Santa fucks at Xmas party

It’s not every day you get to play Santa and I can assure you my sacks were full to the brim.

I did my duty and handed out all the Prezzies at the masquerade work Christmas party, tossed out candy canes and generally made everyone smile. I think it was more of a punishment from the C.E.O than anything else but I found my fun in it.

He seemed to give me all the things that no one else wanted to do… maybe because I am young… maybe it because I am up and coming… or maybe it was because I fucked his young secretary before he did. I’m not sure. But this year I’m Santa.

I walked back into the building and pressed the lift button to take me to the 7th floor where I could get changed. The building was almost empty with a few people sitting laughing in the foyer as I stood waiting.

“Well Santa nice job!” I heard a voice say from behind me.

“Ah thanks, it was fun” I replied.

“Was it or did Malcom just give you more shit like he usually does?” She said as I turned to look at her.

I just smiled

“You do know that you’re his new whipping boy don’t you?” she said in all seriousness

“Really I thought he just didn’t like me” I said sarcastically

“That’s true he doesn’t. You must have really pissed him off as he talks about the stuff he makes you do all the time. Usually he just sacks people he doesn’t like but you my dear boy are different. You he wants to punish” she said forthrightly

I felt full of anger. So the last 12 months were just crap and he never intends to promote me, just give me crap until I crack and leave. What an ass I thought.

“That sucks, I should just, quit and get the fuck out of here.” I stammered my angry words out.

“Well you could do that or…” she stopped mid-sentence.

The lift door opened and she followed me in. I pushed 7 and she pushed 19 – the floor reserved for the elite of the company.

I stood and looked at her. She was small with perfect sizes breasts – just a handful – and I could see her nipples were hardening under her silk dress.

“Or?…” I said wanting to know more.

“Well there are many OR’s. There is the what pissed him off or and try to fix it”

“There is the get my stuff and leave or”

“There is the work hard and impress the right people or”

“Then there is the get even or” she rattled off as if she was in a business meeting.

The lift pull up at 7 and the doors started to open; I picked up my sack and turned around to leave.

This amazing woman pressed the door open button and held it. She smelt so good and you could tell she was fine in all ways.

“So Santa do you have any candy canes left? I could really use something to suck on. Something really hard long juicy.” Leaving me with no doubt what she was after.

I turned and she let the button go the door closed behind and with a bump we were off to the 19th floor.

“I think I might be all out sorry Maam” I said now playing along with the tease.

“That’s a shame, do you have anything else I can suck on?”

I could feel my cock grow in my Santa pants.

“Maybe you should feel around in here and see what you can find?” I said not wanting to give everything away but wanting to know where she would take it.

The lift stopped and the doors opened, I had never been past the 10th floor… wow this place was amazing. Massive glass windows filled the area and there were 4 large offices each with their own workstation out the front of it I guessed when the Personal Assistants sat. There was a large rosewood reception desk as you walked out. It was spectacular.

“So this is how the other Half live.” I said as I stared in amazement.

Each office was bigger than 4 down stairs. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the offices – it was beautiful better decked out then my own home with audio and large plasma on the wall.

“So you up for a drink?” she said as she walked over to the bar opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of bubbly

“Oh no I have to drive the sleigh” I said nervously.

She poured a glass and skulled it down.

“So let’s see if I can find that thing to suck on.” She said as she walked up to me.

Her hands burrowed straight into my pants where she grabbed at my meat and balls

“Oh I think I have found something” she said

Her hand squeezed tight and my cock throbbed. She started to pull my cock still in my Santa pants until it was hard, pre cum dripping from the end.

“Oh Santa is that for me” she said

“Oh ho ho, yes young lady I think it is.” How about we get it out, for you.

I went to pull my pants off to unleash my cock for her but she stopped me.

“No I want to be fucked by Santa with his clothes on. I wanted to be fucked by Santa ever since I started dreaming about being fucked”. She said more shy like.

She dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled my half-hard cock out and started sucking up and down the shaft, then licking around the head.

“Oh god that’s good” I said without even realising

She stopped smiled then continued sucking with glee.

“Oh yes that nice, ohhhh fuck that’s so good” I continued. As my hands found her head and pulled her face onto my cock as she pulled out.

“Now Santa! Fuck me now!” she said.

She jumped up and ran and jumped up on the big desk. Pulling up her flowing pink silk dress she said “Come and fuck this drenched wet pussy Santa! Come on come fuck me now!”

I was ready and didn’t need to be asked twice but I have learnt to always make sure a girl is ready before you just shove one inside her.

She laid there on the desk legs spread wide her hand rubbing her clit.

“Come on Santa bring those big sacks over here let me empty them for you. I want all your goodies you have inside them”. She cried as if about to overheat.

I got to the desk and the pulled her to the edge then slumped to my knees.

My tongue found her wet patch and wet it was. I licked at it taking in all her juices lapping at the outer lips and clit then burying my tongue deep inside her as far as it could reach licking her insides as she grinded her mush on my face.

She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up.

“FUCK ME SANTA, FUCK ME NOW!” she screamed.

I reached for her mask with one hand and her legs with the other.

“Let’s take that mask off so Santa can see who he is fucking so I can put her on the good girls list” I said – curious as to who this was with access to level 19.

“No Santa no just fuck me. I want Santa’s hard rod inside my sweet little hole.”

With that I pushed myself inside her. She had hold of both legs and spread herself as wide as she could go to accommodate my Santa belly.

“Oh fuck Santa that’s so hard and big. Fuck Santa you have a big Santa cock. Fuck me ohhh yes fuck me Santa” she wailed

Before long she had released her leg and her hand had found her clit. Scooping up out fuck juice she rubbed her clit as I thrashed in and out of her giving her my full 8 inches each time I slid myself inside of her.

“Oh you are a good girl” I screamed “and you’re going on the good girls list forever. And I might make a special pit stop every year with a special sack full of presents just for you.” I said my best Santa voice now long gone.

I felt her pussy clench and start to pulse sucking my cock as I was fucking it.

Ohhhhhh santa oooooohhhhhhh santa oooooOOOOHHHHHH SANNNNNNNNTTTTTTTAAAAA.” She screamed as her pussy convulsed on my cock

“Fuck me Santa, fuck me, and give me my presents give it to me now”

I shifted gears and grabbed hold of her hips and fucked into overdrive I pounded and pounded until the unmistakable feeling of joy took over and exploded with all of my goodies from both sacks filling her with Santa Juice as requested.

“Yesses ho ho fucking ho” I screamed as the last drops of Santa cum flowed inside her.

I stayed inside her for a while moving slowly as both our bodies come back down from the plain they were on.

“Well Santa that was really nice, I might see you again same time next year” she said as she wiped her pussy with some tissues from the desk.

“I would like to see you again anytime” I said imagining the fun this lady could provide.

“Maybe you will but for now I think it’s time to get back to the party”.

I put my boy away and we headed to the lift. She sprayed on some perfume and fixed her hair.

The lift hit 7 the doors opened and I started to walk out

“So do I get a kiss at least?” I asked

“No Santa now be a good boy and run along”

I felt a pang of ‘I have just been used’ pain, but my body was too full of joy rushing through my system to really care.

I got changed and headed back down to the party.

“Well done young man you made a great Santa. You might have the job every year” said Malcom the C.E.O. chuckling out loud, what you think dear.

“I think he was the best Santa ever” said his wife in her unmistakable pink satin flowing dress.

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