Phoebe loses control in this parody of the TV series Charmed

It was coming.

The dark, evil presence loomed ominously in the air like
storm clouds gathering on the horizon, slowly creeping
in, moving closer… closer… prowling through night,
existing in shadow.

Phoebe could feel it approaching, the sense of dread, so
real that she thought if she reached out she could touch
it just as surely as she could reach out and touch her
reflection in the full length mirror in front of her.
Her face was mask of deep concern, the lines of worry
etched into her face even though she was at a loss to
explain why she was so on edge. She just had a strong,
overpowering sense that some terrible force was about to
descend on the Halliwell house.

Phoebe sighed nervously. She would have dismissed the
feeling a few months ago, just shrugged it aside and
gone on with her daily routine. That was before she had
returned home… before she had learned about the
destiny she shared with her sisters Prue and Piper…
before she had discovered the mystical, awesome powers
of witchcraft.

Her life before seemed more like a dream to her now
since discovering her birthright; things that once
seemed important now appeared trivial compared to the
dark secrets that had been revealed to her and her
sisters. She saw now a world filled with evils she had
never even imagined in her most horrifying nightmares, a
demonic world in need of her protection.

Phoebe considered her reflection in the mirror. She was
dressed in a tight pair of cutoff denim shorts and a T-
shirt, her dark hair cut short in what she thought was a
very flattering style. It didn’t exactly create the
appearance of the most formidable-looking warrior
against the evils of the underworld, though she had to
admit it the outfit did show off the curves of her body
quite nicely.

She ran a hand across her belly, sliding upwards to
trace the round of her breast. The sigh that escaped her
lips bordered on melancholy. It had been so long since
she’d felt the touch of hands against her body, so long
since she’d felt the gentle caresses of a lover. Her
hand strayed lower, moving between her legs. She could
feel the throbbing in her pussy, a pounding ache begging
to be soothed.

It would be so easy to slide a finger between her nether
lips… or two fingers, plunging them in and out of her
wetness, bringing her to the crest of a wracking orgasm.
Phoebe licked her lips, needing to feel the release…
needing to feel the surge of pleasure coursing through
her loins. Just a few strokes in the right places…
that’s all it would take.

There was a gentle knock at the door. Phoebe sighed in
frustration, taking her hand away from the fly of her
denim shorts. She could feel the dampness pooling in her
crotch, yearning for the touch of her fingers. Later…
later she would scratch that burning itch.

“Phoebe?” Piper’s voice called.

“Yeah… come on in.”

The door creaked open behind her and Phoebe watched the
mirror to see her sister step into the room. Piper was
decked out in a pair of beige cotton shorts and a man’s
long sleeve dress shirt with the shirt tails tied snugly
around the other woman’s waist.

Her sister wore the shirt unbuttoned halfway down to
display a scandalous glimpse of cleavage and Phoebe
surprised herself by keeping her gaze on the swell of
Piper’s breasts for what seemed like the longest time.

“I just talked to Prue,” Piper said, leaning against the
door frame. “She has to drive up to Sacramento tonight
to meet with a potential client. Looks like it’s just
you and me for dinner. Do you want me to fix something?”

“Let’s just order pizza,” Phoebe said.

Piper made a face. “I *knew* you didn’t like my

“Oh, shut up,” Phoebe shot back sourly. There were times
when it was like none of them had grown up, still
bickering like c******n over petty little things that
never mattered in the end. It bordered on the
ridiculous. So many evil forces at work in the world and
she and her sisters couldn’t even get over their petty
sibling rivalry.

The idea that so much rested on their shoulders made her
shudder uneasily and she wondered if she – if any of the
them – were truly ready for this. Phoebe felt her
sister’s presence moving closer and she looked up at the
mirror again to find Piper standing over her shoulder, a
look of genuine concern on the other woman’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Piper asked.

Phoebe sighed, not even knowing where to begin. “I’m…
I’m not exactly sure. It’s just… hell, I don’t know.”
She felt a hand on her waist and gasped softly at the
electrical current that suddenly passed through her
body… a warm, tingling sensation racing up her spine.
Her knees felt weak underneath her and it took a
considerable amount of effort to keep herself upright.

