Sarah gets her due

It started as just a little on-line exchange between Sarah and I as we compared stories and discussed which ones we liked. Sarah was a young wild one who professed her love of older guys while I was an older guy looking for an adventure. After several months of exchanging our views and discussing what we liked and didn’t like, we took the dangerous, but exciting step of deciding to meet. The idea was to meet at a Denny’s in western Virginia during the day so that either of us could turn around and walk out. I knew that she was probably a little apprehensive of what she might see. I had sent her a picture from last year so that she could see that while I was older (50), I was still in good shape, but not everyone is honest about the photographs they send on the internet. She sent me a picture of her taken at a party so that I would know her face. Neither said exactly where we were coming from or gave our complete names.

When the day finally arrived, I was getting a hard on just from the anticipation. I looked again at her on line pics, just to get an idea of the body and took her face shot with me. It was a two hour drive for me and I tried to remain calm. I had never done this before; tried to meet someone from on line. But I hadn’t had pussy this young since… well, since I was almost that young.

I arrived at the Denny’s about 30 minutes before our arranged time and figured she probably wasn’t there. I took a look around and didn’t see anyone remotely like who I was looking for to confirm it and then went and sat down. I was ordering some lunch from the waitress when I saw someone pull into the parking lot and get out who might be her. I had her picture in my jacket pocket and I took it out to look one more time. Yep, that was her.

She came in and looked around. I was looking at her to let her know that it was me, and she spotted me when our eyes met and hesitated. I could tell there was some apprehension there, but I was hoping she would go through with it. I felt hot and flushed in anticipation and was wondering how this was going to work. She approached and sat across from me.

“Hello, I’m Sarah” she said. Before I could say anything she added “And I think we should stick to our on-line names only. No last names, no home towns, nothing.”

“Uh… Okay.” I responded.

Just then my food arrived. “Do you want something?” I asked her while the waitress was there.

“Yes” she said as she looked at my chicken sandwich. “I’ll have the same.” The waitress left.

“So if we are going to limit our discussions that way, what do we talk about?”

“Well,” Sarah said, “I think we should stick to things we like; food, music, movies, stuff like that.”

“Alright” I responded. “Can I ask if you are working?”

“Sure”, she said. “As long as you don’t mind if I don’t answer.”

So I asked her about music, and she quizzed me about my movie interests, which, due to our ages, was a little different, but not extremely different, and when we were done eating, I said to her, “What next? How do you want to do this?”

She looked at me carefully. “I like you” she said. “You seem to be someone I can trust although the unknown is part of the fun and turn-on.”

“No kidding” I answered with a smile.

“There’s a motel across the street” she said. “Go over there and get a room and I’ll pull over there and meet you.”

I paid the bill, got up and went across the street to the motel. I got a room, went to it, pulled out my bag, and went inside. Since we had discussed this, I knew that she got off on being dominated, but not too roughly. I had packed some a few accoutrements for our games in my bag and was looking forward to a few light games.

I was ready for her when she knocked on the door. I let her in and the minute she crossed the threshold she embraced me hard and kissed me, trading tongue thrusts. Her mouth was wet and she roamed all over my mouth, nipping my bottom lip, sucking on my tongue, and putting her tongue in my mouth for me to suck. She was also rubbing up against me roughly and I could feel her youthful body and its great attributes. She had a small waist and average, but firm tits. Her hips were the “fuck-me” hips that are great to hold onto when the woman is doggy style and you’re pounding her from the rear. I ran my hands up over her tits and the nipples were extended and ready to be sucked.

I backed up and looked her in the eyes and said, “Strip and get on the bed, bitch!”

She liked that and was ready for some domination, so she immediately took off her clothes. Her jeans were tight and I loved the way she had to wiggle those great hips to get them off. Her thong came into view and then as she bent over to finish removing the jeans, I had a great view of her ass with the thong running through the crack. She then stripped off her t-shirt and her bra was a thin, pink one, so her nipples stood out in it. She removed the bra and I got to see her tits. They were fantastic. They were probably B-cup tits with dusky pink silver dollar size areola and nipples that when erect had to be almost ¾ of an inch long. They were begging for my mouth to suck them. Finally she removed the thong and I could see her pussy as she lay on her back on the bed. Her shaving pattern left a pretty good triangle above her pussy, but her lips were completely smooth and they were already showing signs of becoming gorged with b***d. She lay back and I looked her up and down. She smiled because she knew I was happy with her body, her demeanor, and had a hard on that felt like it was going to force its way out of my jeans.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked her before I started.

