressed harder to mine, and her lips opened, her tongue pushing it’s way between my lips, to gently probe.

My hands dropped to hold her side, I slid them down to her hips, and she pushed them against me.

Her hands went behind her back, I heard the zip pulled down, she shrugged her shoulders, and her dress fell to the floor. She was not wearing a bra, her breasts came into view, not large, but perfectly formed, with quite large, very dark areolas, surmounted by perhaps the biggest nipples I have ever seen.

She watched intently as I looked at them, she smiled at me when I said, “They are beautiful.” as I bent to kiss a nipple, my hand coming to softly caress. I sucked gently, then a little harder, as she gasped, her fingers in my hair.

She was wearing a waste slip, that reached almost to the floor. As my hand went to ease it down, she stopped me and slightly shook her head, I understood immediately what her reticence was.

Instead, she took my hand and pulled towards the bedroom, it was her room, not a shared room.

In the semi darkness of the part draw curtains, she reached to undo my shirt, she eased it off, then kissed my chest, her kisses exploring all over me.

Then, she sat on the bed, as her fingers were busy undoing my trousers. They fell to my ankles, she looked up at me, whilst slowly pulling at the top of my pants, and slowly she eased them down.

I have a heavy cock, it sort of sticks out when free, rather than standing upright. Till now, it had been held down in my pants.

As she took my pants further down, she first saw my cock’s base, beneath my pubic hairs. Then suddenly it made her jump, as the pants passed the tip, it sprang into full view, to hit her below the chin. She laughed, two hands going to her mouth, eyes wide staring at its size.

She moved a hand halfway towards it, looked up shyly at me, then reached to touch, just the merest of touches, as her fingers traced along the length.

She again looked up at me, “It is the first time I have ever seen one, it is bigger than I imagined, I think that I am a little frightened now.”

I took her shoulders in my hands, bent and laid her on the bed, I moved beside her, “Don’t be frightened my little angel, there is nothing to be afraid of, you’ll see.”

My lips found hers, it was a long lingering kiss, a true discovery of each other.

I moved a hand to fondle her breasts, moving from one to the other, exploring their beauty, occasionally pausing to pull and twist at a nipple.

She broke from the kiss, to snuggle her head into me neck, and she kissed wherever her lips found me.

I eased her head aside, moving my body tighter to her, my mouth went to the top of her chest. Where my fingers traced, my tongue followed and teased her skin.

Then, I was at her breasts once more. I loved their feel, as I kissed them all over, then a nipple coming to life, quite huge in my mouth.

Her waist was narrow, her stomach was flat and firm, I could feel the muscles quiver as I kissed it all over, then down to the waste band of her slip, where I licked a line right across, she squirmed when my tongue paused halfway and teased her belly button.

At her left side (her good leg side), my mouth continued down along her leg, on top of her slip. Just above her shin, I reached bare skin once more. I kissed her toes, as my hands held her foot. At the same time, my free hand moved to caress her other foot, and once more I leaned and kissed the toes, then the ankle and her shin, kissing softly all over.

As I slowly moved upwards, my hands were slowly sliding her slip up her legs, I never stopped kissing. Her hand went to my head to halt my progress, but I just continued to caress and kiss with the softest of touches at the point I had reached.

Gently I pushed my head against the pressure of her hands. At first, she resisted, but I had allowed one hand to glide, with fingers tracing, up and passed her knee, to her inner thigh. I let it sit just holding. The grip on my head relaxed, so I inched higher, as I kissed the inside of her knee, I also gently pushed her legs wider apart.

I could now feel the scar tissue beneath my lips. I brought my fingers to it, and I felt her tense. “Sh sh, it’s okay,” I whispered, as I kissed again.

I felt her relax slightly, as I trailed my tongue along the puckered lines. Her slip went higher, for a moment I held her leg between two hands, then laid my cheek to her thigh and let it rest there. I kept it there, but let my fingers continue up either side of her leg. I turned my head again, kissed once more.

I moved my hands to the top of her slip and began to ease it down, this time she raised her hips from the bed, her tiny panties appeared in front of my face, so I leaned and kissed her just above the waste band. She raised a knee, and pushed her slip right down.

I moved my lips across the front of her panties She moved her legs yet wider, as I pressed my mouth over her mound, and then down to the narrow crotch.

The wet spot I found, smelled musky, yet delicious. I dragged my tongue hard along the length where her pussy was, then to the side, to lick her inner thigh.

I could feel her squirm at my touch, I pressed my tongue back to the centre, then slowly upwards, as I heard a moan.

Her own fingers took hold of her panties, and she pushed them lower. I buried my mouth in the fine hair I could feel above her pussy. My tongue flicked down, following her panties, as she pushed at them. Her lips were large and puffy, as my mouth played, sucking on each in turn, then my tongue parted them, to delve between and lick deep.

Her clit, when my tongue found it, was not large, only just appearing from the thick fold of skin surrounding it. But when my tongue teased, she jumped at the shock, her pubis bashed into to me as she thrust up.