“Look,” Piper said, seemingly unaware of her flustered
state,”I know we don’t always get along… but we *are*
sisters. Not to mention witches. There is a bond between
us. You can talk to me, Phoebe. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Phoebe again used the mirror to look into Piper’s eyes,
finding nothing but sincerity in those dark pools. She
found her sister’s gaze mesmerizing… even inviting,
calling to her on a transcendental level. Something in
the other woman’s gaze told her she could say
anything… no matter how crazy it might sound.

“I just have a very bad feeling. Some… *thing* is out
there, watching us. It’s getting closer, and I don’t
think we’re going to like whatever it is when it gets
here. I’m… afraid, Piper. I’m afraid that it’s too
powerful for the three of us to defeat.”

Piper spooned against her, hugging her from behind. Her
sister’s embrace was soft and reassuring, making her
feel invincible… like nothing could ever hurt her.
“You’re just spooked, Phoebe. I wouldn’t worry. You know
I’d never let anything happen to my little sister.”

“Thanks,” Phoebe replied softly. She was very much aware
of her sister’s breasts pressing into her back and the
feel of Piper’s crotch gently rubbing against her ass…
rekindling the flames of her unfinished business. Heat
flushed her cheeks a dark crimson.

It wasn’t exactly unpleasant. She turned in Piper’s arms
to look her sister in the face, just then realizing how
really beautiful Piper was… high cheekbones, smooth
skin, dark eyes, thin red lips that seemed to pull her
in… pull her closer, like a magnet, drawing her down
to kiss that lush mouth. Her sister went rigid in her
arms for a moment, muscles taut as their lips met… but
Piper didn’t pull away.

Phoebe took that as a good sign and deepened the kiss,
probing tentatively with her tongue. Her sister’s warm,
wet mouth invited her in then Piper’s tongue twirled
around hers, making her tremble with pent-up desire. It
was crazy! This was her sister! Still, the softness of
the other’s woman’s tongue felt so good teasing her own
that arguments like those were lost in a cloud of

The kiss continued for a few lingering moments then
Phoebe gently pulled away, panting heavily, searching
her sister’s face for some kind of response to her
overture. Piper was breathing in short, ragged gasps,
cheeks a rosy pink that seemed to light up the rest of
other woman’s face. Her sister looked a little dazed…
even shocked… but she saw nothing in the other woman’s
eyes that suggested her advances where unwanted.

Phoebe stole a calming breath and stared intently into
her sister’s eyes as she very boldly slipped her hand
inside Piper’s blouse to cup a breast. She was
pleasantly surprised to find that her sister wasn’t
wearing a bra. The thrill of touching another woman’s
flesh combined with the knowledge that the other woman
was her sister made her cunt ache with a deep, dark need
that both excited and frightened her. Phoebe squeezed
the supple flesh between her fingers, brushing her thumb
against a rapidly stiffening nipple. Her sister moaned.

“Phoebe,” Piper sighed. “Oh… that feels so good.”

“Then you don’t want me to stop?” Phoebe teased.

“No… no, don’t ever stop.”

Phoebe unbuttoned her older sister’s shirt and pushed it
open to expose the luscious breasts concealed within.
She had seen Piper naked so many times growing up, but
never had she looked at her sister the way she did
now… with a ravenous, insatiable hunger. Her sister
was a gorgeous, sensual creature and Phoebe felt an
inexplicable craving to explore the other woman’s body
with her mouth and hands.

Piper’s breasts were a little smaller than her own, but
no less appetizing. She just knew by looking at them
that her sister would be delicious. Phoebe bent down and
took a nipple into her mouth, sucking gently, feeling
the tiny nub stiffen even more in her mouth. Her
sister’s flesh was soft… sweet… warm on her lips.

