My Favorite Kind of Seduction

Hey everyone, Sorry have not written much lately. I have not been as active as I was and am still recovering but am almost ready to get back into some fun.

This happened a few years ago when I did not have a steady roommate. I worked at a store and there were a lot of men and women that came in from diferent cultures. Japanese, Hispanic, Black and White. No one really attracted me or even flirted much as was usual but in a clothing store it is more conservative most times. Well, I was working one afternoon and it was not busy at all and I was sitting behind a desk doing some paperwork for the boss and I looked up after hearing some voices and saw there beautiful Hispanic women older teens looking at dresses and gowns. I got up and walked to ask if I can help them and they all smiled and said that they wanted to ttry on some things if I could help them. Well, I was in one of my very buxom times depending on the diet. I was full 42EEE and almost busting out of that and had on a tight blue dress that was low cut and came up almost to the wonderful “Y” with a nice blue thong on under and sheer blue bra that did nothing to my my nipples if they got excited and they had begun to the moment I saw them.

They all were speaking Spanish and I know very little so they would talk about things and then turn to me and speak perfect English. They all had wonderful creme brown complexions and two had long dark hair that was to their waist. The third had her hair short just below her ears.
They picked some things and said that they would like to try them on and so I took them to the dressing rooms and opened three doors and they laughed, “Oh, we can all go in one.” one of them said and then did just that. Soon they were laughing and I dresses were being handed back to me with either aproval or not and then they came out. The dressing rooms are in a back hall from the sales area and it was late. I had asked them if they would be long and they said that they had wanted to take their time and they had to buy things for a trip they were taking. Well, I had told them I was going to lock the door and cash and beright back. The cash goes into a drop box that I have no access to and only the Mgr and Assist Mgr can open them in the morning. I came back and they were now trying on things in the hallway, undressing totally naked and al stages in between. They would ask me what I thought and then try on something else. Finally, they were ready to go and then they all stood naked in the dressing area. “We want to thank you for letting us stay so long.” one said and approached me. The other two went to each side and the one with the short hair took my face and kissed me deep. I melted and did not resist at all and one said, “Oh I think she has done this before.”Soon I was naked and they were all around me and I was soaking wet with puddles forming under me as my orgasms ran down my legs. One laid me on a mat that she had brought out of the store and then straddled me and lowered herself over my face and then another was between my legs eating my throbbing pussy. The third was sucking my tits and biting the nipples harder and harder as it becamse obvious I liked it.

I was being driven crazy, teased close to an orgasm and then not allowed to have one and they were laughing as they tortured me this way. Time and again they did it and even told me they were not going to let me up but tie me up in the middle of the store naked and leave me there when they left. I think they were surprised when I said in a very very hot voice, Oh, yes, please do, tie me up and leave me till morning so they will find me naked.” The teasing continued and then the short haired one stooped over my face, “Oh I have to piss so bad.” she said and a stream of piss sprayed over my face and I opened my mouth wide to take it in. I swallowed as much as I could but much hit the flor and soaked my hair. “I have to piss too” another said and she soaked my face and hair as the other had. The third had her mouth clamped to my pussy eating me through one orgasm after another making my body convulse as each hit my like a tidal wave soaking her face.

It was well past 2AM when we left the store out the back entrance and although not totally dressed we made it to their van and drove to my apartment and made it in and as soon as the door closed what little we had on came off and we began again. I was once again laid down and my legs spread and each took turns eating me and fingering me through orgasms until the short haired one laughed, “I think she needs something bigger.” and her hand began moving in and out until her fist was in past her wrist. I was bucking like mad and soaking her forearm over and over. “Oh she loves this.” she said and the others joined her taking turns fisting me as they took turns sucking my tits and sitting on my face pushing their pussies over my mouth and nose till I could not breathe and then letting me have some air and then doing it again. I do not remember passing out but I must have and when I woke we were a tangled mess of pussy and tits and hair and al in my bed. Mouths were joined and tits had nipples in them and one mouth was still attached to my pussy which was still throbbing. We all woke slowly and finally got up and showered and ate breakfast. I had the credit slips for their clothes and they all gave their names finally and told me they would be back to stay over for a few days soon. I stood in front of the mirror and saw love bites all over my body and they hurt to touch.

We all kissed and they left and I slept till noon. Dressed and covered up the bites and took the credit slips to work so the books would balance. THey had bought over five thousand dollars worth of things and my boss was happy to let it slide that I had let them stay. They have been back a few times and bought more and each time, we end up in bed at my apartment.
I love sales sometimes when I get the right customers that tip really good.