Sarah craves the hot tight body of her ex-lover Mike

It was a temperate fall afternoon when she finally
arrived at the edge of the sand. The small, suburban
park used to be a soothing place to relax after a night
of drinking. She removed her heels and sunk her toes
into the sand, enjoying the feel. Sarah spotted a bench
that was fairly secluded, surrounded by various willow
trees by the end of the beach. The scenery was
beautiful, with a rainbow of leaf colours and the
reflection of the sun off the small lake. It was fairly
quiet, as most of the families had gone home for the
day. A few people strolled with dogs or whizzed past on
rollerblades, but otherwise the beach was empty.

As she reminisced about all the times she had visited
the park, she didn’t realize there was someone right
next to her.


Squinting her eyes against the sun, she strained to see
his face despite immediate recognition of his voice.
Her heart felt like it was in a vise as he smiled down
at her.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” she said a bit too
loudly, unsuccessfully trying to conceal her shock.

“I was just on my way to my buddy’s place with some
friends, the playoffs are starting soon. What about
you? When did you get into Ottawa?” he asked.

“Just today… it’s my friend’s birthday and she wanted
to celebrate here in the O-town.” Sarah replied. She
swept over him quickly, same gorgeous smile and fit
body. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed his
friends were alternating between staring at them and
shuffling further away. “I think your friends are in a
hurry. What time does the game start?”

Mike checked his watch. “Ouch, in 10 minutes. I have to

Nodding her head, Sarah’s heart dropped.

“Yeah, of course! Well it was good seeing you, enjoy
the game” she said quickly.

He paused, obviously not expecting that reaction.

“Do you have my cell phone number still? If you have
time, why don’t you come by my buddy’s house and have a
beer? It’s pretty close-by” he asked.

“Oh, well I kinda can’t, I have this dinner to go to
and we’re heading out to a bar later… maybe we can
hang out another time” she said, trying to keep the
conversation light.

“Oh, okay” he replied. “Well, I guess I’ll see you
then. Take care.”

He left a lingering glance and turned to walk away.
Sarah was about to stand up and say something when he
suddenly stopped and turned towards her.

“No, wait. Come by the house. I’ll text you the
address, you can just drop by before or after your
dinner, whatever works. It’s been how many years” he
said in a low voice, staring into her eyes.

At that point, they both knew she wouldn’t say no.

“Ummm, well I’ll do my best. Just keep your phone with
you” she said with averted eyes and a crooked smile.

“Okay. I’ll see you later then” he responded with a
quick smile before turning and jogging off towards his

Oh shit… now what do I do? She thought to herself.


Later that night, she cheered with her friends over
dinner and they piled into a cab to hit up the bar. It
was around 10:30pm and the entire night she had been
distracted by her encounter with Mike. Her friends
tried to convince her it was a sign, but she was
cynical and assumed that (as usual) he just wanted to
sleep with her for old times sakes. She kept telling
herself she was not going to go, but part of her was
desperate to, just for the chance to talk and to see
what kind of man he had become. She was torn. Her phone
vibrated silently in her purse, and she pulled it out.

Where r u, come over was the text and she knew
immediately who it was from. She replied Bar in the
market, cant come right now, to avoid saying she wasn’t
coming. The light on her phone flashed again, and the
message said I want to see you. Been waiting for a long

She wasn’t sure if he meant he had been waiting tonight
or over the last three years. She suddenly knew she did
have to go, as she would regret it for the rest of her
life if she didn’t and never got to see him again.

Knowing her friends would understand, she slipped out
of the bar and caught a taxi. She texted one of her
friends, saying she was stepping out for a bit but they
would know what she meant. Sarah brushed her long blond
hair out of her face and adjusted her glittering hoop
earrings as the cab sped along Riverside Drive. Finally
they pulled up to an older house with cars parked all
along the road. She could see the reflection of a TV on
the first floor, and people jumping up to cheer.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, she hesitated and
considered asking the cab to take her back to the bar.
After a second thought, she decided to take the plunge.
She put on another coat of lip-gloss as the driver
passed her change, and finally stepped out of the cab
and onto the sideway. A man and woman were sitting
outside the porch having a cigarette, so she put on a
fake smile and stepped inside the house.

Guys were hollering and cheering in the room to the
left, so she took a quick breath and went into the
room. One guy noticed her and nudged his buddy, and
suddenly she realized almost everybody in the room was
staring at her, and she heard a Whoa! And whispers of
who’s SHE? Before she could speak up, she saw movement
to her left.

“Hey!” Mike said, and she could tell by his tone of
voice he was excited to see her.

Suddenly, it felt like all the nervousness was gone and
she was exactly where she was supposed to be on that
date and that time.