“Yes” she answered. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”

The bed was perfect for tying her up spread-eagle. It actually had legs. I took the first set of lined cuffs and secured her left arm to the bed. I took the second set and secured her right arm. I then took the rope and tied it to the left foot post, up and wrapped it around her left ankle, and then across to do the same with the right ankle and bed post. She was completely secured now. She was panting in anticipation, because I was a stranger, and because she was very horny.

I sat on the bed and said “Let’s see what we have here.”

I ran my hands very lightly up over her breasts and across her nipples and watched her sharp intake of breath. They responded and became even harder. They were very sensitive and she moaned and squirmed. I pinched them and she moaned “Yes” and her squirming became stronger. I just continued to roll both nipples in my hands, pinching them hard every so often, while she squirmed. I wanted to build this to a big release.

I released her nipples and she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I took off my clothes and she eyed my cock hungrily. She wanted it… badly. But I was going to make her wait for it. I also wanted to draw out my release to increase the anticipation. I had a raging hard on so I straddled her chest and fed my cock to her. She raised her head and sucked on the head. I pushed her head back down and ran my cock up over her face until my balls were right on her mouth. She sucked and kissed and rolled them around. My dick couldn’t get harder! I moved back down and fed it to her again, but quickly. I pushed in and out a few times really fast. She swirled her tongue around the sensitive underside of the head and I knew I couldn’t continue this for long.

I pulled out and got off her. I lay down half off the bottom of the bed so that I could be between her legs. I looked up at her and she was staring at me, hoping that I would get to work on her pussy. I took my time, kissing up her legs one at a time and stopping before I got to her pussy. After I had gotten up both legs and lay there breathing on her pussy, I could smell her odor and see her wetness. She was so turned on.

“Please, just make me cum” she begged.

“All in due time” I answered.

I slowly peeled her lips apart and looked at the soaked bright pink interior of her pussy. Her inner lips were very red from the b***d and her juices were starting to drip down her ass to the bed. I slowly inserted a single finger, feeling the heat and wetness. She moaned and arched her back. I stopped moving and she settled back down. I slowly removed it and went in with two fingers. Again she arched her back and moaned. I moved my fingers slowly back and forth and she was squirming all over the place. Suddenly I pulled my fingers out and crawled up enough to insert them into her mouth. She hungrily licked up all her own juices. “Please, I need to cum now!” she said.

“Just lay there and take it you cum slut” I said back to her with a sly grin.

I moved back down and untied the rope from the bed. I didn’t remove it from her ankles. I just pulled her legs up to her head and retied the rope to the bottom of the bed legs at the head of the bed. Now she was cuffed and tied so that her legs were up to her chest and her crotch was wide open. It was quite a view. She just stared at me, hoping for release.

Her pussy was still gaping and showing its wetness. I spread out her inner lips and looked deep into her pussy. She just kept moaning. I inserted a finger and got it really wet. Then I moved it to her ass and she moaned and said “Yes, please, finger my ass, too”. I obliged her. I moved my finger around her anus teasing her and then lined it up and jammed it home, getting the entire finger in there. She groaned and tried to thrust up at my finger. I removed it and then made her suck that finger, too. She did so greedily.

By now my dick was so hard and leaking pre-cum that I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last, so I started working on her in earnest. I put one finger back into her ass and I clamped down on her clit very suddenly with my mouth and started humming and running my tongue over it. She blasted off! She groaned and screamed “I’m cuuummmmmiinngg!” and came all over my face and hands. She didn’t squirt, but there was enough fluid that it ran down her ass onto the bed. I got up and kneeled between her legs bringing my cock into her view. She eyed it lasciviously. I rubbed it through her slit and up over her clit and she jerked and moaned some more. I ran it down and aimed my cockhead at her pussy and buried it in one thrust. She went off again and kept yelling “Fuck me, fuck me, I’m cumming again!”

I let her settle down and then I pulled my dick out and aimed it at her ass. We had not discussed this before, but I was not to be denied now. Her eyes went wide and she said, “Never done that!” and I shot back “Until now”.

