A couple uses an adult board game to entice friends into swapping partners

I never thought we would ever really do it… ever really have sex with another couple. But, we did! And, the World didn’t come to a crashing end. In fact, our relationship is better than ever today, both in and out of the bedroom. And, it’s all because of a board game. Thank you Titillation!

The erotic diaries of Nicolas Renouvin

What follows is an extract from the diaries of my French grandfather who died after a long, full, amorous life at the age of 90 in 1992. He willed the diaries to me his youngest grandchild because I had followed in his footsteps as a journalist. The diaries are full of erotic encounters and I

A couple hire a college student

We, that is my husband and I, hired a kid from the local college to help out with chores and with work around the house and yard. He was a sophomore, neither a jock (would have been too busy with practice) nor a geek (would have been too deep in the books). He actually was