Older is better

“Bye Kim, nice to meet you Beth, have fun!”

As one of my favorite customers left my shop, I topped off my coffee and went back to my crossword. Working in an adult toy store dulls some people’s sexual appetite, but even after six years mine was going strong. In the afternoons there was often a lot of time between customers, but I had ways to pass the time and keep myself amused. As I worked on the puzzle, I ground my ass into the chair to feel the butt plug shift inside me. “Maybe It’s time to swap it out” I thought. One of the perks of the job is an unlimited supply of quality pleasure toys. My boss knew I helped myself to a few things, but he didn’t mind as the mark up on this stuff is incredible, and I was one of his best employees. Now, some people might think when a woman reaches my age, a bit past sixty, her sex drive drops off, but not so. In truth it stays strong, it’s just gets harder to find someone to scratch where you itch, so you do it yourself.

I went to the back room and looked through my personal collection. I have discreet vibrators and dildos, a variety of anal toys, a little bit of this and that, and clean panties in case I need them. Keeping an eye on the security monitors I dropped my shorts, and squatting, replaced the butt plug with a vibrator up my cunt. I liked this one because besides being comfortable to wear while walking around, its electro-stimulation was fun to play with while talking to a customer. Once it was comfortably secure, I covered my slit with a thin pad and put on a pair of Lycra underwear that was strong enough to hold everything in place. I got my shorts back on, and after pocketing the remote and checking my face in the mirror, went back out front.

Before long a customer came in, a young man I didn’t recognize. Very slim, with a light olive complexion, he would be cute if he had a better haircut and dressed better. As he walked around looking in the display cases I turned my little friend to a low pulsating setting and sat back to watch him.

“Hi, welcome to our shop. Feel free to look around, if you have any questions, just ask”.

He looked up at me for the first time, and when I smiled, he smiled back shyly. My being older can make new customers feel more comfortable, especially if they expected to see a fat guy in a dirty shirt with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Maybe I remind them of a grandmother, but this granny has 35c’s that still stand out (with just a little help), a trim figure, and the only lines on my face are at the corners of my eyes.

He had been looking in the case with the male masturbators for a while, so I walked over to him.

“Hi, my names Sally. It’s quite a collection we have here, isn’t it? I asked.

“Yeah, well, it is. I’m not really sure what I want” he said, trying not to look at me.

I put my hand on his arm. “Relax, this your first time in a place like this?”

Finally looking at me he said “Yes. I really don’t have any experience with, you know, and thought maybe one of these…”

“Might help you get ready for the real thing?” I finished for him.

He nodded. “I just started college, you know? And I thought it would be better than High School, but I still get tongue tied when I try to talk to girls.”

“You’re not the first one. Listen, I’ve helped a few guys get their confidence up with some role playing, would you like my help?

He looked at me again, his eyes travelling up and down my body. Until then, all he saw was an old person, now he was starting to see the woman in me. “You can help?” he asked.

I held out my hand. “What’s your name?”


“Marco, it’s nice to meet you. Come with me” I picked out one of the egg style masturbators and led him to the register. “Marco, I am a lot older than you, and you probably never thought of a woman my age as being sexy, but I have a lot to offer. Willing you trust me?” His mouth was dry, but he managed to get out one word.


“Good. First, you need to get a haircut, and not an eight dollar one, OK? I know someone that will do a good job, can I call her?” He agreed and I made him an appointment for later that day. I wrote the address on a notepad and added my address underneath it. “here’s what you need to do. Get your haircut, go home and take a shower, and come to my place at Seven o’clock. Handing him the toy, “I want you to use this before you leave your place, it will help later on, got it?”

Somewhat in shock he agreed, and after paying for his purchase left. I watched his ass as he walked away and fingering the remote gave myself a good jolt. “With tighter pants, that could look fantastic.”

After I ate, I showered and put on a blouse but no bra, and a pair of jeans. I made sure a bottle of wine was in the fridge and put some jazz on the radio.

When Marco arrived, he looked much better. Taking his hand, I led him to the living room. “Marco, that’s a big improvement. You’re a good looking man, you need to show it more.” I got him settled on the couch and he accepted my offer of a glass of wine.

Sitting beside him, my legs underneath me I asked “Now, I know there must be some women in your classes you like, have you talked to them?”

“Some, I’ve said hello or whatever, but don’t have the nerve to ask them out.”

Putting my hand on his leg I leaned in. “Remember, before a woman will want to be a girlfriend, she’ll want to be a friend first. Say hello, then talk to them about school, maybe an assignment coming up. Be real about it. Then you can ask them if they’d join you for coffee. If you hit it off, then ask them out on a date.”

“Even if everything works out, don’t go assume anything, after the first date you might just get a good night kiss. If you do go somewhere to make out, don’t rush things. Your first kiss, go slow, like this.” I pulled him in, my eyes on his, and kissed him lightly. It didn’t take long for small kisses to turn into large ones, our mouths locked and our bodies in a tight embrace. I knew he could feel my nipples poking into him, my tits were squashed into his chest. For a newbie he was pretty good, my panties were starting to get wet before we took a breather.

