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My wife doesn’t like anal sex. We tried it years ago and it was too painful for her. Even though I have never tried to do it again, I have always secretly wanted to. And I got my chance, although not the way I thought I would. One morning while we were at the table

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My sister Emily (Em as we call her) is a grade behind me in school. We never used to be that close growing up even though we were so close in age. She had her nerd friends and I hung with the jocks. Em is a plain looking girl compared to most. We are close

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Driving home through the hot hazy July afternoon, raven- haired June Wright felt a returning wave of nausea sweep over her and was f****d to pull over to the side of the road to rest for a moment. As she sat there alone in the peace and quiet of the gently rolling Maryland farmlands, breathing

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In July following my junior year in high school, my sister and I reached a new plateau in our physical relationship. I bought or borrowed porno magazines on occasion, from curiosity or for jacking off to, and I knew Alex studied them too. Not that she made a secret of it — we had no

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I was in my last year of school. A pretty shy guy and not that great around girls. On my walk home from school I would often see a lovely girl. She was too young for me, about 3 years younger but boy, did I fancy her. We would wave and smile at each other

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Mindy Masters lay stretched out on her bed wearing nothing but a yawn. It was a scorching hot summer day, not to mention boring. Mindy was wondering how in the world she was going to make it through a whole long, hot summer without a man. Mindy, a petite 20-year-old brunette, was home for the