Finally releasing a beaming smile, she looked into his
beautiful eyes and was washed over with pure joy.

“Hey. The party has arrived!” she joked quietly but a
couple other guys still staring at her muttered nervous
laughs themselves.

“Guys, this is Sarah” he said to nobody in particular.
He stepped past everyone and came to join her at the
doorway. There was a loud yell from the announcers and
suddenly all the guys were on their feet again,
cheering and hooting at the top of their lungs.

They both smiled at each other, standing so close in
the narrow hallway she felt like hugging him. It was
only a moment but it could’ve been forever, as she
absorbed his mature face and slightly different scent
than in their past life.

“C’mon, I’ll get you a beer” he kept smiling as he
touched her arm and guided her to the kitchen.

They sat for a while, chatting and joking. Neither of
them went into too much depth when discussing
relationships. One of the guys from the other roomed
called Mike’s name, so he took her hand so naturally
and lead her back into the living room. He made some of
the guys move over, and they were squished together on
the couch and he was enthusiastically updated by
everyone on what was happening in the game.

As she drank a few more beers and laughed at some of
their stories, she realized his arm had migrated to the
back of the couch, not quite around her shoulder but
almost close enough to touch. He laughed easily with
his friends, and it was such a joy to hear it. It made
her feel like she was 21 again, being with him and
feeling so relaxed.

Finally the game ended, but everyone hung around to
have beers, and a few more women and couples arrived.
Some of the guys started playing poker, while some hung
out, watching the game’s wrap-up on TV. She suddenly
was aware that her hand was on his leg, and she had
been leaning up against his shoulder. The feel of his
strong leg under the denim, the way he smelled, his arm
practically around her… she suddenly felt flushed
with lust. Her body was on fire, and all she could
think about was putting her hands up under his jersey,
wrapped around his back, down his pants…

“Hey, I’m going to grab some air, I’ll be right back,”
she mumbled and quickly stood up to leave the room.

She quickly walked down the steps and outside. Sarah
saw an old Pontiac and went to sit against the hood.
She berated herself silently, cursing herself for
coming here and letting it get that far. Hanging out
with him, touching him, having him be so close to
her… it was like a nightmare.

She remembered all too well what things were like when
they were together, and how it almost broke her when
they were apart. Visions of the two of them having sex
all night long, waking up to make love in the morning,
swearing to love each other forever, then seeing him
with someone else and never being able to get him out
of her head…

Sarah suddenly realized it was a huge mistake, coming
to the house and acting like this. She wasn’t 21 and
neither were they a couple.

“Hey, are you okay?”

She looked up to see Mike, looking at her with a smile
but slight concern.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine, it was just a bit stuffy in there.
Was it hot, or just me?” she half-joked, trying to
cover her real feelings.

“You were hot, yes. You still are, sitting here on this
car,” he responded with a smile.

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes and smile.

“Look, I’m glad you came tonight. It has been such a
long time. I know things ended rough between us, but I
still thought about you.” He looked at her, then at the
ground. “I never wanted to hurt you; I was confused and
already hurt by you before. I don’t know if it’s just
sexual, or because of the past, or whatever. I just
know that when I think about you getting engaged, I
don’t like it. I guess I wanted to see you so I could
try and figure out why I still think about you all
these years later.”

Sarah’s heart was beating fast as she absorbed what he
was saying. Her head was a mess of feelings and that
annoying sense of desire as he sat close to her on the
hood of the car. She stared up into the sky, and
finally leaned back so she could stare at the stars,
completely at a loss of what to say. It seemed like all
the things she wanted to say were blocked in her head,
and she attempted to unjumble them so she could give
him an answer.

“So, what about you?” he asked as he also lay back on
the car’s hood. They lay there silently for a few
minutes, heads turned towards each other, silently
looking into each other’s eyes.

“I-I know what you mean…I feel the same…but I’m so
confused, I don’t know,” she half muttered.

Wordlessly, he sat up and then leaned over her. Mike
gently brushed a loose strand of hair aside, looked
deep into Sarah’s eyes and kissed her. Her eyes slipped
close and lips gently parted, ending over three years
of being physically apart. Breathing him, tasting him,
feeling him… it was surreal. She reached up and idly
held part of his shirt in her hand, helplessly wanting
him closer to her. His kisses were so soft and he
tasted so familiar. She felt like she had been asleep
for a thousand years, waiting for this moment, waiting
for him to kiss her right at this minute, right at this

“Mike…” his name eased from her mouth. He pulled back
slightly, and she tilted her head so her mouth was by
his ear.

