A Slut For My Father’s Bachelor Party

My father was getting remarried after being a widower for nearly 15 years. Both my brother and I were very happy for him as he had finally found someone to spend his time with. We had always been worried about him both of us being married and busy with our own families and all as

Male model

I had been a nude model for life drawing and painting classes for a long time, posing for classes on college campuses throughout the area where I lived. I always enjoyed posing in the nude. While it was a sexual turn- on, I was seldom stimulated to the point of getting a hard-on. I always

A purportedly true story about a man’s “BI” lifestyle

I’m a closet bi-sexual. I started masturbating to orgasm and I started to experiment with nudism by stripping nude from the waist down and masturbating in my back yard behind the garage. I found national geographic for pornographic excitement about the same time. The lady who lived next door to us used to sunbathe topless

The annual office nudity awards

As the new year begins, it’s time to announce our annual Office Nudity Awards, along with our first ever Office Sex Awards. As you know, for many years our firm has encouraged both male and female staffers to take off their clothes either to entertain their fellow employees or simply for their own comfort. While

Panty Slave

It all started on a lonely Saturday night when I was home alone doing laundry. I live on the first floor of a three-story building. The common washer/dryer for the building is in the basement, and a door from my bedroom leads directly into the laundry-room section of the basement. There is a young, unmarried