Piper moaned softly as she suckled those mouthwatering
teats, raking urgent fingers through her hair,
encouraging her. She didn’t need urging. Phoebe moved
from one breast to the other, sucking each nipple to
stiff erection, her kisses becoming more and more
passionate… more and more desperate. She pushed the
other woman’s blouse over those slim shoulders and let
it fall to the floor, unconcerned, leaving her sister
naked from the waist up.

The hunger ravished her body… guiding her every
move… her every touch, controlling her… controlling
the seduction. She placed her hand on Piper’s flat
belly, reveling in the warmth of the other woman’s skin
for a quiet moment before nudging her sister toward the
bed. She met no resistance. Piper sat down on the corner
of the mattress and slid anxious hands over her slim
waist, pulling her close to nuzzle her midriff. Phoebe

“Mmmm… I like that,” she purred, ruffling Piper’s
hair. Her sister got an impish look.

“I want you, Phoebe.”


Phoebe gently pushed her sister to lie flat on the bed,
taking in the sight of her half-naked sibling sprawled
across the sheets, chest heaving with growing
excitement, face flushed, nipples erect, body undulating
like an ocean wave… crying out for her touch. She held
Piper’s gaze, wetting her lips seductively as she slowly
began to undress, pulling her T-shirt over her head then
unhooking her bra to let her sister have a good look at
her breasts and the nipples that capped them, nipples
now stiff with arousal. Piper hummed softly.

“You like?” Phoebe asked.

“Yes. Oh, yes. Show me more.”

Phoebe grinned wolfishly. She unsnapped her shorts and
slowly pushed them over her hips, wiggling her ass
playfully. Her sister whimpered in frustration. Phoebe
giggled at the other woman’s impatience, slipping her
shorts off and stepping out of them. Her thin, cotton
white panties hugged her tightly, the crotch damp with
her juices. She slid her hand down the front of her
underwear, teasing her moist cuntlips under Piper’s
watchful eye, stroking herself through the skimpy

“Mmmm… my pussy is so wet,” Phoebe muttered. “Do you
want to see how much I want you?”

“Yes. Show me.”

Phoebe slowly rolled her panties over her hips to expose
her dripping wet bush. The sudden rush of cool air
brushed her swollen clit, making her shudder with
delight. It was like a kiss, soft and gentle against her
throbbing ache. Her sister sucked in a sharp breath and
released it slowly, eyes traveling over her naked body.

The feel of the other woman’s appreciative stare made
her even warmer… even wetter… deepening her need to
touch her sister even more. She crawled into bed,
propping herself up on one side so she could gaze down
at Piper’s sweet face, that long, dark hair spilling
around the other woman’s head and shoulders.

Her sister looked up at her with pure wanting, eyes
alight with desire. Phoebe reached down and stroked
Piper’s cheek with the back of her hand, finding the
skin smooth and warm to the touch. Piper gave a hitched
breath, lips trembling with nervous excitement.

Seeing her sister in such a state of arousal turned
Phoebe on tremendously. She bent down and took her
sister’s mouth in a kiss, hot and passionate, easing her
tongue over Piper’s lips… probing… questing… the
other woman’s tongue wrapping around hers in a frenzied,
erotic dance that left them both gasping for breath.

“Oh, Piper…” Phoebe sighed.

“I know,” Piper whispered. “Is this wrong?”

“It feels right to me.”

“Me, too,” Piper replied softly. “Take me, Phoebe. Make
love to me… fuck me… use my body.”

Phoebe trembled as she listened to her sister’s melodic
voice, surprised at how much the dirty talk excited
her… surprised even more that Piper seemed to know
instinctively that it would. It was as if they were
perfectly attuned to each other’s desires… each
other’s needs. She didn’t know if it was because they
were sisters, because they both women, or if it had
something do with the powers she and her sisters were
slowly discovering.

No matter the reason, it seemed to Phoebe as if she
could actually feel her sister’s heartbeat… could feel
the swelling in the other woman’s clit as surely as if
it were her own button of desire. The synergy brewing
between them put to rest any misgivings she may have had
about bedding her sister, though she had to admit the
forbidden nature of it all served only to entice her
even more.

