Sarah Chalke has her first lesbian experience with a guest star on the set of Scrubs

This story is only a fan fiction, not real.
Sarah threw herself down on her couch and took a deep.
She was exhausted after a long day of shooting. She
really loved to work with Scrubs and she was grateful
for the fame it had brought her, but sometimes the
workdays were just too long.

The reason for today’s long hours was the fact that it
was the last day they were shooting the last scenes of
Amy Smart’s guest appearance and they had to get all it
all done tonight. Sarah was in no way irritated at Amy
for this though.

Quite the opposite in fact. Amy had only been on the set
for a short while and she had already become friends
with most of the cast. She had come especially close to
Sarah and they had instantly hit it off.

They had quite similar personalities; they were
gregarious, cheerful and full of life. They liked the
same kind of music and had even the same favorite
actress, the beautiful comedienne Jennifer Aniston.

Sarah really liked Amy and they had spent a lot of the
time just chatting away. Sarah was therefore not
surprised when she heard a knock on the door to her
dressing room and Amy’s voice asking if she could come

“Of course,” Sarah said.

“I just stopped by say good bye for this time.”

“Why don’t you stay for a while?”

“Ok, are you sure it’s not too late? I mean we have been
working all day.”

“Yes, but what better way to relax then with a friend?
Take of your shoes and make yourself comfortable.”

Amy did so and sat down on the couch beside Sarah and
threw her feet up on the table.

“You’re right. I’m going to miss you all you know.
Everyone here are so nice and you seem to really have a
good time.”

“Yeah. It is great to work here. It’s sad you won’t be
working here anymore.”

“I have other things to do, so I’m not going broke or
anything but I’m really jealous of you to be able to
work with the same people for a long period. For me it’s
doing one movie and then on to the next.”

“We are quite close here; none is really a big movie
star so we all owe most of our fame to Scrubs. That
really knits a group together. Also it’s just a great
group of people to work with. You want some wine by the

“Wouldn’t say no to that.”

Sarah got up and fetched a bottle of white wine from her
fridge. Now that the series was going so good she had a
few perks. A well stacked fridge was one of them. She
opened it, poured two glasses and handed one to Amy.

“What do you want to toast to?” Sarah asked.

“How about to enduring success for the both of us?”

“I’ll drink to that.”

They quickly got into a conversation about pretty much
everything. They felt at ease with each other and the
wine helped to let their tongues loose. After a while of
happy chitchatting Sarah couldn’t help making a small

“You should know Amy that I’m quite envious of you. You
are so upbeat, positive and radiant. Everyone here
immediately fell for you. I don’t know if this maybe
sounds kind of corny, but it’s like when you enter a
room it gets much brighter and happier.”

“Thank you,” was all Amy could say.

She couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but it was something
about Sarah’s confession that moved Amy. As an actress
she got a lot of praise all the time from random
strangers and people sucking up to her but this somehow
felt very honest.

She knew when she looked at Sarah that she really meant
it. She had always tried to be nice to people she met
and to make them feel happy and it was nice that someone
for once tried to make her happy.

She had her fianc� Brandon of course and she loved him,
but his career was nowhere nearly as successful as hers
and it put a strain on their relationship. Right now
however she didn’t want to think about that. She just
wanted to happily chat away with her newfound friend.

Sarah continued to compliment Amy, Sarah had a feeling
that she needed it, even though Amy seemed very happy.

“I wish I could be a movie star like you. My career in
the movies is not much to brag about.”

Amy was glad for the compliment, but she couldn’t really
see that she agreed. The movies she made didn’t give
nearly the same exposure as Scrubs.

“But, still Sarah you are more famous.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“Come on, you are. I should be happy if someone
recognizes me as the girl that showed her breasts in
Road Trip.”

Amy wasn’t too happy the way her career was going. She
made a good living, but she was stuck in the same kind
of roles. Still playing in college movies wasn’t
something she had planned doing at this point in her

“Don’t say that. You’re really talented. Besides why
blame people for remembering that scene. You sure did
look hot showing off your boobies.”