“I want you” is all she could whisper, in a voice so
soft it was like a flower being brushed across his ear.
She didn’t know to what capacity she meant, the words
had fallen from her mouth before her brain could
properly analyze the situation.

“I’ve always wanted you” he replied, feeling a little
short of breath. She laid under him, so beautiful yet
helpless, it made him feel powerful yet completely
scared shitless of what he should do next.

He leaned back to sit up, but she put her hands up to
his head and pulled him back towards her, kissing him
hard and deep. After the initial shock of everything,
she knew one thing and one thing only. She had to have
him that night, right now.

Mike jerked away from her, reluctantly breaking their
kiss. Grabbing her by the hand, he roughly pulled her
up off the hood and lead her quickly back into the
house. He led Sarah up the stairs and past all the
guy’s messy, dirty rooms. He went up one more floor,
into a small but clean room. He shut the door behind
him and turned the lock.

“It’s clean because they’re too lazy to walk up that
last flight of stairs. Guest room” he smiled. His smile
quickly faded as he realized how unreal she looked,
sitting on the edge of the bed, moonlight pouring in
through the arched window with her blond hair
illuminated like some fallen angel.

Mike took four big steps over to the bed, and gently
pushed her backwards onto it. He laid himself down next
to her, and immediately brought his mouth to hers. She
slightly parted her lips and welcomed him to her,
nipping his lower lip and kissing him deeply.

He was unable to help himself, slipping his hand up her
shirt and underneath her bra, cupping her small breast
and rubbing the nipple with his thumb. It immediately
stiffened upwards to meet his touch, and he could feel
his cock getting hard very quickly. He ran his hand up
and down her flat stomach, marveling how little she had
physically changed, and how incredibly desirable she
was to him even still. She moaned slightly as his hands
traveled over her bare skin, wanting to shed all her
clothes immediately to allow him access to every part
of her.

She grabbed his shirt and yanked it over his head. It
was like a frenzy, they started ripping and grabbing
off each other’s clothing as fast as possible. Within
minutes they were each naked, tangled tightly into each
other, kissing and rubbing and trying to get his cock
as close to her dripping wet pussy as they could.

“Oh fuck, I want you so bad Mike, I want you…” Sarah
moaned senselessly, completely taken over by lust.

Mike’s cock was rock hard, wanting to bury himself in
her as soon as possible. Years of pent-up fantasies
left no room for foreplay. They both wanted deep, wet,
hot penetration. His penis was dripping with pre-cum,
which she rubbed all over his cock and would’ve loved
to have in her mouth if they weren’t eating each
other’s faces, hungrily grinding against each other,
driven on by each other’s intensity and smell of sex.

Her insides screamed for cum, and her crazy lust for
him was rotting her brain.

“Cock, give me your cock, please, just get inside of
me, please Mike, fill me with cum, please…” she
begged, practically in tears, needing him.

Unable to hold back anymore, at the sight of her watery
eyes and desperate pleading for his sperm, he roughly
spread her legs apart and sunk his cock into her,
immediately grabbing her ass to get further into her.
She let out a wild cry of pleasure, unable to keep
quiet. He bit into her neck, causing her to whimper in
submission and pleasure. He grunted and moaned as he
pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her, unwilling
to withdraw more than an inch out of her wet pussy.

The way she was arching up against him, sweating,
calling his name, her pussy grabbing onto his throbbing
cock while his full balls slapped almost painfully
against her dripping wet asshole… he could hardly
prevent himself from exploding. He wanted to stay hard
in her for as long as possible but knew he couldn’t
hold it much longer.

“Sarah, oh fuck, I’m going to cum so hard in you, oh
OH FUCK!!!” he yelled in passion as she curled in
tightly around him, pushing her pelvis up to his,
opening herself as much as she could to take him into

She tucked her body into his, as if trying to absorb
his entire body into her. She couldn’t even think or
talk, all she could do was moan and pray for him to
empty every drop of cum from his balls into her waiting
uterus. She wanted him to spray it up inside of her,
gushing and soaking everywhere like a fire hose. Sarah
pictured him endlessly pumping cum inside of her,
inside her ass, coating her tits and lips and being
able to rub it all over her clit. She wanted him to
pour it into her like a hot, creamy filling and then
somehow plug her up so not even a drop could escape.
Sarah wanted to be his own personal sperm bank and
always be filled, a hundred times a day.

Mike’s whole body tensed and he penetrated her as
deeply as he could. His mind was oblivious to
everything around him, except for the feeling of her,
and her alone. Mike’s orgasm took over as his balls
tightened like a vise and released upwards and
outwards, with one destination. They both groaned and
tightened around each other, coated with sweat, the
room overpowering of sex.

They lay there, holding each other…

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