She rolled on top of Piper’s nude body, the feel of that
warm, supple flesh pressed against her own making her
lightheaded as she took her sister’s mouth again in a
deep, lingering kiss, sucking the other woman’s tongue

Hands slid up and down her back, tracing the curves of
her body, moving over her shoulders then sliding down to
caress the small of her back. Phoebe devoured her
sister’s mouth with insatiable hunger, rolling her hips
wildly to the increasing rhythm of their lovemaking,
grinding her pussy against Piper’s wet heat.

“Phoebe… Phoebe! YES!” Piper clutched at her ass
cheeks, pulling her even closer, twining those muscular
legs around her own as the friction from their cunts
rubbing together sent jolts of energy through their
tangled bodies. Phoebe arched her back, thrusting hard
against her sister’s pussy until their clits were
touching… pulsing as one, shared needs searching for

Phoebe dropped a kiss on Piper’s shoulder, zigzagging
her way down to suckle a breast. The hard, pink nipples
strained to meet her mouth. She took the plump little
nub between her lips and sucked it hungrily, teasing the
very tip with gentle flicks of her tongue. Her sister
writhed on the bed, muttering breathlessly as Phoebe
took one breast and then other into her mouth, devouring
them, stuffing her face on the sweet flesh. The pounding
in her cunt was like a drumbeat and she marched to the
cadence, lavishing her sister’s breasts with hot, wet

“Phoebe… oh… Phoebe! Eat me, please!” Piper thrashed
frantically on the bed, body arching to push more of
those lovely breasts into her mouth. Phoebe gave each
globe another kiss before slowly making her way down,
trailing her tongue across her sister’s flat tummy until
she was poised above Piper’s cunt. Her sister spread
open to her, inviting her caresses, revealing the pink
inner flesh of a beautiful, hot pussy.

“Mmmm nice,” Phoebe muttered. She ran her finger down
the length of Piper’s slit, stroking the glistening wet
nether lips. Her sister sucked in a hissing breath, hips
rising off the bed in search of more… more of her
touch… more of her affection. Phoebe traced the subtle
shape of Piper’s outer folds, hypnotized by the silken
feel of those wet lips. The scent of her sister’s
arousal filled the air, pungent… musky… making her
head spin.

She dropped her head between Piper’s legs, inhaling the
fragrance of the other woman’s desire… so much like
her own when she fingered herself yet distinctively
Piper. Parting the slick pussy lips with her fingers,
Phoebe flicked her tongue against Piper’s clit. Her
sister squirmed on the bed, moaning softly under her

Phoebe gazed up from between her sister’s legs and
smiled sweetly before plunging in with her tongue to lap
wildly at the folds of her sister’s cunt. She licked up
and down the length of the other woman’s cleft, feeding
on the sweet honey that oozed into her mouth.

Her sister’s cunt was delicious and she couldn’t get
enough of it. She covered the other woman’s pussy with
her mouth, sucking it as she probed deeper with her
tongue. Piper bucked wildly against her, hips rising to
meet each stroke.

“Yes! Yes!” Piper bounced excitedly on the bed, grabbing
fistfuls of bed sheet as if holding on for dear life.
The other woman’s pussy clenched around her face,
pulling her closer… deeper… holding her in place.
Phoebe swirled her tongue between the puffy folds,
tongue-fucking her sister mercilessly until she knew
Piper couldn’t possibly take anymore.

She kissed her way up Piper’s slit then slowly wrapped
her lips around the other woman’s clit, slurping into
her mouth to suck the tiny nub. Her sister howled in
ecstasy, body arching off the bed as Phoebe stroked the
pulsing button with her lips.

Still holding Piper’s clit firmly in her mouth, Phoebe
ran her tongue around the erect little shaft. Piper
exploded in climax, heaving forward with a primal grunt,
the juices gushing from that cunt so furiously that
Phoebe struggled to keep up with the flow. Her tongue
worked overtime as she lapped up the sweet, rich syrup,
licking the stickiness off Piper’s inner thighs… not
wanting to waste so much as a drop of the savory

Phoebe rolled on to her side, gasping for much needed
breath. Her fingers nestled in the other woman’s bush,
she looked up at Piper and smiled. Her sister panted
desperately, face flushed and glistening with a fine
sheen of sweat. Piper smiled.