I sucked and played with it, and it did grow a little, whilst she now clasped at my head. I eased a finger in between the lips and slowly pushed in, to feel the warmth and wetness of her.

She was now writhing frantically, I moved up her body, until our faces and lips met once more.

I positioned my cock to her pussy, then withdrew my finger, and guided my tip between the lips.

With only a light pressure, it slid slowly into her. Her hands flew to my back, to grip me with an intensity, one leg went up around my waste, as she drew me into her.

With a slow rhythm, I began to stroke in and out, gradually getting deeper. She moaned into our kiss.

Her body started to thrust to meet my own, it became more urgent, her hips pounding off the bed, her nails raked down my back, to cling to my ass, her face moved to my neck and she bit me hard.

Then, staring hard into my eyes, with a wide-eyed startled look on her face, she orgasmed!

Her small hands were now clutching and then releasing at my ass.

Slowly the tension drained from her, her hands now caressed, as she smiled up at me.

I was still working my cock in and out, I had not yet reached my own climax.

I saw by the look on her face that she realised, she hesitantly pushed me to one side, so I rolled on the bed, pulling her with me, she was now laying on top, along my body.

Her elbows resting on my chest, she closed her thighs tight, then began to move her hips.

She tried to sit up, but her leg would not allow it, then she grinned and scooted our bodies nearer the edge of the bed. She allowed her foot to drop to the floor, bending the other leg at the knee, she could now sit upright.

One foot to the floor and one knee on the bed, she lifted and lowered herself on my by now throbbing cock, bursting for release.

Her hands at my hips for support, she rode me, one moment to rise up, and then bury me deep, right up inside.

She reached and brought my hands to her breasts.

I knew I was fast approaching my time, then I saw her head roll back, she screamed, “It’s happening again!” I felt her vagina clamping on my cock.

It immediately took me over the edge, and I was pumping into her.

I saw she could no longer move, her body taught and bent like a bow. I managed to thrust up to her several more times, then she climaxed again, the orgasm shaking her body.

She collapsed onto me, her fingers took my face and she smiled, but there were tears running down her cheeks.

“I have been waiting for a long time for this moment, I really didn’t know, I never dreamed it would be like this. It was so very beautiful? Thank you for being our friend.”

We rested for a while, then she sat up and took my hand. “Please, to come with me.”

She led me from the bedroom and into the light, I noticed she had forgotten all about her leg, and completely naked, she pulled me to the stairs, I followed her beautiful little ass up. I had never been up there before, the stairs, I mean.

She waited for me at a door, then eased it open, put a finger to her lips and motioned me in.

I was astounded, I was standing in a temple. The walls covered in the most gorgeous tapestries I had ever seen. A quite large statue of Buddha at one wall, candles and incense burned everywhere.

She pointed me to a chair by the door.

Then, she went to the ornate carpet in front of the Buddha. She sat awkwardly because of her leg, her hands joined in front of her as she prayed for a while.

Then, she changed from sitting to kneeling, albeit, on one knee with other leg sort of spread to the side. She lit a candle, placing it in front of her, then bent her head to the floor.

Suddenly she gasped, and as she looked at me over her shoulder, a hand flew to her backside, to cover the ass hole I was staring at, embarrassment written all over her face.

But I smiled at her and winked.

I helped her up, and we left the room. Her hand staying firmly at the back of her ass, as she giggled her way down the stairs.

Back in the front room, now seemingly at home in front of me with her nakedness, she passed me a glass of wine.

From beneath lowered eyelids, she said, “Did you like that view?”

One large gulp, and my wine was gone, putting the glass on the table, I held my arms to her.

She smiled up at me, then came and hugged me tight.

She looked at me, “Now I must wash you, then we can dress and you must go.”

“David has said that I can invite you as often as I would like, but not every day.” she grinned, “Would you come again for me, if I asked? Would you want to?” A look of doubt crossed her face. She took my hand, pressed it between her thighs, “Did you like it, was I okay for you?”

“Mya, I should be asking you that, not the other way round, but I loved it, it was fantastic, you only need to snap your fingers, and I’ll come running, anytime you want. And of course I want to.”

For the next three years, I made love to David’s wife, Mya.

We met on a fairly regular basis, it was all she wanted.

She was happy with David, as long as I was there to satisfy her other needs.

Things ended, when David’s mother died, and although I never knew why, he decided to move back to England.

For a time we kept in touch, until one day, a couple of letters came back as undelivered.

What happened to either of them, I have no idea, I did for a while try and find her, but without success.

Today, I am married, and happily, but always in my heart, just hidden away from anyone else, is Mya.

The end

p.s. I said at the beginning, that this was a true story, and it is, I have cried in the retelling, it has all come to the surface again after all these years that I’ve kept it buried. You see, I came to love that girl, but she didn’t want me, she didn’t need me, she loved her David and just wanted some sex, and somehow, her philosophy allowed that.