Panty Slave

It all started on a lonely Saturday night when I was
home alone doing laundry.

I live on the first floor of a three-story building.
The common washer/dryer for the building is in the
basement, and a door from my bedroom leads directly
into the laundry-room section of the basement.

There is a young, unmarried couple living directly
above me. The woman, Kristen, is gorgeous! She
just moved to the U.S. from England, obviously to live
with her honey, Kevin. He is a successful stockbroker
who is equally good-looking, he is also aggressive, and
extremely hard-working. They are both serious about
their careers, and they’re renting a small apartment
while they save money for their dream home.

Kristen is the cutest, sexiest woman I’ve seen in a
long time. She has short, blond hair, a flawless face,
nice tits, and a perfect ass which she keeps in great
shape by getting up at 5:00am every morning to run 10
miles. I had seen her many times, walking in and out
of the building, and I had even jerked off thinking
about her beautiful body, but I had never spoken a
word with her.

I first met Kristen in our back courtyard one day when
she was going up into her apartment with her arms full
of laundry. I was coming in from a workout and noticed
she had dropped a piece of clothing on the bottom level
of stairs. I hurriedly ran to help her, by calling out
that she had dropped something. I said I would grab it
and take it up to her.

When I grabbed the piece of laundry, I realized it was
a tiny, black, silk thong! I got an immediate hard-on!
I could hardly make it up the stairs because my dick was
so hard holding this gorgeous creature’s underwear. When
I got to the top of the stairs, Kristen looked embar-
rassed as she realized I was holding her freshly
laundered panties. However, as she took the thong from
me, she looked me straight in the eyes with her piercing
blue eyes, and if it was possible at this point, I got
even harder.

She then looked down and could see my retro-adolescent
hard-on through my workout shorts. Then, she looked
right back into my eyes, with the confidence of a queen.

She was the one who had made a mistake, by dropping her
laundry, but with one look, I became the embarrassed
little boy, who felt like I should apologize. At the
same time, she was transformed into a mature, sexy
dominant figure, looking at me like I was a bad boy
for having touched her laundry.

She said goodbye, as I struggled to walk back to my
apartment. As soon as I got back into my apartment,
I was so affected by my encounter with Kristen, that
I ripped off all of my clothes and started jerking
off right in the middle of my living room. I came in
less than a minute.

Then, something happened to me that had never occurred
in my entire life – I remained hard! I was still so
turned on and I felt like I needed more relief. I
decided to go back to jerking off, but I was starting
to get chafed. So rather than grabbing some lotion, I
scooped up the pile of cum that was sitting in the middle
of my coffee table and smeared it all over my cock for

I then jerked off, imagining myself licking every inch
of Kristen’s body and smelling those sexy panties.

For the next couple of weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking
about Kristen and her panties. I kept hoping to see
them, and touch them again. I figured it would never
happen, but the thought made for a lot of great mas-
turbation fantasies.

Then, one Saturday night, I decided to stay home and do
laundry while the rest of my buddies were out drinking.
I went down into the laundry room and as anyone can
relate to the frustration, someone else was already
doing their laundry.

I saw a basket of what looked like dirty clothes
sitting on top of the dryer, while the washer and
dryer were both running.

I had a thought that the clothes could be Kristen’s!
My heart started racing with a combination of anticipation
and the fear of getting caught, as I went to look in the

Sure enough, the basket was full of women’s clothing,
and sitting right up on top was another tiny thong.
This one was brown, but it was the same style that I’d
seen before. I grabbed it quickly and held it up. It
looked beautiful!

As my heart pounded and my dick filled up with blood,
I buried my face in the thong and inhaled deeply. I
almost passed out from the overwhelmingly sexy mixture
of scents. They smelled a little musky, like the smell
of pussy, but there was also a different smell.

I quickly realized the smell was a man’s cum. I looked
in the panties and there was some dried-up cum that
looked like a tiger stripe.

I have never smelled cum that wasn’t my own, and seeing
panties with a cum-stain was definitely a first, but I
was so excited from being this close to panties that
were on Kristen’s beautiful body, that I had a hard
time standing up. I didn’t want to just put the panties
back into the basket and end this little affair with
the lovely piece of lingerie, but I also had never con-
sidered myself to be a pervert before.

However, my lust overcame me and I balled the panties
up into my hand and left the laundry room with them.