This was a compliment that Amy hadn’t expected. She
wasn’t unaware that she was good looking, but she was
surprised to hear it from Sarah. This didn’t mean that
she didn’t appreciate the compliment though. Amy
believed that women in general were better at
appreciating beauty then men.

Sarah on the other hand was embarrassed about what she
had just said. She had meant what she said, but didn’t
mean to say it out loud. The alcohol had clouded her
judgment and she tried to move on from the embarrassing

“Anyhow. How’s your love life?”

“It’s alright. You know I like my Brandon,” Amy said.

She really didn’t want to think about him right now.
They had been together for so long and their sex life
was practically dead. He was alright as a person, but
the spark was gone completely from their relationship.
Amy was more interested in Sarah’s life.

“So. How is your love life? At least you get to do make
out scenes on a regular basis with Zach. He’s a good

Amy was of course referring to the fact that Sarah’s
character had an on/off relationship with Zach Braff’s
character JD.

“Yeah, he is nice and all and really funny, but that is
all that it is. We’re just friends and having a
relationship with someone you have to work with would be
difficult. My love life isn’t much to brag about; it is
really hard to know if the people hitting on you have
good intentions. I guess that is why celebrities always
find other celebrities,” Sarah replied.

“I know what you mean. Guys make passes at me all the
time, but frankly I find it irritating. Even if I had
been single, I wouldn’t know if they really liked me or
just the fact that I’m an actress. I guess we have the
same problem here.”

“Yeah, I’m so tired of guys. They all behave like a
bunch of monkeys. I just wish that there was some way of
avoiding them. I guess there is always the possibility
of becoming a lesbian.”

“Well, that sure sounds like a good idea to me.”

“Yeah? Really?” Sarah said intrigued by Amy’s quick

Sarah was still embarrassed about her earlier comment
about the beauty of Amy’s breasts, but it was exciting
and interesting that Amy didn’t move away from the
subject of lesbianism. Sarah had always appreciated the
sight of the female body, but had never explored this
idea further.

Amy was a tad embarrassed by the subject, but she was
already slightly tipsy and decided to be daring. She
leaned forward and gave Sarah a light peck on the lips.

“Yeah. Really,” Amy answered Sarah with a mischievous
grin on her face.

She meant it mostly as a joke and was like Sarah before
surprised by a quick response. Sarah took Amy’s head in
her hands and passionately kissed her. Amy was shocked
for a few seconds but soon fell in to the kiss out of
old habit, when a good kisser kissed you; it wasn’t time
to back out. Sarah on the other hand realised what she
had done and quickly pulled back.

“I’m so sorry Amy. I didn’t mean to do that, it just
came over me. It will never happen again. You kissed me
and I had to get you back and it is only fair

Sarah had turned deep red from embarrassment. The
alcohol and the moment had just stopped her brain from
functioning and she had kissed Amy’s very inviting lips
without thinking about any consequences. Now that she
had realised what she had done, she just wanted to sink
through the ground.

Amy on the other hand had enjoyed the kiss. Although she
hadn’t even kissed another girl before it had felt so
right. She therefore leaned in and gave Sarah an equally
passionate kiss on the lips.

This third kiss lasted much longer then the two earlier.
Both blondes really got in to it and didn’t stop until
they needed oxygen. They stared into each other’s eyes
unable to utter a word, they were both so shocked by
what had happened that they just followed their
instincts and fell into a fourth kiss.

By now they started to get comfortable with the kissing
and thoroughly examined each other’s mouths with their
tongues. It was a slow, yet passionate kiss.

They finally ended the kiss and Amy was able to speak,
although not very much.

“Wow,” Amy managed to utter.

“Yeah Wow,” Sarah said.

“What exactly are we doing here?”

“My guess would be smooching. I just know that you are
one hell of a kisser.”

“Thank you,” Amy said with a smile on her face.

She was really proud of her kissing skills and the fact
that the compliment came from a girl didn’t change the
fact that she felt proud. She also started to think
about what other wonders her tongue could do.