My cock was hard, it was dripping with pussy juices, and my balls were pulled up so much in anticipation of shooting off that they were almost non-existent. My cock was very sensitive, too, and I could feel every beat of my heart as the b***d surged through it. I put it against her ass and pushed. She pushed back, wanting me to take her ass. Her little brown hole was opening up and finally my head pushed through. She gasped, I gasped, and my dick almost went off. I sat still for a second, and she cooperated, trying to get used to having a dick in her ass. My dick stopped feeling like it was going to cum, but I knew that as tight as her ass was, that that wouldn’t last long. I starting thumbing her clit and she started jerking towards another orgasm. That was going to set me off, so I started thrusting my dick into her tight little ass as hard as I could. I was going to cum, so I yanked my dick out of her ass and started jerking it. My first cum shot went up to her face and hit her in the mouth. She opened wide for any more, but the rest went all over her tits and belly. She looked fantastic with her legs pulled up, her gash rudely splayed open all pink and wet, and her tits and belly all covered in cum. I let her lay there for a minute.

“I have to go to the bathroom now” she finally said.

“Okay, no problem.” I answered. I untied her legs first and she let them down, stretching them out. I then took her cuffs off both arms, but when she stood up I grabbed her arms and cuffed them behind her. She smiled.

I led her into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. “Let me see” I said, so she leaned back and spread her legs while she started pissing. I stood in front of her, took my dick in my hand, aimed it at her little unshaved pubic hair triangle as a target, and started pissing on her pussy while she leaned back to finish herself. I peed all over her beautiful cunt.

When I was done, I said “Now for some cleanup”, and I stood her up and walked her into the tub. I turned on the water and let it hit her from the waist down. It was freezing and she jumped and screamed “Fuck, that’s cold!” I adjusted it to be warm, but left her there in the shower spray, waiting for it to get warmer. By the time it got warmer, I figured she’d had enough, so I shut off the water and walked her back into the bedroom.

I released one side of the cuffs and moved them to the front and recuffed her hands. Then I led her to the bed and put her on her back again. I went to my bag and took out a small butt plug and approached her. She looked at it and smiled. “I remember you saying you liked putting those things in women.”

I grabbed her by the ankles and pushed her legs up over her head and aimed the butt plug at her ass. I worked it in slowly while she squirmed and moaned. Once it was all the way in, I lowered her legs and stood her back up. “Ready for the next phase?” I asked her.

“Next phase?” she responded. “I’ve barely recovered from the last several orgasms and that cold shower. But if you’re ready, then I am, too.”

With that, I got dressed and she eyed me warily. I put the room key in my pocket and she started staring. “What are we doing?” she asked.

I didn’t answer her, just smiled a wicked grin and grabbed her by the arm directing her toward the door. She resisted. “Wait… I don’t know about going outside like this. I could get arrested.”

“Just do what you are told and everything will work out. Now shut up and get in the car, my personal little cum slut.” And with that I opened the door and led her out to my car. There was nobody around at that moment, so she was not completely mortified. I put her in the passenger seat, leaned it back most of the way, went back and got a blanket, and then covered her and locked the room. I got in and started the car.

She looked at me, warming to the occasion. “Where are we going?”

“Nowhere. Just for a little drive.” I said.

I wound my way around the cloverleaf back onto the highway and as soon as we were on the highway, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. It was getting hard again. I ran my hand under the blanket to her wet pussy and felt it and the butt plug and my dick got harder. I smiled at her and said. “Now, my little bitch, you are going to get on your knees with your ass showing out the window and suck my dick. I want the folks we are passing to see that beautiful butt-plugged ass.”

She hesitated. I was sure she was contemplating what it would look like to the other vehicles to see a woman’s bare ass and pussy sticking up in the air, a plug in the ass, while she was sucking the driver’s dick. She smiled and said, “At least nobody will recognize me with my face in your lap.” And she got up on her knees and leaned over and started sucking my dick. I loved the view from my angle, too. She was good at giving head and I kept the speed up, hoping we would pass someone pretty soon. Finally, we came up to some semis and passed two trucks. They honked and hollered, enjoying the view. When that happened, I could tell that Sarah was turned on by it. I saw her reach up and finger her slit and her sucking and licking of my cock became more intense. She was doing a good job of swirling her tongue around the head and just plain old sucking it for all it was worth. I loved the openness of it all and knew she was going to suck a load out of me soon, whether we came up on any other vehicles out here in the middle of nowhere or not.