I was now in my apartment, with a dick that could cut
glass, and I wasn’t sure what to do. But I quickly
stripped and laid down in my bed to start stroking my

I put the panties over my nose and mouth and deeply
inhaled the strong scent. After doing this for a minute,
I looked into my mirror, which I can see from my bed and
a strange idea crossed my mind. I thought the idea was
weird and perverted, but like someone possessed, I stood
up and put the thong on myself.

I didn’t know what I was doing, and even if I had decided
against the idea, I don’t think I could have stopped myself.
I was literally in a dream-state. I stood in front of the
mirror and looked at myself in a thong! My rock-hard cock
was stuffed into the front, and was sticking out the side.

I stood there and admired myself from all angles and was
getting even more turned-on. I touched my dick through
the silk panties to see if it was as hard as I thought,
and as soon as I made contact with it, I started to cum.
I stroked it through the silk and dumped an entire load
into Kristen’s panties! Oops.

After I finished pumping a load into her panties, I felt
like I was coming out of a daze. I realized that a few
minutes had passed since I had taken her panties, and I
was now really nervous that I would be caught. I
thought I should clean my cum off of her panties, but I
wasn’t thinking clearly and I decided to quickly return
them to her basket, and pretend nothing happened. I was
so nervous and hurried, that I was still naked, and I
still had some of my own cum on my leg and on my cock.

As I opened the door into the laundry room, I almost had a
heart attack! Kristen’s boyfriend, Kevin, was standing
there putting the dirty laundry into the washer. He
turned around to see who was there and he looked pretty
surprised to see a guy with a semi-hard dick standing in
front of him holding his girlfriend’s thong.

He recognized the underwear immediately and just yelled
out, “What the fuck are you doing?” I started stammering
about being confused with the laundry baskets and that I
was just jumping in the shower and I thought I’d come down
to throw a quick load of laundry in the washer.

He told me to shut up and grabbed the panties out of my
hand. He started to scream that he was going to kick
my perverted ass, when Kristen came down to see what
the commotion was all about.

Kevin turned to her and told her that I had walked
into the room naked with her panties in my hand, and he
was going to beat the shit out of me.

I was petrified and embarrassed, standing in front of
this couple, completely naked, but unable to run back
into my apartment to wrap a towel around me.

Kristen stood there for a second and actually looked
calm. She had a confident look in her eyes as she
walked right over to Kevin, grabbed the panties and
examined them for a few seconds.

Then she walked towards me, and in one motion, put her
arm straight out over my shoulder, and closed the basement
door that leads to my apartment. This door automatically
locks from inside the apartment! I couldn’t say or do
anything. I just stood there, and I started to shake from
being cold and scared.

But I was trapped, naked, embarrassed and in a lot of
trouble with nowhere to go. Kristen then examined the
panties a little bit more and looked at Kevin. She said
to him in her amazing accent, “This little boy has been
busy with my panties Kev.”

Kevin said, “What do you mean? What did this fucking
pervert do?”

Kristen responded, “Look, they’re wet, almost dripping
with something that smells an awful lot like cum. And
look at the elastic, it’s stretched out. This little
fag was wearing my panties.” Kevin stormed at me and
shoved me into the door. He was about to throw a punch,
but stopped when Kristen demanded that he control himself.
She obviously has a great deal of control over this guy.

Kristen then took control, and told Kevin to stand back.
Then she walked up to me and punched me right in the
stomach. It caught me off guard, and I fell to my knees.

She started asking me why I was such a pervert and said
that I didn’t deserve to live in such a nice building.
She said she was going to tell our landlord, so I would
be evicted. She also said that she would tell our other
neighbors and my buddies that I was a little “sissy-boy”
who liked to wear women’s underwear.

At this point, I regained my senses enough to realize
what was happening, and I tried to capture an ounce of
dignity. I started to apologize profusely. I said that
this was not something I had ever done before, and I
began to stand up.

Kristen just put both hands on my shoulders, pushed down
hard, and screamed, “Stay down there!”

I went crashing down onto my knees and winced with pain.
Kevin walked over to me and said, “If you even think about
standing up again, I’m gonna kick you right in the face.”

I started pleading with them that I was very sorry and
I couldn’t lose this apartment, I came clean on the
whole thing, that I wasn’t a pervert, I had just gotten
carried away and I was very, very sorry. I then started
stammering about how I would do anything that they asked
me to do, just please don’t let anybody know about this.

Kristen seemed to get very calm now that I was almost
crying about how sorry I was. It was an interesting
sight: I was kneeling at this couple’s feet, completely
naked, whimpering about how I would do anything to make
up for it. Then Kristen handed me the panties and
told me to clean them up.