“Come here, little sis,” Piper whispered huskily.

Phoebe placed a loving kiss on the other woman’s mound
then crawled up the bed to snuggle into Piper’s arms.
Her sister greeted her with a long, passionate kiss,
Piper’s tongue quickly finding hers in a frenzy of
mutual lust. The other woman’s hand moved down her body,
reaching between her legs to squeeze her mons. Her
sister’s touch ignited the fire in her belly and she
groaned with need, so crazy with desire that she began
humping Piper’s hand.

“Oh please,” Phoebe begged. “I need you so much.”
Fingers pressed against her slit and she whimpered
softly, grinding herself into her sister’s grasp. Piper
laughed throatily then plunged two fingers into the
depths of her cunt, making her cry out sharply. Her
sister seemed to know exactly where to touch her to do
the most good, working those very places that she would
if she were fingering herself.

Piper’s fingers slowly moved in and out of her pussy,
long, deep thrusts that dragged the moans of pleasure
across her lips. She could already feel the tightening
in her belly, her gut wrenching under the strain of her
sister’s caresses. Her cunt twitched excitedly and then
her muscles contracted, her pussy draining sweet juices
like a spigot. The pleasure flowed over her like a wave
of warm water, enveloping her until she felt as if she
could simply float away.

Her sister’s determined kiss brought Phoebe back to
reality. She returned the kiss with equal fervor,
running her hands over Piper’s shoulders, tracing the
contours of her sister’s rippling muscles. Piper inched
down her body with kisses to suck her breasts, covering
each one with that warm, wet mouth. The pleasure was
exquisite. Phoebe arched her back to offer more of
herself and Piper accepted greedily, ravishing her
breasts with abandon, first one then the other, making
sure neither was denied the attentions of that glorious

The kisses started to move down her belly and Phoebe
sighed, wanting so much to feel her sister’s tongue
inside her. She drew her knees up and spread herself
wide, inviting Piper to eat her. Piper nipped playfully
at the soft, smooth skin of her inner thigh, making her
groan longingly to have that mouth on her cunt.

The waiting was madness! Her sister brushed teasing
fingers across her mound, stroking her hypersensitive
clit. She gasped softly. Time seemed to freeze… the
only sound that of their labored breathing… then Piper
was inside her, lapping wildly at the folds of her cunt,
taking her to new and dizzying heights of pleasure.
Phoebe arched and writhed under her sister’s lips, ass
bouncing frantically on the bed. She desperately wanted
to taste her sister’s pussy again and as if reading her
mind Piper turned around, straddling her on all fours so
they could lick out each other’s cunts.

Phoebe grabbed Piper’s ass and pulled her sister’s pussy
down onto her mouth, flicking her tongue wildly inside
the other woman’s hole as Piper’s tongue continued to
wiggle inside her. The sounds of their love making
filled the room, intense, passionate sounds that seemed
to be drifting in from everywhere. Phoebe lost herself
in the moment.

Nothing else existed but her and Piper and the pleasure
the two sister’s shared. She felt the familiar clenching
in her gut and from the way Piper’s cunt throbbed around
her tongue knew her sister was nearing orgasm as well.
Phoebe lashed her sister’s clit with sharp jabs of her
tongue while Piper sucked hers voraciously. They came
together. The climax rippled over their bodies, surging
through them… between them… leaving them breathless
and pleasantly exhausted.

Phoebe welcomed Piper into her arms and held her sister
close, enjoying the feel of the other woman’s head
resting on her shoulder. She ran her fingers through
Piper’s long, dark hair now dampened with sweat and her
juices as her sister’s hand lazily fondled her breast,
two sisters enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking.

The cold, dark feelings Phoebe had sensed earlier still
lingered in the back of her mind, but laying in bed with
Piper in her arms gave her a renewed sense of optimism
that she and her sisters could handle whatever ominous
force awaited them.