She found that thought quite a turn on, it had after all
been a fantasy of hers for quite some time. She leaned
in and kissed Sarah again, but this time she also groped
Sarah’s right breast under the scrubs she still was

Sarah was shocked at first but appreciated what Amy was
doing and returned the favour by doing the same for Amy,
who like Sarah started to moan between kisses. When they
broke the kissing again it was Sarah who spoke.

“I’m sorry, but I just want to know exactly where this
is leading. We’re talking sex here aren’t we? I have
never done this before and I totally understand if you
don’t want to and…”

Amy decided to stop Sarah’s nervous babbling and put her
finger on Sarah’s lips.

“Relax Sarah, I want this too and I am just as
inexperienced as you are, although I have thought about
it a lot. I suggest we just take it easy and explore the
possibilities. We are both learning here.”

Amy was hoping that her long time fantasy to have sex
with another woman would come true. She had given
herself many orgasms thinking about hot celebrities like
Christina Aguillera and Jennifer Love Hewitt, just to
mention a few.

Last night however Sarah had been on her mind. She had
never dared to act on her fantasies, but right now it
seemed like an opportunity had showed itself. She felt
very comfortable in Sarah’s company and Sarah obviously
felt the same.

Sarah was reassured not as much by the words Amy spoke
but by the fact that Amy had a grin on her face that
just screamed out horny. Sarah might be a bit insecure
from time to time, but she knew that she could turn
people on.

Sarah really did think that Amy had been beautiful in
her topless scenes, but she hadn’t known that it would
ultimately lead to this. She decided to just go with her
instincts here, and see where it would lead.

She suddenly got an idea and rose to her feet. Amy was
just about to ask why when it suddenly became obvious
why. Sarah put on some music and Standing Still by Jewel
filled the room.

It was probably not the most common song to perform a
striptease to, but Sarah really liked the song. She
started to slowly dance to the music and Amy hungry eyes
followed her every move.

Sarah had only stripped one time before and she had been
really nervous, this time however she felt very
comfortable. Scrubs and white cotton underwear was
probably not that common in striptease either, but Sarah
was confident that she could pull it off.

She turned her back to Amy and wigged her hips as she
removed her top. She danced around like that for a while
and she gave her own ass a few light spanks followed by
moans. With her back still turned away from Amy she
slowly slid out of her pants.

She then pretended to drop the pants that she still held
in her hand and bent down to pick it up. This was of
course intended to give Amy a sneak preview of her
gorgeous bum, now clad only in Sarah’s white undies.

This certainly had the intended effect and Sarah’s
striptease was interrupted in a good way when she felt
Amy grab and gently massage her breasts from behind. Amy
had enjoyed the striptease, but she had never been a
very patient person and this time was no exception.

“Hey there! Sarah said in a mock angry tone. I’m putting
on a show here.”

Amy answered by licking Sarah’s left ear and, whilst
whispering in a husky voice. “You turned me on so much I
couldn’t stop myself.”

Sarah started to moan as Amy’s hands found their way
under the bra and gently removed it.
Amy continued to massage the breasts and also started to
gently nibble Sarah’s right ear.

Amy liked to talk dirty and whispered to Sarah. “You
have such a lovely rack. I am going to smother it with
kisses and then proceed down with my tongue.”

Amy could have whispered a German car manual in Sarah’s
ears; it still would have turned her on. It was
something about Amy’s husky voice and the hot breathe
that made Sarah’s pussy even more moist then before. She
turned around and gave Amy a view of her breast.

Amy held her promise and started to kiss and lick all
over Sarah’s breasts. Sarah knees weakened and she sat
down on the couch. Now it was Amy’s turn to relieve
herself of some clothing and since she was so anxious,
she did it very quickly.

She pulled her top over her head and quickly took off
her bra and threw it to Sara on the couch. Sarah’s was
mesmerized by Amy’s pert breasts. They stood right out
and looked like they were very proud of themselves, they
sure had reason to.

Sarah got flashbacks from the scene in Road Trip that
they had discussed earlier. Amy proceeded and removed
her pants and along with them her panties. Sarah’s eyes
immediately went to the pussy with just a sparse bush of
hair above it.

Amy twirled around to show off her lovely back. She then
pretended to drop something and pick it up, like Sarah
had done before. She was stark nude so she didn’t have
anything to drop, but that of course didn’t matter since
the purpose was to show off her bum.