I took them from her and started to get up off my knees
so I could find a way to clean them. She slapped me
right across the face and said very deliberately, “Stay

I just looked up at her, with what had to look like a
frightened puppy’s eyes, and started wiping the cum off
of her panties with my hand. She let out a little giggle
and said, “Nope, that’s not what I mean. Lick them clean.”

I looked at her again and started stammering about how
I wasn’t really a pervert and I couldn’t do it. She
let me finish, then she said, “I don’t think you know
the position you’re in. If you don’t do as I say, I
can promise you that Kevin and I will beat the hell
out of you right now. Then we’ll have you evicted,
probably arrested, and I’ll make sure all of our
neighbors and your friends know that you are a little
sissy-boy who runs around in women’s underwear.
You’ll have to find a new place to live, and I’m sure
you’ll want to find a new city, because you’ll never
have a normal social life again if you stay here.
So, you have no choice other than to lick my panties
clean, right now.”

I just looked at her for a few seconds, thinking about
the magnitude of what she had said. I looked at Kevin,
who had a smirk on his face, but even he seemed a little
bit shocked by the position I had put myself into. I was
completely defeated. I looked back at Kristen, who said,
“Go ahead sissy-boy, lick my panties clean.”

I looked down at the panties and slowly started licking
my salty cum. It was still pretty warm and creamy from
my orgasm, and there was actually more fluid than I’d
thought. Needless to say, I had never tasted cum
before, and I was repulsed by the thought of what I was

Kristen told me to make sure that I swallowed all of my
cum, and told me to lick every inch of the thong, in-
cluding the area that was up her “bum”, and come to
think of it, the area that was up my “bum.”

As I continued to lick the thong, something terrible
happened, I started to get hard! They both noticed
right away. Kristen just sort of giggled and said,
“Look Kev, this guy who say’s he isn’t a pervert is
getting excited by eating his own cum and tasting his
own asshole.”

Then she changed the tone of her voice to a very
serious one and demanding tone, she just said,
“Keep licking until it’s clean.” I continued for
another couple of minutes, licking the entire thong,
including the strap that went up Kristen’s (and my
own) “bum”. To my surprise and concern, my dick was
now rock hard, standing completely at attention. I
handed the panties back to Kristen and told her that
I was sorry and that it would never happen again.

She didn’t take them from me, instead she looked down
on me and said, “Stuff them in your mouth, where they

This was getting out of hand, but I didn’t have a
choice. I balled the thong up and shoved them into
my mouth. Now I was kneeling in front of them,
completely helpless, and I couldn’t even talk,
because I had the panties in my mouth – and I was
still hard as a rock.

Kristen looked over at Kevin and asked him if they had
any housework left to do. Kevin’s answer was a quick,

She told me to stand up and not to even try to saying
anything. She said they were going to go upstairs to
their apartment and I should follow behind them in about
five minutes so nobody would think my little perverted
ass was with them. Of course I had no clothes and I was
locked out of my apartment, so I just waited for a few
minutes, and then walked outside to the courtyard and
went up the stairs to their apartment.

The chances that someone saw my naked ass walking up the
stairs was probably about 99%. I knocked on the door,
and they left me standing there for about two minutes,
just in case there were some neighbors who hadn’t see me

Finally, Kristen opened the door and told me to come in.
She told me to get back down on my knees and kiss the
floor of her kitchen. I did so without hesitation. As
I was kissing her floor, she said I was going to do all
of their housework tonight, and seeing as how I liked
wearing her clothes, I was going to be wearing two pair
of her panties while I cleaned the entire apartment.

She told me to stand up and she gave me a lacy, white
thong that barely allowed me to stick my entire cock
into it. Then she led me into the bedroom where Kevin
was up on the bed, with his pants around his ankles.

He was jerking off!

When we walked into the room, he started laughing at me
for wearing the panties, but he continued to stroke his

Kristen then lay down next to him, then snuggled under-
neath him and started licking his balls and sucking
on his cock. In about thirty seconds, he grunted, “I’m
gonna cum.”

Kristen jumped up, grabbed a clean pair of panties out
of her dresser and wrapped them around Kevin’s cock.
He proceeded to pump his entire load into the panties.
When he was finished, Kristen took them from him, handed
them to me and said, “Kev won’t let me make you suck his
cock, so instead you will wear these cum-soaked panties
over your face all night. If anything starts to drip,
I want you to eat it.”