I took the next exit and it was pretty deserted on one side, so I went that way, pulled over and enjoyed the blow job. My entire crotch was soaked with her drooling and my pre-cum. She was rubbing herself pretty good, too. I decided that it required something different, so I pulled her off my dick and said “Just a sec.”

I got out of the car, walked around to her side, opened the door, pushed her head down on the seat, and enjoyed the view of that completely b***d-gorged and wet pussy and her fine pale smooth hips and ass with the red plug in the middle. I grabbed my dick, aimed it at her pussy, and thrust it in. I buried it in that hot hole in one thrust, feeling the butt plug rubbing against my dick. She was so wet, that when I started thrusting, it made loud squishing sounds and the juices started running down both our legs. I started pounding her hard and playing with the butt plug, turning it and moving it in and out. That was enough for her. She had only been moaning to this point, but suddenly started screaming, “Oh, yeah. Fuck that wet pussy. Give me that hard cock. Oh, yeah. Cum for me baby, cum for me baby, I’m cccuummmiinngggg!” And she did, too. In buckets. She was so turned on that pussy juices started flowing like a water tap had been turned on. This continued while she had her orgasm, and only stopped after about 30 seconds of tremendous flow. I was amazed at how much she could cum.

But I still had a hard on, so I told her to turn around and finish me off. She swiveled quickly and hungrily engulfed my cock. It was completely covered with her juices and my balls were dripping, so she started licking it all up. I loved it! Her tongue felt rough and raked across my balls and dick. She was devouring my crotch. I took her head and started furiously face-fucking her now, feeling my cum gathering in my balls. When I came, I shot long hard shots of cum into her mouth and throat for about a minute. Then, when I finished, my dick head was so sensitive, it almost hurt to drag it out of her mouth. I jerked at the contact of her tongue just under my head and she smiled.

“Good one, huh?” she asked.

“Absolutely fucking amazing.” I answered.

“Yeah, that was fucking spectacular for me, too. I didn’t think I would be able to keep my ass up in the air for those truckers, but it turned me on tremendously.”

“I could tell” I told her. “I thought you were going to have my dick for dinner.”

She laughed. “It was pretty fucking tasty with my juices running all the way down your balls.”

“Yeah, and I’m going to have to clean my car real good. Look.” I pointed to the huge wet spot under her ass on the seat.

She laughed. “It’s all your fault!”

“It’s not a problem.” I said. “Let’s get back to the hotel.”

We got in and drove back to the hotel. As luck would have it, a family was checking in when we pulled back into the parking lot. Sarah was under the blanket during the drive back, but I saw a chance for some more fun. The family had what looked like a 12 or 13 year old boy and I wanted him to see Sarah. “Stay here until I let you out.” I said to Sarah.

I saw them going into a room three doors down from ours and I got out and took my sweet time getting over to Sarah’s door. I waited until it looked like the rest of the family was in the room and he was getting something out of the car. I opened Sarah’s door, snatched the blanket away from her so she was naked and stood her up. I slammed the car door loud enough for him to look up. His face was priceless. There I was with a completely naked adult woman in handcuffs standing outside our door. I fumbled with the key to make it last, and then opened the door and let her in. I looked down at him and winked. He blushed a bright crimson and went running into his room.

I released Sarah from her cuffs and rubbed her wrists a little. “Are you okay?” I asked her.

“I’m fine” she said. “I really got a thrill out of flashing strangers on the highway. And seeing that young boy outside starting at me was quite a rush, too. Maybe next time we can do something with a little more punishment.”

“As you can tell, I enjoyed it very much, too. I didn’t want to get rough at first, but I really enjoyed playing with your body and making you cum. It was fun. Do you want to get dressed and go back over to Denny’s for something to eat or drink?”

“No, thanks.” She said. “I think I’ll just head home.”

“Any chance you will want to do this again?” I asked, watching her get dressed and putting away that wonderful body.

“You bet.” She answered. “Let’s discuss it on line and maybe next time I’ll bring a friend.”

I grinned widely. “Maybe I’ll bring a friend, too.”

“We’ll see” she said. “Well, I’d better get on the road. See you later.” She stepped up to me and gave me a big wet kiss. I held her for a while, not wanting to let her go. It had been too much fun.

She turned and left and left me with only memories and a car that smelled like pussy for week.