Pregging Sue

Let me start by telling you a little about us. My name is Phillip
and I am 23, I have been married to Sue for 2 years. She is 21. I
always considered our sex life was great until one day when Sue and
I were watching a porno flick. I could tell she was hot as she
watched the big dicked stars pound away at the female holes on the
screen. She asked me how long my cock was. I told her it was
average, around 6 inches. These monsters on the screen were double
that and I felt a little jealous of them.

I didn’t think about it for a couple of weeks until Sue told me
that she had heard that black men all had such big cocks. I told
her that I didn’t think they did. She changed the topic and I
thought that was all there was to it. A few days later I finished
work early and left for home. I was planning on surprising the wife
but I heard conversation and knew that her friend Mary was
visiting. I was about to announce myself when I heard what they
were talking about. Mary was telling Sue about big black cocks, and
Sue wasn’t buying it. Mary is about 35 and lives a few houses down
from us.

Then I heard Mary say that she had a black friend who could come
over and prove it. I expected Sue to kick her out of the house but
to my surprise she said ok. Mary quickly made a phone call and then
told Sue that he would be over in 15 minutes. I heard Sue say good,
because I wouldn’t be home for a few hours and that they could all
go to the bedroom. I couldn’t believe it. But now I was curious as
to what she would do, how far would she go. I quickly snuck up to
our bedroom and hid in the closet.

I heard him arrive and a minute later Mary with Sue following
behind was leading him into our bedroom. Once inside, Mary unzipped
his fly and pulled out what must have been a 14-inch cock. It was
the biggest I’d ever seen, even in porno. Sue was totally amazed, I
watched as she moved toward it and lifted its weighty mass in her
hands. It’ll never fit inside me she gasped, and I had to silently
agree. Sure it will said the black man, just needs a little
preparation. Mary told Sue to try it on, but Sue was obviously
scared of it. The black man however took charge; he pulled her to
him kissing her deep, her hand still holding his rod.

I expected Sue to back away but she didn’t, she was returning the
kiss. I watched in shock as he quickly stripped her clothes like a
pro, until she was standing there naked before him. Lie down whitey
he ordered and she lay on the bed on her back. He moved between her
legs and with his massive hands pulled them apart. I could see her
tiny cunt. Then he was eating her, she was moaning and thrusting up
to get more of his tongue into her hot cunt as he skillfully
manipulated her.

As I watched she came, and came and came until she was begging him
to put it in her, to fuck her. As he moved up her body she must
have come to her senses because she told him he would have to wear
a condom. Sue is allergic to the pill and the condom is our only
method of birth control. The black man shook his head, telling Sue
that he don’t wear no fucken condom, that he liked to feel his
bitches cunt against his cock. As he said this he was rubbing her
clit with the bulbous head of his cock, stoking her fire again. Do
you want me to stop now bitch and go home? He asked.

She hesitated then surprised me by telling him to fuck her now,
unsheathed. I saw a smile on his face as he slowly began to push
that monster into her cunt. I could tell it was tight but she kept
on urging him to fill her completely. When he was about half way
into her, deeper than I had ever been, he suddenly thrust hard and
the remainder of his cock entered her to the balls. Sue gasped in
pain, then as he held burring to the root inside her she reached up
and kissed him. Fuck me hard she said.

He smiled and began fucking her like a jackrabbit. I could see that
hot fuckstick as he almost completely pulled it from her, her cunt
extended around its girth, then he would ram it home. Sue began
humping hard up against him, telling him to fuck her hard. Mary was
cheering her on. The black mans butt contracted with each thrust
and I knew he would come soon. I’m gonna fill your cunt with my
black seed he yelled, you’rd like that wouldn’t you. Sue answered
with a yes, come inside me, don’t take that beautiful thing out.

Then the black buried himself to the balls inside my wife’s cunt
and as he groaned in orgasm, the cheeks of his butt pulsed with
every ejaculation he shot inside my wife’s cunt. Oh there’s a lot
baby.. lots of baby juice for you he yelled. Sue continued to pump
against him her cunt sucking every last bit of it out of his big
black cock. I suddenly realized that this black man was sending cum
into my wife’s cunt for the very first time. We had always used a
condom and she was a virgin when we married. I was jealous.

After about a minute he slowly withdrew his softening cock. A
string of cum clung to it and more come began to run out of her
abused hole. It was no longer closed, it gaped open like a veteran
whores. Nice cunt said the black man, I’ll be stopping by everyday
for some of that. Yes was all Sue could muster. The black man left
with Mary and Sue went to shower. I snuck out of the house.

That was 6 months ago, Sue still doesn’t know I know but she will
not be able to keep it secret for much longer. Sue is 5months
pregnant. It’s definitely not mine, and its definitely black. I
watched her many times with her black lover and several times with
many black men at once. I haven’t fucked her in 5 months. I was in
the room hiding when the black man told her that she was only to
have black cock, and not fuck her white husband. She can tell me
she has headaches for ever, I know the truth. About 2 weeks after
she began to get fucked every day by this stud, he told her she was
gonna have a black baby.

Then the next time while I was in hiding, I saw him turn up with a
dozen other black guys. One after another they ravaged her, all
coming deep in her cunt. The original black guy made no secret of
the fact they had all paid him a dollar to fuck her and the guy
that knocked my white bitch wife up would get the money. Sue just
spread her legs in agreement, taking all their sperm into her womb.

Even 5 months pregnant she is still taking black cock every day.
Her cunt is cavernous now, I even heard a black guy complaining
that about it and saying that after the baby she should have it
sewn tighter. I have even seen two massive black cocks imbedded in
her cunt at the same time. I don’t know what I’m going to do.