She then put the panties over my head, making sure that
the wet spot from Kevin’s orgasm went directly over my
mouth and nose. It was starting to drip down my chin, so
I had to start licking and swallowing Kevin’s cum. I was
so humiliated, but my hard-on didn’t go away, in fact my
dick started twitching like I was about to cum myself.

Kristen noticed this and said to Kevin, “See, he really
seems to like it, I’ll bet he would do a great job sucking
your cock.” Before I started cleaning the apartment,
Kristen took out her camera and took about five pictures
of me standing in the room, wearing a thong and wearing
a pair of wet, see-through panties on my head. Because
they were lacy, see-through panties, it was obvious that
it was me, and the worst part about it was that my hard-on
confirmed to anyone who would see these pictures that I
was not totally protesting my situation.

I spent the next two hours cleaning the entire apartment,
while wearing both pairs of panties. I was getting
accustomed to the smell of Kevin’s cum, and eventually
I didn’t even notice it.

Kristen took occasional pictures of me while I was
cleaning, but they mostly sat on the couch and watched

When I was finished cleaning, I had lost my hard-on and
was almost feeling comfortable in my attire. I went
into the TV room and told them I was through cleaning.

They both looked at me for a few seconds, they seemed a
little bit nervous, but finally Kristen began to speak.

“We’ve decided how to resolve the situation. We have a
cleaning lady who comes once a week. We’re not happy with
her services and we’d like to have our place cleaned twice
a week. So we’ve decided that we’ll use you as our cleaning
lady twice a week, for three hours at a time. You will
come to our apartment twice a week. You’ll have no clothes
on and you’ll wear whatever we tell you to wear once you
come in. You will then proceed to do whatever we tell
you to do for the next three hours. This will usually
involve cleaning, but you will have to do everything,
EVERYTHING, that Kevin and I tell you to do.

This is perfectly optional for you, but if you ever decide
that you don’t want to do what we tell you, we’ll tell the
landlord about what we caught you doing, we’ll have you
evicted and we’ll make sure that all of your friends see
the pictures. If this happens, I’m sure you’ll quickly
disappear from our lives, and we can all forget the whole
ordeal. However, this is the only way we can imagine
living near you, knowing what you did. The agreement is
for six hours a week. During the rest of the time, we
won’t have any control over you. You can go about your
life and we will acknowledge each other as simply
neighbors. However, during the six hours each week that
you are here, you are our slave to do whatever either of
us wants you to do.”

I was quiet for a few seconds and I finally said, “I guess
I don’t have a choice. All my friends are here, I have a
great job, and this apartment is all I can afford in this
area of town. I accept.”

“Good.” Kristen said, “I have convinced Kev to let you
suck his prick, so to begin the first three hour session
of this week, I want you to give him a great blow job.
But first, get rid of those panties, I’m getting sick of
looking at you in my thong.”

At this point, I was so demoralized that I didn’t hesitate
to obey any order. I took the panties off of my head and
stepped out of Kristen’s thong. Of course the activity
made me hard again, which just made for more jokes from
both of them. Kevin was sitting on the couch, and he had
his legs spread, he had been drinking wine, so I’m sure his
inhibitions were down. I knelt in front of him and pulled
down his pants. He helped me get his pants completely off,
so he could spread his legs and get comfortable for what I
imagined would be his first-ever blowjob from a man.

His cock was flaccid, so I grabbed it and started massaging
it like it was my own. I took my other hand and started
playing with his balls. In about twenty seconds, he was
hard. I was surprised when a feeling of accomplishment
swept over me. Then Kristen walked up to us, leaned
down into my face and said very deliberately, “suck it
you little sissy-boy.”

I swallowed Kevin’s cock
immediately. I put both hands on his ass and just
buried my face in his lap as I tried to give this man
the best blowjob of his life. I bobbed up and down on
his cock and periodically tongued his balls as I continued
to stroke his cock.

He seemed to be getting harder, and
he really seemed to be enjoying it, but my mouth was also
getting tired. However, I was trying very hard to give a
great blowjob.

Suddenly, the only thing in my life that
was important was to make this man cum in my mouth. I
thought about something that a girl had done to me
once that I had really enjoyed. I thought I would try it out
on Kevin. I decided to lick his asshole.

I pushed his
legs up into the air and went right for his hairy hole.
I licked and sucked on his asshole for a while, then I
went back to his dick. For the next fifteen minutes, he
moaned and breathed hard while I moved my mouth from his
dick to his balls to his asshole.

