New kind of Vacation

So there I was your classic stressed out, need a vacation workaholic. I never listened or joined my friends on their splurges for vacations. Then I couldn’t help it. I was always listening to my friends talk about how fun it was and relaxing and the men they got to play with when away from home. So when the next opportunity came up to go away for yet another group trip I shocked them all by agreeing to go. The offer was always there I just had never takin it. The next thing I knew me and 3 girlfriends were on our way to some fun in the sun.

We arrived and checked into our hotel and thats when I saw him. My conquest for this trip. Not having done this before I was a little unsure of how to go about things but that would turn out to be no problem. He worked in the hotel we were staying at and over the course of the day I noticed he was usually out near the pool and in the spa rooms. Turns out he gave excellent massages. When I found this out I immediately booked one in. That night me and my friends were all giggling and talking in our room when I blurted out that I was going to try and seduce the guy giving me my massage the next day! I couldn’t believe I had just said that!! of course all the girls started yelling at once about what I should do. Eventually things settled down and we all went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping with so many ideas racing through my head.

The next day, I arrived for my appointment in my tiny white bikini and terry robe. He was already there waiting. At 25 I knew I was smokin hot with long sandy blonde hair and emerald green eyes. I had a toned body that I worked hard for and very perky B-cup breasts. As soon as I seen him my nipples were hard and I could feel myself getting wet. I didn’t know how I was ever going to handle having his hands rubbing all over my body without jumping him!!! This 6′ tall hunk of muscle and charm was just what I was needing. He turned that smile in my direction when he seen me walk in and I knew this wasn’t gonna be hard to get him alone. There was only one other person in the room and she was getting ready for a mudbath… why would anyone wanna lay in a tub of mud rather then have this hunks hands all over her was beyond me but it meant we would be alone so I was glad.

Trevor (as i soon found out his name was) led me to a table in the back that was secluded from the rest of the room. When getting ready that morning I had purposely left my bikini ties extremely loose. I walked very close at his side to the back table and occasionally bumped into him while walking. Once he stopped abruptly to grab some lotions on the way and I got a feel of that firm ass completely “by accident”. I knew I was being very oblivious and didn’t care, I knew what I wanted and I wanted it NOW!

At my table I had him remove my robe for me and naturally the loose tie around my neck came undone. He looked a little shocked at first but I could see that he definitely was enjoying the show. Judging by the bulge in the front of his pants he was quite large indeed! I layed face down on the table and let him start massaging my back half but soon the warm oil and feel of his hands was becoming too much for me. When he stopped to put more oil on his hands I quickly sat up and my knee was at the perfect height to nudge his rock hard cock. He was about as turned on by this as I was! He just stood there motionless and watched me waiting to see what I would do next.

“Do you have any more clients booked in for a few hours handsome?” I asked him.

“Only you this morning. Its a quiet day today.” he answered.

I knew the Spa services were by appointment only and there would be no one walking in on us so I took his oiled up hands and put them on my breasts. My hard nipples were poking into his palms. He started to gently massage them while still watching me. I let my head fall back and enjoyed the feelings he was creating. It had been so long since I had had sex that I could tell it wasn’t going to take much to make me cum. Once he realized that this was exactly what I wanted he started to massage my breast a little harder and moved closer between my legs. He released one breast to undo the last tie holding my top up and had full access to my breasts then. He bent his head down and took my full left breast in his mouth and began to suckle at my breast, occasionally flicking my nipple with his tongue. I almost came on the spot!! I reached up and pulled his head closer and started to breathe heavily with gasps coming out everytime he would flick his wonderful tongue over my nipple. He took his hot mouth from my breast and I wanted to cry until he started the same on my right breast! I could feel him starting to undo the ties on my bottoms at the same time.

I reached up and let my hands roam around under his loose shirt and over his muscular back. He gently nipped my nipple and I instantly dug my nails into his back. I heard his groan and knew he had liked that. I slipped his shirt off and let my hands roam over his chest and couldnt help but lay a kiss on his collarbone. He pulled his stool closer to the table and spread my legs and sat on the stool. While watching my face he slowly bent his head and started to lap up my juices that he had produced with his ministrations to my breasts. I moaned as soon as I felt his breath on my perfectly groomed pussy. He started lapping faster at my clit and slowly inserted a finger into my wet pussy. It felt so wonderful! He started to move his finger in and out and then withdrew it. I quickly grabbed his hand and began to suck my juices of his finger. He took his hand back and went back to my waiting pussy and started to flick his tongue over my clit and quickly inserted not one but two fingers this time! I could feel myself wrap around those strong fingers and when he began to move them in and out I couldn’t hold back anymore and came in a big gush. I was moaning so loudly I was sure someone would hear me!! He didn’t let up though he milked my cunt for every drop and licked them all up. I couldn’t take anymore and dragged him back up so he was standing. I wanted to see what he had to offer that was trapped in his pants. I started to reach for the tie at his waist when he grabbed my hand.

