The Changing Cubicle

His long middle finger pushed the material of my dress deep into the cleft between my buttocks, then continued further until it reached my pussy. Fortunately his grope was masked by the throng in the crowded department store through which we were hurrying. On my cheek, his breath was hot but sweet, “Where are you

The night I entertained the troops and got off in my first three-way

I just had to tell my story about what happened to me tonight!! My ummm I would say boyfriend, but I guess the best way to describe him is my “fuck buddy” Scott called and told me to meet him at the club that we liked to hang out in. I was glad to hear

When my husband calls me his slut or cunt it makes my pussy wet

I wasn’t always this way. It all started about three months ago when I lost a bet. My husband had some men over for a night of poker. I didn’t have money to go out that night, and so I decided to play. Harry wouldn’t give me any chips to play with, so I “traded”