“Now when you start touching a woman, don’t just reach in and grab at her tits. Women take longer to get turned on than men, so start with someplace safe, rub her arm or squeeze her side, make her feel comfortable.

We started kissing again and his hands moved over me, exploring my figure. When he finally touched a breast, I leaned back into the couch, giving his fingers room to trace my soft curves and test the firmness of my nipples. While he caressed me, with one hand I unbuttoned my top while the other pushed under his shirt and stroked the hairs on his chest.

The next time we broke our kiss I turned to him and held my blouse wide open. “Look at me Marcos. Tell me what you see.”

“Sally, I see a beautiful woman smiling at me. I see a woman who’s proud of her body. I see a sexy figure with lovely breasts and pink nipples and I want to kiss them. May I? May I kiss them?”

“Yes, but don’t ask a woman permission that way. If you think she’s ready try, If you’re going too fast for her, she’ll let you know.

I guided his head down, and as he licked and kissed on my tits, I slid my hand to his crotch, lightly rubbing his cock through his jeans. After just a few minutes of enjoying ourselves I pushed us apart. I knew he wouldn’t last long, and wanted to get that cock out where I could see it. “Let’s go to my bedroom, it’s more comfortable.”

Standing him next to the bed I pulled his shirt over his head. A light push on his chest was all it took to put him on his back. I undid his pants and finished undressing him, rubbing the underside of his dick before removing his briefs. Once I had him naked and stretched out, I removed my top and pants, leaving my panties on.

“Now, you realize a girl probably won’t want to go all the way the first time you make out, but you might get a hand job or a blow job.” Sitting facing him I lifted his cock off his stomach and checked it out. It was a good size, maybe seven inches, circumcised, the pink head dripping excitement. Looking into his face I took his dick in a light grip, and worked it with my hand, first up to the tip to gather his precum, then back down to coat the shaft, taking some time to cup his balls. I had only stroked for a minute when he came, the first shot was so hard it landed on his lips, the rest fell onto his chest, and he slowly went limp in my hand. I leaned in to kiss him, swirling my tongue in his cum before putting it into his mouth so I knew he tasted it. I ran my fingertips over his chest, tracing a line from one puddle of cum to the next. Opening my mouth wide I licked my fingers clean as he watched.

After wiping him off with a wet cloth, I took his place lying on the bed. “I want you to take off my panties now. Do it slow and don’t be afraid to put your face right in there. Removing a girl’s clothes is like unwrapping the greatest gift she can give you, show her you appreciate it.” He stretched between my legs, running his fingers up my thighs and over my soaked crotch. As his fingers became coated with my juices, he liked them clean several times. When he took hold of the waistband of my undies, I lifted my hips for him. He stared, mesmerized as he saw my bare slit for the first time.

“Marcos, a cunt is a wonderful thing, you need to get to know it to love it properly. I want you to use your fingers and your eyes and your nose, too, and explore mine. I know you’ve seen it done in porn, but porn doesn’t get it right most of the time.”

“Start by caressing the outer lips, see how mine are swollen and the slit has opened? It means I’m excited and ready for you. Now use both hands and separate the lips further, all the way from the top to the bottom and hold them apart.” I felt cooler air hit me as my cunt was opened up by him. I knew he was looking at how my color changed from pink in the center to red the outer edge of my labia, and inhaling the smell and heat of my excitement. He ran a finger over the bump of my clit and felt it grow longer and harder, he examined and touched my peehole, and gently pulled on my labia before finally pushing a finger into my vagina. His finger touched me all over inside, feeling the texture, pushing on the sides as if trying to try to find its limits. When he put in a second finger in me, I turned his hand palm up and told him to curl the tips of his fingers and fuck me with them. My old pussy appreciated the attention and was leaking juice that ran over his hand and onto the bed. I leaned my head back on the pillow and enjoyed the feeling as my g-spot was stroked. As I felt my orgasm start, I practically screamed at him: “Oh, please don’t stop now!”, and reached in to work my clit. Eyes closed, I rubbed myself furiously as the orgasm took me with its full force. My hips bucked, slamming down on his hand again and again. My chest flushed hot and red, my pussy clenched, and I squirted pee uncontrollably over his fingers as he watched stunned.

It took a minute before I could talk, and I watched as he looked at his fingers and licked them again. Finally, I was able to say, “Take the clean part of that towel and wipe me down please.” As he gently wiped my thighs and cunt, I complimented him. “That was very, very, nice, thank you. Now, there’s a lot more for you to learn, and we will do it again, but we’ll call this the end on Lesson One.”

As we dressed, I gave his hard cock a tug. “I’ll let you take this home with you, it’ll give you something to play with tonight while you think about what we did. Here’s my number, but I don’t want you to call until you’ve had coffee with a girl and asked her to dinner, understand? I enjoy doing this but don’t want you getting the idea that it’s a relationship, OK?”

I kissed him at the door and as he walked away, I called out to him “Get yourself some tighter pants, you have a great butt!”