“Wait!” he groaned out. That was when I heard her… the woman was returning from her mudbath!! I was so frustrated but quickly put my top back on and laid back on the table pretending nothing had happened as she walked back in the room. I was so disappointed that I let him finish his massage and booked another Spa appointment for the next day but made sure that I was the only one for a 2-hour block, and went back to join my friends at the pool.

“How did it go?” they all asked at once.

“Things were going so perfect until the mudbath woman came back! We didn’t get to go very far either… but I can tell you that man sure knows how to use those hands and mouth! That was the BIGGEST orgasm I’ve ever had!! I even booked him for a couple of hours tomorrow when no one else has any appointments.”

The girls were so proud of me. The rest of the day was spent by the pool, shopping and with them all picking out their own conquests. I never knew these vacations were so much fun and I couldnt wait for tomorrow to get here. I occasionally seen Trevor looking my way as the day went on. Finally we all went to dinner and had some drinks and toasted to our friendship and good times. That night I went to bed with a big smile on my face and slept the best I could remember in a long time.

The next morning we all went to breakfast and I hit the gym to do a quick workout and to keep myself busy waiting for the afternoon to get here. With only an hour left I went to my room and showered and picked out a deep green bikini that I knew made my eyes stand out and looked good with my tan… not that it would be on my body for long if I could help it! I made my way down to the Spa part of the hotel again and went in 15 minutes late, I didn’t want to seem to eager afterall. When I went in I didn’t see Trevor anywhere so I made my way into the next room and started to head back to the same table as yesterday. Sure enough he was there waiting for me and as soon as I saw him I could see the effect I had on him. He was already hard. I made my way over to the table but when I got there he went in the other room. I thought he was having doubts until I seen him walk back in with a self-satisfied smile on his face.

“I had to go lock the door,” he explained.

There was no pretense this time he went right for my bikini ties and I stripped his shirt off so I could see the Adonis body underneath again. Before I could get much further ha had his mouth on one breast and a finger in my already wet cunt. He didn’t even wait just shoved my bottoms to the side to reach my wet pussy. This time I thought I would be able to control myself a little better but the aggressive way he had started had me ready to cum already! I was reclined on the massage bed and pulled his head closer craving the aggression. I could feel him jerk my bottoms of and insert 2 fingers again. As soon as he started to work them in and out of my soaked pussy I could feel my body start to jerk involuntarily and the build-up start of another major orgasm! He took his mouth of my breast and fingers from my pussy and with one quick thrust of his tongue in my cunt I almost jerked off the bed and then I felt the release start and could here him sucking all my juices up. I felt completely drained and watched as he stood up and started to untie his bottoms. They fell down to pool around his feet and I jumped off the bed to cup his large member through his boxers. I heard him groan and slowly lowered his boxers to release all 8 inches of him. As I pulled them down he sprang free and I couldn’t help but lick my lips in anticipation. I didn’t hesitate but jumped right in and wrapped my small hand around the base of his cock. My fingers could barely reach all the way around his thick cock! I licked him from the bottom up and then licked the pre-cum off his head. He groaned and leaned back on the table when I slid his cock in my warm waiting mouth and started to slowly bob my head up and down. I stroked him in time to my mouth moving up and down over him. I swirled my tongue over his head and when he gasped I did it again. I licked my way back down and sucked his testicle into my mouth and he grabbed my head to hold me there. I released his testicle and went back to sucking his hard member. I could feel him pulsing in my mouth and was loving every minute of it until he grabbed my and pulled me up.

“Enough playing around.” he said

He picked me up and put me on the edge of them table and stuck a finger in me to make sure I was ready then before I knew it he stepped forward and slammed his cock into my hot, wet and waiting pussy! My mouth made an “O” in surprise and my head fell back in pure ectasy as I felt myself stretch to accomodate his size. I wasn’t given long to adjust before he pulled out and then once more slammed into me. I groaned at the feeling of having this large cock thrust so forcefully into me. I tried to move closer to him and he pulled me off the bed and bent me over it and then entered me yet again but from behind. He started a rythme pounding my wet pussy from behind. Everytime he would pound into me I could hear our bodies smack together and hear myself let out a little squeak but couldn’t stop it from happening. It felt so good. He had one hand on my breast massaging and the other holding me down and still as he pounded me harder and harder. I could feel myself start to climax and urged him to go faster. My juices burst over his cock and still he kept going. I pulled away from him and pushed him against the wall I turned him so I had my back on the wall and he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me against the wall. I could hear his breathing start in gasps and knew he was going to climax. I wrapped my legs tighter around him and let him fuck me for all he was worth. I could feel a massive orgasm building and knew I would be screaming in a moment. I leaned forward and bit his shoulder as it hit me and we both came so hard he could hardly stand let alone hold me up and we ended up on the floor with me straddling him and my pussy milking him of every drop of cum. I rolled off him and layed on the floor waiting to catch my breath. As we slowly came back down from our momentary high we both realized the time. But instead of cleaning off he set me on the table and set to work cleaning me off by licking up all my juices and setting off little after orgasms. Eventually we both got dressed again and I went back to my friends and enjoying my vacation. As for Trevor… well after that one great bout of sex I didn’t go back for another massage and I can only imagine he found someone else to pleasure.