“Like what you see?” Amy asked.

Sarah was only able to nod in agreement. Amy’s tight
little body just screamed fuck me. She was now standing
stark naked in front of Sarah who hungrily eyed her from
top to toe. She involuntarily even licked her lips at
the beautiful sight in front of her.

She had of course seen many naked women before, but none
had been as stunningly gorgeous as Amy. The lust filled
eyes and the by now glistening pussy only made Amy more
beautiful. Sarah was so stunned by the naked beauty in
front of her that Amy had to take the next step.

She got down on her knees in front of Sarah and hungrily
kissed her. They were by now used to kissing each other
and they traded saliva like long time lovers. Their
tongues went like whirlwinds and they both started to
think about other uses for tongues.

At the same time she explored Sarah’s body with her
hands and found her way down to Sarah’s panties. Sarah
got the message and temporally raised her bum from the
couch so that Amy could take them off.

Amy got up next to Sarah on the couch without
interrupting the make out session. Oxygen was however
becoming an issue again and they had to break it off for
a while. They were both panting, partly due to the lack
of oxygen and partly because of steadily increasing

The two actresses looked into each other’s eyes and took
a short moment to try to get a hold of the situation.

“Nervous?” Amy asked.

“Let’s just say like this. I’m not as nervous as I am
horny,” Sarah replied with an eager smile on her face.

Amy was keyed up and couldn’t wait to get her first
taste of another woman and gently pushed Sarah down on
the couch. She got on the floor and her head now hovered
above Sarah’s crotch. She took a deep breath and smelled
the intoxicating scent.

The closest thing to eating pussy she had ever been was
when she blew her fianc right after he had fucked her.
It had been kind of exciting, but it wasn’t even close
to this. She looked up to Sarah’s face and saw a very
needy expression.

It was very clear what Sarah needed and Amy could no
longer restrain herself. She made one lick and knew in
that moment that she was hooked for life. It was an
intense yet sweet taste. It reminded Amy of Apple pie.

She couldn’t hold back a giggle when she realised that
she was thinking about apple pie when she was about to
eat girl out for the first time. Sarah became worried
for a short second, but became reassured when Amy went
right back in.

She really didn’t hold back. Her mission was to get
Sarah off as quick as possible and that sure seemed all
right with the TV star. Sarah’s moans started to get
louder and louder as Amy’s attack on her pussy get more

“Oh, ah, yes, YESS! Amy that’s it! That’s it! That’s it!

Amy had found Sarah’s clitoris and started to focus on
it. She felt like this was what she was borne to do and
did her best give Sarah pleasure. Sarah’s moaning was a
reward in itself. Amy just loved to make other people

She started to think that she one day might be as proud
of her pussy eating skills as she was today about her
kissing. The way to get there could only go through
exercise and lots of it. She explored as much as
possible of Sarah’s folds and regularly returned to the
clit on order to achieve her goal.

Sarah on the other hand had stopped to think coherently.
She felt like she soared through space. She had made
boyfriends go down on her, but none came close to what
Amy was doing to her.

Amy’s enthusiasm was unmistakeable. The thought that
someone craved her like Amy did, made Sarah even hotter.
Amy just kept going and going and it was starting to
have an effect on Sarah. Her moans did no longer come as
words, all that Sarah was able to get utter was panting
and screaming.

Sarah’s honey pot was overflowing with juices and Amy
eagerly licked up every drop. She made a promise to
herself that this wasn’t the last time she had sex with
a woman. Judging from the obvious pleasure Sarah was in,
Amy was certain that she would get the chance again.

As much as she liked to lick, she was eager to give
Sarah her orgasm so that they could switch. She made a
mental note to herself to make it up for Sarah later.
She started to fondle Sarah’s breasts at the same time
as she continued to focus her efforts on the clitoris.
This did the trick for Sarah.

Sarah screamed as several waves of orgasm rolled through
her body.

Her entire body convulsed and she inadvertently pushed
her pussy in Amy’s face. Amy didn’t complain however.
She reaped the benefits of her work and tasted Sarah as
much as possible of Sarah’s overflowing juices.