I completely forgot
how tired my mouth was and I just made love to this man’s
crotch passionately.

While I was doing this, my ass must
have been sticking straight out into the room, because I
felt a cold, wet sensation on my asshole. I realized
quickly that it was Kristen sticking some kind of cream
into my asshole. She was lubricating my ass for something.

This was another new experience for me. My asshole had
only been used for “exit” at this point in my life.

Before I could protest, I felt an invasion that must have
been a dildo. It felt like a Coke can was stretching my
asshole to the point of ripping it, but I was so engulfed
in the blowjob that I just kept my ass in the air and let
beautiful Kristen use my asshole for whatever needs she had.

She was now stroking the dildo in and out of my ass – I was
actually being fucked, while I was blowing a guy. I guess
I had an idea of the invasion that she must have felt.

Finally, Kevin blew his load into my mouth. Even though
it was his second load of the night, it seemed like a lot
of fluid came out of his cock. I will always remember the
strange feeling of pride I had when I made him cum. I
swallowed all of it and even went back to his dick to clean
any excess cum and my saliva off of him.

I was now painfully aware of the impaling my ass was re-
ceiving. As Kevin got up to leave, Kristen stopped fucking
my asshole and told me to lay on the couch. She said that
she wanted to see me fuck myself in the asshole with the
dildo until I came. She said I was not allowed to touch
my dick, but I had to keep fucking myself until I came.
I got up on the couch and decided the easiest way to do it
would be to lay on my back and stick my legs in the air. I
could then reach underneath my ass and fuck myself with the
dildo with either hand.

Kristen and Kevin just sat on the other couch and watched
as their little cleaning lady fucked himself in the ass with
a dildo. I continued for about fifteen minutes and I finally
came all over my chest. Of course, they made me leave the
dildo in my asshole while I wiped up all of my own cum with
my hands and ate all of it. Then, Kristen set the stage for
what would be the hardest summer of my life. She told me to
pull the dildo out of my ass and lick it clean. It tasted
like a combination of shit, sweat, and medicated cream. I’m
lucky it didn’t make me any sicker than just an upset stomach.
But, of course I got hard again while licking the dildo, so I
was told to jerk off for them again and lick up the little
bit of cum that I still had in my balls.

They told me they were ready for bed, so I could leave, but
before I left Kristen had one more thing for me. She said
she had to go to the bathroom, but they were out of toilet
paper. She said she would have used paper towels but her
cleaning lady used them all, so I would have to use my
tongue on her. I followed her into the bathroom and this
beautiful girl proceeded to take a shit right in front of
me. It smelled terrible. When she was finished, she told
me to lay down on my back and she squatted that gorgeous
ass right over my mouth. “Lick my asshole clean you little
fag.” I was repulsed at first, but then the realization
that I was licking the asshole of this incredible girl came
over me, and I did my best to clean out her entire colon.

When I was finished, she just looked down at me and said,
“I’ll see you in three days. Tuesday, 6:00, don’t be
late!” With that, I walked out of the back door and, of
course, I was hard again.

The next ten weeks were some of the hardest, but also some
of the most fun times I’ve ever had. The two of them lived
up to their words of having me do anything and everything,
but at least I still had my life for the other 162 hours of
the week. I have licked every inch of both of their bodies.

I have been used as toilet paper for both of them more times
than I can guess. They have both allowed me the pleasure
of drinking their urine. I have given Kevin about 30
blowjobs, and I have also sucked off a couple of pizza
delivery guys, just because Kevin and Kristen wanted me
to. I’ve been fucked in the ass by their strap-on dildo
toy countless times and Kevin has even fucked me in the
ass a few times (of course I always have to clean everything
that is stuck in my ass with my tongue). They dressed me
up like their little girl a couple of times and had me go
shopping with them while I was in drag. For the ultimate
indignity, they had me take a guy from the park into the
bushes and suck him off. And of course, the few times I
was able to put my tongue on Kristen’s pussy and lick her
to an orgasm were the best days of the summer.

Through all of this, Kevin and Kristen had the cleanest
apartment in the neighborhood.

They moved to a new city last week and told me I had served
my punishment and I was now free to have my life back. They
gave me the pictures, which I immediately burned, but they
kept the negatives. I’m guessing that, one day, I’ll see
the pictures of me posted on the Internet. Or maybe I’ll get
a phone call, asking for me to perform my “cleaning duties.”

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