She was so eager that she didn’t even stop the work when
Sarah’s orgasm started to slow down, but continued her
work and made Sarah’s orgasm last even longer. Finally
the orgasm ended and Amy pulled away and showed off a
smile on her now glistening face.

Sarah started to come back down to earth and a blissful
smile covered her face. She motioned for Amy to join her
on the couch and Amy laid herself on top of Sarah and
they shared a sloppy kiss. Sarah wrapped her arms around
Amy and pulled her close. Sarah really enjoyed being so
close to Amy.

Amy was very glad to be welcomed in Sarah’s arms, she
really loved post-coital cuddling and Sarah was happy to
give it. Sarah gently stroked Amy’s firm butt and
continued to explore the rest of Amy’s back with her

They rested like that for a while. They mixed kisses
with just staring into each other’s eyes. Nothing needed
to be said. Sarah felt like she could have stayed like
that forever, but she was very curious and rolled them
both around so that Amy was on her back.

She kissed Amy on the mouth and started to kiss her way
down Amy’s neck. She then continued on her way downwards
and stopped at Amy’s nipples and gently bit them. This
made Amy squeal in excitement.

Sarah then warmed up her tongue by examining the
bellybutton and after that she reached her goal. She had
no doubt what so ever when she started to kiss Amy on
her nether lips. Amy had enjoyed the stimulation on her
nipples and pinched them lightly.

Sarah remembered reading somewhere that a good way to
lick a girl was to write the alphabet with your tongue
on the pussy. It sounded like a fun idea and Sarah
started out with A. It made Amy shiver.

Sarah the followed up with other letters and got as far
as F before she couldn’t restrain herself any more. She
needed all of Amy’s pussy and she needed it now. The
alphabet could be saved for later.

Her tongue danced over Amy’s labia and explored as much
as possible. This was certainly appreciated by Amy, her
pussy had become very wet due to the previous events.
Her breath was ragged but she managed to speak.

“Oh Sarah. You are so lovely. I have never felt anything
this good. You know just the right spots. Are you sure
you haven’t done this before?”

Sarah took a brief pause and looked up into Amy’s eyes
and shook her head. Seeing Sarah Chalke look up on her
with lips glistening from her juices was a major turn-on
for Amy. She couldn’t remember when she last had seen
something that hot.

They exchanged a glance before Sarah returned to her
work. Sarah was like Amy before hooked from the
beginning. The scent filled her nose, the wonderful
taste covered her taste buds and Amy’s squeaks of joys
filled her ears.

“Yes. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop!
So good so good!”

Sarah was satisfied herself so she wasn’t in any hurry
to get Amy off. She took short breaks from the pussy
licking by revisiting the very cute bellybutton or by
dragging her tongue down and up the inside of the

Sarah just couldn’t get enough of the lovely scent and
got an idea. She started to use her nose as well as her
tongue and lips. This additional stimulation pushed Amy
much closer to orgasm.

With Sarah’s cute nose tickling her clitoris at the same
time as the tongue performed miracles elsewhere it was
impossible for Amy to last much longer. She looked down
and saw Sarah’s sweet ass wiggle and it was one of the
sexiest things she had ever seen.

This beautiful site was what finally pushed her over the

Her body shivered as the orgasm hit her. All that was in
her thoughts was Sarah. The orgasm was the best she had
had and she came really close to fainting. Sarah eagerly
licked up every last drop of the orgasm.

Sarah joined Amy on the couch and they immediately
started to make out again. They were becoming quite
acquainted to each other’s tongues by now and they
blissfully made out while stroking each other’s bodies
all over.

They laid quiet in each other’s arms for a while and
just enjoyed the moment.

Sarah was the first to speak, “Wow! That was great!”

“It sure was,” Amy replied.

“We have to do this again,” Sarah giggled.

“Soon? How about all the time?” Amy said.

“Let’s drink to that,” Sarah said enthusiastically.
Sarah retrieved the bottle and poured two fresh glasses.
They shared a flirtatious smile and toasted. “To sex!”

“To sex!” Amy replied.

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